So with the check from Pastor gene.. I was able to come up with one months mortgage….

My son surprised me with a check for the difference…

I was so pleased with him.. I hugged him and tell him I love him..

he just casually said.. ” yeah yeah “. . Rolling his eyes..,slightly pushing me away.

And I smile..through tears..

So I called it in wanting to make sure they got a payment to ward off the process of foreclosure…

I spoke to an agent.. and I was explaining and excusing my being late on hurricane Irma..

She immediately said.. “you are in Florida.. we do have a forbearance plan for the hurricane victims.. I will enrolled you right now and tell you how long you have…”

I was really happy to hear this.. I have called in July asking for a forbearance .. because I had trouble coming up with the money for the mortgage…but was turned down because I was not eligible..

So to be given this opportunity … was really surprising..

She came back on after a few minutes,and tell me.. you got four months. You have till January..

so you can take your time to make your account /mortgage current…”

I still have two months in the back.. I have to pay for … she was referring to this….

I was smiling from ear to ear.. couldn’t believe my luck..

this hurricane Irma works in my favor…

Or…is it God working his miracle..???hmmm!!??????

And then I receive a phone call from a lady that I was recommended to by Pastor Gene..

Now here is this lady calling me to be of assistance.. in helping me with working out some assistance with my bank..

that was all good.. but..

When she told me she is in the UK .. (England).. on vacation , visiting her mom.. and she’s calling because she sense my need was urgent.. and she would be able to help from there..”

I was blown away.. with emotions of gratitude and surprise..

I felt so touched that she stopped.. took time from her vacation with mom.. and was so willing to take her leisure time to help me however she could..

And I told her as much..

I ask her to please enjoy her vacation and her time with mom..

and when she gets back.. we can arranged a meeting and go over my problems..

I told her.. nothing will be different in a week..

I let her know just how much I really appreciate her doing that.. and how much I feel so blessed that she cares enough to take her quality time with mom… to contact me.. someone she doesn’t even know…

And again.. I asked the question…


I’m going to be able to get back on track..


Everything sometimes work it’s way out..

I am a true testimony of it…

I was sure I was going under .. I couldn’t see a way out.. and then we had hurricane Irma passed through creating more disasters than anything…

Who knows she was my miracle.. packing winds of blessings for me..

God does work in mysterious ways…

two more weeks.. and I would have been faced with a foreclosure note..

Irma couldn’t have chosen a more opportune moment to hit us in Florida..

I know some has lost quite a bit.. and it’s sad for them..

But.. me.. I have gained.. from irma’s devastating winds…


and have faith as you wait..

If you can’t fixed it or solve it..

Put it in the hands of God…

God does answer prayers…

he always looks after his own..

Go gather that one sheep 🐑 that wander away… he told the shepherd… he needs help to find his way home…

Just wanted to share this song with you guys..

10 thoughts on “WAIT TO WORRY: TESTIMONY OF FAITH… follow through..

  1. What a joyful post to read. In fact, I’m going to log off and go to sleep knowing so much is right in this world when it seems wrong. Thank God for the abundance of blessings pouring out on you-

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oooh yess kris…

    It’s pouring.. and not a minute too soon…

    I’m smiling.
    But thinking how strange it is that others misfortunes is my blessing…

    But isn’t that the way of the world..
    thanks 🙏 heavens for all the goodness and miracles that I’m receiving right now

    Liked by 1 person

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