PRIVATE MOMENT: Bathroom scene…


What would happen if you had seen someone that you know in a private moment?

A window shade left open?

A door ajar?

Would you turn away, ????

(even if you knew that they would never know that you had seen them naked?)

Maaan….  I would look.

What if it was a blogger that you were friends with?

Then…. I would have to look. Mmmm..

I’ve managed to capture a very private moment with Rob from Friendswithoutborders.

It’s not easy keeping the camera steady in moments like these ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

OOPS ๐Ÿ™Š!!!!!

See Rob getting busy in the shower.


96 thoughts on “PRIVATE MOMENT: Bathroom scene…

                1. Nope ๐Ÿ‘Ž wrong

                  .. Iโ€™m focusing on all over …

                  From those lips.. moving my way down.. spin you around.. take some time on that back .. down the center of your spine..
                  Gripping that sexy round bum..

                  Slowly finding my way to the prize…

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      1. Maybe? There’s a new stat that wordpress has out and it counts downloads now. This has been downloaded over 200 times since July, but not enough to account for 200. So strange! Maybe it’s the Minions doing the downloading. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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              1. I closed down my other blog because I wasn’t really writing for it anymore. I would only re-blog what I wrote on my main blog. So, the adult posts are still there, and I think that I’ll continue to do them for a little bit longer. You disapprove?


              1. Basically, when you wrote this post, I gave you the link directly to the video. When you copied the link into your post, it was then linked to my media library. As I recall, the file was too big to email it to you, so we had to do it this way.

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                  1. That shouldn’t matter if I were removed as admin. You removed right after that post, yet, there were lots of video plays that registered. It’s when my blog went private that it disrupted the ability for your followers to view it.

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                    1. No worries. Think of it this way. Let’s say you liked a photo on my blog, but didn’t want to download it, and then upload it to your media. You could simply right click on it and copy its web address, or URL, and you would be able to paste that into the post. That’s called a hot link. And that’s what we did. The reason that I’m curious is that I’ve gone private, and yet I’m still seeing traffic and downloads of that video. Since November, it’s been downloaded over 400 times, and it shouldn’t have been. Since you can’t see it on your blog, it’s not being downloaded from your blog.


                    1. Yes, the post is on your blog, but the video was hosted on my blog. That’s why you can’t see it anymore, but you probably can if you visited my blog.


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