The Perfect Stranger — Discover

“That was that, a beautiful boy passing in and out of my consciousness. A rare solar event, spectacular to witness but never to be glimpsed again in this lifetime.” When you never actually meet, a perfect stranger always remains perfect.

via The Perfect Stranger — Discover

Love this story of the perfect stranger; it really tells of romance and you could feel the desire of the writer and envision what she sees when she looks at that stranger.. She takes you with her, allowing you to feel all of her emotions and see everything through her eyes. You could feel her desires mounting and feel her heart beating at the moment her eyes caught a glance of him.. her heart racing as she edge closer to him hoping for some form of communication and trying to build up the nerves to talk to him.

Being that close must have been so intense and when he looked at her you can just have imagine how shocked she felt, that left her totally speechless but completely electrifying… Willing him to say something.. wanting him to acknowledge her..

And she must have left wondering??? Did he felt a connection? Did he see her in the same light she saw him???  And of course she have all the right answers to her questions… visualizing and imagining that he did…and a smile pop up on her face as she fantasizes what she didn’t have the courage to do.

He will remain with her for a long time and I’m sure will always be looking for that face again everywhere she goes; hoping for one more glance of him, promising herself that she would definitely say something this time.

7 thoughts on “The Perfect Stranger — Discover

  1. Hi!! I’m so touched by your write-up of the story. Your description is wonderful, it’s exactly what I was hoping people would feel when they read. Thank you so much, I feel honoured by your lovely words :).

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