As we travel this journey of life; we soon realize that we won’t get too far without some kind of hindrance, that make wonder, sometimes if it is worth going any further;  should we wait for it to be cleared… should we turn around… or should we just stop and settled right here…

For everyone, the choice is different… and our destiny is governed by the choice we make. Of course we all have to make that choice according to what we think is right for us at the present time..

EVERY DISAPPOINTMENT IS FOR A GOOD:  How many times I have heard that saying; and throughout  my lifetime, I have experience obstacles that I thought was so cruel and unfortunate when it took place; just to figure out that it happened to direct my path to what needed to done to make things better and to put me in right place. We get so comfortable and fixed in our situation; and some of us find contentment in where we are that if we are not forced to make a change or act to fixed something gone wrong… then we would never know that something is better out there for us.

I do believe in being contended and be happy with where you are; find the joy in what you do and look at where you are to where you are coming from…but… I also found out that you don’t question the mystery of life happenings… fix what can be fixed … solve what be solved… and what you can’t and what is beyond your control… leave it alone… most times they tend to work out themselves to your benefit…

This journey of life is usually a mystery… full of intrigue…and fascination…and we have to learn to enjoy it as we travel day by day… the choices we make everyday determine our future and take us to our destiny… one thing we don’t get to do is a ‘DO OVER’….and we can’t go back and undo what is already done…

Things WORK OUT best for people who makes…

the BEST OF the way things work out…



  1. I like this a lot it gives me hope, funny how pain is a universal emotion we all know it but when it happens it feels almost as if it were only created with us only in mind

    I like the idea of every disappointment being for a gain thereafter, gosh your gifted my dear Nita to be able to inspire and encourage is no easy undertaking by any means, yet it seems you’ve mastered it, continuously post for post only thing that changes is the energy, thank you for another positive post, in a way it’s almost like another step in the rite direction 👯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cory.. thanks for taking the time to go through my earlier posts.. and commenting and liking..

      You are making me emotionally happy 😊..
      it sure feels so good 😊 to read your lovely comments of praise to my little blogs….

      I’m smiling tons…😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The feeling is likewise my dear, how dare I not go thru anything you’ve created be it early or not they hold the same weight and power as you are the creator of them, i’m just so very happy you were brave enough to make them, it takes a lot to do what you do, I always wonder how easy it must come as your so continuously good even in the beginning but I suppose that’s where being gifted steps in, a gift I am so happy your willing to share 💚

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahahaha.. Cory..

          I’m so happy 😁 you find so much delight in my strange experiences ..

          Hey 👋..
          I love sharing my stories..,
          So others like you will see that some things are not worth being a secret or be kept to yourself…

          I love the reaction of those that take the time to read..
          some like ..
          Some don’t…,

          Some find it appalling …
          some find it humorous..,
          Some… utterly disgusting …
          Some… stimulating..

          And so on..

          It’s always worth telling… and sharing

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