( this is a rerun for all my new audience.. how y’all enjoy this little story.. )

I have a grandson Ayden whom I see  once a week, I usually talk to him on Skype during the week but john had lost his Skype account so he decided to get a different app instead, therefore for me to be able to talk to little Ayden I had to download the app.

So I ask Paige to help set it up; she is my teenage niece and a little more versatile than I am with these apps and things…. and  seeing I don’t have much knowledge with this sort of thing, I  ask her to…  So she did and we decided to use a photo of us together seeing I did not have any better one of me. I never took a selfie before and I haven’t really take much pictures of myself… and photos don’t do me justice… Paige is a pretty little thing and a beautiful smile and she knows it; me, I love her she is the closest little niece I have.

 Now, I never was on any of these social sites before. As a matter of fact I was not even aware that it was… so I keep getting hits and request for friendship all for Paige, I delete and block them all. 

So, one night I came home from work… I work second shift and reached home every night apx. 1pm to 2pm… nothing much on TV,so I checked my phone and I saw a few messages , so I went on looking around, playing with it, I notice the feature “shake “ and I tried it.  24 faces pops up and I looked through them and in the lot I came across this face, he had blue eyes and a nice smile, no name, so I decided to send out a “ hi cutey”  and of course he reply “ hi sexy” I liked his face, my Kinda guy I thought, I have always liked blue eyes.

And so we start t a conversation; this was on December 6th, at 4am in the morning.

I reply. “How do you know this?

He said, I know everything “Am I bothering you?”

 I came back with, “LOL NO”

He laughed, “Ha-ha! Ok maybe I’m a bit silly! But hey it’s 4am in the morning

 I smile thinking he’s right. So I asked,

“why no name?’

He said, “oh sorry…. My name is Allen.  I forget I did that.

“How come you are up?’ I asked, and I responded to  his name, “Allen, ok that’s good.

Well I’m about to go to sleep friend just left… wanted to see what kinds of crazy girls might be up this late hour looking for some cock?!?! Ha-ha was his reply.

I laughed, I thought that was funny, so I said in reply, “me too, going to sleep, not looking for no cock, have my toys they are good enough.”

He said, “Oh I see… well then you just haven’t had me then 🙂

I laughed thinking this guy is hilarious; I like him he is fuuuny.

I say” just came in from work”

He then says ‘I’m just playing ……I’m sure they can stay longer than me[Symbol]

I said, ‘sure can’, all the time smiling, I was liking this guy and his sense of humor

Then he said, ‘although I’m good for hours.’

Me, ‘ooooh really’.

And he continued, ‘and I throb….damn… I’m sure I can’t compete……unless you want to be choked or something!!! Ha-ha.’ 

 So I said, ‘so said all men until’ ….

Well… that’s so true. I’m sure, Said he.

 I was all smiles, I was enjoying this little conversation and I had to tell him, so I said, ‘you are so funny and sounds crazy and horny.’

And he continued, ‘and so I will be honest and say that I’ve had girls that made wonder if I was gay, couldn’t get or stay hard.’

I give out, ‘what!???…. This happen to a man like you?

He’s still going, ‘and then I would meet a girl who could keep me up while I fell asleep after my fifth nut I swear!!

“It happens I know” I said to him, [of course I know, being there done that ]

Then he says, ‘yup I swear…. To me it is all a connection or not.’

‘That’s right’ I said.

He then said, ‘dol will either fuck up brains out or be that guy!!!! Ha-ha so wow… I am an under performer on paper…. I can’t sell me for shit!

 I did not quite get the gist but I figure he sounds like a player, someone who likes to have some fun. So I said to him, ‘you sound like you have been around the block a few times’.

He laughed, ‘ha ha! I have a small neighborhood! So my block is tiny. Ok so I said who I am ….. Who am I talking to?

I responded to the tiny block conversation, I said. ‘so you need to move to a bigger neighborhood,’ oh you can call me Wakanita;’ how old are you Allen’?  I hope you are not a minor’…. I was thinking maybe I am here flirting with a very young guy, and I did not want entertain  or lead on any too of a young guy even though I am enjoying this little conversation.

 He said, ‘good god’ 

 I give out, ‘what?

He continues to say, ‘I’m 83 this month; that a Kinda old picture; OK I’m just playing.’

