I just found out that some one has been going in on my stories and choosing the ones that target 🎯 my true life scenarios involving members of my family and purposefully making a fake account on Facebook and forwarding them to the intended party… in the hope of creating some kind of animosity or tension…

I call this Unscrupulous and mean.. my stories or my blog post is my own feelings and is factual events or issues concerning me or who is involved…my blog is not connected to Facebook.. so whoever you might be and whatever motives you may have for doing whatever you are.. you just need to stop..

I publicize my stories because it’s my life… and it’s not intended to be a secret from anyone..so you don’t have to take up on yourself to be my promoter and share them with anyone… and it won’t stop me from writing ✍️ what is close to my heart..

Thank you for creating more views and making my blog posts soar..as a matter of fact I’m earning good income from all this popularity you have so earnestly created…

I am getting a huge feedback and been requested to write more… I’m now in great demand because of your inquisitiveness and because of your unscrupulous disregard for sharing with people who you think would find my stories unjust and undignified …

Unknown to you.. I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ one iota who reads them because they are factual and true.. and they are my words as how I feel about what affects me and how….

You can therefore continue to make me richer or decline to stop interfering in my personal writing ✍️…

Thank you again for the surge of views and the extra income and the demand for more of my stories…





  1. It’s sad how some people don’t have a life of their own so they have to involve themselves in other people’s lives just to be a part of something. Their souls are dead and needs to get a life. It’s symbolic how they are just helping you spread your popularity when their plan was to smear it, the jokes on them and that serves them right.

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      1. 😊
        You’ve been missed too lovely, hope things have been well. It has been quite some time.
        I’ve been good, just been keeping busy while staying cautious but keeping calm. How about you during this trying time?

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    1. Haha 😆

      I intend to continue write whatever Inspired me..

      They don’t realize that my blog is public because I want it to reach as much readers as possible..

      And it’s not intended to be secretive…

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    1. Rob…

      Cowards indeed..

      And they really think I will feel victimized..

      Let them continue to uplift my writing ✍️ and create much more views for me..

      Thanks 😊 my friend for your ever so faithfulness

      I’m trying to make a little comeback

      So I will definitely need your input

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  2. It sounds as if you have been victimized by one or more trolls. Such individuals have little regard for the feelings of others. Their sole purpose is to generate strife. Sadly, in this age of social media, trolls often achieve their goal. I hope you can successfully resist the attack. ❤

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    1. U know it..

      I really don’t care 🤷‍♀️ too much… seeing that my blog posts was meant to be viewed
      This is my sole intention.,
      And my post and stories are mainly non fictional and is really my take and personal feelings about whatever the post is about..

      So it’s actually is good when the individuals get the chance to read my version of the episode of our disputes

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