‘hey are out there? It’s me…. Wendy…. Wanting some more laugh. Kinda like our conversation the other night.  You got some to throw my way?

 I got nothing so I leave it alone, it was 3am in the morning and I figure he must be sleeping. Next day Gail … my sister… rented a car and she and pick me up and we went shopping for ray’s birthday…her husband… when she took me home she invited me to stay over with her, so I went because we were planning on taking ray to lunch next day.

  I still have this guy on my mind and I wanted to talk to him again, so about 9pm, I said to Paige I’m going to text your boyfriend , see if he will respond, and so I did. ‘Hey lover lover’ 

And he answered, “hey pretty girl” I was so pleased, and I smile

I said, ‘hey you are on tango, on the prowl tonight?  I’m off tonight & nothing much on TV so glad you are on[Symbol]. I got nothing back, so after 10 minutes. I sent another text, ‘no conversation tonight… you are busy…. Well I’m here if you want to……..’

 I was a little bit disappointed but, thought he did not want to be bothered, so I leave it at that. At 10:29 he sent a text, ‘I’m only talking to tall thin hot chicks tonight!!!! Oh wait?!?!Hey that’s you.”

I light up and said to Paige, that’s your boyfriend. So I said to him, ‘I’m the only one you need to talk to.’


‘Hey I like the toed… Kinda cute,’ 

I told him thanks.

What are you doing? Don’t you have a job to work at till 4am? Ha-ha what do you do dig graves? He asks laughing.

I’m off today’. I told him, ‘right again, I love digging graves.’

‘Ha-ha! I’m usually am.’ He stated. Ok so how old are you?

 Oh sh…t …, I thought I can’t tell him the truth, what should I say? My phone battery was dying and so I told him, ‘hey lover….. My phone is dying and I am at my sister’s house with no charger,”

‘Oh no,’ he said

 I know :(, I responded…

He then insisted, ‘age please Wendy, and then I have one more question.’

I lied again, I told him 20s, then I say, ‘shoot ‘to the question.

Are those real!!! They are sure pretty… beautiful…. Teeth… I love a pretty smile.’

I told him, ‘a thanks thanks thanks.’  [ thinking , he would never like me, he could never like me , feeling glad I did not admit it was me, because if I did I would not be having this conversation right now. What I would do for a little conversation with a cute guy, hide behind my beautiful little niece, just like I did in the picture, Silly silly me.]

Hey my pleasure! He said, ‘well very kissable”.

I then said,’ braces; wouldn’t mind too much,” [I meant to be kissed by him; although I know it’s only in my dreams will that ever happen.]

And the sexy lips to go with it! Schwannnng,’ he stated.

‘You are kinda cute too,’ I told him. [And you know I meant that. I like this guy.]

Hey thanks pretty girl.’

Thank you …. I interjected.

He then starts by saying, ‘maybe one day we can have dinner and by that I mean…

I asked, ‘what?

He said something quite inappropriate and unexpected and way out of context…

  He took me by surprise did not quite expect that and I did not really want all this sex talk  I didn’t how to quite respond to all this, I love talking trash, everybody knows that, I’m filthy as they come; but I did not want this guy  to know that or think I’m only talking to him for sex, and I didn’t want to entertain him;  So I say to him, ‘you got me there.’

He sent a [Symbol] ….. Perfect! I like winning!!!! Ha-ha’. He laughed.

I then said to him, ‘oh u naughty naughty man,’

 And so he continued, ‘and who isn’t happy when they Cumming right? Tada!!! I’m your future happy! 

I said, we will see.’

He did not stop there, ‘oh did I forget to mention… and he again make some more silly comments on the subject…

 I told him,” I think I’ll be scared to meet him”. And I meant it, I thought, oops, he’s all about sex; don’t know if I want this.

Then he asked, ‘will you tell me your height and weight? I totally understand! You should be scared!! This place is full of idiots and creeps! Other than me[Symbol] ha-ha!!’  he laughed again

I ignore his question and told him that he sounded very intimidating, and yes… creepy.

‘Oh you think, ‘he said.  I’ve been told that…. But I don’t see it… I’m confident but kind…’

I only hope, I told him.

He says, only time will tell!!! Right.

I know it was time to cut off this conversation because I did not like the direction it was taking. So I told him, ‘anyways goodnight. Yes time will tell.

 He then says, ‘if we ever meet it will be in a public place, so you could get up and walk away at any point if you weren’t comfortable. Now dream of me please[Symbol].’

I started to say something to him but I changed my mind all I got was ‘sorry I’ and I responded to his dream about me; I told him, ‘will do’.

 Good night sexy girl’.

I said to him in return, ‘ … goodnight lover.

I was always weary of anybody online, I told myself I would never hookup with any guy online, and I still don’t think I will… this guy is cute but of a unsavory character and reputation..