 I said, ‘are you serious?’

‘I am 42’, he then said.

I said, ‘oh good;’……….. I was then thinking perfect age, I can flirt all I want, Wonderful.

He then finished by saying, ‘but I look 52; so that’s a plus; so you are Wendy?

 Then he lost me again saying something I did not quite understand, ‘because truth I advertising say….. I was closer than you.

I started to say something too and I started to delete it but send it by mistake, and I answered I said to him, “yes I am Wendy”; you lost me though.

 Then he went to inform me about his sexuality, ‘well I have rather a large cock… and I can fuck for hours…and I have never met a woman who can wear me out…I  like to have fun with someone who is fun and open…. That is my only real deal.’

I thought, oh boy, that’s being open and honest for you, so I said, ‘oh I see…. You are just looking for some sex? Me….. I just want some conversation and some laughs…..and you seems like you got some.’  He stops writing so I thought maybe he fell asleep, after all it was now 4:30am. So I asked, ‘went to sleep.’

And even though sex is my favorite topic and if I let loose right now I probably could have some laughs,  and some fun… but I don’t much  feel like entertaining this…I don’t want him to think I am after some cock… 

He then answered me, ‘well maybe… but I can understand that! It was fun chatting either way.’

I thought he wanted to stop talking, so I told him, ‘well Allen I have to get my beauty sleep.’ ‘Same here’.

He comes back with, ‘damn! You must be super fucking hot! Beauty sleep started half a day ago! Oh well… Story of my life. Ha-ha!! Night.

I liked this guy, he is funny and humorous, I would love to talk to him again, he is good for some laugh; so I asked him, ‘is it ok to link up you another day?’

He told me, ‘it’s up to you… I for real don’t get on here much… I thought it was fake till we just had fun!

I thought, oh my, he also enjoy the conversation, ‘ha ha… funny funny funny.’ ‘I don’t either.’

I was smiling feeling so pleased that he enjoyed our little conversation…

Then he says, ‘ok so I hope you are the black girl in the picture…Js.’ ‘I’m waiting and smiling!!!

I thought, OMG!!!!  Is he thinking I’m Paige…  then it hit me!!!! It’s Paige he likes; if I tell him it’s me, he might not want to talk to me, (next to Paige, I’m old and not as attractive) I won’t hear from him again, and I want some more of this conversation, I like him, he is cute and funny…. I am going to play along because I wanted another chance to connect with him.

So I said, ‘black girl? You think I am black? Are you back (black?)

I was trying to be srcastic… because I don’t consider us as black…. we are exotic..

He said, ‘no silly I’m not black or back! I am Irish! Black hair blue eyes.’

 I interjected, ‘I like them white.’ … was Kinda lame but…. Then I said, Ooh my favorite cousin is Irish.’ …… and there goes my first lie in pretense I was Paige.[ On the road to destruction.}

He then lost me again with, ‘Jesus I thought we passes the politically correct time of 10pm.’

 I did not know wtf he was talking about. 

Then he said really?  Oh wait, that may be the don’t make a voice call…. Damn…’

  I thought he was telling me he has to go so I told him, ‘sorry bye and goodnight.’ 

He then said, ‘ok so I have boundaries…. But clearly they are loose! Oh damn I thought we were having fun? No? Ok… well I’m sorry if I upset you…. Not my intention… night bye.

I said, ‘he is very hot-tempered too; he’s cool though; bye … until….

I ended our conversation because I was not quite understanding his statements; I keep on thinking he want to stop and then he says something else to continue and it was now almost 5am.

He said,’ now; wait was that an option? Hahaha; ok probably not! Dammit. Oh I love that this tells me you read it though!!!! But damn… I feel super rude… So I am going to bed and stop being creepy… night.

I read his messages and I went off to bed smiling, I did like and enjoy our little encounter and thought I will try again to talk to him. Just for conversation, he is rather amusing and I like that. I have never before done this, but it was fun even though he thinks I am Paige, but no harm done, he won’t know the difference. I just want to talk to him again, I like his humor and he is cute with those captivating blue eyes and that winning smile.

So I told Paige all about him and how much he likes her, she said but auntie Wendy, it’s not me talking to him, it’s you, so he likes you not me.” I told her it’s her picture he likes, he would not to talk to an old fart like me, and anyways what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, after all its just conversation….. Little did I know….






