There goes my lies again, about the going to school; I am playing the part a little bit too well; I am digging my hole deeper and deeper. And Paige wanted to a doctor of some sort and she’s an A student; so it’s not all completely lies. 

So he text back, ‘actually you sound like a down to earth smart girl! I like it and at your age it’s all about education first… as it should be! And I love to cook too. I like anything where I can create… one of my passions is guitar. Been playing since I was about 10 years old. I love to read for the longest time and now I don’t read much. I guess it’s because I read quite a lot for work… idk. Anyway… it’s really nice to me “Wendy” your real name is different. Correct? Or were you playing with me at first.  So I have guitars everywhere… in my office I have on the wall of my bedroom too. And even at my hangar… it’s a release for me. Anyway… there is a little personal info for ya.  (Sent two photos of his guitars)

I thought oooh, my kind of guy; he is getting better by the minute. I do like guitars too…. Remembering I use to own one for a long time, although I did not learn how to play it too good.

 So I said, “oh wow!! Most amazing thing, I like guitars too. Back in elementary school I try the guitar in music class; I must admit my music is country… blame it on my aunt all about guitar.  So what is your favorite kind of food? Did I mention mom is Jamaican; she is Indian mix with Chinese. My real name is “Wakanita” means the lovely one. My mom maiden name is phoungpang

Ok so I went a little over board with the aunt and mom business. But I ‘m having fun with this sweet guy , I am liking him, and I want some more, I am not ready to stop just yet, he seems so very intriguing. And if I tell him or let him believe I am not Paige, he will disappear; and there is no harm in pretending a little. (no harm eh?? only a hour talking and I feel my self getting sucked in and my deception is only getting bigger and deeper… I’m so vulnerable and eagerly wanting more and I’m finding myself being swept away weaving a web of pure deception… and yet I refuse to confess my terrible deed…or let go and end this farce…)

So he responded, ‘What a beautiful name!! and I play all kinds of music…depends on my mood I guess… I like to sing and play it’s really relaxing. Ok so you are such a pretty combination of culture and aesthetic! And I love names that have a pretty meaning… ok my favorite food varies wildly on mood…I like a little of everything…if I had to pick one culture probably Italian…but I for real love tons of different foods…. And I love cooking creating new stuff…cooking can be such an art….

 Thanks for liking my name.. so you sing as well as playing . so fascinating; oh how I would love to hear you play and sing… I like Italian food too but my favorite is… wait I don’t think I have a favorite… maybe a nice juicy steak…..i don’t like Jamaican too much although I can cook it real good…and yes I like to search for recipes for a different ways of cooking [Symbol] maybe you can let me have some of yours so I can try them.

He said, ‘hmmm well I would love to taste some authentic  Jamaican’s…sure I love a great steak too……. You are super cute.

I asked him, ‘have you ever tried Jamaican food?’  Me? Super cute?

‘I don’t’ think I have,’ he answered, is it spicy?

Yeah, I told him.

Then he says,” yes your personality fits you; well I love spicy foods; I make a lemon and herb grill chicken that I put over a version of Cajun rice… it’s kind of spicy.”

I was there thinking, but this is not Paige, and she is far different from me, this is Wendy Wakanita. OMG!!! I’m getting in trouble, but I’m really enjoying this little conversation… I am…He seems to like everything I say and he is associating my personality to Paige’s face… ouch!!!  (I should just tell him.. but… omg!!! He’s going to be mad and disconnect me… I will tell him later… yes later)

 ‘Ooh sounds good,’ I told him.

So we will have to trade some recipes! That sounds fun’, he told me.

So I said to him, ‘well you will like curry chicken, stew beef ect.ect.   Yeah that sounds like fun.  I don’t like the same thing to eat everyday; you must be on lunch break to be able to talk to me this much?

He laughed, ‘haha actually I usually only work half a day mon-thurs. that’s about it unless I’m travelling;  if you stop texting I promise I’ll leave you alone… I kinda like getting to know you a little though.

Me… I’m home today so I’m trying to help mom with the cleanup… vacuuming, bathroom and so on… Not my favorite thing but…. It must be nice to have that luxury. Well as long as you are willing to play texting with me….. we are on.

(ooh my goodness, what am I saying and doing?)(

He said, ‘yeah I get it. Stuff has to get done. We all have it.

And I told him,’ and I want to know you or about you too; tell me…. A guy with your looks and charm must be taken.. Are you? Where do you travel to? Out of state or country? Give me one known building you did?

I was getting so very intrigued and fascinated by him. I like him, I thought. This is great. 

And he answered my question, ‘well I have been taken for a long time but it’s a sad story as to why I am lonely. I will spare you the details….. I for real am very outgoing and confident but usually share very little about my personal life… I haven’t the best luck, but I never dwell on it.

