This is a very personal campaign.. 


Trying to be more effective and hoping more will be willing to give an Helping Hand 🤚…

Telling my story.. I’m hopeful that it gives understanding to my choosing to go this route…

Thanks to all those that take time to read.. 

       At your gracious mercy 



I have had many dreams growing up becoming an adult.

  1. Getting married 👰… (I got married thrice..)
  2. Having children 👶…. ( I had two sons..,my prized bulls…
  3. Having a career.. (I became an accountant… but ended up as the bestest cashier ever was.. 
  4. Owning my home 🏡…( I did..,bought my home 🏡 21 years ago..

Worked the same job .. raised my boys to adulthood.. and then life takes a turn.. 

The last few years developed a condition that limited my mobility.. the onset came gradually with falling.. dizzyness…Which grows into a phobia.. fear of falling.. eventually losing balance.. and walking 🚶 with aid.. 

I continued to work ignoring my problems..  and limitations…. with the lack of fully walking and functional use of my feet.. starts to affect my hips and my back.. 

Making it difficult to stand without back pain.. I used pain killers to be functional and performed my duties..

I was enduring and being tolerant.. knowing I couldn’t afford to stop ✋ working just yet…

Another mistake I made.. was not getting medical treatment or attention.. just didn’t want to take the time away from work for doctor 👨‍⚕️ visits.. 

And then … fates hit..

I lost my job…

I couldn’t get rehired any where.. my limitations redeems me unfit to perform totally the job requirements… 

I  couldn’t file disability.. no medical history.. 

And now… I’m in jeopardy of holding on to MY DREAM.. ( my home 🏡)

I fell behind in my mortgage… friends and family has helped as much as they can.. 

I ran out of financial resources… 

I don’t want to lose my home 🏡… I’m much too old to start over..

I have spent the last year going to the doctors trying to solve my condition.. 

I have been to every specialist even seen a psychiatrist.. did some physical therapy..

But my condition remains… my back pain has gotten so severe and chronic..

I just put in an application for disability. But it’s gonna take up to six months to get an answer of approval..,

I fall more losing my balance..

I have learned how to adjust and adapt to my condition.. I keep going.. still trying to do what’s necessary.. even though it’s at a much slower pace than used to .. 

Now I’m reduced to asking for help.. I know everyone has their lives and their responsibility..And I can’t expect to get help from everyone..  

That is why I started “A GoFundME campaign… 

So those who are able to help with any amount you can afford..can do so.. and know that it will be greatly appreciated .. 

This site is really safe to use your 💳 card…

Please help me keep my home 🏡..,

5 thoughts on “HOLDING ON TO A DREAM 

  1. This is very brave. When I had friends tell me they wanted to help me with the baseball game for mum, buying out the ball park, I was terrified to do this. And so thankful the goal was reached so quickly. Good luck, bless you, and thank you for being a HUGE encouragement in my world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They say if you don’t ask.. you will never know… and I think it’s a good way for getting help without burdening anyone..

      Thanks for your encouragement and I’m hopeful..
      Just stay strong 💪 and healthy..,
      And try not to get too overwhelmed..,
      You are doing a wonderful job…,
      And you will be rewarded… mum do love you 😘… she’s just fighting her own battles ..trying not to lose total control of herself…

      Liked by 1 person

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