MY SWEET AllEN

                                                             SERENDIPITY       CHAPTER #2




“Hey you… I started to say, ‘I’m having a big emotional turmoil going on. I think I have made a complete fool of myself yesterday proving I am way too immature for you.  I want to be brave and daring but I do not know how to do it. When you invite me to go flying yesterday; just the thought of seeing you makes me shake all over. (Daft? right.) If you are for real…. The sweet, adorable and most perfect understanding guy I see… then I don’t want to lead you on…. Am I making any sense…do I sound silly or foolish…

That was my lame attempt to end us. I was trying to be Paige and at the same time trying to be sensible… if this is what you call my feeble attempt… 

 I did not end there though… I had to let him know exactly how I see him and feel about him… it’s so ridiculously funny. I just wanted him to know and realize how much he has affected me…

And so I told him, “My GOD… I do like you so much… you are a guy right out of my dreams. I imagine being with someone like you all the time… like a fairy tale romance…. And I got you right here right now and I don’t have courage or gumption to take the step towards you. What does that say about me?’

 I was being more than truthful there, that was how I was feeling but I just fail in severing anything with all that admission and declaration of my feelings. I don’t know… the truth is I did not want to give him up; not yet anyway.

 And he replied, ‘well that was a mouthful ..Ok so as you know I will not pressure you. So long as you want to talk… we will talk.   If you want more … we can have more. Ok pretty girl? If you would like me to delete you, I will. I would like more but I’m only half of us. I will respect any decision you make. (he sent me some photo shots of him flying) a few pictures of today’s flight.’ He told me.

I couldn’t  believe he would be so understanding and willing to give me what I want, I smile and think; is this guy real, I mean is he really genuine, is anybody out there in this world that thinks and feel like he does, the things he say,  how he puts or phrase it, it’s just credible. 

So I said in respond to him, ‘OMG ARE you FOR REAL?’ I think he kind of misunderstand my meaning a little; I guess it could also have a negative reaction.

but…I meant, “are you a real person?” I was just so taken aback that he would be so nice about it and without hesitancy, agree with my decision..

Because he reply, ‘ha ha! What?’

 Pictures of what I miss out on’, I commented on the photos. 

I would like to tell you that you totally own my thoughts today, he told me.

and then he drop that boom!!!…  I was having the effect on him as well… and I know I just couldn’t walk away… I felt this emotional rush run through me…

Tears came to my eyes, he was thinking of me too.

I feel like crying,’ I told him.

Why? It’s not that bad is it? He asked of me.

No, actually it all good, too good,’ I said to him.  ‘You make me so emotional.’

If only he could understand the struggle I’m going through, I know I should tell him, but my fear of him gone was bigger. 

 And he read my mind again and said, ‘so will it be easier for you if I delete you then? Is that what you would like me to do Wakanita?

I started to shake a little and my heart was pounding against my chest so hard, I was so fearful that I was going to lose him, my stomach was in a terrible knot… just the thought of him deleting me becomes unbearable.

 No no no, I quickly text him, ‘please don’t.

I had to breathe slowly to calm down, and I’m sitting there wondering; wtf is wrong with me. I don’t know this guy; I’m lying to him; I only talk to him for one day; why in god’s name I am so emotional about him. Why is my reaction so intense? I’m way too old for this….

He then try to explain to me my feelings, ‘emotional is a good thing in my book  baby… it means passion… how many times in your life do you think someone could make another person feel so much desire and confusion at once. It’s not a bad thing pretty girl … right.’

I kind of calm down  and started to laugh at me; I was a little embarrassed for me… it’s was a good thing he could not see or tell how I was behaving, because it was damn silly of me especially at my age; I should not be acting like this over no man,…. But I am/was. And his explanation was so logical to what I was experiencing. “Confusion and desire.” 

I told him,’ you are so optimistic…. It’s something I have to learn.”…. (Me playing off my silliness, blaming it on my young age; me trying to justify my silly behavior and thoughts.)… ‘I guess; it’s first for me (right) I continued, ‘so much to learn and know.’… {I was so full so full of it…}

After all that… I still continued with this game…

And of course he was right there to reassure me, ‘ well the only thing better than really living life huge is sharing it with someone who really matter and has a passion and desire to be with you and experience everything together… just my thought.’

I’m here thinking, how does he come up with all this? He is gooood; damn good. And I have nothing for him; I did not know what to say to him, I was at a lost. I was getting more and more impressed with his dialogue. And of course he thinks he is dealing with a naïve and inexperience young girl.

All I could muster up was, ‘you have so much to teach.”

and I am really getting a lesson….

Well… he said, ‘there is no need for big steps right? I already told you I am not going anywhere. So take your time sweet girl… take deep breaths… and just let things happens as they should. If you not comfortable just tell me and I will always respect that.’

