And then he started to set a scenario for me;

“and if we get to the intimacy part maybe we make love for the first time at an abandon air field in the middle of nowhere on a blanket under the stars… just us and the universe…”

And I had to laugh; because it seem like he went right into farthest part of my mind and dig out all of my deepest fantasizes; wasn’t it me who had done something similar way back when; it wasn’t an air field but… a beach ..similar… close…under the stars.

Just what I always dream about.” I stated.

“I will bring a guitar and we can have a little fire and spend some quality time in a super romantic way.”he continued saying.

As I sit there reading his words… I was again in awe of him… I began thinking, “Oh good gracious! He’s talking my language; guitar… fire… aaahh .. I always love the guitar and a fireplace… and nothing like being serenaded with a love song on the guitar….

‘You just got me right there… and I love it.” I told him.

But he still has more to say… he was not finished with his creation of the scenario….

“maybe a little picnic basket with your favorites! I will totally romance you pretty girl… it’s the way every girls first experience should be… at least that’s how I feel anyways.”

So I told him, ‘you are every girl’s dream.”

And I meant it. He just described to me everything I would have loved; under the stars; guitar and him singing to me; a fire; and a picnic basket with some wine and cheesecake and whatever else.

And he top it off with a bang!!!!

, “after a perfect night together we will have a beautiful night take off under the stars… and see the area from the sky at night… perfect memory created… that would be nice.”

So, so nice, I thought. What memory that would be but… I can only live in the dreams of this fantasy though; he can’t be mine; I found the perfect man of my dreams and I can’t own him because of my horrific deception.. I pushed my thoughts aside… trying to stay focus on him and his most wonderful imagination…

You know how to lay it on, I told him.

He laughed, ‘Hahaha!! Sorry; I’m just speaking my thoughts.” He said.

How can anyone resist an offer like that?” I asked. “Don’t be sorry I did not mean any offense.” I told him. ” I really love your most beautiful creative imagination.. it’s as if you look deep into my mind and see exactly how I had imagined the perfect night with you..”

“Well… I don’t know… I’m hoping you can’t at some point.”

I’m almost tempted to say yes… yes… yes!! But I’m not quite ready.” I told him.

Little does he know…? I was just trying to find an excuse not to..

“I want you to not lose you virginity; I want you to share an amazing night… one that included you no longer being one. He begged of me. Well the good news is… I’m not in a hurry and will never rush you! I expect nothing baby.” He let me know.

I completely ignore the virginity statement; it put me back to where I was trying not to dwell on; so I brush it aside again, I don’t want to feel miserable right now; I am enjoying him and his fantasies way too much. So I again drifted into his fantasy getting completely  lost in his visualization..

So I simply said, ‘good for me; I know I’m gonna enjoy you and that moment .. whenever the time is right…you’re just one special man Allen”

Yes… he started to say, ‘and if I’m coming on too strong all you have to do is tell me; and I will back way off, I promise pretty girl.

I bit strong, yes, but… I’m having all this fun.” I let him know.

“We can stick to everyday stuff and chat about anything… he wanted me to know. “It’s a little difficult to not feel our sexual energy though…. It’s super strong… desire and passion. I can be very refrained and conservative.

{Don’t I know it? It’s super strong indeed}

Here I was putting a damper on all this sweet and wonderful visuals of his creative imagination of us actually making our relationship becoming a true reality… having these reservations and giving him this negative reaction to his beautiful suggestions…

Everything he was saying and thinking could be materialized and make true… but as much as I’m trying to visualize with him ,his most romantic creations of bringing our connection to life..

to me…

It just have to be a fantasy instead of being real… I find myself struggling to stay positive and fully enjoy him and his mood he was setting, to encourage me to take us to the next level….

He was hearing me and getting discouraged thinking it was me being afraid to open up to his sexual suggestiveness…

“If you like I will not bring anything sexual unless you initiate…. Would that make you more comfortable? He asked.

I kind of smile and think, “Right… you can’t help yourself lover.” {Smiling}

So I said to him, “I guess it is… {Super strong} when will I ever do that? [Initiate] no I actually like it when you do.” I told him.

OK then, it’s settled! He said. “I will say what I think and if it’s too overwhelming, you can just put your phone down”

So I tell him, ‘it turns me on and I love the feelings… not me lover.” [Putting the phone down] I love the feeling it creates in me…

Me too!!! He exclaimed. “These are perfectly amazingly perfect thoughts! Everyone should be lucky enough to feel this much emotion and passion. It is a privilege.”

Well for me… right now it’s definitely a privilege.

So I let him know, ‘I really do enjoy  your sexual fantasies”

And knowing that you read what I am saying and your kitty gets wet for me… drives me wild inside!” he told me.

“Laughing”  I wrote.” And it does,” . “And I read them again and again and again.”

