I have never been to a psychiatrist before… So I’m a little nervous and very self-conscious…

I’m looking around me at everyone… And wondering what they are thinking about me being here…

To me a psychiatrist represent.. Troubled individuals.. And people with psychological problems… Such as behaviors… And thoughts…

I don’t have any of these issues… Just my doctor can’t find any medical reasons for my condition and thought maybe it’s all psychological.. So recommended me to one…

At first I was very reluctant to see one… But thought best if I ruled out everything… And try to co-operate.. To find a solution to my condition…

But.. Being here.. Gives me the creeps and I’m not too confident I need to see a psychiatrist… I’m so afraid of any medicine she may prescribe… But… I came here to try to solve this mysterious condition that has limited my whole life… And I have decided to give whatever advice or medicine she suggested a try…

We tend to want to be our own doctor sometimes.. And in actuality.. We are very under qualified… And our own diagnosis is only to please ourselves… Without any real solution…

I do that a lot.. And since this computer comes along.. I GOGGLE everything and thinks it’s law of knowledge… When in fact.. Most times what you read doesn’t do much to help my situation… And I go around acting as if I know exactly what it’s about..


So I survived the visit… she wasn’t too scary and her questions wasn’t too probing… She did prescribed some medication and did say they might cause some side effects, I’m contemplating if I should take them or not… and I have decided  to do it…because I would only be defeating the purpose of my visit.. and nothing try… nothing done…

First time at anything is always a little scary and cause anxiety due to the unknown… I’m a little at ease now after my experience and I come to realize that psychiatrist  is not for only crazy people.. and having a psychological problem don’t have to mean you are crazy or psycho…

I’m really curious and full of apprehension; but, at the same time , have some anticipation of hope that the results  will be positive and I can regain my composure… and get back to a normal life without limitations.













  1. mehumm

    It’s always good to take care of yourself and sometimes the Intel way to do that is through experts. I hope whatever you’re going through gets easier for you. Happy thoughts for you ❤️

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    1. I don’t know 🤔 if it is.
      But my doctor felt it was necessary because he couldn’t find any valid medical reasons for my condition..

      He’s thinking 💭 psychological..

      So he wants to rule it out..
      I have an appointment to see a neurologist next week..
      He thinks a more intense and more advanced test might help..

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        1. Aaaah girl..
          it’s nothing worth burdening you with..
          my doctor 👨‍⚕️ just thinks My condition was due to phobia and recommended that I see a psychiatrist to rule it out…

          Because he couldn’t find any actual medical reasons for what I’m experiencing

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  2. The strength a person must have to take the first step and better themselves in this way is one thing, but the strength in being able to talk about such things well that’s another completely, it’s weird within your strength in telling your story you give others strength as well to tell there’s as well with no shame, guilt, or otherwise, and for that alone I give you thanks my friend 🌠

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    1. It was my very first visit to the psychiatrist ..
      and I didn’t think I needed to see one for my condition… but..
      My doctor 👨‍⚕️ thought it was necessary..

      I was very reluctant.. so you are right.. took great courage a a certain amount of strength

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    2. Experience teaches . Not only you.. but others who’s willing to listen and read about it ..

      We all go to see the psychiatrist for different reasons…
      mine was phobia ..
      trying to get to the root of it and to find a way to overcome it…

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