STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPEN:A Bitter Sweet RE-Connection; part 2

I decided to just let bygones be bygones… And let him be… without me being a nuances on his page .. I didn’t want him to block me.. and knowing that he’s active there. I get the sense of having him close…
I thought once in while I will say “Hi”.. but I will limit my texting him…

I still have friends I talk to on the app.. and I visited daily.. so a few days later I was there and I noticed a strange profile picture.. I didn’t at first realized It was him.. until I click on the face..

I was puzzled ..this person looks nothing like him… was this Allen??? The photos I have of him did not match this one..
I copied the photo.. and I ran an image check… and omg 😲.. I got a hit.. this picture is of a guy who is running a big scam online.. ” a scam artist!!!!”

This lady tells her story of how he played her .. with his beautiful charms.. and believable promises of a love and life together…

She fell for him and his story.. he took her for a lot of money..

I didn’t know what to many thoughts was going through my head..

  1. Was Allen this man.
  2. Was I spared this scam…
  3. Who is he..
  4. Was he deceiving me too…
  5. the photos he sent me.. were they a fake too..

So I decided to ask him…

“Hey.. that photo has no resemblance to the pictures I have of you.”

“Are you the same person I know… hmm πŸ˜’????”

Would you believe it… he answered me..

Yes it’s me I don’t want certain people looking for me .”That is just a fake picture.”

But why that picture???.. I was thinking.. I was a bit skeptical and I didn’t like how it seems to be.. but….

I didn’t tell him what I found out.. I didn’t think I should.. what does it matter?? I asked myself.. he doesn’t really want anything to do with me anyways…

So I simply replied…

“Oooooh really.?? Okay…no worries.. you are still the same to me.. have a fantastic evening my sweet… thanks for letting me know…”

And I shake my head.. and not fully convinced about his identity..but.. Thought why worry about it..

It bothers me though.. and It rest on my mind.. but with him being so distant.. I didn’t see the sense of me making a big deal out of it…

The next day.. I Noticed he removed the picture and replaced it with a color patch of a wooden floor board…

And I made a comment on that..

“Smiling 😊☺

This is so much more like you.. Well at least it’s not a black dot… .. Haha.. somehow I’m so happy to see you back on here.. ”

I was glad to see the replacement… and I left it that… he never replied or responded… But…

That was okay… I still think about him and smile every time I use the app and see his profile…

I didn’t tried to connect or bother him for a while… I was trying to stay away and I was doing great …

My mind would drift to him ever so often.. but that was normal for me.. I have his photos on my wall facing my bed.. so he was always just a thought away every day…

I often wonder what he would think if he knows how much I idolize him.. And not a day goes by that I don’t think of him… and after all this time..he’s still with me… and I carry the memories of him in my soul…

I waited for so long hoping to reconnect with him again….and it amazes me that I still wish for him to like me….

Minutes turn to hours… hours to days…. and now two years have passed.. and he’s here.. and still not a day goes by.. I still think of him  daily… 

well one weekend I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to my playlist I made in his honor..   I was getting all emotional and being swept away with the sweet memories of the times We spent together enjoying each other company..

I decided to let him know… so I sent him a text..

“Hey οΏΌ you.  I’m sitting here listening to my playlist that I had made just for you.  And my mind is so consumed with thoughts of you.
You should know over the last two years.. you remain just a thought away..

Aaaahh.. ( sigh οΏΌ )

I still savor every moment I had with you
I don’t come to this moment too often..but when I do.. Heaven knows.. the thrill of it all.. still lingers.  Just want you to know.  I’m thinking of you πŸ™‚.. and smiling in reminisce… As I recall.. We had it all for just a moment.”

I know… I’m dramatic and a little overly emotional…

He responded.. to my delight….

“Oh Wendy… yes it was a crazy ride. I still have mixed emotions…. time will tell.”

I didn’t quite understand what he meant by ” time will tell..” but.. I didn’t question it or worry too much about it… I liked his comment but didn’t send a reply…
I was smiling… happy that he acknowledged me… but I didn’t think he wanted a conversation…and I wanted him to know I wasn’t trying to seek convos….
This was in the afternoon..

I was up late that was a little after 2am.., I receive a text..

” Wendy!!..”

“Yes” I answered… trying not to sound too excited… haha…

“You are up late “.. I commented..

” yes.. I am.. ” He states..

“I was thinking about you. Reading the epilogue of our story ” I told him..

I actually did… earlier on..

“I’m thinking maybe you should accept a new ending..” he said..

