……She got up.. and to his amazement… and astonishment he couldn’t believe what she does next…..??????

……. he watched her as she walked over to the table.. she was mumbling and complaining to herself but audible enough for him to hear…

“She’s going to hungry later on and she’s going to want it then..”

He continued to watch as she brushes the roaches aside.. picked it up.. and as she did.. some of it fell to the floor.. she bent retrieve it .. put it back on the plate and made her way to the kitchen..

He subconsciously followed her in utter disbelief hoping she is going to discard it..

But when he saw her open the fridge to put it away.. he was astounded..

He said to her in a serious tone…

“Really???!!! Throw it away girl.. that’s not good anymore.. throw it out ” .. he added adamantly ….

She turned to him.. looking at him like he’s crazy to suggest such a thing…and she made a humphh sound in denial..

She put it in.. close the fridge and turn to walk away.. he catch a hold of her upper arm.. spin around and said firmly..

” you can’t give that her to eat again.. didn’t you noticed those roaches all over it..”

She answered aggressively….

“It’s still good.. nothing is wrong with it…and she didn’t eat enough and she’s gonna need it later..”

She twisted and wiggles out of his grasp.. and walked away in a huff..

As he watched her walk away so angry… He just rolled his eyes.. shake his head.. feeling defeated and very shock at her decision.. what is she thinking..??? How can she think of feeding that to her daughter..

He headed towards the door… looked at her with great disappointment.. she met his eyes with a scowl on her face. .. her expression was of displeasure with her brow wrinkled… he knew it was useless to say anything more to her..

He just shook his head and let himself out.. He stopped look at the little girl playing in the yard..and felt so sorry that she has to be exposed to this life and environment that her mom has created for her..

He watched her for a few moments longer and then walked towards his car.. knowing he has zero control on the situation and of her…

within the last months he has seen and observed so much that he starting to question his sanity and his self…

He is becoming overwhelmed and finding her behavior and her habitual messiness to be more than he can sustain …

He didn’t hear from her that week and he didn’t make an attempt to communicate either… He was trying to stay away…. telling himself that he has to get her out of his system… and that he just can’t deal with the situation at hand…

But by the time the second week rolled by he gives in to his desire to reach out to her..

He open up communication with a text message asking her how she was doing and if she needed to get anything done..

It was summertime and he knows she has to get back and forth to wherever she has to get to.. and she usually walks..and he uses the daughter has an excuse to care so much.. that he feels guilty about not being there for them..

He received an answer to his text from her…

She let him know that she’s alright and that she has a few errands to run and would really appreciate the ride…

Of course he eagerly text her back with a smile letting her know that he’s on the way……

He arrived there to find them outside waiting for him.. As he parked his car and look at them standing there.. he felt a surge of joy that put a smile on his face… He was missing them but he didn’t realize just how much until he saw them..

He got out of the car all smiles.. the little girl let out a delightful squeal calling out his name and run straight into his open arms.. he scooped her up ..hug her closely nuzzled her little neck and she giggled delightfully..

He made another attempt to nuzzle her neck but she pushed his head away..

Hehehehe… he giggled…

He then reached over with one hand and gently pulled her mom in for a hug.

He said, ” hey baby “.. and bent to kiss her cheek… she turned her face up to him and smile pleasingly without a response…

He regained his composure open the back door of the car .. put the little girl in and buckle her up.. Mom got in and as he followed suit.. he asked,

” well where are we going?”…..

She told him she needed to pick up some snacks for her daughter.. So Walmart..

They made small talks as they drive … but nothing of consequence..

They spent the next couple of hours stopping a few more times here and there..

He asked her if she would like something to eat and she accepted.. they picked up some burgers and decided to stop at the park and eat them..

They allowed her little one to play a little while they talked..