I was left thinking aaaaw man, this guy is all about sex, I don’t know, if I really want to get in this with this guy, I just wanted some clean conversation without the dirt and filth.  And it’s not like I am going to ever see him. Well I just have to forget about him, as cute and a funny as he is.



I did not try to text  again for all that week although he was constantly on my mind, but I told myself he was not what I wanted, I really just wanted a texting buddy to pass time and I was the one that pursued him. So let it be. And anyways he really likes Paige and she is not available, and I can’t tell him now that’s it’s me; he wouldn’t want to talk to me.

 I really don’t remember exactly why I decided to text him to let him know that I’m going to stop, I really did not owe him an explanation but I did anyways, on Sunday night… the 15th… after work I came home and decided to send that fateful text.

 I said, ‘hey lover, my aunt said you are easy on the eyes and hard on the heart. I think I am way over my head with you; you  seem to be all about sex. And I don’t know how to be in a relationship with just sex. I’m too inexperience and naïve for you. You would only chew me up and spit me out.  I like you … those blue eyes and that pretty smile captivated me. But…you are right you are just too much for me to handle.” I then went to sleep.

I was trying to sound young and inexperience, still playing the role of my niece…while I’m interjecting “the aunt’ knowledge and wisdom as me…. this is where I should also confess that it’s not paige but me… but, I was just too busy playing this game of deception.


I was awaken by his text Monday morning at 9: 21am; ‘well Wendy I do sure appreciate your honesty. In reality I’m not only about sex but just assumed everyone on here was and so I’m way over the top with it. I’m sorry that I confused you it was never my intention. Either way I sure you will meet someone you are more comfortable with and a have a great life. You seem fun funny and you’re beautiful I’m sure you will meet someone you are more comfortable with. Take care sweet girl and thanks again for being so open and honest.’ 

After reading his text, I was kind of surprise by what he said and I was very impressed to learn that he was not really all about sex. … I should have left it alone, let it go at that, but not me, I liked him, something about him, I felt compel to talk to him; and I wanted to continue with the conversation; aaahh, don’t know how to leave well alone. And so I responded to him,

“If this is the case and you are as sweet as you look and as charming as you sound….could I have the pleasure of conversing with you every now and then. I kind of feel and get a connection with you; blame it in on damnedest blue eyes and that smile of yours. And of course, your sense of humor….ok Allen …. I like you. Is it ok for me to do so?

I can’t figure out why I was so drawn to him, why I did I liked him so much? Why didn’t I just let him be, why did I continue with this deception? Just for a little conversation. I can’t tell him now, if I do he will not talk to me, and I just want a little time with him; what a stupid, foolish thing for me to think. And again I missed out on the opportunity to come clean about my identity… this would have been the perfect time…

Anyways….. He answered me.

“Yes it’s ok. But I honestly understand if I’m too much to handle! I liked our connection too. I promise to not come on so strong and I refuse to mess with your head…so I let you dictate how we move on forward and promise to be somewhat of a gentleman[Symbol]

Oh thank you thank you, I gladly said.

My pleasure, says he.

“Let’s see how it goes and where it takes me (us)” I said to him,” and BTW aren’t you supposed to be at work right now?”

[If only I could have known the path that this conversation would lead to and known that all my deception would jump right at me and bite me in the ass. All the pain and sorrow that it would have cause, the anguish and agony it would left me….. If only I could have known….] Playing a game of deception is never going to end good… I couldn’t see the future and couldn’t have known that the father I take this game the harder it’s going to be for me to tell the truth. And I’m actually old enough to know this… but i was so naive with my behavior…

Haha! Well I am… kinda. I am self employed so I can’t get fired. He told me

“Really…. What exactly do you do and I never asked where are you, in what city? I’m here in Orlando.”

I’m in Daytona and I’m an architect. I have interest I have a few business…that’s why I fly. For work and sometimes for fun. So tell me about you please.

“An architect and pilot…..” I said, ‘very impressive, that’s so cool, I always like architecture wish I was artistic enough to get in to the field… now about me…….. Warning …. I may be boring. I am in school working on my associates trying to figure out what to major in. my mom wants me to be a doctor; but I am not so sure what I want; we’ll see. And I work second shift in a retail store….. When I am not in school studying or at work; I love to cook and bake stuff or curl up with a good novel or watch a movie.  Told you I’m boring.