I better start taking lessons,’ I said to him. I’m trying; I am.

Then he told me, ‘I wasn’t even the slightest put off or upset that you didn’t want to fly. You will if and when you are ready. I still was happy to offer though.’

You are so sweet and special,’ I told him. ‘I’m lost for words again,’ I admitted.

 And so are you, Nita,’ he said, ‘I can totally feel you are emotional. I promise to be gentle. If you get overwhelmed just don’t text me till you are comfortable. I will understand.’

But I always want to’, I told him.’ I have to fight myself not to.’

For example today I thought of you several times to say the least,’ he was telling me, ‘but was restrained in an effort to respect boundaries. Yesterday was a lot to take in… But it was all real… and very nice… ha-ha! Me too! It’s a good thing pretty girl!  He said in response to what I say.

I was a bit surprised and delighted to learn that he was feeling similar; I couldn’t believe he liked me/Paige this much. 

‘To say the least,’ I told him. You think,’ I responded to his ‘it’s a good thing.”

So take it at your pace,’ he said. ‘I will not rush you baby.’

You see I’m only brave enough now by texting,’ I inform him.

He did not know what was actually going on with me;  if he only knew who was behind these words; but somehow he could sense my strugggle and my doubts and reservation, I find that so incredible and absolutely amazing.

Then he said, ‘how about this… a proposal… out of respect, something to think about.’

Ok’ I said.

I will not text you first… if you would like to text me. I will always respond as soon as I am free… But I won’t initiate and pressure you. Do you think that’s a good idea? I want you comfortable… Every step of the way and I want you to have a door to exit if you want. In other words … you have explained where you are emotional. So I will respect your space either way.

Well considering I am put myself in this compromising situation, and I refuse to let go of  him, that a good solution for me if I control us and I can stop whenever I think I have had enough. That’s what I thought anyways. So I grab at it. I was totally selfish here.

I was only thinking of me and my emotions; I never once stop to think how this is going to affect him and what I am doing is totally wrong on so many levels… and here he is thinking of every way to make me happy… and at ease…

Sounds good to me,’ I told him. ‘But is that going to be ok with you? I asked.

It has to be, he told me, ‘out of respect for you. So yes.

I think I was cooking or john was asking me something because I said to him, ‘moms calling give me about ten minutes ok.’

He was still talking, ‘if I don’t hear from you I will assume you have made the best decision for yourself.’ 

Sure.’ He responded to me.

And I break communication. …

I took about ten minutes and I came back anxiously wanted to continue with our conversation.

‘I’m back’ I said. 

 I thought I am going to come off that part we were on because I did not want to think about him stopping conversing with me.[ It was all about me every time].

So now that we have dealt with all my insecurities and negativity.’ I said to him, ‘how was your day? What’s for dinner? Looking back on those pictures again… I did miss out on a good thing… Do you like flying? How does it make you feel?

I did not get a response, and I was thinking maybe, he  got caught up in his work, having dinner, or decided to stop talking to me because of all my nonsense. I waited, and I waited, and after 20 minutes I sent him a another text, 

“Oh oh!” I exclaimed.” Have I lost you? I asked. Anyways I’m here tonight but back to work tomorrow. So I probably won’t be able to talk to you until Monday… unless you’ll be up at 2-4am in the morning.”

Another two hours went by, still nothing from him, I was getting despondent and sad; thought he has decided to stop. Thought with all my reservation and hesitancy he thought best to leave me alone; a part of me was a little relieve, because he did for me what I need to do; but the other part did not want him to go. So as usual I can’t leave him alone, can’t let him go. So I set him another text.

“Knock knock; did you go to sleep? Sorry … but I miss you. 

 Still nothing for the next couple of hours, I thought that’s it. So I try to watch some TV and forget about him. Telling myself it’s all for the best. Then about 10pm he responded; and my whole world lit up.

Hey pretty girl,’ he text. 

I was so delighted I jump up grab my phone smiling; my heart racing in excitement.

No I got busy with some work,’ he told me. ‘I hope you are having a good night

‘Hey I’m having a goodnight now,’ I told him smiling. I thought you went to sleep because you were tired. So you have home work too?

Ok, you are so cute btw! I’ll answer your questions… he was saying, ‘flying is amazing… think about it only a hundred years ago it was a dream… fantasy to slip on the bonds of the earth… it’s fun, exciting beautiful… it’s a totally unique experience.’

 I was thinking ‘deep’… wow he is passionate about flying. But I was having trouble tying, don’t know why, but I couldn’t type fast enough, I keep making mistakes and deleting and starting over, he was tying much faster than I could answer , so I got lost with my responses. My hands were shaking a little with nerves. I was a having a little nervous reaction from being  so excited having him talking to me….

