A Helping Hand 🀚.. is a campaign designed to help a struggling lady to be able to pay her mortgage due to the lack of funds. .. 

I have a sweet compassionate audience … whom I know will help her make her goal… and I want to thank all those who have stopped to read and take the time to donate any little you have …

Every dollar you give helps.. 

This lady is such a giving and caring lady.. always with a smile…

She works for 30 + years taking care of her home and family… she finds herself unable to walk by herself.. 

This mysterious ailment caused her limitations on her job.. at home.. and her whole life. But.. if you knew her you will see.. she just keeps on going…and she adapts to her conditions..

Now she lost her job.. and because of her known condition. She is unable to find another.. no one is willing to hire her with such limitations…

She tries for disability.. but her doctor πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ said he doesn’t have enough of a valid reasons for her condition to be able to write her off as disabled…

So she spent the last year doing all the tests required… seeing a psychiatrist… doing physical therapy… seeing a neurologist…. trying to get validation to be eligible…

She is trying again.  

She has exhausted all her savings and resources.. and she fell behind.. and now in jeopardy of losing her home.

She is desperate and in great distress..

Please open your hearts and help this sweet  lady from losing her home .. 

It doesn’t take much to help.. $ 5…  10..15.. 20.. is all it takes to show you care..,

Sometimes life just takes a bad turn.. and you get lost… help her find her way back..


Click and place your donations… It doesn’t matter where you are from…  or which country you live.. 

It will be greatly appreciated … I did. 
Thank you all my kind friends.. and thank you for all the likes On the previous posts..


10 thoughts on “A HELPING HAND πŸ€š…

        1. She refinanced it a couple of times… putting her back..
          who knows what can happen.. or will happen in the future…,

          She’s such a darling too…
          sweetest lady you can find…,
          And she’s still smiling..

          Liked by 1 person

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