 There I go… on with playing this deceiving game… and the bad part about it all … is, I play it so damn good… smiling… having fun… enjoying the conversation with this fascinating and intriguing guy… not thinking how wrong I am, playing this horrific trick on him…

the story doesn’t end here though… we talked all that day in the night way pass midnight… by the time we stop i was hooked and dug a hole so deep into deception… I had no way out…

I got up got something to eat. Clean up a little and all the time my mind was wondering to him; I was so drawn to him. I liked him; I really liked him and I was so excited to talk to him again; my heart was pounding  against my chest with just thinking of him; there was a knot in my stomach with the anticipation of him, and I knew I had to do something about cutting off this because I was not Paige and it’s Paige that he really likes; but I want some more of him. He is so gorgeous, charming and amazing.

to be continued …


On reaching the dining Area… they realize they were too late for brunch.. They will have to wait for the next meal time…

They took a walk to the pool area.. was a little warm. So they went back inside.. wander about some more.. nothing much was taking place.. everyone was just sitting around enjoying each other company. Chitchatting And relaxing ..

So they headed back upstairs to lounge around and enjoy each other company without interference…

They got in the room.. and went straight into the bed.. she hugged him and they rolled around a little .. giggling and teasing tantalizing each other.. until they both give in a another round of exhilarating love making… he felt so invigorate and totally sated… he was a little surprised just how much he was enjoying this luscious and vibrant woman..

They lie in each other arms just too exhausted.. too comfortable… and much to relaxed to move..

they chitchat a little.. enjoying the feel of each other body and the warmth it creates… they both drift off to sleep.. and he woke up to see her facing him just looking at him intently .. she smiles at him and brush her lips against his and then kiss his cheek.. and said ..

“I’m kinda hungry.. let’s go try again.”

He smiles back and nodded in response… and got up and headed to the shower.. he stopped at the The door.. turned and ask her …

“Are you coming???!!!” ….

She smiles and jumps up eagerly .. and join him.. she followed him in and they both got in the shower..

He teasingly splash her with cold water and see screams and laughing out loudly..

she was curled up against the wall trying to dodge the water… and he started laughing with her.. he then pulled her to him .. hugging her.. pressing her voluptuous breast to his chest..

he started to kiss her as the warm shower fell on them..

she was very responsive to his kiss and started to make little pleasure moaning sounds as she tried to press even closer into him pushing him against the wall… she felt him responding to her as his kisses set her flame of desire ablaze… igniting and heightening all her senses…

he lifted her legs to his hips and they again enjoy each other bodies..

she cum with such a intense force that left her shaking and jerking uncontrollably… calling out his name and begging him not to stop..

This send him over the top making him spurt his load filling her …

They finally finish their shower and got ready and once again headed downstairs to fill their appetite ..

they were famished … for food.. they have built up quite an appetite… but was fully satisfied sexually…

He was so glad he accepted her invitation to spend the day with her.. ….

They again mingled with the crowd.. and he got the chance again to be introduced those members that he didn’t before..

Her sisters were again were looking at them knowingly… and she seems to have boastingly confess their sexual encounters to them… because they turn to him and said..

” Be careful what you guys are doing up in that room.. no baby making now..”

One of them wink at him… and give him that sheepishly smile…

He blushed a little.. looked at sandy… lean in kiss her on the cheek.. whispering…

” you didn’t..???!!!” Then asking her if she wanted a drink…

She giggles and smiles at him.. throwing her backwards and up in a delightful manner.. he couldn’t But noticed just how beautiful she really is.. and he felt an emotional rush runs through him… he experienced a slight tremor..

she saw his reaction.. squeeze his hand.. reassuringly and answered him that that she would like that drink…

As he walked away he smiles reflecting on their love making sessions… he truly enjoyed her today…to him it was all just a casual day having some fun..


He couldn’t help but wonder if to her it was something more????!!!!

He got back with the drinks .. stood there silently… watching her interact with everyone… observing how delightfully happy she seems… she was glowing radiantly … beaming with smiles.. as she occasionally flashes a bright smile his way….

After a while he told her he was feeling a bit tired and was going to go back up and sneak in a nap….

He woke up much later than he intended. .. saw her curled up next to him fully dressed.. her back was to him.. so he just pulled up to as gently as he could not wanting to awake her.. he pulled her to him in a spooning position.. throw his arm around her waist.. buried his nose in her hair sniffing and taking in her sweet scent.. and then nuzzled his cheek against her head..

He lay there.. enjoying the warmth of her body.. listening to her even breaths…. and feeling so good to just lie there with her in his arms…

He drifted off to sleep very relaxed and content.. no other place he’d rather be…..




He got back to his desert life… and somehow felt more at home here… he breathed a sigh of relief and find himself feeling.. this is where he belong..

Nothing was back home for him anymore… he gets himself settled in ..he had the evening off.. so he took a short nap.. then gets up to eat something.. he wonders around camp a little trying to pass time and reflecting back on his past week back home…

He was not really angry.. but it really disturbed him that his girl treated him so cold and shabby… he then smile with the thought that he is losing his touch… He shakes his head… and wonder if it’s his feelings waning for her…why he fails to be able to get her to want him.. because he really didn’t put out that much effort in convincing her or seducing her…

He was feeling slightly rejected.. but should he be feeling this.. or is it just his ego that is bruised…

And Yas ..

he concluded that she is a little deceptive. And not very honorable… but better she shows her true colors now than wait till he’s emotionally invested..