Ha-ha! No I’m just getting in bed now,’ he continued. ‘And you always make me smile! I am glad you are having a good night.”

He got out all that, and all I could say was, ‘you like flying?’

He just told me that so, passionately; what a stupid question to ask.

And he tries to answer my questions, ‘well not so much homework… I have to deal with some contract stuff for work… yeah same thing I guess so my phone was almost dead so I plugged it in and got some stuff out-of-the-way….

And with all this conversing he was doing I did not have one thing to add to it. In between all that the only thing I comment on was how I make him smile and it came way after he said everything so it was lost and out of place.

 I said, “you should see the smile you put on my face.’

Awwww!! He replied.

“Good” was all I said to him, I was talking about him taking care of all his work load and stuff

 I really sucks at this, I can’t converse no way no how,  verbally I can’t keep it going and I can’t text  either…it’s my first time texting this much… But he seems not to even notice or mind because he just kept on going, enjoying talking to me. Trying to answer any questions I have and commenting on my silly in puts. 

So I said, ‘if only I could me through your eyes.” I was thinking how he was enjoying talking to me… and that he must like me some… and I wonder.. how does he see me…?

So you work late at nights? He asked “and yes I love to fly… it’s a passion for sure… And I feel fortune to have such a luxury in my life, I also do little aerobatics flying… like you see at air show ya know?” then he comment on my silly interjection. “You should see you!!! Through me! It’s a really nice experience!

It always gives me a thrill to talk to you.’ I told him. I was smiling so huge..

He was talking I was just reading his text and was in awe of him, liking him more and more and not involving in conversing with him, just thinking how I wish I was Paige right now. So I could fully be able to receive him and his affections. I’m liking him way too much and again getting caught up in the situation where he is completely out of my reach. He is so excitable and full of life and fun, I would love to be a part of his world.

I bet,’ I commented on his seeing me through his eyes. ‘So you are a daredevil’. I asked referring to his aerobatics.

“Same here! I think I smile the entire time!” he exclaimed. Answering what I said about him giving me a thrill. ‘So with a little luck perhaps you won’t disappear’. He told me.

And I thought, no promises there because I have to, eventually; but until then….. You have me for now.

I don’t want to,’ I told him. ‘I am smiling right now.’

And he went on to answer my question, ‘well no, daredevil might be a bit strong but I love to fly and ride motorcycles, yes, I raced motorcycles for many years. Then I got into flying.’ Then he said, ‘perfect! I love that smile. I have looked at it many times without being too creepy. Ha-ha.’

OMG! I thought, he likes Paige’s picture way too much, but… on the other hand… I like him way too much.

How I wished I could send him my photos and have him liking my face instead of paige’s… but it’s much too late for that now…

I do like motor cycles,’ I told him. Then I added,’ LOL’.

We’ll see! Another thing we have in common.’ He said. ‘I have ridden my entire life since I was a little boy.”

So I informed him, ‘mind you… I’ve never been on one; but I would not mind trying.’ Even one time.’

Of course it’s all lie, motor cycles excites me, I have ridden on a few and gotten a few thrill from doing so. I love things like that, motorcycles; racing cars and anything for a thrill, just never got much opportunities to participate.

And he thought I was cute, because he laughed and said, ‘ha ha may be one day we can change that. You are so refreshing. I love how honest you and genuine you are.

Honest?? genuine???  I was feeling so low right about now… because I was not…

 Well, thank you”. I told him.

Then he said, ‘so you will be working for the next several days. If I am up late over the weekend I will keep my fingers crossed that maybe I will get a chat with you..

Hopefully.’ I said. ‘Don’t know if I will be able to get through a whole week without talking to you though.’

He said,’ well hopefully we won’t have to find out.

I agree.’ I told him. ; ‘you are so easy to talk to.’

All I know is after we talk, I can’t wait to talk to you again,’ he let me know. So are you! I like that we can talk so easy.

 My, my,’ I said. ‘It’s the same thing with me.

For an “antisocial” person you sure are an easy person to talk to.’ He informed me.

Antisocial only in person,’ I said to him.

About right here I was thinking, you are doing all the talking, while I struggle to keep up with you with my lame and shallow comment. Again I was glad he thought I was young because I have a valid excuse for all this.

I see,’ he said.

 By texting I am not,’ I said to him. ‘I think it was invented just for me.

Well I think everyone is a work in progress.’ He tries to validate me being “antisocial”. ‘We all have things we are trying to improve, right? So maybe one day you will be better in person.’ And then he laugh at my comment, ‘ha ha! I don’t think so Wendy.

I think so too, I told him. And I send a smiley face to him 🙂 

If you not improving you are either sitting still or going backward. Life is too short. He said.” Man I sound like a fortune cookie.”

