Whatever happened to quality dick?

A little reblog from one of my favorites story teller…,

Just wanna share.. 

Southern Georgia Bunny

This shenanigan is a girl’s night out story. I know how y’all love those, lol. My craziness is for all of you my beloved readers. Okay well maybe not all for you, a little for me too. Gotta live life my peeps! Go out there and make some crazy memories/stories. Trust me when I tell you it’s fun!

One of my girlfriends hadn’t been out for a while. So we decided that we all needed to go out and have a little fun. We hit a couple of bars, including our regular spots. It was a good night, we were living it up! Woot, woot!

This particular evening the girls convinced me to wear leather leggings, a fuschia blouse, and leopard print heels. I was always of the opinion that your ass needs to be covered in leggings. But the girls informed me nope, no need to completely cover…

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