He’s a little bit disappointed but not affected by her…

…..and Terri..

shaking his head he sighs and giggles to himself…. she got some mickey Ds out of him .. but he comes up short on the return…

oooh well.. it’s all behind him now and he came back as dry as the desert..

Feeling a little despondent and a little weary he slowly headed back to his room… he got in bed turn on a little music to soothe his wandering thoughts and it didn’t take him long to drift off to sleep..

The following week was busy .. but he made a couple new friends.. one a Mexican beauty name Beyoncé..

And a Russian guy name Oleg…

He spent a lot of his free time with Beyoncé.. and getting to know her was a thrill…

she was witty and charming.. and easy to like… it was not a love connection but he looks forward to spend time with her all week..

Come the weekend she invited him to hang out with her and some of her crew members.. and he accepted and had a ball… she made him feel like he has been apart of her group.. she included him in every conversation and sit with him exclusively all evening..

At the end of the night he went to his room smiling.. thankful that he made really great connection.. He was moving forward in his new surroundings and his new life…

The following week though she left for her time off.. and he sure miss her company…

Oleg also left.. he has a family so he was glad to go…

It’s his turn when they return next week.. and although he has nothing much to look forward to… he will be making the trip back home.

He was thinking that he may extend his stay long next time… and maybe he can coincide his time off with his Mexican beauty.. he was feeling really good about having her as a friend.. she’s so outgoing and much fun..

It makes this desert come to life for him..

He tried to bury himself into what he’s doing to ward off his boredom and not to miss Beyoncé too much…

He tells himself If he keeps his mind occupied the week will run off before you know it..

He has been corresponding with his girl here and there.. she has been texting him and keeping him informed of her daily activities.. boasting how she has been cleaning and getting her home organized.. she was very proud of her progress it seems…


She always ends with how much all this industrious activity is affecting her..

oooh the pain.. can’t move.. so sore..

and then she complains how she’s the only one doing it.. and how she has to take interval break to ease all the severe discomfort it causes..

He tried to be encouraging with his comments but he wasn’t sure why she takes so much pride in telling him all this.. he was somewhat confused though…

Does she wants his praise on a job well done or his sympathy and empathy for her ailments that she always develops after such jobs…

And quite frankly he really didn’t believe she was doing as much as she claims because she keeps going over the same areas in her story each day…

how can one place always gets so messy that she has to be constantly cleaning the same area over and over again..

He has to question her motives in claiming and relating to him her accomplishments on a daily basis…

what is she trying to accomplish here..

impress him.. ???or she just wants to stay in contact with him and so she makes up all this about what she’s doing and how she’s feeling just for conversation.. knowing that he will always respond to her so she can feel connected to him…????

He shrugged it off because he wasn’t really too interested anyways.. he is really losing interest in her it seems… guess out of sight out of mind…

Another weekend is here and how he miss his friend Beyoncé.. she’ll be back Tuesday some time and he leaves out Wednesday morning early…

it has been a very busy week actually.. and he was ready for a break..

Come Monday he was called to the office.. he didn’t know what to expect.. when he got there.. a supervisor/ manager greets him..

He said.. “Cory.. I have an offer to put to you..”

He listened intently..

“We have a opening for a supervisor position in another location and we think you would be qualified for the position if you are interested..”

He was a little stunned at the suggestion and offer.. he has only been here for two months.. he is just getting used to this place and just starting to make friends..

As he sit there listening to him rattling on about the duties required and the increase in salary.. he felt enthusiastic about moving up..

but.. he was a little doubtful if he’s ready for leadership … but again they thinks it’s something he could handle…

He was snap out of his thoughts with him asking…

“What do you think Cory ?? Would you be interested in moving on to another location..??!!

He nodded and smile eagerly.. yes I would..

He got up shook his hands and tell him he would get the package to him to look over and give them his answer if he is willing to make the change..

He agreed..

He walked away with mixed feelings.. he was a little excited.. especially about the salary.. and he was feeling good that they have faith in him to recommend his for this position..

On the other hand..

can he really do this job.. he never had a managerial position before.. does he have that leadership persona to to be the boss and get the job done..

He’s willing to train for it .. but what if he decided it’s not for him..??

Does he want to take that risk???!! Of losing his job…

He really have to put some serious thought into this.. he’s quite happy where he’s at .. at the moment..

He spent all night thinking and thinking. About the pros and the cons.. but he don’t have to make a decision tonight… so he lay back and before he knows it he was asleep….