I thought, mmmm, sounds very married, but I don’t care right now, we are just texting buddies and I am going to respect his privacy and hopefully he won’t ask about mine. (that was a red flag for me to run and stop this…and I simply forget our first encounter, my first impression of him was totally dismissed. all I could see was… who he was portraying as now… and I like this side of him…)

That’s okay I understand I won’t asked again,’ I told him. ‘According to my aunt we always choose the wrong person to love. She knows, she‘s been married three times and still single. You seems like a great guy and humorous and I like that about you. And somehow from talking to you, it also looks like we have a lot in common…. So let’s continue on.

And we did…

And I meant every word, can’t believe that he has so much in common with me, he like everything I likes, how I wish I could tell him it’s not Paige that he’s talking to… but I don’t want to mess this up as yet, I’m liking him too much.

Ok, that sounds good! You totally just made me smile,’ he stated. “You seem super sweet and I am interested in more if you are. I will let you set the pace. (that statement only encourage more than anything else…I am in charge of this…Ha ha!!!)

‘How’s that?’ I asked. ‘Okay lover.’ I then said to him.

You just have a really relaxing way of communicating and I like it.’ He told me.

‘I’m glad.’ I said. (All smiles)

So he said, ‘so now I have a personal question…. I’m quite a bit older than you…. Does that bother you?

Oh boy… how do I answer this? I liked older men when I was younger

So I simply said, ‘no not at all.’

Then he continues, ‘you said 20s, I’m assuming early 20s.’

OMG I have to lie again…What am I getting myself into dear lord? [All these lies and deception is going to cost me big time].

So I said, ‘right.” And then I asked him, ‘does it bother you that I’m so much younger?’

Well here’s my deal… I live a very young lifestyle. I am a doer not a watcher… so I love downtime but can hang doing about anything. I’m in decent shape and I’m always doing something fun… so although many of my friends around my age I’m attracted to younger women because they can hang!  No it doesn’t bother me… I base my thought and opinion how you act…and how we connect not age.

So he liked them young: sucks for me… (that just blows the idea of telling the truth right through the window.)

 I did not know how to comment on that, so I did not.  All I say to him was, ‘My mom says I am so much like my aunt, her two first husbands were much older than her.’ 

It was the truth to a degree, and I want him to know I understand him liking Paige; and if she was old enough I would definitely  recommend him to her. But again I want him for me too; Ooh he seems so delicious. (I’m done for… my emotions are getting entangled.)

And he told me, ‘my dad was the same and my brother too… is it genetic? Ha-ha!! No idea… just a fact. Just depends where you are in life and how you live I guess… either way it’s not a problem for me.’

I started to say something. Then try to delete it but sent it by mistake, ‘ really now or maybe you,….. So I apologize, ‘sorry…. Well there is no problem then … we both agree.

 No problem at all, he said.

Good for me, I let him know.

He says, ‘me too.’

 I will share if you like and he sent me two photos of him; one with him playing the guitar and one with a girl and a guy with him. 

I like them and to me he is so damn gorgeous, I got a thrill from seeing him in those pictures; I was not even thinking of anything right there but how much I am enjoying  this cute and amazing guy so I have try to match his gifts; I didn’t even think of what I was about to do was going to cost me big time and the consequences of my action,…. My big deception, I really dive in the deep end; therefore sealing my fate.

So I sent him a few pictures of Paige; one by herself, one with Abraham and one with me.

You are so pretty, he said. Then he asks if he could send one without his shirt.

I told him to send it.

He sent two; and boy wasn’t I excited to see that beautiful sexy chest of his we all know I go crazy over a nice chest…  I’m thinking… ooooh lala!!!! Baby baby, I would, I could, and my mind went off wandering….. 

I said, ‘ooooh very sexy.’

That’s me For whatever its worth, he said to me.

Its worthy.’ I claimed.

I love your smile!!! He commented on my ( paige’s) pictures.  (i cringed a little.. but knowing I’m the one giving him that visual…

Thanks, says me. ……I was not too pleased that he liked Paige so much, but I started this so I have to deal with it…..

Are you a happy person in general? He asked. Your smile looks genuine.

I said to him, ‘I just like you.’ The truth of course. Then I answered his question, ‘yes I am happy and love to laugh.’

And I do… Paige not so much…. But I am always happy and smiling or laughing.

He then said to me. ‘You seem like a happy person. I like that… oh and the first picture… if you were trying to look super sexy… it worked!

I said, ‘I was and thanks.’…… good thing he couldn’t see my casual reaction or hear my tone. To be quite frank I was a little bit envious of Paige. I want him to like me and I wished right there that it was possible. I was tempted to tell him right there but somehow I fear he would stop talking to me and I wanted some more of him. How selfish and foolish of me. 

 Mmmm my pleasure! He said.

And so I told him, “you are hilariously delicious.”