She mentioned her upcoming birthday.. that next weekend..and so he decided he would treat her for her birthday… He asked her if she would like to go out that night….She was gamed.. So they made plans for a date night…

They spent another hour at the park..and he drove them back home.. he didn’t go in with her wanting to avoid looking at that mess and be reminded of what happened that last time….

he left her reminding her to dress up nicely for their date next weekend…

She beamed at him so brightly.. this amuses him..

He gave her a hug.. pat her on the derrière fondly… Hug that precious baby girl.. and bid them goodbye…

He had a good evening….and he was smiling.. and surprisingly anticipating their rendezvous …..


They kept in touch with each other that week through their usual daily Texting…they both talked about their upcoming date.. and was both were looking forward to it… it was suggested.. dinner first and then take it from there…

He got up early that morning.. went got his shave and trim.. went to pharmacy.. pick up some necessities…he just wants to be prepared… make sure they car is fully gas up.. and headed home to get ready … It’s been awhile since he got all dressed up.., and it felt really good.. he feels like a million dollars..

He got there…call her to let her know that he’s outside.. she came out… looking so beautiful.. smiling as sweetly as ever..

He got out to meet her walking towards him.. he gives a slight hug.. and a little kiss and whispered.. “Happy Birthday beautiful”..

Walk her over to the car …open the door for her and ushered her in…

He got in .. look at her.. she met his glance.. and they both smile at each other… he reached our took her left hand give it a little squeeze and proceeds to start the car..

He inserted a disc in the radio to get some music going… he looked over at her.. she had her rested back on the seat.. her eyes closed as she hummed along to the song playing…

He smiles feeling good to be with her.. as he finds himself humming happily to the song as well…

They got to the restaurant of her choice..it was a really nice atmosphere.. and as they sat there eating.. facing each other.. he looked at her, taking her in.. admiring her makeup.. her hair.. and just how pretty she was tonight..

He finds himself getting so arouse…she looked up and catch him starring at her… she smiles.. and he said to her…

” My Darling.. You look so beautiful tonight”….

She smiles blushing.. whispers a thank you.. put her head down shyly and continue to eat..

They finished up their meal.. both were full.. and they walked out holding hands.. he moved his hands to her waist and pulled her in to him… and she just followed his lead willingly…

they walked to the car in unison… he open the door for her.. but before he let her in .. he pulled her to him and kiss her like he wanted to all night…

Her back was rested against the car and they kiss passionately.. how he loves to kiss her.. she was kissing him back with the same urgency and he could feel her rapid heart beats and hear her shallow breathing ..

He knows she wants him as much as he wants her.. they pulled apart and he helped her in.. she was slightly trembling… he closed her door.. wipe at his lips unconsciously.. and he could feel her lips on his…

He got in.. and said to her…” where to now??”

She shrugged her shoulders .. without saying anything..

He knew what she was thinking.. but he didn’t want to go back to her home.. he just can’t make love to her there… and as he sat in the parking lot.. looking at her wanting her…

She reached over rest her hands on his thighs and gently moving her hands in a rubbing motion.. making him so hott.. she said…

“Let’s go home..”

He had to think fast.. He picked up his phone.. not wanting to respond to her suggestions..

He turns it on and said..

” Hey baby.. I just remembered… I have to stop by my office to do something for my boss.. I promise him I would have.. Do you mind if we do that before we head on home…???”

His office was not too far away and anywhere is better right now than going back to her house…

He didn’t like lying to her.. but he really wants to make love to her tonight.. and he he knows she was up to it..

So he headed for his office… trying to stay focus on driving and not thinking about her hand on his thigh and so close to his throbbing D….



33 thoughts on “A MESSY LOVE 💕 STORY: part 9c

  1. Same roaches, I wonder if they’re paying rent🤔. He tried to stay away but urges and needs have loud voices. He is a good guy, and the way he’s getting aroused, he doesn’t care if she didn’t shower😂, they’ll end up getting wet at the office anyway💦💦!! This sexual experience will be all business.😉

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