This blog is about myself and my sexual experiences. it tells of the do’s and dont’s of being in a relationship: The Good – The Bad and The Ugly. …


Just like to introduce this erotic writer to our mist..

Looking forward to reading and enjoying his work…

So join me in following his site and let’s hope for some delightful sexual adventures from him…

13 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION

                    1. Rob..

                      The heart of surprise is Anticipation..

                      I would recommend blindfolding you.. and handcuffing you while teasing you and tantalizing you till you are so hard as a rock and bobbing up and down in intense desire…

                      And just when you are about to burst we strip you down to nothing..
                      take off your blindfold and let you see us four angels…
                      Then we slowly take off the handcuffs and allow you to have your feast..

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