Nothing warms the heart ❤️ of a mom like having a grandbaby…..

It’s like having your baby all over again.. and you compare and reflect on all the similarities of when your baby was that age..

You relive all those moments of having him all over again.. and it takes you back to those precious memories of raising him..

To have his baby in your arms.. seeing his face on her.. and realizing all of sudden that your baby has become a man having children of his own…

And this precious little angel makes you want to squeeze her so tight.. and fill you with her much pride and give you this profound joy that fills your heart with warmth..

I’m a second time grandma..

but this is my first girl 👧 .. I have had two sons and three grandsons… and now a granddaughter…

THE GRANDSONS….12; 10; & 6

My three little men… they keep me smiling and keep me in line… gives my life meaning and make it all worthwhile..

I love spending time with them.. they tire me out but the pleasure I get is all worth it…

And now In addition to my little princes …. come my little princess..

I think this is what makes life so wonderful.. the simple pleasures of children..

You get to feel responsible for someone and you get to think of someone else’s happiness other than your own ..

So you do everything in your power to make them happy and keep them smiling….

And you find yourself smiling too because they are…

What could be more filling than that…

What could be more satisfying???!!!…

It’s so wonderful when you live long enough to see your babies become adults and having a family of their own…

And even better when you are apart of their lives……you get to bond with your grandbabies….

Definitely A Grandma’s pride and joy…..

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