PASSION: It’s so hard to find our passions sometimes… And materialize it to our benefit… You have to admire those that live for their passions, and do all it takes to make it happen. But.. what happen to those that tried.. but never really had the resources or the opportunities to fulfill their dreams and bring their passions to fruition.

What do you like to do???.. How can we make it work for us??? This is a question I have struggled with all my life.. I dream of all the things I would do   if I could… but could never come up with something I’m so passionate about that I get so motivated and determined to pursue.. I find myself talking about things I want to do but never actually put any real efforts in seeing it through..

Sometimes we know what we love and what we like to do.. We have it all in our heads just how we would like it to be but… Lack the know how.. And the resources to get it done… Sometimes we also don’t have the motivation and the faith in ourselves.. It’s like a dream without reality… and we become so comfortable with the way things are …so afraid of taking risks and making changes, of starting something we are not sure of.. scared of failing and losing…


And there is some of us that just can’t figure out what our passion is .. Therefore we don’t have a niche, To pursue… So we live the life that comes natural to us.. go with the flow .. try to make the right choices… do what we think is right for us… and what we think is expected of us..

Happiness can be found here.. if we learn to be contend and accept things as is.. instead of finding misery in everything… always unsatisfied with their lives.. wanting more but never actually trying to accomplish or achieve anything else… always complaining about the lack of…wanting and expecting someone to create their happiness and to make them whole..

Passion… can be defined, I guess as; whatever brings happiness to you.. Maybe LOVE.. Maybe KIDS… Maybe your CAREER.. FRIENDS… FAMILY.. and the list goes on and on…Whatever you think it is… my advise is to be contended with where you are to where you are coming from… find the joys in your journey and have gratitude for everything you have acquired.. Our destiny sometimes… is the path that life has taken us… the people that we cross path with…we have to learn to enjoy the journey with faith and great anticipation.

7 thoughts on “PASSION OF LIFE

        1. I can relate.. Destiny has taken me places I had only dream of… Sometimes the choices we make do determined our fate.. And if we missed opportunities that present itself.. And we refuse to ignore or bypass it.. Then.. It’s lost.. But what will be.. Will be.. I guess…


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