Perfect! He said very amused. “I love the thought of your super sexy hands and long fingers pleasuring yourself… Mmmhmmm.” Then he tells me, “I will ask you to play with your p**** for me… I want to see how you take care of yourself so I can totally envision it when we talk…

And he started to tease me, “you are a complete mess now!” He said laughing, “ha-ha!!! Sorry. And you’re soaked… I know you Wendy.” He boasted. If you haven’t already cum, you will soon. Am I right? He wanted to know.

I was just dying of laughter and my kitty was jumping again to be petted. It’s being a long time since my kitty begged so much to play; god… this guy have me staying soaking wet and horny. So still laughing, I said to him…

Yes… I’m definitely a mess but don’t be sorry… Yes Allen … you know me so well. You have that power over me.”

So he said, ‘ok so I’m finished working out… going to take a shower, but first; I’m going to jerk off thinking about my girl.

I was thinking… working out? You were talking to me the whole time.

Anyways I, just responded to his jerking off, “Say what… really? OMG!!! You are plain crazy!” I told him.

Now… the question Wendy… do I have a picture I should look at… or do you have one you want me to look at while I cum? Yes I am crazy… and news flash!!! You are right here with me!” he told me laughing.

I completely misunderstand the picture question; thought he was asking for a naughty picture: so I got a little offensive and say to him, ‘no I don’t have any pictures like that… sorry.’

It doesn’t have to be naughty silly,” he consoles me. “And further, I would think you wouldn’t have anything like that baby… you are really shy.”

Ok I’m sorry, I misunderstood,” I apologize.

And I went searching for a picture of Paige to send to him; don’t know why I would want to do that other than I was trying to please him and give him what he wants…

I am just plain stupid… and so caught in this game of mine and not even thinking about my actions… ignoring what’s been happening… so caught up in the heat of the moment trying to please his fantasy. And I sent him one…

He was trying to explain to me his request, “I just mean something you want me to look at…so you know what I am envisioning…. It’s more for you than me…so you can picture what I am doing… and looking at.”

“Oops!!! Sh….t! OMG!!!! Too late I already send it. This was what I thought after I read his explanation.

I did it again; give him Paige to envision… Oh boy, oh boy oh boy, I can never get it right. I just keep making it worst and worst.

Here I was having this debate with myself with this deceptive game.. trying to figure a way out.. and instead of stopping with all the lies and fabrications.. I continued to play with him..

He was still saying something, “baby… I won’t put you on the spot for dirty pictures, ever. If I was going to it would have been the first night. Now Wendy… I am going to focus on that picture and think about us. And what will you be doing? He asked.

I want to stop talking now; because I just mess up again with the picture and I was not feeling too good about me right now.

So I told him, “oh good, because I have to get ready for work myself… I have had mine while you were fooling with me earlier.” I informed him.

Ok beautiful… he said “sorry I took so much of your time. It’s hard to stop talking once we start. Then he kinda laughed at the fact I have had mine: then he said jokingly, Dammit!! You have to share that kinda stuff.”

I did not comment, because I very was upset with myself…I again give him the envision of Paige; so all I said was, “isn’t that right and I do enjoy it so. [To it’s hard to stop chatting.] “Thank you for sharing you with me sweet Allen”

“Ok pretty girl. Thank you for chatting today, please have a great night at work. You will be in my thoughts as usual. Smile beautiful!!! It’s a perfect smile.”



Then I remember I wanted to ask for some more picture of him to keep as souvenir and have as memories after I let go of him, which right now I was thinking of again; so I said to him…

One last request before you go?”

Ok shoot,” he replies.

“What I want for Christmas from you is…are some more pictures of you… is that ok with you? I requested.

“Absolutely!! He said happily. ‘I will send you a bunch! I don’t have many on my phone but I will look on my computer and find a bunch. And I will be glad to do that.”

Well bye for now and thank you for giving me this time… you have a good day… I know I will… TTYL MY SWEET AllEN. I ENDED OUR CONVERSATION.

Ttyl beautiful! Have a great day Nita.” He ended.

I went to work very pensive; my mind was working overtime thinking how am I going to end this; I know I have come up with a plan, and although it means losing him, which was causing me excruciating pain with just the thought; I know it has to be done; I did not want to end it… but I am only hurting him more by leading him on longer and I did not want to be selfish and be mean any longer. He is just too sweet and special to keep on deceiving him.



25 thoughts on “ONLINE DATING: FIRST EXPERIENCE; part 8c

  1. Blog Andrew

    Wendy you didn’t go believing him when he said he didn’t want your virginity? Every guy wants a virgin, being serious I’m looking forward to the climax you do tell a great story 🙂

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  2. Girl, you sent another picture. Lol I can’t wait to share my experience with you. Trust me you, I get it. I only had one experience as well and I was all the time hot and ready lol. Oh but in the end. I am sticking around for it girlfriend.

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  3. You have an email or a text app. I don’t want to post on your line. My blog is a bit different and I don’t want to ask for to much of your personal info. Do you have a Facebook page? Or the messenger app for Fb?😃


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