Next day is Tuesday .. it was really a tough busy day didn’t have much time to stop and think about Much…

when he got back to camp and went to get some dinner.. he was starving.. and exhausted.. it was a hot day..

As he walked in the cafeteria he saw Beyoncé.., she gleams at him waving her hands.. he walked over to her table sit down and greeted her with a smile…

“Welcome back girl… how was your time off.???….so glad to see you back … ”

She smile back at him and responded… telling him she had a good time. But it went much too fast…

He nodded in Agreement and jokingly stated that it went much too slow here.. “it’s been a long week and you weren’t here to hang with..”

“Awwww”.. she gestured..

He excuse his self and go get him his meal.. He spent a few minutes talking to her after eating and went to his room…

He slept good that night… he’s all packed and ready to board that plane in the morning…

When he got up.. he was approached by the manager and he handed him the package he promised… and he got on the shuttle for the airport.. anxiously wanting to review this job offer..

He still wasn’t too sure what he’s gonna do.. but he has one week to go over it and make up his mind…



A MESSY LOVE 💕 STORY… part 12c

He got home and he decided he is going to attempt one more time to get his girlto make a date with him….

So he texted her..

suggesting she finds something or somewhere for them to go..

she insisted on playing the fool including her daughter .. finding excuses to avoid the initial question..

So he sent another text…

“Just me and you kris

I have been missing you 😔

And just wants some quality time with you…

Can we do that..

Maybe bowling 🎳

A little lunch..

Some super conversation..

Me .. you.. and nothing/ nobody inbetween..!!!???”

Her response.. ” she is not much into bowling.. she only goes because of her daughter… but yes they could…”

She didn’t however stop there…

she mentioned that she is willing as long as he included her daughter before or after..

And she has told him she wanted to go to this church sale..

He had agreed to take her.. and was hoping after he’ll get his chance to spend a little time alone with her.. so he could make his play for a little self entertainment…

He drifted off to sleep… looking forward to his day with her …

He woke up …get hisself together and headed over… he picked her up.. and they went to the church sale..

she was so at home. Sitting on the floor going through a few boxes of movies.. this is really her world..

He stroll around browsing and he found himself a decent looking camera for $3.00

He patiently waited for her to finish up.. quietly and anxiously anticipating their afternoon together….

After what seems like an eternity.. she was ready to go.. he asked where to next and she instantly mentioned where are they going to take her daughter… so very reluctantly he decided to get her daughter out of the way first.. because he didn’t want anything to interfere with their alone time…

So they headed home to fetch her… they get into the house.. and he sits and wait.. and he waited.. and waited..

After an hour or so .. she still hadn’t made no effort to do anything.. he gave up on the idea of their intended rendezvous…

He excused himself.. saying he is getting a bit too hot and becoming restless.. and so he left..

He was experiencing an burning itching sensation on his chest.. it wasn’t too irritating at the time but by the end of that evening.. it has become very uncomfortable…

He decided to examine the area.. he observed a rash of some sort.. and realize he has bruised it with his scratching…

It was getting a little unbearable and a annoying.. he tried to calm it by applying an ointment..

By Sunday it was feeling a little better but very red around the area..

He was leaving to go back on Tuesday morning early.. he hoped it healed by then..

As he lay there in his bed trying to figure out what causes that reaction… he reflected back on his week off.. nothing had worked out as he had hoped or planned…

coming back home was not as exciting as he had anticipated…

He spent Monday at home .. not too motivated to go anywhere.. he really couldn’t wait to get on that plane ✈️ back to the desert.. away from it all… and put it all behind him…

He decided he just have to find some new ways to entertain himself…

He now has a new life.. a New job.. and it’s time for New beginnings….




He keeps talking to her.. and visit with her frequently… hoping to help her out of that depressed mode she’s in.. after a month or so she started to show signs of recovering and back to her normal self…

He decided to step back some and see her less..

He told her his job has becoming very demanding.. he was still thinking of gently walking away from her.. He has admitted to himself that he does care for her deeply and find it hard to let go completely…

He decided he’s not going to cut ties fully.. but he’s going to stop this physical relationship even though.. he still feels some sexual tension and energy when he’s with her..

She have the tendency to always be rubbing his back in a very sensual caressing manner..


place her hand on his thighs and stroking upwards towards his groin.. she does it very unconsciously.. and it sends a electric jolt to warm that sensitive area that he’s trying to control..

He loves the feeling it gives but he just don’t want to react.. just too risky and it’s still fresh in his mind all that emotional turmoil she puts him through..

So he decides it’s best if he stays away.. He can resist only so long…

A job offer came up for work out of states and it pays almost three times what he’s now getting..

It offers free lodging and food.. and he don’t have to travel.. and paid flight to and from..

