MFWP… Missing From WordPress…

I know most didn’t miss my presence for the last week… 

I tried to view some of your posts my computer and I find I don’t do as well as when I have my phone.. 

I dropped my phone and broke it and just getting back a replacement..

Maaan.. I never realized just how much I was addicted to my phone… and just how much time I spent on it until I didn’t have it.. 

my days were so longer with nothing to fill the void of my phone.. it has become a major part of my daily routine… without me even realizing bow much I relied on it to pass the day… in between chores and regular routine…

Anyways enough of my blabbering.. all in all.. I got my new phone and I’m back with you guys…

WordPress.. is also a daily routine for me.. and one week was an eternity.. 

see you all…

31 thoughts on “MFWP… Missing From WordPress…

      1. I guarantee it. The smart phone interaction releases the same chemical in the body as alcohol, gambling, drugs, etc. This is why I believe the long-term effects in kids with phones will be catastrophic.

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  1. Jenn

    Yes ….I seem to be addicted to my phone in my computer these days!! Funny because there are days when my phone does not ring and yet the day that I turn my phone off or I leave it at home… that’s the day that I need my phone the most😞😁😁

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