So… One week from now.. I’ll be in that beautiful island 🌴 of  Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡²…

The place I called home 🏑…

It so funny how we always grow up wanting to leave home to explore and be anywhere except where we are..

We never stop to appreciate where we are.. what we have… everywhere seems so much more appealing.. and we fantasize and imagine how a different location would be so much better.. 

  • I have been away from home for 21 years…

I have made it my home..  

Raise my kids…. made a career.. I was content 😌….

But I find myself self getting all home sick.. and longing for the place I grow up and spent all my childhood days…
The memories.. . The fun..  the laughter.. the teardrops .. the fights…and vast amounts of love ❀️…  

I’m sometimes in awe of people I meet and converse with..their reaction to me being a Jamaican… 

They asked how could I give up Jamaica for here… most would do almost anything to visit.. they talked about Jamaica as if it’s a paradise…

And I would smile in realization that I’m so fortunate to be born a Jamaican… 

I never thought it was anywhere special … didn’t know I was in paradise until someone else pointed it out to me .. 

Because of work and kids and life.. I haven’t took the time to visit back home in the last ten years… And I’m getting the opportunity to go back home for Christmas..

  • Yayyyy!!!
  • Doing the happy dance πŸ’ƒ!!

I’m very excited.. can’t wait to walk the streets I did way back when…  see the house I have grown up in.. visit the beaches.. the mall.. 

And most of all.. celebrate Christmas with my family and friends.. 

It’s going to be two glorious weeks in paradise.. and I plan to enjoy 😊 every single minute of it.. 


59 thoughts on “MY CHRISTMAS πŸŽ„ VACATION: Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡²Β 

  1. Enjoy your vacation, it always feels great to be back home.
    Please send my regards To Lisa Hanna…..:-) The beautiful Jamaican who captured the Miss world crown 1993. .. Merry Christmas.


  2. Blog Andrew

    Wendy I must apologise I missed this one in my Reader, 😦 after all I’d said but it’s true, anyways wishing you a happy holiday I AM so envious in a nice way.

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