He would work.. two to three weeks.. and off one week.. which he gets to come home…

He thought this would be a good chance to get away from her and the money is very appealing.. so he applied and he got accepted…

The week before his departure he met a really beautiful lady.. And he was very enthusiastic about her..

He told his girl that he’d be leaving.. and she was really disappointed .. but he finds that he was more excited about leaving than caring about her feelings..

It means starting over.. a new job.. good money.. and this new girl..

He was moving up and he felt good at his success and his new found accomplishments…

All of sudden he was feeling above her and that she no longer fits in his circle..

He has moved on…

He was trying to convince himself that he can do without her.. although he still talks to her daily in a ritual manner..

He was just fooling himself… she means more to him than he cares to admit..

But he hopes being away would calloused his heart…

This new girl seems to like him.. and she so different from her.. it’s like night and day… he even started to think that this new girl maybe too good for him.. but he shrugged that feelings off because she’s very receptive to his advances…

He decided to take it in strides.. and hopefully the more he gets to know her…the less he’ll feel for his former lover…

He flew out to his new position… it was located in a deserted area.. they have what you called a man camp.. decent looking rooms…

His first few days were busy with meetings and orientation.. but he finds himself missing the familiarity of home and he misses his girl.. so of course he text her and she expresses how much she misses him…

Of course…he admitted to her that he misses her too..

What’s wrong with him.. why is he giving her the impression that he still cares for her..

He goes in a rage with himself just how weak he is.. beating himself up…

He is here for a reason …. to shake her.. and focus on this money he’s making and this new girl ..



REFLECTIONS: The Diary of My Life… part 2


… The next few days I just stayed by myself.. and cry…

No one seems to care too much.. they just left me alone..

I found out that I have another sister.. She was three.. and a two baby brothers.. one.. only a year old and the other a little baby..

My new sister name was Dianne.. and she uses to seek me out and sit with me.. before long we were inseparable…

I don’t know if my dislike was so obvious towards my stepmother that she reciprocate and took a big dislike to me… and I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t like her that I felt that she didn’t like me…

She treats me with so much indifference and she was often mean..especially when my father wasn’t around..

She says the most meanest thing she could to a child… and as usual.. being the sensitive child I was.. I would go and cry my heart out…it seems all I did back then was cry..

Another problem I had….was peeing the bed at nights.. I would try so hard not to.. but I would always wake up soaking wet..

My stepmom didn’t like that at all.. she would get so annoyed and cuss at me every morning…

she would hold me .. shake me and call me lazy and ask me when are you going to stop… ???

I would just start crying.. stuttering trying to tell her I will.. but the word would never come out..

( looking back.. she probably was so overwhelmed with three babies and now three more.. and she would have to change and wash those sheets .. extra work that she doesn’t have the time for.. all washing was done by hand.. but as a child I couldn’t understand that..)

I just wanted be anywhere but there..

My grandma was living in another part of the house…with her second husband and three younger children.. our age group… The oldest daughter was 13… and the youngest..8…

My grandma was very afraid of ghosts.. she always said she can see them.. she would always have salt spread across her doorways.. she tells us kids it was to ward of those ghosts…

We all believe her…especially when everyone was claiming that my mom was seen.. and it’s all because we were there…

I was so scared.. so to add to my already sad existence comes this thing about my dead mom..

My aunts and uncle was so scared they didn’t want us there anywhere near them..

My grandma had a TV.. in her room and I always wanted to watch it.. but they would never allow me in. Saying my mom is haunting me and she would follow me in..

My mom seems to be on a rampage and was creating a havoc in my life…

That first few months was so hard for me.. I wanted to be anyone but me…

My stepmom was from a different parish ( state)and that summer she decided to take everyone to visit and spend some time with her brothers.. everyone except me of course.. even my eight year old aunt got to go.. and I was left with my grandma.. and her two kids..

I cried and I cried.. I wanted so much to be apart of that trip.. and I didn’t really know why I was left behind…and I didn’t want to left..

And my worst nightmare began… I was locked in a room by myself because everyone was afraid of my mom..

I was so afraid.. I was trembling with fear and every little thing I heard scared me even more..

I remember feeling so alone.. so anxious.. my grandma was in her room with her kids.. and I had no one to turn to.. I think I cried that whole time and I don’t think I slept a wink…

I became so bitter.. I hated everyone and everything.. l asked myself..,why does everyone hates me…

and I hated my stepmom even more..but I wasn’t brave enough to do anything… like running away but the thoughts occurred to me on more than once..

By the time they got home.. I was so frazzled.. and mad.. and I withdrew even more..

