I was back to my usual attitude and having the same feelings of letting go… so I just start to develop an attitude of “whatever”…  It’s been going so long and I kinda got used to his behaviour… I just carry on as is and wait until he decided to come looking for me…

So I didn’t try to contact or reach out to him for a couple of weeks..

I decided t0  sent him GN SWEET DREAMS.  Friday & Saturday night.

He responded.

I started to get restless again and decided to reach out to him… I text him. No answer. It was a holiday so I figured he might be busy with family, enjoying his day. That’s ok I thought.    I tried again Monday but again I got nothing. I try to tell me its ok, he’s probably just busy. We’ll see.

So I text him GN SWEET DREAMS.



I wanted to see him or even talk to him even though I know… from his actions… he doesn’t think of me like that. I got the feelings that he might be seeing somebody else. That ok, I thought.  He needs to have somebody special


Got a text, 7:32pm, a few days later, “u wok 2nit?”

Told him yes.

Thought I’d see him but it did not happen. I was kinda excited hoping for a repeat of his visit a few weeks back..

We talked through texting on Monday.  He said that he’s good and he was  in the studio. I text him on Tuesday asking him if he’s ok. He replied that he’s good and asked  if I was at work.

I told him I was off… so he came over.

I was so ecstatic.  He spent some time with me. We made love, like it was the first time… I hungrily love on him and he love like he really misses me and he really enjoyed me to the the I did enjoyed him too… he kisses me and held me tightly very tenderly and whispered…

“I needed that so much… thank you !!!”   I just kissed him and smile and hugged him to me and he returned my hug with a squeeze …

I was so happy to see and be with him. While he was here with me nothing else or nobody else matters. I just savor and enjoy him as much as I can.

Can’t believe that this one guy brings me so much joy every time.

After he left, I was beside myself… I say “YEAH!!! My Love-Love was here!  He stayed a little, love me a lot and OMG Thank you, Thank you. I get to see MYLOVE-LOVE. It was so good; love that guy so so much.

Seeing him put me a good mood for a few days… but he always left me wanting more.. I could think of nothing else but him. After that incredible loving from him I could not wait to get some more. I was becoming insatiable  and the more he comes around the more I want him and the more I feel for him…

So by Friday I was getting impatient to see him. I have this strong desire to be with him. I could still feel his hugs and kisses. I was trying not to get too over excited about him, but he gives me so much joy, that I get zealous.

One day at a time DEAR LORD. One day at a time. HELP ME!!!

I keep thinking of our deal and what we agreed upon… no strings.. just causal sex… but here I am catching feelings for a guy who is good only for some good loving to me….

Don’t know what to think or believe. The way he holds me tells me he likes me .But could I be wrong? We’ll see. This uncertainty and insecurity is driving me crazy. Couldn’t ask him. Wants it to be so, but afraid to get my hopes up. Can he see me as a girlfriend? Can I ask him to?   No, I couldn’t do that to him. It couldn’t and wouldn’t be right for him.  Leave it as it is Wendy. Enjoy him as long as he allows you to, and you are getting far more than you expected. Just be thankful and enjoy him while it last.

So I leave it be..


Try to text him on Sunday 18th. Nothing. Just hope he’s ok. Just need to hear from him. Wake up Monday with one of my Anxiety attacks. And of course MYLOVE-LOVE came to mind. I was anxious to hear from him. I had this negative feeling, and I’m here trying to analyze it. It frightens me. I’m thinking I’m never going to see him again.

It’s funny how I associated everything to him..

… But he could be just busy, caught up in his life or he hit a down spot and doesn’t feel like communicating. I want to reach out but feel its best I give him some space, and resume back to my decision to let him be the one to control our fate…

It just amazed me every time I make up my mind to stop, he text me.

I got a text Wednesday 21st, “wassup? How u been?”

I was quite pleased to say the least. I text him back ask him about his school, and how he’s doing? He answered, “Iam good. School is doin ok.”

I ask if he’s at school. And he said.”I am at the shop and no school today.”

We stopped texting. I was happy to have that little conversation with him. It was the most we ever talked through texting.

I love to stay connected to him… I know  we can never be anything else than what we have now… and I hope it’s enough to constitute a lasting friendship… I have come to terms with just be friendly with benefits whenever the need arrives/arises…

I was feeling really good about him trying to communicate with me… I was hoping it means that he is coming around,and realizing that I’m a friend worth keeping…and that we have spent enough intimate times together that he does like me after all….


At 4:16pm I got another text from him.  “I need a favor: I need $250 to put insurance on my car. If u can’t its ok. I got a lot going on and my money going fast.”

Ooooh maan…. wtf????  is he for real?  He is asking for more money this time… I laughed out loud…

so I ask him, “when do you did need this?

He replied, “by Friday or I got to turn my tag in.”

I was shaking my head not fully beleiving his story… but wanting to help him and knowing it’s one way to get to see him and get me some good loving… so he was using me to finance him and I was using the money to lure into my bed and my arms… kitty was agreeing with my choice… getting all excited anticipating having him loving me and giving me great satisfaction and sexual gratification.

