EROSKETCH: Chiseled & Buff… Divine Bliss..

Nothing turns me on like a beautiful chiseled chest..

Behind closed doors is divine bliss…

Being locked away and bound by Strong arms and held close to a rippled chest of pure chiseled muscles..

Laying kisses all over…..Loving my way down to the prize…

What divine bliss.!!!!

Hottt DAMN!!!!




Sketch by…..

67 thoughts on “EROSKETCH: Chiseled & Buff… Divine Bliss..

                    1. Hahaha🃏🃏🃏. Big deck indeed

                      And I play very hard and play to win, that’s why I watch my cards

                      Play them close and pay attention.

                      I never accept being beaten but I know when to fold and wait for the next deal. Losing isn’t an option….I’m a Joker, not a jack😂


                    2. Hoohoo…
                      I love your words joker…

                      Engulfing into my naughty mind..
                      I think I will steal this line..

                      So when you read it in one of my stories know that you were being thought of .. fondly with a smile

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                    3. I can say the same about your words…

                      And steal if you must, but you can’t steal from the censor because that would imply ownership. You are merely borrowing with the intent😉

                      And if I do read it in one of your stories, my smile will grow much bigger🌹🌹

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  1. Once again, Jokerswild and exoticnita54 have done it again. I can’t breathe for laughing so much. Even the cat is looking at me funny! 😂😂

    I was seriously hoping for a chest of drawers like in Beauty and the Beast, only male. 🤔

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    1. Hahahaha..

      You are so hilariously humorous 😂

      I’m trying to get joker to model for me..
      and get you that chest of drawers you are hoping for…

      I’m so happy 😁 that’s you have enjoyed our little humorous conversation…

      Thank you for tuning in…

      Ps… you want to help me encourage him to pose for us.. ????

      Haha 😂

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        1. It’s all Friendly and humorous…
          and we don’t need to Skype…

          Just having a little fun interacting…

          So sorry 😐 we said anything inappropriate.. we tried to keep it decent and funny 😆


          1. I wasn’t offended by anything. It takes a great deal to offend me. I was also being silly. Skyping takes up too much data when you have a limited data plan. I like to laugh, your byplays are good for it.
            Light and breezy sort here- except on my blog. There I whine a lot.

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            1. Aaaah kris..
              thank you 😊..
              that’s exactly how I hoped it would been received…

              And I actually love your blog..
              and how you tell your stories of mom and your life..

              We just choose different subjects and write about different things…,
              But I don’t think it’s whining at all..,

              It’s your experience with life and your are sharing..

              Just sorry I don’t actually visit you as much as you visit me…
              and thanks for your loyalty and always apart of my work..,
              I love your stories.. especially the ones that you were so honest about who you are….

              It makes me see the real you.. and I think you are such an awesome and amazing .. adorable woman…, with a heart of gold…,

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              1. I started this blog for me about a year ago. I honestly had no idea anyone would ever be interested in anything I wrote. I’m always startled to see I have people who follow me at any time!
                I’m honored you enjoy what I share. I share lots of different kinds of things-Mostly mum, though. Eye rolling!!!
                I do enjoy your posts and the banter that follows. Threads tie people together.

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                1. You should definitely go with something different like that story sometimes…

                  Because it’s really fun to read how you tell it…
                  I do enjoy your mom stories and all the emotions it brings.. it’s really challenging changing roles .. especially with a mom with so much independence..

                  Thanks for enjoying my little posts ..
                  I tried almost everything from time.. I like to mixed it up..

                  And I love when you and comment..
                  This is the best part of blogging..
                  You make it all so worthwhile

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