ONLINE DATING: Misconceptions.

I CAME ACROSS THIS ONE CONNECTION… HE STATE ON HIS POST,”Putting this out there and see who looks. We all have needs and by no means do I sleep around but…. Cute girls apply.”….

I thought it was funny so I placed a comment that I would like to put in my application… Even though I’m not cute… 

Of course he responded and I asked for what I’m applying for and the requirements and I would like to see if I have the credentials to qualify for the position..

He didn’t hesitate in letting me know that it’s to take care of him sexually…we continued talking and share a few pictures..
I always play along… humorously..because this is the expectation from these guys… and I have accepted this behavior without judgement.. because I know .. I do have the choice to ignore.. if I dont like..

Well.. after all that lingo and conversation we had.. him making it clear what he’s about.. he post this…”Is anyone serious on this App. Maybe and I say that loosely that I may have met one person that is real and not playing games.”
Now.. I’m here thinking, how very contraditing is this..
Was that a test he put me through.. hahahaha… if so.. I guess I failed.. I wasn’t expecting any decency.. from him.. and.. I am so glad I didn’t get too deep in with him… even though I dont know him personally and I had deleted him because I was not really serious, I was just playing along with him; I was not going to entertain his sexual behavior…

It just goes to show.. how sometimes.. not everyone is what you assume them to be…
so it’s best to be yourself other than trying to play the games of someone else…

So what could be a really good connection.. Maybe… If I didn’t try to be funny and thinking of playing his game…was messed up.. And lost..

Obviously…he left having the wrong impression of me.. The one I gave him… 


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