GETTING LOCKED OUT… of your own house πŸ ….☺️😊

I have a habit of going to my neighbor’s to hang out….

I usually have a spare key πŸ”‘ for my door but..

My nephew came to stay with me and I gave him that spare key..

So this afternoon I decided to go see my neighbor and I did say to him ..

” please don’t lock me out “….

I spent a couple of hours with my neighbor..

We had a glass of wine 🍷

Eat a bowl of ice cream 🍨…watch a little tv program..

And then head back over.. my cat 🐈 she scared 😦 me running up to meet me… wanting to get inside too..

Lo and behold .. the door is locked.. I rang the door bell..for about two minutes..

Oops 😬!!! I don’t have my nephew’s phone number…


My daughter in law is home…

So I called her number…no answer.. So I texted… still no answer…

Is she just being spiteful. Or is she sleeping 😴??!!!!

As I stand there.. getting a little impatient.. a little irritable 😠… I tried to maintain my composure…

The mosquitoes 🦟 are on the rampage … they are feasting on me.. and I happen to be wearing shorts…

How can I get to quan… my daughter in law is being the bitch she is… completely ignoring me.. how many times I had to get up out my bed …. just to let her in when her fiancΓ©e locked her out..???!!!!

Anyways she’s not going to be an option right now…

And then it dawned on me… I can call my brother or my neicy to get his number… and that’s what I did..

So I got in… and look whose up and is in the kitchen.. hmm πŸ€”… I guess I was right to think she was just ignoring my ass…

Oooh well!!!!

Lesson learned..

I will never take the chance of leaving without my keys ..again..

It’s definitely not a good feeling…when you can’t get into your own house… and I am so glad I did not lose my cool and get mad 😑…

It’s always work out best when one is calm enough to think πŸ€” logically…

I was out there for about ten minutes which could have lasted much longer…

So .. I’m very pleased to be on the inside… well at least the mosquitoes 🦟 were very happy πŸ˜ƒ at my mishap… they got their fill..

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