….. They drive in silence listening to the songs playing.. each have their own thoughts running through their mind…

He hoping she won’t be unto his little plot.. and she wishes he didn’t have to make this stop…

She was aching for him and couldn’t wait to get him home… and he couldn’t wait to get her in his office and seduce her..

He was working on his move in his mind without alerting her of his intentional plan…

They finally reached and he slowly park. She made no move to get out.. so he quickly said to her..

” come on baby.. come in with me..”

She hesitated a moment and he was afraid she was going to refuse… he never counted on this..


She decided to get out and followed him… he was relieved that he didn’t have to come up with some kind of excuse to get her in.. or his grand idea would have failed..

They got inside.. he invited her to sit down in one of the chairs .. he turned on the computer and pretended to post something..

He turned to her when she asked..

“Will you be long..???”

Nope.. not at all baby.. he answered..

He pays another couple minutes to the computer then turn it off..

“Done..” he announced..

He walked over to where she was sitting.. brushing his palm against her cheek ever so tenderly in a caressing motion … she leans her head into his palm.. her eye closed….he then spun her chair around.. stoop in front of her his hands resting on the chair for support.. and he lean in and kiss her.. and said softly..

“You are really beautiful tonight.. ”

And he kinda gets up straddling her legs a little.. kissing her face.. he placed his hands to her neck in a chokehold.. knowing how much that turns her on..

he feels her melting beneath his touch.. she goes limp.. and her legs was involuntarily opening.. he got up from his position and she pulled him back down with intense urgency…

He kneeled in front of her and she pulled up her blouse. Exposing her tummy. She said…

“Kiss my tummy… here.. ” she pointed to the exact place she wants to be kissed…

he obliged.. and she ease down into the chair and he just felt when her feet rest on his shoulders..

He looked up.. and her face was filled with pure pleasure.. he pulled down her pants and removed them.. she was making little pleasurable sounds..

She then moved her panties aside to reveal her wettness.. he fondled her a little.. stuck a finger inside her and she was pulsating around his finger… he got up and quickly discarded his clothes and as she watched him undress… she licked her lips….then bite her bottom lip..

She reached in her bra .. pinching her nipple and then.. use her forefinger.. very sensually beckons him to her..

as he comes closer .. she yanks his shoulders and said.. suck My nipples lover..

“Yeeessss ba….”

Before he could get the word out she pressed his lips to her hard nipples… he nibbles and sucks.. licking and flicking…. and as he worked his way down to her belly button his hand finds it way to her swollen clit…

And as he touches it.. she exploded.. calling his name.. back arches as her whole body shook with vibrating convulsions…

He knew he had to get inside her then.. he took her knees and flung them into the crook of his elbow.. and lowering himself he plunges deep into her.. he could still feel her convulsing.. from that intense ecstasy..

He is in no more than two minutes when he feels her cumin again.. and as he feels her pulsating around his cock..he couldn’t hold back any longer.. he made one last plunge and exploded in her with a blast.. it was divine bliss..1

He cum so hard he heard hisself shouting..

“Oooh shitt.. Oooh shitt… ooooh shhiitttt..”

He lay there spasming over and over.. while she milk him dry.. gripping his sensitive cock.. as she meets his spasms with her own….

she was caressing his back.. placing butterfly kisses on his face.. it took him a few minutes to calm down and when he pulled out to get up.. there juices come gushing out.. running down her legs dripping onto the floor..

He made his way to the restroom clean hisself up..and brought some napkins for her.. she took it .. got up and headed to the restroom..

He sits there waiting for her.. and he was smiling feeling very pleased with this sexual encounter with her..

She’s such a compatible sexual partner.. sex with her is always so awesome..

She came out and walked over to him.. got onto his lap.. and kiss him ever so passionately.. he started to get aroused again…so he stopped her and said.. “We have to go babe.. it’s late..”

She said okay.. and very reluctantly got up.. and he ushered her to the door…

She sat very close to him on the way home.. she was overly loving and very affectionate…

He was smiling amusingly.. She loves that little rendezvous.. it’s so obvious by her behavior..

He took her home.. walk her to her door.. leave her with a tight hug and a kiss .. thank her for a most wonderful evening. And headed towards his home..

He was pleased.. a night well spent.. and he had to admit to himself..

she got a hold on him….



28 thoughts on “A MESSY LOVE 💕 STORY: part 9d

  1. Smart man, didn’t have to make messy love this time, it was sexual business. Swivel chair sex😁. Sounded like a happy birthday for her but she didn’t blow the candle😂. They’re getting along good if she could clean up her act. What’s cummin next?🤔

    Liked by 2 people

            1. The thing is…
              He doesn’t know how to approach that subject with her…

              He doesn’t feel comfortable enough to suggest it..
              I even said it to him.

              Tell him to help her by suggesting some professional help…
              and he’s so afraid that she will be so mad 😡 with him.. that she won’t see him again….

              Amongst other things..

              Liked by 1 person

              1. It is a touchy subject to bring up just by how she reacts when he offers

                Is she willing to lose something good over something like that though, there has to be some give and take.

                Maybe he has to give her an ultimatum and see which is more important to her….hoarding or happiness.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I think 🤔 he is moving on…

                  I think he realizes that he can’t change her to suit him..
                  and he has reached that point.. where it’s has become too much.. and he makes up his mind to walk way.. no matter how bad it hurts…

                  There is no future in Long term with her

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. It’s not our job to try to change people, just try to adapt to them and evolve with them and hope they change. To bad she can’t see it. I’ll just have to wait and see……you don’t wanna give me to many spoilers😉

                    Liked by 1 person

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