I have always love this saying or quotation..

It actually means that sometimes we go off worrying and fretting about things.. that eventually work itself out.. proving that we worry in vain and unnecessarily…

I have been displaying some of that same behavior of recent.. getting all kinds of anxiety attacks…

very impatient and so scared of losing….

I always pride myself in waiting to worry..

fixed what can fixed.. and what is way beyond my control .. just leave it to time…


this time I got lost in worry..,

Just to have things working out in the nick of time before going under…,

For me to realize that all my anxieties and worries was not necessary and that I put myself through a bad emotional state unnecessarily…

If you have faith.. and you do what you can to fixed whatever is happening..

Then you know that things will work as as they should..

And I again have proven this to be true…

I’m a true testimony of faith.. and having things work in my favor everytime..





11 thoughts on “WAIT TO WORRY…

  1. A wise person told me that if you worry in advance you end up :
    1) Worrying twice–once, before things happen AND then again when the thing actually happens.
    2) You worry needlessly because the thing that you were worried about never came to past.
    So I agree with “wait to worry…”
    But it sure is easier said than done 🙂
    Geez…I hope that all made sense 🙂 LOL!!!

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  2. one of my VERY favorite books from my youth has a quote pertaining to this in it. I think I posted it in one of my last posts. Margaret E. Bell. “Sometimes things settle themselves if you just wait.”

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        1. Aaaah… kris..

          You are going to receive your blessings and be rewarded for being so patient and understanding. In ways you will never believe..

          You definitely a blessing to mom..
          in her time of need.. whether she knows it or not…
          Having you was a great blessing to her..

          You have become her best friend and most precious daughter..

          Continue to grow that virtue of patience.. and keep smiling.. angels come in many forms..
          and you are definitely mom’s angel 😇..

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