Best rendition ever about Easter….enjoy!

Through the eyes of babies…

Happy 😊 Easter 🐣…​

Kids make everything so simple.. 


63 thoughts on “The TRUE MEANING Of EASTER:

          1. You, angel, YOU! Always so kind. I had a great day in the company of my girlfriend. As for my wrist, I was coming back home from a Birthday party walking at night. I was going quietly across the street, around 1:30 AM, nobody around, no traffic, nothing to fear, and I suddenly stumbled across the curb as I stepped on. Broken left wrist and broken lip was the sinister result 😦

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            1. Ouch!!!!

              Maaan that sucks..
              but so happy 😊 that you are doing much better Now..
              and that
              Your lip is healed enough to give kisses 😘 to your gf…

              Please watch your step next time..
              no more breaking of limbs..
              Lol 😂

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              1. Oh yeah,it wasn’t tha bad in the end. My lip is completely healed, an even if they first said i should go on surgery, I requested the opinon of an expert in hand surgery and he told me it wasn’t necessary at all… he saw me again last week and asked me to come back on April 18 (after tomorrow) to take the cast away as it seemed alright


                  1. Hahaha, I was distracted, so absent that I didn’t even realize how tall the curb was….but truly, no, I was not high 🙂 …we had a lot of fun in the party, but I didn’t drink so much or take any kind of substance. I had only 3 beers and a small shot of whiskey…but you know me, I’m a dreamer, so my mind was most likely flying far away from there, hahaha… right into the moon…and yes, unfortunately I was dragged back to earth in such a painful manner

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                    1. I can only imagine..
                      and all the inconveniences it has caused..
                      We never really know just how much we used that part of our body until we lose function..

                      And hopefully we get you back to posting..

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