Daily Prompt: Luxury

via Daily Prompt: Luxury


When we think luxury, we think riches; all the things money can buy and allow us to gain.. Land, houses, cars jewellery, yacht, vacations.. ect. ect..

The meaning of luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living…. excessive.

WE always relate luxury to our way of living in the this world… but… I always think of the luxuries of life differently… Living and enjoying life and all this world has to offer is what I like to think of as luxuries …

I think that knowing to live life fully and being totally contend in where you are at and who you are will allow you to be able to enjoy all the great luxuries of life.

My number one joy of life is to be loved intensely and to love with the same passion .. is life greatest luxury; this one emotional feeling.. creates so much joy and happiness that it leaves you feeling so exhilarating and breathless; it makes life so worthwhile and makes you so glad to be alive, so you could experience this most awesome and amazing feeling of being in love and be loved.

My number two is the food we eat.. man.. nothing like having and enjoying a good meal. It’s always great to feel so satisfied and full and having the taste lingering in your mouth. It is the staff of life and one life greatest luxury…

The people we meet.. the friends we form and the bonds we creates.. the laughter we share.. The kids we bear and brought into this world… the joy of watching them grow and joy of molding them … and caring and helping them to be the best you know how..

The world couldn’t be any better… as long as you accomplished and achieve these … you have life greatest luxuries… It’s all that money can’t buy and if you have all the money in the world and you don’t have any these worldly luxuries… then your life would still feel empty and your happiness and joy would only be short-lived and you will keep on trying to find things to buy to fill the gap…



4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Luxury

  1. So heartwarming to see how the simple pleasures in life can mean so much to you, I can agree totally with the food thing oh man to eat something and truly enjoy it gets no better than that really, fantastic post as always 🌠

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