I was a bit perplexed πŸ˜•… wasn’t too sure of his meaning….

so I asked.. “what new ending..???

“The ending where I fuck your brains out and you can’t walk right for a week..”

I literally laughed out loud.. I find his comment humorous and I really thought he was joking…

So I said…”Hahahaha….Oooooh my… You are horngry..

It was late..Friday night.. and I was thinking he’s online looking for some sexual gratification.. and he was trying me out… So I wanted to see where this was going….

“He quickly responded… ” no”

” noooo???? I asked.

“I’m just saying maybe we shouldn’t end this the way it did.”he returned…

I actually read SHOULD…. instead of SHOULDN’T..

So I was a little confused πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ to what he was saying…

so I replied..” huh????”

He said…forget it… night!..”

Oooooh my..!!! I exclaimed…

I went back to read what he said and realized my mistake.. oops πŸ™Š!!!

I just understood his what he said..

He then said… It was just a stupid thought… night..

Okay… I agreed…”Goodnight πŸ’€ my sweet allen…”

Then I interjected with…

“Maybe it wasn’t as stupid as you think though … You have me thinking now …And getting all excited and stimulated at the thought .. ”

It was true.. my heart got a little jolt from the whole idea of making love to him… I have always wanted to…  and the thought was creating a warm sensation that run through me.. I felt my adrenaline started to pump flooding my senses… and sending a rush of warm feelings to my groin region..

He came back on ..”Okay well here’s the deal..”

I’m listening…I calmly said.. but filled with anticipation of his suggestions…

“I’m thinking maybe we should fuck…Like raw and dirty and no rules ..”

I was flabbergasted … but flattered.. But… no rules.??. hmm πŸ˜’.. raw..???? Dirty???.. sounds really rough..  still I was gamed and very tempted at the idea.. it sounds to me like he just wanted a good time… no strings..

So I told him..”But you know just Fuckin isn’t going to be enough for me ..”

Of course not… I was emotionally attached to him.. I would demand more..

“Yes and this isn’t about you.”

It isn’t??? What does he mean by that…

” nooo??????.. I asked..

He didn’t actually respond to that question… but…

He let me know..”But you know you want this… you just want more too.”

Oooooh Yess.. he is absolutely right… so I Agreed.. “Right.. on both counts .”

” yes, I know.. he said. “So maybe life is too short and we should fuck the people we are attracted too no? And then see what life offers? No?”

“Definitely yes.” I again agreed..

“Good girl.. That’s a great answer.”

I smiled at his answer..he was sounding like the Allen I knew… and right then..I was willing to.. I was wanting to.. I was visualizing him loving me ever so passionately… and my mind was so consumed with images of him loving on me…

“Mmmmmm!!!!” I said all excited with unbridled lust..

“Something to think about..: right? He said.

“I’m thinking ,” I confessed.. I have thinking for two years .”

And then I asked…” do you think you could like me?

“Think????.. he asked… “I have no idea.. I just know we should fuck.”

“Why do you want to.” I had to ask.

Remembering that he didn’t want me  or like me enough…back then..

“If you can’t accept that then we will stop this kinda talk.. he said.

And to answer my question…”I just feel like you would be amazing.”

I was so very pleased with his answer..that I blushed with pleasure.. me amazing.. I was smiling really huge…

So I sent a “Hahahaha, and admitted..”I could be.”

I was thinking just how excited I would be that I would be all over him… and how he probably could take me to explosive heights…

“I’m going to let you think .” He finally said…

I have to make sure I fully understand what exactly he is proposing.. so I asked…

“But it all about Fuckin.. right?”

“Listen all I have is an attraction at this point so I have no idea what that means… I’m just thinking we should fuck and suck.. if that seems like a bad idea i get it and I will stop.” he answered me..

“I do understand allen” I told him.. That attraction is quite mutual.”

He then said  “Okay then I’m just being honest.”

And I did like what he said and his honesty…and I told  himjust that..”And I love that you are being honest.”

“I promise nothing… but a hard dick and a passionate night of crazy sexZ.”

Wow!!!!! That’s telling me.. as it is… But he was always a blunt and straightforward guy..

“So do some thinking.. he told me..”I will check back with you at some point…”

I will.. I definitely will … I responded.. goodnight.. sleep well!!!!..

He replied with… “night… you too..”

“Smiling huge sweet allen..”

“Same ” he ended…

I hung up.. and smile thinking about everything that he said….I was so stimulated from our conversation.. nothing has changed much… he still exudes that strong sexual energy that always left me weak in the knees.. I was thinking alright … I couldn’t believe he wanted to hook  up  with me and thinks I would be amazing..

