I got a text on Sunday 4:34 pm. “what u doing 2nit?”

I was happy to hear from him and I replied,  “Thinking of doing you.. ”

He sent a LOL… and said that he is on his way.

He came by .  I know he really came for the money but just to see him after six long weeks I would give him anything.

We sat there talking,  but just wanted so much to kiss him and love on him but I hesitated because I was not too sure he wanted that, but I guess he sense my desire

18 thoughts on “MY LOVE- LOVE: THE JOY& PAIN OF AN UNFORBIDDEN LOVE; chapter 7

  1. Blog Andrew

    I agree Wendy you should never chase a prospective lover or boyfriend, he isn’t being straight with BUT I guess it’s not easy, if you love someone with all your heart and they don’t phone or text then what do you do? Forget about them, leave them out of your life? Or do you make the running by phoning and risk being made a fool of? As for me, that’s an interesting conundrum, I think I’d take a chance and phone…..and phone…..and phone………text……. πŸ˜€

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    1. Aaaaahh.

      After you realize that he has no interest in communicating.
      It’s not worth the effort actually..
      And it’s actually a waste of time trying..
      you can still love ❀️ them without connection.
      The heart wants what it wants..

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  2. Do you feel like you’re getting used to some extent? It seems like you’re 110% fully invested in him and he just calls you up when he needs money or wants to fuck. Doesn’t seem really fair, and although you enjoy the small time of joy you get when you’re with him, is it really worth the loneliness you feel when he’s gone?

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    1. Aaaaahh…
      I felt that I was the user..
      I was using him for my sexual gratification…
      And I was invested..
      but was still aware of our age difference and somehow convinced myself that I could not command his attention or affection…
      Yes I want more.. and I was becoming emotionally attached each time he visited..

      The money πŸ’°.. I know was his way of thinking he was using me..
      but..I used his game to get him over to relieve my craving for some good loving..

      He couldn’t resist me once he is next to me..
      So I thought I was the user..
      Yesss.. that joy I got.. was always worth the loneliness..
      I always enjoyed him.. and I’m smiling now remembering us..

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        1. I could easily have..
          but I wanted him…

          I was very infatuated with him sexually..
          He was a beautiful man.. and he has this strong sexual energy..
          I felt that connection..
          and he was very satisfying sexually…

          Kitty 🐱 wants what / who she wants..
          Lol πŸ˜‚..

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