30 thoughts on “ONLINE DATING: FIRST EXPERIENCE… part 1

  1. Blog Andrew

    Wendy, if I can call you Wendy 🙂 I loved reading your on line dating Posts. I could write at great length replying to this one but lol I’ll spare you. I’m afraid I’m one of those guys who cannot do the on-line sexual flirting thing, I’ve tried a couple of times but I’m all about meeting someone to fall in love with, altogether ahhh! I understand exactly what you mean by confusing each other with comment replies, I Skype ‘commented’ with a lady a long while back, I would write something and send, there’d be a pause and I’d think OH F#CK I’ve gone and upset her and I didn’t even say anything dirty lol. We met in real life, btw first on WP and had a lovely picnic sitting in the sun by a canal but alas no love………two lonely adults, her a single mum of teens but no connection so it fizzled out. And you are exactly right again, I think men wish for a Fuckbuddy, an easy lay so to speak and I guess that’s because men have the urge to sow their wild oats. I have a feeling I’m not tough enough, in fact I know I’m not. I wanted to lol be playful and naughty but I hate the idea of being over sexual because I KNOW women, what ever they say, are Ladies at heart and wish to be respected and rightly so, therefore asking them to ‘put your hand down your panties and tell me what you feel’ is never going to happen……………incidentally the lady by the river told me that one!!! Btw I think you are a fabulous blogger and I’m always honest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now my response..

      I’m very open to a lot of things.. and I’m easily humored…
      so glad you like my online dating posts.. I only have one app I used for this.. and my first experience was the best time and the worst time for me..
      I have always criticized people going online to find love.. I couldn’t understand how they feel connected to someone like that..
      and then I found out how very easily someone words can have such an effect that you feel so drawn to that person without even knowing them..
      the power of words..

      And then I also found out that deception is never worth the lies and playing tricks and games with unsuspecting people is not only mean but can prove to be hurtful..

      I hope you will continue to read my story and see how it all plays out..
      and see the valid lesson I have learnt from it all…
      So thanks for liking my blogs

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Blog Andrew

        🙂 Yes I will be reading!! I will!………Time to time I reply to another lady’s posts ( :/ hmmm for some reason the ladies I follow are all older and wiser), she once said something very perceptive and very true, ‘if you become friends on line with someone then if you meet them in real life you will still only ever be friends and never lovers)’……. and I think she is absolutely totally correct because the 1 lady I met was adorable sweet lovely and kind, a friend, but we both knew never lovers, and I totally agree, the internet is not the place to find love, the internet is the place to hook up with someone for fun and that could mean FB’s which if honest most men want, hmmm me to if only!! haha. Honey I hope you don’t think I was being critical, I can see the thrill of asking her to ‘put her hand down her panties’ and lol see where it leads in text…………passes an evening, do you know what I’m gonna try it because I like chatting on WordPress 😀 ❤ ❤ Your comments on my posts have made me smile…..big time)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Andrew… I have played online..
          and I got a big thrill from doing so.. and Oooooh these men.. Maaan.. they are so into it…

          But true enough. I never play hookup.. I’m kinda scared 😳 of the type of men… that seeks relationships online.. I will have some fun virtually… but I will never try it in reality

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Blog Andrew

            Hi exoticnita, I’ve often thought of playing on-line a little, that sounds fun simply because there won’t be the pressures which come from trying to form lasting relationships.

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          1. Blog Andrew

            I live in Oxford UK which off the top of my head is a 6hr time difference. I’ve been following Hurricane Matthew I hope you weren’t to badly affected.


  2. You can call me Wendy .. and I will respond to you as soon as I can..
    I love ❤️ that you enjoy my story. It has a little way to go yet..
    so I’m trying to summarize it so it is not so long


  3. Blog Andrew

    I like Wendy, I had a crush at school for a girl called Wendy! Oh my word those 3 comments above didn’t appear in my bell thingy up top. If you go to settings then discussion there is a setting which allows people to reply to a comment. 🙂 Worth knowing when all your on line friends feel like replying to a comment you’ve made. Hope that helps…………….and I certainly wasn’t offended, if the pic makes women smile then I’m happy… trouble with me is I can get carried away!!

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