I would lash out with cuss words and was very mean to my sisters..

my stepmom would whoop me for cursing.. and would always find an excuse to be mean to me…

My school life was no better.. I still had no friends .. I didn’t realize that I was just mean to everyone so I was so unapproachable and my attitude cause everyone to stay away…I was way too defensive.. afraid of letting anyone in…

The experience with the fear of my mom.. causes me to be not afraid…I had no choice I guess .. and I finally got over it..

my own company became my best friend.. I refuse to talk to my sisters.. I didn’t say much to my stepmom.. my father was never around.. I would go off in isolation by myself.. and I started to keep a diary where I poured out all my anger.. and bitterness..

I was living in self pity .. and a feeling of pure resentment from everyone ..

I was called handicap and retarded…I still still didn’t talk.. I usually just nods and shake my head.. in response to everything..

I don’t remember ever smiling that first years .. I was always crying..

My stepmom would get so annoyed at me crying.. she used to tell me to shut up.. which makes me cry even more.. and sometimes would slap me.. telling me .. she’s giving me something to cry for..

My siblings would all laugh and find it so funny.. which angers me and make me want to cry more…,

I felt so helpless and so unhappy…

my life stayed in that mode Over the next three years I only grew more and more bitter…

My stepmom never takes me anywhere with her.. and I got used to it..

twice a year she would take my sisters to her home town. Always leaving me behind…

I stop crying.. but at age 12.. she decided she would invite me along…. and I didn’t want to go….



REFLECTIONS…The Diary of my life…

Have you ever stop to reflect on your life..??? Have you ever wished you were someone else..??? I have…!!


I was born an healthy and most beautiful baby.. my father ever had.. but at 10 months I got sick..

I stop eating.. stop moving.. I was breathing .. but was unresponsive.. I didn’t even cry anymore…doctors didn’t have a diagnosis for my acute condition.. my mom throw me aside.. so frustrated …she didn’t know what to do and so she gave up… because she couldn’t understand the reasons for her beautiful baby girl dwindling away in front of her eyes.. with no hope of recovering.. I was paralyzed..

I was almost walking off.. before I became sick… I was a happy baby.. always smiling.. now it was hard for her to see me like that…

” Go bury her” .. she told my father..

My father took my lifeless body up .. confused.. emotional.. but refuses to give up on me.. all out of options… he decided to take me to this pastor that is known for healing the sick..

When all fails.. We all turn to God in huge renewed faith..

That pastor took my tiny lifeless body.. says his prayers as my dad watches .. silently praying.. begging God to be merciful to his baby girl…

Then my dad let out a gasp of fear as the pastor suddenly lift and throw his baby in the air and then catch her back.. my dad reached his hand in the air in motions of catching his baby..

The Pastor repeat his actions two more my father watches with a lump in his throat and with the thoughts of taking his unresponsive baby away from the pastor..


Just as he reached over to retrieve his baby as she landed safely in the Pastors hands the third time…she cries out just like when she was born..

It was music to his ears.. the tears came rolling down his face.. she hasn’t made a sound since she took ill..

The pastor handed him his baby … smiling…and said to him..

“I think she’s hungry..”

He rest his hands on my father’s shoulder .. look into his speechless emotional face.. fill with tears.. and told him with great compassion…that she’s going to alright..

” God has breathe back life into her.. take her home and give her love.. she’s a special child of God..”

All my dad could his overly emotional state.. was a nod.. as he hugged his precious baby close to his chest..

He got into his car and as he sit down still holding me.. he breaks down in sobs.. muttering.. “Thank you Jesus.. Thank you Jesus… He sat there and wept so thankful to god and to the pastor until he was interrupted by the sound of my crying ..

And through the tears .. he smiles.. then giggles and say.. to me..

” let’s get you home to your momma.. so she can feed you.. “

I cry all the way home.. my dad was just enjoy hearing me crying, knowing that it meant I’m going to be alright…he got back his beautiful baby girl..

My dad got home… got out his car and with me in his arms.. he screamed out for mom running towards the house as fast he could.. all excited..

Mom ran out.. seeing him clutching me.. she stopped .. her heart pounding.. the first thing that comes to her mind was..she is dead…

She holds her tummy bends over.. crying hysterically…My dad reaches her and says..

” no honey.. she’s is alright. Look.. “

As he handed me to her..

She looks at him.. in disbelief and astonishment…

“What … what… what do you mean..???” She stuttered between sobs..

And then I began crying again..

mom was so thrilled and shocked hearing my voice.. she stand there just looking down at me..

“She’s Just hungry.. lets go get her a bottle..”

My mom looks at him with so much questions in her mind. As he gently ushered her into the house.. She couldn’t stop looking at me as if it was the first time she saw me..

His mom and sisters all come running up.. asking.. in unison.. .

What happened?? Is she …. gone??

My dad went to his mom.. and hugged her… gently sobbing …and said..

