Hope this song warms your heart ❤️ as much as it did mine…



25 thoughts on “A SONG For YOU…

              1. Not my fault. I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear, hhaha…Ill be around even if I’m not witing so much… I broke my wrist, and was difficult to write even if it was my left hand. But I will come bac to write son. They will took my cast away next Tuesday.


  1. JaMesa

    More pedophilia posts? Why don’t you post a picture on here…they have camera effects that are friendly to people over 200 pounds so just be brave and post one

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  2. JaMesa

    Don’t dish out flak if you can’t handle the return, know that your content doesn’t have a shred of creativity in it. Word of advice, be careful who you troll on…they might come back to haunt you. For the rest of your WordPress life!!! Do you get banged by a ghost in one of your 50 shades fantasies? 😉

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