…..In the evening after my doctors visit I sent a text jokingly …telling him that I got a script that only he can fill, and I need to get it fill now.

He laughed … thought I was funny. Then he asks, “what u doin?

I replied that I would love to do him.And that I wish he was here with me.

His response took me by surprise. I really didn’t expect him to play along with my humor…

“Yea me too, but I got the kids with me and they are eating.”

That little text made me feel so special and it leaves me hopeful that he was starting to like me. This is the closest we ever come to talk about us being together, ever.

I text back telling him I understand, and ask about the kids. And if he got to pay his insurance.

He said, “They are ok, and yea I paid it thanks. I needed that.”

After we finished our conversation . I sit there smiling… I was feeling connected to him and hopes that our little dialogue means that he is finally appreciating my friendship.

I play over in my mind our little conversation and my heart was singing with joy because it seems like we are getting closer.

I still had my doubts but talking to him leaves me with some hope. I did not hear from him next couple of days. I did not try to contact him either because I knew he got his babies with him and it’s the weekend and he got all that to do. The studio; the club; the shop ect.

The week came and past without any communication with him… I was a little disappointed that my hopefulness was crumbling… I guess with him it’s just passing through… until next time… I just tell myself I will just take it as it comes…


I guess He felt my mood, because he text me that day,

“Wassup, Iam good. I am at the park with the kids.”

I was at work so I could not talk to him…

(You see, I was trying real hard, too hard to be practical & realistic about his feelings. I was thinking for him. I was so busy telling me that  I’m just a fling to him and that he couldn’t or wouldn’t feel for me like that;  I may have miss his true feelings for me and instead of me asking him I presumably  have the answers…and  let my casual attitude do the talking.)

He texted me a few days after…informing me that his phone got wet and he just got it replaced. That’s why He did not respond to my texts.

I felt a little bad about my thoughts…. then. I was quite pleased that he connect with me though..

I find it so amazing , how good it makes me feel to just get a simple text from him.

And I asked myself????….Why is he so damn special? What about him that makes my heart jumps for joy and do a somersault….Why do I place so much importance on him? WHY?

when I think of him it creates the sweetest sensation that run through my whole body. It is this tingling feeling that gives me goose pimples and makes me shudder. I love the feeling.

I heard from him a couple days later,letting me know how busy he was…

I asked him how does he get all this energy from, and that he need to tell me his secret.

. Of course he tries to educate and advice me. He said,” don’t rush or worry, just be cool and enjoy what u work so hard for.”

He also said, “ Im sometimes very tired… I just save it by taking my time.”

I was amused by his statement so I smile ….He doesn’t realize, one of the reasons I liked him so much, and find him so attractive is because he is so Full of energy & life.

And I sit there thinking…..I don’t want to lose him, but how am I going to keep him to me. I don’t have what it takes.

I find myself smiling thinking of MYLOVE-LOVE. He can always put a smile on my face. Wish I could have him close to me so I could just hug him real tight and get one of those juicy kiss of his. Sure love to kiss him so.

The next day…. to my utter delight I got my wish . He came to see me, and OH MY GOD!! It was so good to have him here.

When I open the door and saw it was him.. my face lit up.. my heart leaps joyfully… I was really speechless.. but he stepped in the door.. scoop me up… and humorously say…

Girl just don’t stand there… you know what I came for. ??? “…

He reached the bedroom by then.. gently flung me onto the bed.. playfully jump beside me.. using his lips he started to tickle me on my tummy and sides… I was laughing really hard.. and when I laugh that hard I become weak..

I had to beg him to stop… he did but his lips found mine and he parted my lips with his and kiss me ever so sweetly and deeply… he pulled me closely to him and held me tightly as he could as he continue to kiss me emphatically and explosively….his lips feast on mine…

I lay there in his tight hug.. fully enjoying his amorous kiss.. feeling my body melting in his embrace…

He came up for air and he pushed me on my back as he began to undress me placing light affectionate kisses each step of undressing me… he got off my top and started to nibble on my nipples as he used the base of his palm to massage kitty through my pants…

Kitty was reacting fiercely to his touch.. and I could feel her quickly building to a rupture..

I covered his hand with mine holding his in place as he gently rotate in circular motion…

I softly whispered please don’t stop.. as I heist my hips to meet his hand movements..I felt kitty rising to explode and began moving faster as I urge him on with my hand to match my movements.. he kindly obliged… and kitty reached her peak and blasted off so forcefully that my hips was thrown into the air..

