…… fast forward to present….

Abbey has been having a very difficult time both financially and her living condition….

She was out of a job for a while until she picked up something a live in job taking care of an elderly lady…it is a 24hr job..and the pay is not practical for such time consumption and labor… it takes dedication and consume her entire focus…

And her employers expect her to also do house duties as well… it’s a paycheck and it helps her stays afloat…but she doesn’t have a social life..because of it time consumption… she couldn’t demand more salary because she was not qualified in the department of practical nursing Although her duties were such..:

After a year of working in this job she decided it would be wise to get certified in it..

So she makes up her mind to do a year course in practical nursing..

Only one has to be full time.. she thought about it… talked to me.. tell me her decisions and the choices she had made…

I fully encouraged her..and make a promise to her that I would do everything I can to help her along within the year she would be doing her studies…

She said she was going to also ask her brother and some other relatives to help her..

She was willing to make the sacrifice and i was all for it feeling very proud of her to actually go through with it.. I thought she has guts and was very ambitious and I know she would be able to do much better once she gets certified.:.

So she enrolled.. I helped her with some money to get it going … pay the tuition..ect.ect. and I even get her, her text book (which was very expensive and way over her budget)….and sent it to her…

I was trying to do what I can to help her along…

So she in February that year … and I hold up my end of the bargain and help financially with as much as I could afford..I even went as far as asking my children and friends to help me help her.. one month when I couldn’t do it… and they came through for me.

I had some financial issues the next couple of months and so I tried to think of ways I could still accumulate the money she needs to help her along..

Sitting there thinking.. I thought of a GoFundMe.. account for her.. I had used it the year before to help me out when I needed help to save my house from going in foreclosure..

so I went ahead and created the account without consulting with her or informing her of my decision … I really thought it was not a big deal and that I was just trying to help and this was an option…

I’m Known for my overly presumptuousness ….

so I told her story …. to get my audience sympathy .. put up her picture …and posted it….

Now I had a really good and kindest friend ever… we became friends when he donated to my cause last year when I had my story running.. he actually donated four times..

And so begins our wonderful friendship… I was always so grateful to him.. and I hold him with great regards…

And he likes me so much that we became great phone pals.. we talked almost every day…

So when I put her story out

He immediately picked it up..and call to let me know that he was going to pledge $200 a month to help me help her.. because I was so passionate to her cause..

This $200 US… was more than enough to cover her basic needs… I thought it was a blessing…

He donated a $ 100 that same day ..I was so excited by his generosity that I immediately called abbey to let her know what has conspired with what I have done…

I sent her that $100 right away..


When I informed her of the GoFundMe.. account and tell her of Cory’s pledge..the reaction I had anticipated or expected was not what she greets me with…

She was very annoyed to the point of anger she said I should have discussed it with her first..and that she didn’t like that I put her business online.. that she’s very private unlike me..

I was very disappointed to say the least.. I tried to argue with her on the point of me trying to help her… and reminded her of Cory’s pledge….and that it is no big deal..

But she was very belligerent and didn’t want to listen to anything I had to her eyes I was just plain wrong … I agreed with her because the truth was….

I did not ask her permission or let her know I was doing it…and so I decided to cancel the account hence there goes Cory’s pledge..

I didn’t hear from her for a few days after that.., I figured she was mad at me .. so I called and apologize to her for over stepping my boundaries… and asked her not to let this ruin our friendship… I pleaded with her to forgive me for being so insensitive and for being so presumptuous..

She reluctantly accepted my apology ..

She has the nerve to ask me though if Cory could still help her.., I simply told her no because I canceled the GoFundMe account…

I accepted the wrong and I still continue to do what I could to help her..

I told Cory what took place and he was very disappointed and hurt that she refuses his pledge but he still wants to help me help her some …but I never let her know this…he keeps on asking after her.. and insisted on helping me help her… I really appreciate his generosity and appreciated him even more as a friend..

He was proving to be a really awesome šŸ‘ friend….

I know abbey needs the help even though she was stubborn with her unnecessary pride…



The build up to the final straw (part 3)

4 thoughts on “BESTIES šŸ‘Æ TILL NOT… part 2

  1. nkdwhtguy

    You did what you thought was the right thing to do, but it sounds like she was embarrassed by your making her situation public. Some people are incredibly private like that. So in her case, the ends didn’t justify the means. It’s sad that her pride got in the way. “In reality there is, perhaps no one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride…” Ben Franklin . But kudos to you and Cory for caring.

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