How should a mother feel when her children hurt her feelings and make her cry because she has the nerves to ask for a little financial help…

How should she react when her son.. says to her..

” leave me alone.’.. Why do I need to take care of you.. I no longer live with you… you are not my responsibility..”

This is the same son you worked two jobs and sacrificed your life life for..


it was your duty because you bring him in this would so it wasn’t a favor your were doing him.. it’s was your obligations..

And you did your very best to make sure he’s okay.. you gave him everything you could.. just to make him happy and have a good life…

Now life has changed for you.. you find that you can’t really work anymore due to disabilities you developed..

But God has been good.. he allows it to happen when he is grown and out of school… and able to work so you don’t have to worry about him anymore….

He moved out.. a different state..

you are able to collect disability.. but it only covers the mere essentials.. .. Mortgage.. utility… not much left to even Buy groceries with..

so you ask for help.. and his reaction this … ” leave me alone..”

He has helped in the past.. and you are so appreciative and makes you warm with pride … your son is coming through for you…

But then he’s becoming so mean… saying the meanest things..

And you want to just stop asking.. stop taking..

You want to leave him alone..

but.. you know you need that help financially…

And has a mom .. it hurts so badly.. to hear your son talks to you like that… as if you are the biggest burden to him.. as if you disgust him .. to be asking for more.. .

And even worse when you have have no other choice…. and you wish you did.. wish you didn’t need his help…

And you can’t help but wonder…

How could he stop loving you..

how could he not realize that it’s only because you only have him to ask.. because you have no other choice…

You have tried all your life and you have never predicted that this phase of your financial situation would ever occurred…

but life happens… and unpredictable situations occurs….and you just have to hope that it gets better..

And as much as you are hurting you can’t give up or give in… ..

and you pray for your son asking god to keep him safe and healthy.. and you keep on loving him just the same..


It was always your choice to have that precious baby who gave you such tremendous joy…

You did your best by him..

But once an adult and he’s wean from you..

You are no longer responsible for his actions or how he sees life..

and if he chooses to distant himself from you.. you just have to accept it and keep on moving forward…

As a mother.. we never want to let go of our babies..and we try so hard to hold on to them….

But.. the ties have broken when they becomes a man….

So you just have to harden your heart and live with that emptiness after they flew the coop..

How should a mother feel ..its just a mom’s sorrow..

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