Right again,’ I agreed. Then I told him, ‘the best I ever tasted.’ To the fortune cookie.

Oh my! He exclaimed, ‘you way too sweet.”

But I’m all for improvement; and I’m willing to learn how,’ I informed him.

So let me ask you a personal question…. He started, ‘It already come up once… you are a virgin. I understand. But do you make yourself come? And are you good at it?

I was like, whoaaa! 

Very personal question. I said.

Yes it is,’ he said. 

A bit embarrassing to admit.’ I told him

So now I know the answer.’ He said.

I laughed out loud. 

It’s yes to the first one anyway’, he said. Now the easy one; are you good at it?” I’m asking because I had some crazy dreams last night. I wondered if you had any nice thoughts or dreams too.’

well, all that lie about me being a virgin is not really stopping him from his sexual questons and suggestions..

And I was thinking, how can I phrase this so as not to sound too experience….  Then I said, ‘I have.’ [To his question about me having dreams or nice thoughts.]

Perfect! He said. ‘It’s passion. I love it. I thought you were passionate and that totally makes it true.’

And I was laughing and thinking… if only you know how much… 

My imagination is very wild.’ I told him.  [The truth for once}

even though I’m shying away from that sexual subject, it does causes a little stir in the true me…

I’m sure it is! Mine too.’ He told me. That comes with passion.’

I read a lot,’ I informed him.

I see.’ He simply said. ‘So you are a visual reader, some people just read others are in the story. That’s good to know.

So by now I am getting a little stir and getting all turn on by his conversation.

 So I told him, ‘my stomach is in knots”.

He finds it funny and laughed, ‘ha-ha!!! I’m sorry baby.’ I will be gentle I promised… no more questions tonight.’

But I know he was not sorry and I know he find it amusing and a thrill knows he affects me like that.

So I told him, ‘but it feels so good.” That’s fine; I don’t think I can handle much more. You are something else and I love it.’

But I will tell you this before I go to bed. He said, ‘if I were with you I would kiss you so deep… You would feel me… my passion. And I would slowly work my way down your long sexy body till I had a mouthful of you… {he went on with a little more details….} we can end on that because I know you are all messed up now he told me.

And I certainly was, I did not even remember that he was visualizing Paige; I was enjoying his description of his loving too much;  I was fully turned on. He is good at this…

Oh baby…. Baby… I said. ‘Laughing] yes I am’

‘Sorry,’ he said. The reason I want that…. Wakanita… do you know why I want that?

No tell me?’ I asked of him.

It’s as personal as you can get it’s much more intimate and selfless than sex.’ he stated. It’s me pleasing you and asking you for nothing in return. You can feel my intentions right? So it’s super personal and passionate.”

I was acting and actually behaving like it’s my first time having a guy talk to me like this.. the way I was reacting… you’d think I really was a virgin….

Again I was in awe of him; if he is this considerate and kind, he is too of a nice guy, and if he is for real. I’m gonna lose a really nice guy. Why can’t I ever command a guy like him? He is not mine to keep; and I mess up my chances with my deception… how can I undo the damage..??

So I said to him, ‘I sometimes wonder if you are for real.’

He laughed at my comment, ‘yes I’m for real I promise”. And one day if you work up the courage you will meet me. It’s all up to you pretty girl.

 It just seems so incredible,’ I told him. 

Then he said, off to bed for me. Super early morning. Several meeting before lunch. I hope you have a great night pretty girl…and sleep well!!! I hope to hear from you soon.

‘Ok my love…’ I said, ‘goodnight to you and thank you for a most exciting five minutes.’

He was saying, ‘and Nita… one last thing baby. think about us… about me…Ok? Good night beautiful girl.’  My pleasure I promise he answered to me.

I will and you can bet on it,’ I told him

Perfect!! He said. ‘You have me smiling as usual!

I’m thinking,’ I told him. ‘And I’m smiling too.

Night pretty girl” he left me with.

Night Allen,’ I replied. 

 And he was gone for the night leaving with my thought and a big smile on my face. I was still laughing at what he wrote and say, I turn off the lights watch a little TV all please with our conversation. To be honest I did not give much thought to my pretense; all I know is how much I had enjoyed him and how I could not wait to talk to him again. I was so excited for more of him. Nothing else was on my mind but how much I liked him. I kind of forget that I was playing Paige and I went to sleep to a dream full of him. How I like him so….







  1. very intriguing story line and I must say you’ve done a great job so far… I will be honest, there are very few posts I like to read till end.. and if they are long I always give up.. but this one held me for sure.. !! haha got too honest.. 😉 waiting for the next part… PS:- it is fiction?

    Liked by 1 person

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