I’m sitting here in church.. giving thanks πŸ™ to God.. for being so real and blessing me with the vast amount of faith that I have….

I have been experiencing so much anxiety for the last couple of months..

Sometimes forgetting that GOD always work out things in due time…

I’m a member of a church for years.. but I have been wayward in attendance for the last few years..

My excuses are…my condition.. no drive…

Not really making a effort to.. telling myself.. watching Joel Osteen is enough spiritual blessings for me..

I can praise and give thanks to my GOD on my own..,with the faith I have… I keep telling myself..

I never thought of asking the church for assistance with my ongoing problem..,

But…< em>I woke up one morning.. from a dream..,< em>My pastor came to see me.. < em>I was so pleased and surprised 😳 to see him….

when I ask him .. ” pastor gene.. what are you doing here..”

His reply..” Maxine.. I have a vision from God.. he said to me.. Maxine has lost her way.. she needs help finding her way back.. gene.. go gather your sheep πŸ‘ ”

I remember smiling and a little amused in my dreams..

But I woke up and with this dream in mind.. decided to call him..

Thinking maybe God is giving me a message… showing me a way out of my problems..,

He returned my call and made an appointment to see me…

So we met and I told him of my troubles.. he was kind and he listened and was very understanding and full of empathy..

I left feeling very pleased 😁 and good 😊 about seeing him.. and hoping he will come through for me.. I was confident he would..

Well.. he called Thursday.. but I couldn’t receive the call because I had no way of charging my phone..

I got his message when I received electricity..

It was so late so I couldn’t go get it..

so I decided to come to church this morning and picked it up…

I have been feeling so ..( can’t seem to explain my true feelings) but.. So blessed and so full of gratitude.. that he has come through for me..

and it doesn’t even matter how much it is .

And I feel I have been called back to my religion..

I’m feeling so positive and like everything is going to work out as it should..

I’m smiling and have a heart full of joy…

And I’m hoping it’s not the calm before the storm..

I’m keeping my faith as strong as I can.. and staying as positive as I can.. trying to exercise the virtue of patience..,

( so I got the check.. from pastor gene…I haven’t opened it up as yet.. and I’m in anticipation of the amount .. but…I will wait until I get home…)His sermon is is about prayers and what is means and how it relates to faith…God does answers prayers for those who believe.. and miracles does happen and πŸ˜‡ angels comes in many forms….And if you listen carefully.. you will hear the voice of GOD…This is my testimony of faith..Faith can move mountains… yes.. I have a renewed faith.. and a little hyped about getting in touch with GOD.. again…Amazing grace..


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