” no mommy.. she is alright.. I took her to that healing pastor and he brought her back.. “

They all gathered around.. listening in awe… as he tells his story.. mom sat quietly as she feeds me .. just so happy that I’m actually drinking the milk…

She had tears in her eyes as she recalls telling my dad to bury me.. but she just didn’t know what to do.. she was so angry at God for allowing this to happen to her beautiful baby girl..

And to think it was him that gave her a second chance….she close her eyes and whispered a prayer of gratitude..

She put me down to sleep and she walked over to my dad.. hugged him tightly.. and softly thank him for what he had done..

He just hold tightly… gently caressing her back comforting her.. his sisters walked up to them and they hugged her too..

They sit around a little and had fun talking ….something they hadn’t done in a long time…

My dad decided he wanted to celebrate so he organized a party..

His grandfather suggested that he performed this family ritual that is cultural.. during the party.. he agreed..

It was supposedly to help me get stronger..

I started to improve but slowly..

I had to learn to creep again.. and I showed sign of being slow…

As the months goes by.. I grow but my coordination was slow.. by the time I started to walk .. I was like three.. and my right foot would lag behind..

I was not very balanced either.. I would fall regularly.. especially if I try to run…

My older sister would get whooped frequently for pushing me.. and making me fall.. I was so weak and would fall easily at the slightest she stopped playing with me..

My mom had a baby boy a year later.. but he died soon after birth.. my dad was so broken… his death devastated him…but within the next year my little sister was born..

And then I was old enough to remember that day she went away to have her..

I remember watching my mom going Of with her suitcase and little me crying thinking my mom is never coming back..

I was so frail.. and puny.. but I was alive..I remember my grandma hugging me and trying to soothe me to stop me from crying…

My recollection during that time was not much..


My life started out really shaky.. my parents treat me as an invalid. And they were overly protective..My siblings shun me.. treating me indifferent ..

I learned to be a loner as early as five and six years old ..I became very sensitive.. and very self defensive…

So much..That I became feisty and mean and even adapted being indifferent..

To make it worse.. I had a bad stutter.. I couldn’t say one word without stammering and I was teased constantly.. I was becoming afraid to talk.. I was embarrassed to…I didn’t want to be laugh at… I hated when they laugh at me..

So I stopped talking.. and if I had to ..I would try to hurry up to get it out.. that only makes it worse.. I would get so frustrated. That I became a crier.. I cried for everything.. I used to cry at nights..

…. I wanted to be different.. I want to be like my sisters…

I couldn’t understand why Nobody wants to play with me..

I started school at six.. and again .. instead of making friends.. I was picked at and make fun at.. I got my hair pulled .. and teased ….nobody wants to be my friend..

my sister has friends and when I would seek her out..during breaks.. she would tell me to go.. I could tell that she was embarrassed to be my sister..

Of course I would walked away crying.. while she and her friend laugh at me..

This only let me become more bitter… I felt so hurt.. and I hate me…

Then we had to move… but Dad didn’t move with us.. I don’t remember asking why…


My mom would start to cry at nights .. and she started complaining to whoever would listen.. and I was becoming an inquisitive and curious and observant child.. I heard my mom telling her friends…

My dad has another lady.. I started to resent this lady for making my mom cry.. I didn’t know her.. and I didn’t quite understand why..


by now.. I was learning how to hate. And I was learning how it feels to be hurt…

My Dad would come by once a week…

we were all pleased to see him.. especially mom.. but…

After he left mom would cry even harder.. and I would feel so sad and I would cry for her…

I made friends with A little girl from next door and she loan me a doll and that doll became my best friend..

my sisters were still ignoring me.. and often played with each other.. leaving me out.. I was like a nobody… to them.. I used to pretend I don’t care.. but I was dying inside.. I was full of so much rage…I want them to like me.. accept me.. include me.. but they just laugh at me and mock me if I tried to say anything.. and all I could do was cry..

A couple years after my mom got sick.. went in the hospital and within a week she died…

I was only nine years old.. and I was mad.. My grandma was with us.. and she wants to take us to our dad..

I became so defiant.. and rude.. I refuse to go..

My mom brother .. my uncle…came by and witnessed my behavior.. he offered to take me with him.. I wanted to go with him…and was so glad to go with him..

I stayed with my uncle until my moms funeral… my father didn’t attend..

As I watched my mom being lowered into the ground.. I was numb and I didn’t cry or show any emotions..

I went back home with my uncle…


my dad sent for me… I had no choice but to go.. I cried all the way there.. hysterically..

I got there and I cried even more..

My dad asked me… why I was crying.. I stuttered that I want to stay with my uncle..

My dad jokingly said…”I don’t have any puss kitten to give belong here with me and your sisters..”

Every one was laughing except me.. so when he asked if I understood.. I mearly nodded afraid if I answered they would all laugh at me again..

And so begins my new life with the woman I grow to hate..