One week has passed since arriving in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡²… 

so many things has changed.. buildings has been demolished..being replaced by new ones… 

so many new and improved features.. can hardly recognize the areas I have walked and roam growing up.. 

My brothers has renovated our house 🏑.. many expansions.. and alterations done.. its a little unfamiliar but very welcoming and comforting to be back home… and In the house 🏑 I have spent most of my life in… 

My mom.. brothers.. and neices and nephews..all receive me with open arms and hearts πŸ’•….

It’s feels so good to be home 🏑.. 

Christmas πŸŽ„ with them has been a thrill.. 
My brother and his daughter made the best breakfast ever… the atmosphere was so pleasant and everyone was in sync and working with such team effort… 

my BFF.. abbey… has taken the time to come and spend some time with me… So we spent all day and all night talking trying to catch up on the past ten years…We laugh πŸ˜‚ and reminisce about almost everything…

The days are so beautiful 😍.. that it gives a nostalgic feeling…It’s so funny how little things take you back and triggers memories that you somehow have forgotten… it’s seems like a lifetime ago… 

I’m sitting here… outside… reflecting on a time that seems like a dream… our childhood days.. thinking.. what glorious days they were.. 

They are vivid pictures in my mind..  some a little vague.. and patchy.. but still makes me smile with rememberance… 

Yesss… home 🏑 sweet home..

  • No matter far you go or how long you stay away..
  • How much time you invested making your home somewhere else ….
  • How much you love where you are and what you have become..

You will always find yourself a little homesick and nothing can beat the feelings of revisiting the place you once called home..

I’m enjoying and savoring every little moment of this trip.. 

Our national fruit ackee…
The mountains in the background..


  1. Jamaica ah how I love you! I remember the first time I saw the island I burst into tears. It was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. And the people treated me as one of their own. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!

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  2. Blog Andrew

    A truly beautiful post, yes the photos are lovely but so are your memories……..home IS where the heart is……………and I’m so envious the temperature’s been below zero centigrade here 😦

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  3. soulsearchingwithlove

    Hi, spicy Nita
    I wrote this post a about can you have love without marriage on my blog. It’s called questions,
    I would like your opinion on it. It is a personal post about myself.

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    1. I’m an exotic Indian/ Chinese petite girl from Jamaica..

      To be honest..
      I didn’t appreciate its beauty until I got here..

      And realize how fortunate I was to be from an island 🌴 of paradise…

      I was so delighted 😁 to go back and enjoy all it’s splendor.

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