A MESSY LOVE πŸ’• STORY… part 12c

He got home and he decided he is going to attempt one more time to get his girlto make a date with him….

So he texted her..

suggesting she finds something or somewhere for them to go..

she insisted on playing the fool including her daughter .. finding excuses to avoid the initial question..

So he sent another text…

“Just me and you kris

I have been missing you πŸ˜”

And just wants some quality time with you…

Can we do that..

Maybe bowling 🎳

A little lunch..

Some super conversation..

Me .. you.. and nothing/ nobody inbetween..!!!???”

Her response.. ” she is not much into bowling.. she only goes because of her daughter… but yes they could…”

She didn’t however stop there…

she mentioned that she is willing as long as he included her daughter before or after..

And she has told him she wanted to go to this church sale..

He had agreed to take her.. and was hoping after he’ll get his chance to spend a little time alone with her.. so he could make his play for a little self entertainment…

He drifted off to sleep… looking forward to his day with her …

He woke up …get hisself together and headed over… he picked her up.. and they went to the church sale..

she was so at home. Sitting on the floor going through a few boxes of movies.. this is really her world..

He stroll around browsing and he found himself a decent looking camera for $3.00

He patiently waited for her to finish up.. quietly and anxiously anticipating their afternoon together….

After what seems like an eternity.. she was ready to go.. he asked where to next and she instantly mentioned where are they going to take her daughter… so very reluctantly he decided to get her daughter out of the way first.. because he didn’t want anything to interfere with their alone time…

So they headed home to fetch her… they get into the house.. and he sits and wait.. and he waited.. and waited..

After an hour or so .. she still hadn’t made no effort to do anything.. he gave up on the idea of their intended rendezvous…

He excused himself.. saying he is getting a bit too hot and becoming restless.. and so he left..

He was experiencing an burning itching sensation on his chest.. it wasn’t too irritating at the time but by the end of that evening.. it has become very uncomfortable…

He decided to examine the area.. he observed a rash of some sort.. and realize he has bruised it with his scratching…

It was getting a little unbearable and a annoying.. he tried to calm it by applying an ointment..

By Sunday it was feeling a little better but very red around the area..

He was leaving to go back on Tuesday morning early.. he hoped it healed by then..

As he lay there in his bed trying to figure out what causes that reaction… he reflected back on his week off.. nothing had worked out as he had hoped or planned…

coming back home was not as exciting as he had anticipated…

He spent Monday at home .. not too motivated to go anywhere.. he really couldn’t wait to get on that plane ✈️ back to the desert.. away from it all… and put it all behind him…

He decided he just have to find some new ways to entertain himself…

He now has a new life.. a New job.. and it’s time for New beginnings….



30 thoughts on “A MESSY LOVE πŸ’• STORY… part 12c

  1. He’s getting a rash reality that he’s not the player he used to be, maybe his game is itching for a little help. Sounds like he’s losing confidence in himself, taking his balls and going home.😁

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, sounds like he’s on that plane pouting.😁. Struck out three times and still getting dissed.

        No problem Nita, you know I love your stories, wouldn’t miss reading your blog lovely.πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. Hahaha, yeah I can’t wait for it. He finally has been getting s taste of his own medicine.
                      I’m trying to figure out what’s gonna happen but I can’t.😁. So I’m just on the coaster for the ride.
                      I’m glad you’re working on it, but he probably isn’t. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

                      Liked by 1 person

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