I drift off to sleep with a smile to a very erotic dream of us…




42 thoughts on “STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPEN:A Bitter Sweet RE-Connection; part 2

  1. Delicious post NitaπŸ˜‹πŸ’¦I like the sexual energy flowing through this. He’s coming at you pretty hard with sexual talk but shows little to no romanticism. It’s a little hard to see you being treated this way but I know you have great passion for him and want to experience him. It would be fun to see you treating him the same way he treats you. Turn him into your fuck toy 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooooh Michael..
      it would be so good if I could use him as my Sex toy..
      but.. I just can’t be that intimate with him.. and be so casual. Apart from my emotional connection and investment in him.. I just can’t separate sex from love..
      I’m much too easily drawn into getting emotionally attached.. and I never learned how to deal with rejections.. and I don’t like the feeling that it leaves me in..

      A couple songs to mind…
      ” tell me a lie .. don’t worry about my sorrows .. you’d be long gone tomorrow.. and you won’t have to see me cry 😭 ”

      I may hate myself in the morning.. but I’m gonna love you tonight.”

      I actually love the sexual energy I was getting too. And I’m so tempted to give in to him..

      But as you say… it’s all about sex.. no romance on his part..

      Thank you so much Michael for sympathizing and for your great compassion..
      I so would love to feel even liked..
      And unlike you..
      he doesn’t actually have that knowledge of us women and Our strong desires to feel needed and loved even for the moment..
      He could take lessons from you..

      But then.. there have to mutual desires and feelings…
      and he doesn’t have it for me..
      sad but true..

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Awesome πŸ‘….
              I’m so excited 😊!!!

              I know I’m crazy 😜 as they cum…

              But you and your stories do give me a big thrill..
              I hope you enjoyed and have plenty of fun while you were away…
              I do understand you trying to catch up.. although I’m so anxious 😩 for your ventures…
              I will be here waiting quite anxiously…
              so pleased 😁 to see your presence Michael….
              Smiling huge 😊


        1. Hey Michael..
          I really hope your absence means you are busy with some sensual ventures..
          In the hope of creating something sensationally hottt for us…
          can’t wait to read about them all..


    1. I have to laugh πŸ˜‚ sweet girl at your comment!!!

      When he suggested it ..I was very astonished 😳 too.. couldn’t believe he was wanting to be with me.. even sexually…

      Part three my answer.. releases tomorrow…
      and your comments will be duly welcome..
      letting me know what you think of my decision..
      and if you think it was the right choice for me…

      Liked by 1 person

            1. What we shared was very mutual..

              He loved me with the same intensity..
              he might still feel pain ..
              but he just can’t redirect it to me.

              We were crazy in love..
              and I hurt 😭 really bad with my horrific game of deception

              Liked by 1 person

                1. You sound just like him…

                  We are working on being just friends right now..

                  I’m not expecting love or a relationship..but I would love to stay connected…

                  He thinks it’s a bad idea because I still carry so much emotions for him..
                  and he doesn’t want create any more hurt for me..
                  and me convincing him.. is not easy..

                  I have moved beyond it actually…

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. i aint advocating break up nita.. but i donot know much about the kind of emotions you share with him right now .. only that i have read couple of blogs where you shared few things.. so the best person to judge the situation is you nita .. yes i may say similar words that instead of being hurt repeatedly u might consider moving on .. i understand how hard it is to get detached emotionally from the person you loved so deeply..

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I’m enjoying enjoying it too.. but we have to continue tomorrow.. it’s now.. 2am and I’m dozing off…

                      Scroll down and read our story.. you will understand Where we are coming from


  2. You write in the moment… And your descriptive style is very visualising .. πŸ™‚ reading through the comments, I hope you can remain friends… We meet and greet for many reasons as well as part… πŸ™‚ But nothing is ever lost in the encounter.. how ever brief..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m trying to convince him to stay to stay in contact.. and I hope he does..
      but I have caused him so much pain and done so much damage..
      That’s I think I’m asking way too much of him..
      He said he will think about it..
      but he has been silent since..
      But nothing is lost in the encounter .. I’m so glad that he still took the time to talk.. No matter how brief..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol πŸ˜‚

      But I actually sent this story to him…
      and he didn’t actually the fact that I doubted his identity…
      so he sent me a picture of him holding my Nita up on a piece of paper πŸ“ prove to me that’s him…

      But I don’t think he’s too interested in keeping me as a friend

      Liked by 1 person

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