Leaving me screaming his name.. and loudly exclaiming.. yes!!! Yes!!! Ooh yesss.. baby.. baby.. oohhh babyyyy…

I lay there trying to recover from that demoniacal climax… as he hurriedly finished undressing me… he placed my legs on his shoulders and quickly and easily enters me.. kitty felt that hard rock of man meat… and she was ready to cumm again…he thrusts twice and she was sent in another powerful orgasm…

She was clenching and gripping him.. as she climax in blissful ecstasy… this cause him to reach his point of no return as he made one last deep final penetrating thrust…with a huge grunt of great pleasure he burst open and flooded kitty with hot spunk.. he kept jerking for a few seconds as he spurts every drop…

We were both soaked in our sweats and juices… he rolled off me onto the bed breathing as if he just run a marathon… I was not doing much better..

He looks over at me.. smile.. and said..

” girl that was definitely worth coming over for..”

He reached over and playfully disheveled my hair… then learn in and kiss my forehead ..

And said… ” you are amazing … and I jokingly responded… ” yep.. intoxicatingly delicious…”

He giggled and nodded…” yeah.. I would say so”…

We lie there with the covers on us… for a while talking… he asked me if he could smoke a cigarette.. and I allowed him the privilege.. ..

Then he got up and went into the shower… I went in to join him.. offer to do his back.. he was a little distant so I refrain from initiating another sexual session…

He got dressed as I sit and watched him.. I guess I was a bit sullen because he stopped for a moment to asked me.. why do I look so sad…

He hugged me and pulled me to him and said.. I have to go… but I’ll be back..

I looked up on his face smile. Nodded… and bury my face into his chest… and he held me for a few minutes. Then apologetically said he has to go..

I reluctantly let him go… and got up and pulled me up with him.. hugging me as we walked towards the door…

He left me with a luscious kiss a a promise that he’ll see me soon…

His loving was so intense and affectionate. I was left

wondering if he is feeling more for me.

I try not to get overly excited because I could be wrong, I wanted to ask him about ‘us’…but couldn’t get the nerves to… afraid of hearing his answers…

I ‘m thinking…. when he loves me like that though… how can I help but love him … I hoped him coming here tonight means that he liked me some and I prayed, “Dear lord make it so”.



19 thoughts on “MYLOVE-LOVE: THE JOY & PAIN OF A FORBIDDEN LOVE ; chapter 9

    1. At the time I was a little crushed…
      and it brings back some sad 😭 memories..

      But the in- joy I felt having him for those few moments.. surpasses the hurt I felt by his unintentional rejection…

      I had all the excuses in the world 🌎 for him then..
      That I didn’t even notice any disrespect….
      Up to this day I still never found out if it was all a lie about everything..

      I think I may continue the story after his appearance a year later..

      Liked by 3 people

    1. It sure did at the moment..
      thanks for reading 📖 and feeling the sorrow that comes with the story…

      Not everyone can play the game of a casual affair without becoming emotionally attached.

      I’m one of those..
      Can’t seems to separate sex from emotions….

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I personally believe they go hand in hand, sex leads to bonding. But you are really strong. What I noticed was that you had a dream of him with a gun and then he got caught and arrested with it. It’s almost like the dream was symbolic that he screwed himself over!

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Yep…
          My same reaction and thought.

          Never had a dream so real before..

          It was strength as much as accepting our terms of the relationship..

          I was a fool to think I could be causal and even a bigger fool to catch feelings for him..

          He was clearly unforbidden and as much as he finds me stimulatingly appealing..I was his
          Secret lover..

          Thanks for the comments.. much appreciated…

          Liked by 3 people

  1. Whew Nita, this became quite a mess… You deserve to be treated so much better. That said, we can’t control love and how we feel about someone. You clearly have great passion and some form of love for this man. I only hope that he returns the same energy as your relationship picks up after being apart for 11 months.❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for thinking 💭 I deserve more.. I did feel very strongly for him.. and my consolation was that … he did find me sexually appealing enough to keep coming back ever so often… some small glory..
      but.. nonetheless…

      I’m going to continue with this story.. so I won’t give away it’s mystery by saying…

      Liked by 2 people

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