I text back telling him I will give it to him because I know he needs his car to get around.

He says, “yea, I do thanks, I got the kids this week I can come by when I drop them off tomorrow.”

I told him that’s just fine.

7:29am Thursday morning he text me, “wassup I be over there once I drop the kids off, u up?

And so he came for the money. I fixed him breakfast and had a little fun. well more like lots of fun… he didn’t disappoint.. kitty was more than happy with the petting and the loving..

I enjoyed his company even for that short time and I told him I was going to see my doctor about the pain I was experiencing. He left. And I felt good just to see him. The money I did not think twice about, because I thought I was helping him… and I got exactly what i wanted in return…  some good good loving which leaves me smiling….






  1. Wonderful post😘 I can feel your passion and emotions for him in your writing. It is a special feeling to be left wanting more and more from a lover. Sounds like things are magical when you two are together. You are being patient and it seems to working. Sorry about the money request, I’m sure that felt a little awkward but you really like and were able to help him out. Hopefully, this won’t become a habit on his part.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was magical.. but only for the moment…
      Thanks so much for for reading and commenting..
      I wasn’t really too patient but with him I had no choice..
      and Everytime he decided to share some of him and his time with me.. I felt so fortunate and very delighted 😁 that he did..

      I kinda used his request for money as a way and a bribe to get him over so I can seduce him..
      he couldn’t resist my loving on him when he is next to me…
      so getting my fixed sexually was worth the money..
      I was happy 😊.. for the few hours I had him for..

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I suspect a lot of men would have problems resisting your seductive charms…you are very sexy and persuasive 🔥😘 Getting that sexual fix is great to take off the edge and help you make it until your next erotic adventure🔥

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Wow 😳!!!

              Michael … I do feel that sexual energy too..
              Maybe because you are so intoxicatingly exciting..
              and your fettishes.. are so new for me..
              that I’m fantasizing your kinks and so wants to try them out..

              Oooooh my..
              me …. an enchanter…
              I love that endearment..
              a siren in the night!!!

              Oooooh my.. My my my…
              you having me blushing 😊 just reading 📖 those words….

              So pleased 😁 that I could pull you to me.. with my erotic mind..( as you call it)

              Liked by 1 person

              1. MmmmHmmm, you have pulled me to you…and I find myself pulling on something right now thinking about this comment🍆💦 It is so hot that you find some of my kinks exciting and worth exploring. You would be a fun lover to explore with🌹🔥

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Fun Michael..
                  would be having you loving on me.. and exploring every inch of my body.. I would love ❤️ to the one pulling on that something..
                  You kinks is definitely worth exploring with you..
                  Maaan. I’m so easily aroused just reading 📖 your stimulating words..
                  If you could just read my mind… what a tale it would tell…


  2. I am following you now. I read part of your story. I used to write erotica. I stopped and erased it. It was quite wild and not just for anyone to read. Too erotic. I have stopped it. Not like yours, probably considered mine porn if I am honest. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I would love to read some of your erotica though..
          I love read other people’s work .. to pick up some tips..
          Everyone describes a scenario differently.. and feel differently and uses different adjectives..

          It’s gives me a good insight

          Liked by 1 person

              1. The ones who did read them were thrilled although fetish writing was very wild and not so much sensual. When I ended the affair it was based on I deleted them all and turned my life to God and asked for forgiveness for the adultery I engaged in and the wildness we engaged in. It was some imagination and some real life fetish stuff. My life is going better since I am no longer with another woman’s man and I quit writing that stuff and asked for forgiveness.

                Not preaching. Just telling you how my life was going and how it has changed. Has a lot to do with how my bipolar is treated. Going off the drugs. I might get out of control. I have to be ready for that.

                Shame you didn’t see my 3rd blog. It was all the email from the guy and me and pretending to be a real diary and they were erotic and then I started to write the stories on the blog. Someone reasoned with me and I thought she was right. But I did have a few readers get as far as I went online. That is gone now too! ❤


                1. Hmmm….
                  after you satisfied your fantasy and get it out of your system.. it’s easy to walk away ..
                  because it no longer holds its appeal..

                  I’m sure you blush Everytime you think about it..

                  And maybe A little guilty.. but please don’t..

                  Sometimes we have to live them out to rid ourselves of the feelings and thoughts…
                  No more wandering…

                  Well you have moved beyond and you are liking you now…
                  just stay on your medication to stay in control of you..


    1. You think so Peter… Oooooh my.
      It does have a continuation.. which I decided not to tell..

      Thanks for the encouragement.. it’s just goes to shows how we can be fools for love ❤️..
      and the things we will do even when knowing that it’s just a game to the one we idolize..

      Just for the sake of keeping him close..
      are we just fools..
      or …
      Are just blind by love…

      Love makes everything seems worthwhile…

      Liked by 1 person

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