LOVETHYPLANT…. A Plant for everyone.

I’m helping to promote “


The cost is very minimal and shipping is available…

The plants available is individually grown with special care and is guaranteed live up to every expectation…

We have a small selection of inventory but expected to grow with time and with demand…

The nursery is set up to ensure the healthiest plant life…

The owner and founder is very passionate about plants and nature… his love for the beauty of these plants is shown in his selection of choices… they reflect his love of the natural beauty that he is surrounded by… and chooses to share it with those who can appreciate it as much as he does..

Your support and your patronizing would be welcome and appreciated…

So please visit this site and place your order for one of these beautiful plants.. to brighten your day….

Also in stock is the lychee fruit suckers..

Click on the website to get pricing…

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