I [ this sequence contains some x-rated contents… my apologies to my readers for the inappropriate contents… I included it because i want you to fully understands just how passionately intense our relationship had become… and how much feelings was involved… please enjoy reading..

.                     ***********************************************



I was feeling on top the world and I just have to let him know…

“MY Allen I’m having a most wonderful day today…yes I woke up feeling all refreshed; relaxed and renewed. I feel on top of the world and it’s all because of you… I want to apologize for yesterday. I know I was a little off and acting very silly indeed… but you were right there for me saying and doing all the right things… I’m going to stop worrying why it’s happening and enjoy the fact that it is. It feels so good to be love by you… THANK YOU… THANK YOU. Now I will leave you alone.

I found the song “TOP OF THE WORLD” by the carpenters. And send it to him.

“Hello beautiful girl! He says, ‘I hope your day is off to a great start!! I have had an amazing dream that you wouldn’t stop kissing me while I was flying over a bunch of small islands and beautiful ocean and I was laughing and saying ‘baby!!! I can’t see where I ‘m going” and you just laugh and kept on kissing me and said, ‘you better land soon’. It was really sweet. Just want to share it. I love the song, I love that you love older music. It shows that you don’t feel the need to be one of the masses… very refreshing.’

Then he said, “Nita you make it so easy to love you! I hope we keep moving in the same direction because this is an amazing journey and… one I only want with you.”

I know, instead of feeling so jubilant … I should be trying to come up with a way out, but not today… I went through enough of that yesterday already; today, right now, I just want to enjoy him to the fullest, and live for the moment.

‘Love the dream… I told him. “It’s exactly what I would do if and when I see you and much more. Well you have a great day. Gotta work today because I’m off for Christmas… hope you don’t have to work?’

And yes… if I had the chance to be with him; and with all this fiery; hot and blazing desire I have for him, he would not be able to do anything because I would be all over his sweet ass.

“No work for me today”, he said. ‘Just taking care of a bunch of personal things… is getting ready for the holidays. Have a great day at work beautiful!!! Talk to you soon.”

“May be tonight after work? I asked. “Think you will be up? This is becoming quite the habit… me rushing home to be with you.” I told him.

“I like the habit! But please be safe ok? He asked of me. ‘I might be up, I’m not sure I have to pick up some people at the airport at 10, so I’ll be up late anyway… please have a great day my beautiful girl!!! And Wakanita please smile! It’s so pretty you should share it as much as you can!

I know he was referring to Paige; but I did not want to think about her; right now everything he says to me belongs to me; I was not willing to share him with anybody, not right now, not today. So I was that beautiful and pretty girl he was talking to; as far I as was concern.

So I told him, ‘I’m smiling… only for you though… ok I will give you a break tonight; you probably going to be tired anyways. I’ll just go to sleep and met you there. It’s so amazing;you consume my day and night… I think of you all day and then you take over my dreams. You are constantly with me; am I becoming obsessive? I ask. But boy… am I enjoying this!!…and is so happy to know that you are fully encouraging me with your sweet responses; sweet AllEN you are an enabler. The best kind and I just love you so.”

Wow! He exclaimed. ‘You write so sweet baby. It would be very hard to get enough of you! And I promise we are in the same exact place at the same exact time! Please text whenever you’d like. My entire soul lights up when I read anything from you. You will set the pace and I will be patient. But eagerly waiting for anything you send..I hope one day soon we can chat on the phone and I can put a voice to your beautiful persona… oh and I can’t wait to hear you cum for me!!!! That will be super hot! Just sayin…”

I burst out laughing; I was laughing so hard with the thought of him hearing my Whoos and my sex talk….

I find him so hilarious and crazy, crazy good. and what was that he said,”MY ENTIRE SOUL LIGHTS UP WHEN I READ ANYTHING FROM YOU…” that leaves a huge smile 😃 on my face..

“You have me laughing so hard,” I let him know. “I do hope I will be able to live up to your expectation and imaginations,’ I told him. And I wish I could see them through your eyes… they seems like so much fun.”

Baby… that will be the easy part! He told me.

“Still laughing,” I tell him. I was so tickled I could not stop laughing.

He then went on to assure me of his character,

“I know you are nervous but I’m really easy to talk to and a good read of character… I’m also never pushy… I have a strong personality and can be tough if needed, but I’m compassionate and won’t put you on the spot often… That being said I know the thought of you Cumming over the phone messed you up! And got you a little excited too… am I right?

I started to laugh again. He has me cracking up; I couldn’t control my laughter.

Yeah!’ I told him. How can you make me feel so good and horny all the time? Is this normal? I ask him.

