A SLAP 👋 IN THE FACE… part 3



A SLAP 👋……..


…… I continued to cook dinner .... she locked herself in her bedroom… I was really uncomfortable and wish I could leave and go home… my emotions was running high and wild….

I felt guilty and badly for causing her rage… but I had mixed feelings.. the more I think about the conversation.. I come up with the conclusion that I didn’t actually say anything to have cause her reacting in that manner..

And… come to think about it she was very mean and somewhat rude to the point of disrespect… shouldn’t I have reminded her of who she was talking to and asked her to address me with more respect than that..

I didn’t even raise my voice once. I maintain my composure.. why then am I so forgiving and remorseful.. could it be because I’m in her home….


Is it because she is pregnant..

I find myself very understanding and even compassionate towards her… my throat was tightening up again..and my eyes were filling up with tears.. accidentally spilling down my face..

I think it’s because I liked her so much and I wanted so much to spend this time with her… we don’t really communicate too often and I so much wanted be close with her..

This is a side of her I never saw or known..

So after I finish cooking I thought I would go see if she has calm down and try to break the ice. .. letting her know that I’m not mad.. hoping she would be receptive to my gesture…


She was very cold and distant..and had an negative attitude…

So I just back away disappointingly.. and utter a “OUCH “……

I went to my grandson room… I was not feeling too good and again I wish I could leave… why did I invite my silly ass over… I question myself…

My son came home but I didn’t go out to greet him…

But later on I decided to go and put away the food for the night… she didn’t come out if her room all evening..

John was sitting on the couch and he came in the kitchen to ask me why did I say that to her about her son..

So I had to explain to him the conversation we had that leads up to me mentioning her son to her..

I broke down in the middle of the story and my son..he doesn’t know how to deal with emotions…so he was getting uncomfortable 😣 and asked me to stop… so I did..

I finished up with what I was doing and went back to the room.. I lay there for hours going over and over in my mind the incident that occurred…

She chooses to tell john just the comment I made about her son… shaking my head… and to think of it …..she was the one who said everything she wanted John to believe I said…

I dozed off with tears flowing… I was very hurt for more reasons than one..

I didn’t get up with my grandson that morning….but after they left For school I got up.. got ready.. pack my belongings.. and decided to go sit outside in the backyard until my son wakes up…

She was on the couch.. I shouted , ” good morning 😃☀️🌞 Megan “….

I didn’t get a reply.. so as I was passing to go through the door to the backyard.. I asked,

” are you okay today??….”

She replied very sarcastically and very nonchalantly ..

“As good as I’m going to be “….

I replied.. “that’s good “….

I sensed her indifference and her detachment… so I just leave her alone..



10 thoughts on “A SLAP 👋 IN THE FACE… part 3

  1. Although there’s a time for the “hormones made me do it” card, there’s no room for rudeness especially when olive branches are being extended. It sounds like the typical “I want to be the only woman in his life” syndrome. Jealousy is an ugly monster to harbor and sometimes you can’t tame it for other people, it’s something they must deal with their own way. All we can do is go about our own business and don’t sink to their level and make it seem like you’re competing with them because that’s what they want. When you live as though the cards are already in your favor, they will soon come around and realize that competing with themself is a lonely battle and it’s no fun playing alone. And it’s a given your son is going to listen to her, but he’ll never turn his back on you.

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    1. My god joker. …

      I was just thinking along those same lines this Christmas Day..

      I went over and over our conversations that lead up to her outbursts..

      And I can’t figure out what I said to make her so still mad 😠 at me to this day..
      And my son refuses to discuss it with me..

      So I don’t push it.. because I really don’t want to put him in the middle of his mother and his wife..

      He should not have to be put in that position where he has to choose sides..

      But I think 🤔 you have so much foresight than I do…

      That syndrome might just actually be the case and reasons for her attitude towards me…
      And you are right.. I’m just going to just go about my business and leave her alone..

      If and when she chooses to resume back our relationship. I’ll be here..
      if not.. I’ll still be here..
      And you are also right..

      My son will never turn his back on me

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      1. Yeah, I can only call it how I see it from the outside looking in. Like I said, it just seems she is very insecure and the fact that you are a valuable asset in the kids lives is making her feel irrelevant at times so she feels she’s in competition. It’s best not to give her that opposition because that’s what she wants and it’ll only affect your son. She obviously doesn’t care so someone has to be the adult and that’s you.
        And when you show her that you are there for family and not for feuding, she’ll eventually get bored and wisen up. And your son will appreciate not being dragged in the middle and he’ll see that also, and that’s when all intentions will be realized.

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        1. I actually did reach out to her a couple days after the incident .
          Apologizing and asking her to let’s move forward with our relationship as before..
          But no respond came in from her..

          She totally ignores me..

          I was thinking I’m the one deflecting some kind of negative energy.. to get myself this situation…

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          1. It’s okay to reach out but don’t do it continuously or she’ll take advantage of it and feel she can treat you any kind of way expecting you to coax her ego. The one who deserves the attention is the one not seeking it, ignore her and tend to the ones that matter.

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            1. Good suggestion ..joker…
              And a very wise advise..

              And one I intend to follow through on..

              It only makes sense that if I make her out to feel more important than me.. that I will definitely be coaxing her ego.. and leave her to think she was right to behave as badly as she did.. and had the right to treat me with such disrespect…

              I just love 💕 how you analyze and look at things..
              I really don’t take kids disrespect.. and here I am trying to kiss 💋 up to her and completely forgetting that she was really rude to me when she chooses to raise her voice at me and said all those negative remarks that was not even relevant to conversation at hand…

              SMH 🤦‍♀️…

              Come to think of it..
              I should be the one that’s mad 😡

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              1. Exactly, you hit the nail on the head. Don’t show her that her behavior is warranted because you deserve respect, you are the mother of the man she is with….you were the first woman in his life and always will be…there’s no competing with you and it shouldn’t be a competition.
                Yes, you should be a little bent for her immature behavior, she has kids but yet she chooses to act like one. But suppress that anger and be the better person because it just may teach her to be a person.😉

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                1. Smiling huge 😌😌☺️😁

                  Well said as usual joker..

                  You really give me food for thought..

                  I’m really looking at this little disagreement in a very different light…

                  And you make so much sense with your logical analysis

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                  1. A different light is all it takes sometimes lovely.😊😊
                    In the heat of the moment, the first option always seems like the best option and that’s how her thinking is, she has a one track mind right now. She’ll come around.


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