52 thoughts on “REBLOG: EROTICA

  1. Blog Andrew

    Hi Wendy, off to bed now but just called by to say lol all is well, what makes me laugh is a lady thought the story TRUE, said she’d learnt a lot? Perhaps she’s gonna try ‘it’, I can’t stop smiling!! 🙂 x

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                    1. I must confess .. one of the reasons I appreciate these erotic scenarios is because I actually do enjoy writing erotic scenarios myself..
                      I just don’t think WP is is audience for it..
                      so I tried to be subtle with how I phrased my erotic content 😌..

                      And I will take your comments as a compliment…
                      I love my sexy imagination and I love to know I can drive Men to the brink of ecstasy with my vivid descriptions of playing out a sensual and erotic scenario..

                      I do take pride in my sexual talent..

                      If only I was as good verbally..

                      Just a little personal info on me..

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                    2. Hahahaha..

                      I do actually love my mouth 👄 full….
                      But my mind is always in the gutters.
                      Thanks for believing..
                      even though you don’t have any proof..

                      Aaaah Joel!!!
                      Let me leave you alone to enjoy 😊 reading 📖 your blogs..

                      Before I get myself In trouble…

                      Thanks for the convo. And the entertainment…
                      I truly enjoyed your company..

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        1. I know. I’m not into gays myself..
          but it has the same effects on me..

          So when he was upset 😭 because he didn’t get any views.
          I thought I would try on my audience..
          I know I wasn’t the only one ☝️ who would find it so stimulating

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  2. Thank you for such an enticing piece! Loved every bit of it 😊! I too have just started writing my pieces and would love for you to check it out. My first blog is just an intro to what Carmella’s Room is! Hope you get the chance to look at it 😊

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