He got up early.. have his coffee.. put on some rough jeans.. got into his truck.. and drove over to her.. he called her letting her know that he’s on his way over..

He hoped she got most of her boxes ready to go.. and got some help with the furnitures and kitchen appliances..

He was not up to lifting much.. but he knows he is going to have to help..

He pulled up.. got out… he was really expecting to see a few boxes outside ready for loading. But… nothing.. He knocked. … her little girl answers the door.. hugged him.. being glad to see him.. as he walked in .. he realizes and noticed that everything was still as is.

Wasn’t she moving today?? Did he get the date mixed up?? No.. couldn’t be.. because he called her to let her know he’s on his way and she understood the reason for him coming so early..

She then emerged from one of the rooms , asking…” are you ready to get started???

Huh!!!..Started?? Wtf?? Was she waiting on him to pack and move things out?? And where is everyone else..??

So he asked about the help he was expecting and should have been here and she let him know that she couldn’t afford to pay anyone to help her..

So how does she figure on getting everything done today.. in this mess.???

He just shake his head.. and said okay.. let’s get it on the way..

She decided to start with the freezer.. and she unplugged it and pulled it from the wall.. and omg ๐Ÿ˜ฏ!!! Roaches was everywhere.. hundreds of them…she act so oblivious of them.. and she preceded to open it to empty it’s contents.. and unbelievably..

there was dead roaches inside and the lid was lined with them and black from their feces ..

He actually didn’t comment because he didn’t know what to say .. he helped her pull it outside.

she then wanted to do the refrigerator next.. He position hisself and helped he pulled it out from the wall to unplug ..

He jumped back in shock hitting his head against a cupboard.. as he looked down and see the floor covered with a huge infestation of roaches which was scattering everywhere even up his legs..

she noticed his reaction and grab a can of reach spray and started to spray profusely… he walked out to get some fresh air and to get the fumes of the spray out his nostrils…

when he returns to her.. she was pulling the items from the fridge.

He stands there.. agape.. couldn’t believe what he was witnessing..

There was dead roaches on the bottom of the fridge.. on the shelves … there was containers of spoiled and rotten food.. the fridge looks like it has never been cleaned… and he took a look at the door lining.. and just like the freezer.. it was filthy and black and has roaches all over..

He was getting sick to his stomach… and when he think that he actually eat there on many occasions. He wanted to puke ๐Ÿคฎ…

He turned from her , Didn’t want to see all that rotten food…and grab a box .. thinking he’s going to start on emptying the cupboards..

when he opens the first one.. a group of roaches start running around seeking a hiding place.. he backed away brushing a couple off his hands..

she observes his actions and tap him on the shoulder and causally hand him the spray.. he took it from her.. looking at her in wonder… then turned back to the cupboard and use it to spray at the ones that couldn’t hide..

He knew she has roaches.. but he never knew that was to this level of infestation.. and this extreme extent..he was glad she was moving.. and he turned to her and asked her.. how is she going to avoid taking these roaches in transition..

She then stopped.. thinking about his questions.. and then have the grand idea that she’s going to spray Down everywhere ..

So in a frenzy and frantic mode.. she started spraying and spraying and spraying. The fumes was getting overwhelming.. so..

He grab the little girl and and took her outside to prevent her from inhaling all that poisonous fumes.. he stayed out there for a while.. waiting for the fumes to dissipate ..and she came out and began spraying everything that was outside again again and instructed him to start loading the truck with what she already sprayed …

He couldn’t believe that she has been living with all these roaches.. and he was wondering how could he have been so blind to them..

He has never seen anything like this before.. he was appalled …

She helped him loaded the freezer in they both hop in and took it to the new house..

it was a silent journey.. but he finds himself brushing his arms and his neck and his whole self intermittently.. it felt like roaches was crawling all over him..

It was a short journey.. they unloaded it then headed back.. and repeat the journey a couple more times transporting the fridge and the stove ….

They were a little exhausted so they took a break and went to get something to eat in town.. but he has no appetite… they feed her daughter and her mom .. and get right back to the task at hand..

He was eager to finish up.. and anyways the hardest part was over and the most disgusting area was behind him..

It couldn’t get any worse than that kitchen…

So he thought…



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