Yes, it’s perfect!! He said. “So if we take the next step and you decide we can talk… I promise I won’t mess you up… at first I will be a gentleman.”

So that’s the next step… I asked. ‘voice talk, I’m not too good with verbal conversation… you see, the good thing about texting, I can choose what I say by deleting if it doesn’t sound right.”

Yes I’ve watched you do it many times! It’s okay baby… I’m easy to talk to and practice makes perfect!!! I’m never going to judge and I will always be patient love.

He was truly a most amazing man and somehow I believe everything that he was saying to me; I sound so gullible; but I honestly think he is very straightforward not being overly conceited. (and of course … because I was so emotionally attached to him.. everything he says seems so damn impressive… funny how the mind works in connections to what the heart feels.)

Ok? Are you ready for this? He asked

I don’t know,’ I said. Wondering what am I suppose to be ready for, so I waited…

And here it comes; “I can’t wait to tease you sexually…strip you naked… kiss you super deep and then strip myself down so you can see my hard cock ready for you… then… slide down your body nice and slow and kiss the inside of your legs and around your pussy… suck and lick all around it while I’m telling exactly what I’m going to do with you…get close enough to your clit so you can feel my warm breath… but no touching… when I’m ready and you are going to explode… I will take you in my mouth.”

I think I climax while reading that; my kitty was jumping up and down all ready to play, and so I oblige and give her what she was begging for. I could visualize every thing he was describing…

Oh wow! I said, ‘believe it or not I can actually picture it; and my kitty is purring for some.’ I told him.

I did not let him know I cum about three times in less than a minutes just by visualizing and reading his text. this is the same girl who was shying away from all sexual suggestions that i lied about being a virgin… but… my desires have become so damn intense that all my senses becomes so heighten whenever he is talking to me that I now welcome  and embrace his sexual advances  and even as much as enjoying his scenarios he set for me…

And so he continued to tantalize and tease me with his words; ‘and you will cum huge for your man… and then I will eat every drop of you… and get you ready for more…I will softly tell you what is going to happen next while I gently massage your swollen clit…with my tongue and then the head of my hard cock…talking softly… till you say please, let me have it now baby… and then I will tease you a little more and then fill you full of my hard throbbing cock for the second load…

Wheeew…. Ooooh! I was more than ready for that hard throbbing cock… I was completely turned on and my kitty was jumping even more… my whole body was set ablaze for the need of him… it’s like he went in my mind and knew exactly how I like to be loved; tease and being tantalized;… and I again reach the height of ecstasy…

if only I get just one day with this guy, just one day… but again only in my dreams, because I’m not Paige and because I have to let go of him… soon.

So I told him, ‘you are just too much, you are driving me crazy.’

But he was not finished with me yet,

“after you explode all over my cock… I will ask you to do something kinky… and I hope you will oblige.’

OMG!! What you are you doing to me?’ I asked. Something kinky???? Am I ready for this?

So he proceeds to tell me.”I will ask you to lick some of your kitty juices off my cock and keep it on your tongue and then kiss me deep and let me taste your mouth and pussy at the same time… I want both.”

Oh I know you will love that.” I informed him. “and so would I….”

Then he said the most charming thing, “I want to taste the cum we make with the most passionate kiss I dream of… how could it get better than that… my sexy girl’s passion.”

It couldn’t… nope…. I was so turned on that I thought it was so hott…

So I told him, ‘you have the best imagination ever.”

Then he has the nerves to ask me “I have you mess up? Don’t I?

He knew it….

For sure,” I told him. “You purposely did it… you…

Then he is acting all sorry… when I know he was probably laughing and getting a kick out of it.

“I’m sorry! You get me all fired up pretty girl! And I just start saying exactly what’s on my mind.’

I let him know…. “You know I would be all gamed,” ..: you know exactly how much you affect me and how much sexual energy you transmit…”

I have come to the point where just the thought of him provoke a strong sexual stimulation … and when connecting I can sense him as if he’s next to me… that my whole being is ignite with this electrifying desire…

I know pretty girl!!” He said. “And all of this and more will happen if you choose more. I’m very spontaneous in bed and will please you in a ton of different ways, I hope. And I’m super visual… So I will want to look at you! Take you in… feel you with all my senses.”

I was feeling him with all my senses right now… and sure wish I could choose more. I want more…

And I sit there reading what he is saying and I start to cry … because I found him… I did…. This man… this most marvelous man of my dreams… he is everything I have always wanted in a man… and I’m here hiding behind little Paige; and now I can’t even claim none of this… him… and I wonder… would he like me or feel this way if he knew it was me….

Nay…no… he wouldn’t… I doubt it.

“Really I hope you won’t be too disappointed.” I told him.