 He laughed and said, ‘ha-ha that’s a first I can only hope you holdup my picture with one hand later[Symbol]Ha-ha!!! 

 I was laughing so hard because he just read my mind; I was already fantasizing about that beautiful chest;… oh boy oh boy. All but a dream because I am not Paige.

So I sent a picture o john and Ayden. And I said to him, ‘that my company,’ (I meant cousin)

So I corrected myself and told him, ‘that’s my cousin john and his baby, the Irish one.  I had to divert to something else.

Your company? He said.  Oh yeah ok; I remember you telling me about him; bad temper; I don’t forget.’

I said, yeah. And then I asked, ‘are you bad-tempered too?

He said, ‘well although the Irish seems to get a free pass on the temper thing…. I think that’s bullshit. I can have a bad temper, but it takes a ton to set me off…. I’m not an angry person.

 I sat there thinking, he keeps on gets better and better by the minute, wow!! My kind of guy. (i was so  intrigued by him… instead of me trying to figure a way out of my lies I’m here liking him more… I couldn’t see pass my nose…)

My aunt says it’s an Irish trait.’ I told him; and then I let him know it was good to know that he is not an angry person.

 He then went on to explain,” yeah I hear that a lot but it seems to me that most people have a bad temper it’s a matter of how you have to push them to get it out… I’m a guy…. If someone really wants a fight I won’t back down… but I don’t get pissed over stupid stuff.

I told him, ‘I like you…’    and I honestly did, if he was describing his self truthfully then I like him… he’s super perfect.

He said awwww!!!! I like you too.’  “I’m not sure if you are in over your head. Only you can decide that pretty girl. But I’m sure enjoying getting to know you.

I did not respond to that, I did not know exactly what to say……

I asked him, what month is your birthday? Mine is in February.’  (So is Paige’s)

He told me April, “Taurus ha ha! Explains a lot doesn’t it?

He then sends me two more pictures of his hangar; one with a guitar on the wall and other one, outside with a jeep.  Told you I had one at the hangar too[Symbol]

And I continued with our conversation, ‘ my other cousin that is in the second picture of me is Taurus he is the brother of the Irish and he’s definitely always happy. His father is Chinese.’ ‘Wow! You really like guitars.’ I said to him in respond to the pictures he sent.

All these lies and make believes; I was slowly heading for a big fall. Little did I know?

Then he said to me, ‘what a cool mix of relatives you have! And so thank you nice cousin for helping the irish out.’

It’s my auntie’s influence,’ I told him.

Well, it’s one of those things I can enjoy almost anywhere… and my hanger is a great place to play and sing… good reverb because it a big room with high ceilings and concrete floors you know? That’s a good thing! He responded to my comment.

So I said, ‘ I like that you enjoy life and make the most of it.’

Well I try! Thanks!, he stated, ‘maybe we will share a little piece of life. Who know? If not…. You are a pretty cool texting buddy so far.’

 So I told him, ‘ you have a passion and you live it every day. I want to create something like that for myself.’  You are just too nice,’ I said to him. 

And I meant it; I liked him more and more, I getting very impressed with him. He sounds so excitable and full of passion for everything he does.

Then he told me, ‘to me it’s how life should be, my family has seen terrible tragedy, I refuse not to live. You are super sweet baby.  So tell me what close friends and family call you and what should I call you. Please.’

 I told him, ‘wendy or wak.’

And do you have a preference?’ he asked.

Wendy, I say, ‘or maybe …. Some form of endearment… like  “pretty girl”.’ And I smiled. 

I was feeling quite pleased, talking to him, forgettingg a little that I am not being truthful, getting so caught up with over conversation, enjoying knowing him and feeling a little excited just talking to him.

Then he said, ‘if I were going your use your name I would use my own version… just because you are super sweet and it seems to fit…. ‘NITA’… it rolls off the tongue and sounds sweet anyone calls you that. Well pretty girl fits for sure!’

I was smiling very sweetly loving his nickname for me. I like it,’ I told him, ‘ to you I’ll be ‘NITA’. 

If he could have only seen the smile on my face?

Me too, it fits you to me… and I would like to use at least part of your real name because it’s so beautiful,’ he said.

 Oh thank you,’ I goes.

‘Sure pretty girl!! Just my 2 cents,’ he told me.

And I come back with, ‘you 2 cents worth a million dollars to me.”  I was so pleased I was smiling so widely.

‘Awwww!!! You are so sweet Nita!’ He claimed.

“you are the sweet one,’ I told him.

Then he told me, ‘I sure have enjoyed getting to know you today! It was nice! And I’m really glad we seem to get off to batter start!

We talked some more… and more we talked  the more I was caught up in my lies and deception… and every time I say I have to come clean he said something else  for me to be so glad he doesn’t know it’s me behind the texting… and i find myself so enthralled…and all I could think about is the next time we talked…





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