I had a story of the two wolves 🐺 that lives in you.. that I used to tell to my kids when they were misbehaving… 

one ☝️ was the bad wolf 🐺.. hate.. do everything bad…

The other one ☝️.. the good wolf 🐺.. everything good..

You feed them every day.. they both fight for the food.. which one is the stronger one…

I would ask the question???? 

Which you think πŸ’­ would win and survive… ? ?? 


so please give me your answers.. 

please patronize me with this.. thank you 😊 all for participating.. 

102 thoughts on “THE TWO WOLVES..

    1. If it is a fight, the bad one obviously wins because
      firstly, the good one would have been compassionate enough to let the other one have the food(because he is the good one after all).
      Secondly, this is no Bollywood movie that somehow the tables turn in the end and the good one eventually wins.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      1. But it’s up to you to decide which one ☝️ you are going to feed..
        the moral of the story.. is what one do you give all the food to..
        Do you feed the good 😊 one by being good.. or the one by being bad.. ????


  1. Blog Andrew

    πŸ™‚ I absolutely love moral conundrums and I’ve avoided reading anyone else’s replies above because this isn’t easy! In a Fairy Tale book the good wolf ends up stronger, :/ not sure about the Brother’s Grim though! I would say…………. the bad wolf wins simply because the good wolf is so kind he’s happy to see his brother content and strong. And πŸ˜€ I am correct!!!!!!!

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  2. Well if you have two wolves 🐺 feeding… and you want one to survive over the next one..

    The one that will come out on top.. will be the one that you feed most…
    So if you hate… always do bad.. And wrong.. the bad wolf 🐺 will surely whoop the good 😊 one ☝️ ..
    so to prevent that from happening.. you have to feed the good 😊 one ☝️ more… always love ❀️.. be good 😊.. be nice πŸ‘.. and the bad wolf 🐺 won’t have a chance…

    That’s the answer.. THE ONE THAT YOU FEED THE MOST…

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        1. The analogy of the story is…. it’s the things you choose to do more of.. and take part in.. that’s who you will become..

          So if you choose hate over love ❀️.. you become bitter instead of being sweet…

          If you choose bad over good .. then the consequences of your choice will be bad..

          It’s whatever you decide on giving your attention and time to..
          the one you feed the most.. will always be the strongest…

          Thanks so much for your comments though and humoring me..
          Really appreciate your input..

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  3. Phillip Caesar

    The fact that you ask them the question means the good wolf will win because it
    makes them think about which one they are feeding or what they are feeding them.

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  4. the bad wolf will survive …..the good one will die and go to heaven πŸ™‚ The good wolf learns to value the bad wolf as without its dark spirit, the good wollf’s shining light will never be appreciated.

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    1. Good definition. Its our choice.. and what we choose to do is actually true. All depends..
      being good 😊 all the time is way too boring..
      so to spice up my life.. I resort to being bad with limitations..
      my bad πŸ€— wolf 🐺 loves when I decided to feed him.. we both have lots of fun…

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  5. Blog Andrew

    Wendy I’ve written a ‘how to’ Post for you which hopefully explains.

    I’ve just this moment read your answer, and of course you are correct πŸ™‚ Your babies have learnt that they have a choice which wolf to feed, they can choose good or the can choose bad and the one they choose will grow stronger.

    Isn’t it funny how such a ‘short simple’ post can create so much feedback, everyone enjoys a morality conundrum and mum’s make the best bloggers.

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  6. Always loved this tale.. and it all depends upon the one which ‘we’ feed with our intentions .. The choice is always held within our hands of freewill.. For both reside within each of us.. Hope we all choose wisely πŸ™‚ the right Wolf πŸ™‚
    Love and Blessings

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  7. I love this story! Am currently writing a self-help book, on how to recover from severe mental illness, and have included this story in the conclusion. It’s great. Which wolf wins will depend on which one you feed more.. but ideally you should feed them both, appropriately, because they both exist within us and therefore both need attention at times. Do I get a gold star?! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hahahaha..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I definitely agreed with you.. my bad πŸ€— wolf 🐺 is begging to be fed too.. while the good 😊 wolf 🐺 is so full.. and fallen asleep 😴.. so satisfied ..

      I have had given the bad wolf 🐺 some food over the course of my life.. too.

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    1. Oooops!! Sorry 😐 man..

      It is known.. that we all have these two wolves 🐺 that lives in us…
      They don’t really fight..
      but to keep them alive.. you have to feed them..
      and choice is yours..
      which you choose to give the food to…

      The stronger one will always be the one you Feed more..

      It’s just a little analogy I picked up somewhere and used it to teach my babies πŸ‘Ά the benefits of being good 😊 and bad..

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    1. Hahahaha..

      That would means.. ( to the context of the story..)
      That when you are tired 😴 of being a bad boy..
      You decided to be good 😊 for that period…
      that a very logical answer to you bad guys..

      Feed the good wolf 🐺 only when you are taking a break from being bad..

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