Nita, please don’t worry baby…” he said reassuringly. “We have a natural chemistry that will guide us in the right direction… I’m certain.

The chemistry is there for sure, but…

“We definitely have chemistry and it’s leading me.. sweet Allen … and I want more.. more of you…” I then told him,

He says,” oh really.” Nothing forced baby… it’s always better earned.”

So I finished explaining what I meant. “Doing and saying all the right things; you know how to keep me right there.”

So he told me, ‘I want you to know in your mind that you making a great decision… in every step we make… some might be scary but that it is a good thing! It can still be a great decision!”

I started to feel guilty and bad; he sounds so sincere….

but I shake it off;

No… I thought… not now ….I don’t want to go there; not today.

And I’m thinking really hard about it.’ I told him.” And although you said you are not pushing or forcing… every time we talk you makes me feel better about us.”

“Take your time sweet girl. I will be here! One step at a time.. Maybe a phone thing is next… then we meet on your terms… For lunch… or a flight… or a flight to lunch! Your call… and we just go from there.”

Sounds so enticing.” I told him. “I’m actually anticipating a flight with you. You create such a great picture for me.” {And I was; I wish I could say yes to his proposition}

Either way… “He was saying. “Our pace is your discretion, ok pretty girl? We can stay right here as texting friends as long as you need…. And omg! Am I looking forward to flying with you! I’d love our first date to be a flight… that would be epic! And something we would never forget… don’t you think?”

I was so caught up in the moment and with his suggestion that I almost forget it is not possible; I was getting and feeling all excited about going on a flight with him. And as he said, “that would be epic.”

I think for sure.” I would definitely love that.. it would be a first for me”….I told him. “It would definitely be something else.”{How I wish I could}







        1. Hahahaha..

          I just love ❤️ to know that’s you appreciate my writings and its contents..
          I don’t want to offend my readers..
          I like to respect ✊ everyone’s view.. and keep it within an appropriate context…

          So thanks shaggy.. for your comments…
          Really appreciate you liking


    1. Oooooh my.. thank you..

      I never knew so many would like it.
      I was so worried about that x- rated content 😌.. would have been rejected 🙅‍♂️ and unacceptable and unappreciated…

      So I’m smiling tons right now..
      very pleased 😁 indeed with the positive comments

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hhoooo..,.
          That’s really encouraging..

          Because I take great pride in writing erotic stories.. and playing out a scenario..

          I’m very reluctant to put it out there.. afraid that most Find it very gross..and as I have said before… unacceptable..
          Thanks for pointing out that fact to me..

          I know not too many is gifted in this art of erotic poetry and stories…
          but I have had a few endorsements on my provocative suggestions..and my erotic scenarios..
          so thanks for also endorsing this skill/ talent

          Liked by 1 person

  1. I think readers shouldn’t get hung up on whether a book is labeled an erotic romance or as erotica. Trying to pick between the two is kind of like asking which is better: a slab of decadent dark chocolate cake or a bacon-wrapped fig drizzled with warm honey? They’re both yummy and it just depends on what you’re in the mood for. But there’s no denying you’re hungry. And oh boy, are readers hungry.

    Personal tastes regarding sexy novels are just that: personal.
    One woman’s Sunday poolside read is another woman’s special book she keeps hidden in the back of her closet. Which means labels really don’t matter that much; it’s more about what you’re into. What is important to keep in mind is that good authors write good books and don’t limit themselves to “genre conventions.”

    That’s exactly what’s going in today’s erotic fiction renaissance. Veteran authors and newcomers alike are skewing the rules — or ignoring them — and are simply creating some great characters that readers care about and crafting creative scenes which draw readers in and make them feel intimately connected to the story. And everybody’s on some kind of sexual journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha… Oooooh my goodness. I love your comparison with chocolate 🍫 and bacon wrapped figs..

      But there’s so much logic in what you say though..
      I guess I shouldn’t care about the masses..
      And put it out there and see how it’s favors..
      you are so right.. there an audience for everything.. and the right one will find what they are into…
      you are so intellectual and so versatile in knowledge ….
      thanks for you very wise comments..
      you make me somehow look 👀 at it in a whole new light..

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Haha 😆

              That would be too easy rob..

              It only affected me so intensely because I was so damn emotionally invested.. and I was so sexually stimulated with the least little suggestions from him


    1. Rob .. it’s true but hard to believe that I really was so highly stimulated to the point of being able to reach such heights of sexual peak with just reading his scenarios..

      But the sexual energy was very intense.. and I was reacting fully and enjoying each and every moment…

      He was able to heighten all my senses and ignite that passion that was burning just for him…


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