For a fact, more men are going online to find and get some virtual sex.. men of all ages. There’s the young who is so inexperience, the middle age, some married, some divorced, some in-between relationships,  and some single. And the old men; the ones who life has passed by and are trying to relive their youth with fantasies with any girl that is willing to play their games.

They are the ones that goes for sexting; then comes the ones that need visuals, like pictures of our assets and even videos; then they might evolve to phone sex or video camera;  Then you have the ones that are the exhibitionists and like to be watched.

Whatever the case might be, they are all about sex online. This is the in thing of today with all these social apps. Men are finding a new and safer way of cheating  and getting some sexual satisfaction.

is this acceptable or not?

Is it okay to play this game of fantasy?








5 thoughts on “TRUTH OR DARE

    1. That’s right Cory .. who doesn’t??
      I have tried it. And end up getting much more out of it than I would ever have anticipated ..
      And the best thing about it.. you have the choice to stop and walk away whenever you like.. no strings .. no attachments..

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