I have been online for a little over a year now,  I started out looking just for some conversations and forming a few connection. At first i wouldn’t allow or entertained naughty, dirty or inappropriate conversations; But…. I do find the subject to be amusing and I do have fun joking around with insinuations and innuendos…

I started to entertained some of the guys sexual behavior and play along sometimes just for little laugh, telling myself it’s just an innocent little fun… what harm can be done by just texting/sexting; And so I find myself getting all caught up in it and even find myself enjoying the lingoes. Once I started on this part, I realized that every time we connected, it’s now expected to be about sex. I play along …and then the request keep rolling in for evolvement… from texting to pictures; and then videos; and of course video cam.

I do have my limitations of just how much I will do and how far I will go, and of course this always results in losing a connection I was having fun with and I have to move on to the next guy wanting and requiring the same thing… It’s a never ending game…

I finally figure out that I won’t find any guys online for just a clean conversation. No matter where they are from; what part of the world, men will be men… no matter what. This digital mode we are in.. just allow them to find and get off on in a new and different way. It like live porn and although it’s a seemingly innocent way of having an online affair with girls like me who is willing to entertain and give them their pleasure; Helping them to live out their fantasies and give them their virtual satisfaction…Is it actually innocent? Or can it cause damage to oneself and to others involved?

I have mixed feelings and opinions about virtual affairs.

What do you feel about affairs online? do you think its innocent ? or do you think it’s sleazy?

My next blog will be… “MIXED FEELING”


22 thoughts on “ONLINE DATING

  1. I am a story teller… without a proper storyline or story building way of roleplay I don’t play. Just sex is not my cup of tea. Though sometimes a quickie sex play with a close friend is amazing. But invitation for sex play is a turn off for me.

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  2. Depends on a couple of things…First the app you use for dating says a lot. People don’t use Tinder to find the love of their life. If you are looking for a real connection, talk about preferences when the subject of sex comes up, no “I like partners comfortable with kinky sex.” Leave it at that… If you open a whole convo, it will likely define your online persona to the guy your chatting with. Honestly, if the subject of sex comes up on a dating site before talking about each other and what you are looking for. ..move on. Sounds like you are searching for a real connection. After you find someone, you can always figure out if the type of sex you need fits as well. Happy searching.


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