It all started  with. Me working at ‘THE HOME DEPOT’  at the front end..  working there, I found out that a lot of men passes through and me being who I am,  a flirt, of course I had a ball getting my flirt on; and we have a hundred plus workers with 75% guys…. and man with my personality … i had all these guys liking me… I was in my zone.

Of course.with all that attention, I started feeling very sensual and appealing…

they had a night crew starting at 10pm. I used to greet them as they walk in whenever I worked the closing shift.. there was this one guy; about 6’2″ .. good-looking… great body.. and a little younger than me…

He would walk in and I would smile at him and  say “Hey, How u doing”

He would smile that smile of his… raise his eye brow…. nod his head and say “Hi”. 

  When he passes me by, I would think Mmm, nice guy .. smiling and fantasizing… wishing I could command a guy like him.. if only I was a little younger.

This continues for the rest of that year… and I would  look forward seeing him whenever I close..

HOME DEPOT’ decides to phase out the night crew and they transfer all these night workers to days… and this guys became a loader,working outside helping customers with their purchases to their cars.. so he has to work with us cashiers… I soon learn that his name was ‘REDD’  ….

Of course, having him working so close and seeing him most days; I start to flirt with him and of course he was gamed… I wasn’t very serious I was having my usual fun and enjoying the attention of a sexy gorgeous hunk of a guy…

 Don’t remember exactly how it all started but he stated to flirt with me and of course I was tickled and quite pleased  …. and making me feel all the more confident in my sensuality.

. It all come around in September;. “I can take you out now, I just made me some good tips” he told me one evening.

I smiled blushing a little… I was a very flattered and felt real  good to have the guy 20 years my junior liking me. ..  I  ask him his age and he told me 28.. I was a little surprised  because I had really thought he was a little older…  so I said really? and confess to him that he is much too young for me…

He laughed and comment that it doesn’t matter… I just shake my head thinking.. “maan if only he was older.. I really could.. I know I would…  I walked away smiling and feeling so so wonderful… and a little disappointed.. but was grinning with pleasure knowing he finds me attractive enough to asked me out..


I had two friends i worked with  and our favorite subject is guys and sex.. these girls are divas and they always have tales about their escapades… So I mention to them, what was taking place between me and REDD;  about his attentions,  how much I am enjoying it…but how young he was and that I could not think of going there  with him because I was so much older

Of course WANDA & LYNN instead of agreeing with me they encourage me to go for it. “Try him out Max” they say. “You might just like him, and it might be good.”

I smiled and laugh at the idea, but I started  thinking seriously about REDD… and i find myself wanting to, and over the next few weeks  I started looking on this guy differently… building up a fantasy  with him and every time he flirts with me… I become more and more inclined and fascinated… Before you know it I’m seeing him in a different light and thinking of him physically.

To make matters worse he keep on flirting with me and giving me more reasons to like him. It was a holiday, Labor Day. WE had a cook out I was getting my food He came up behind me wrapped his arms around me, pull me close to him and  gives me a big kiss on the cheek. I was shocked, amazed and thrilled all in one. I thought about that incident for a long time.  and I got goose pimples  with the thought of him kissing me..

  I would seek him out to talk to  every chance i got… I started to yearn  to be close to him…

He used to tell everybody I’m his girl, and I just played along loving the feeling he gives me… That used to please me so much.

 Coming on to Christmas …One day in the outside garden he came up behind me while I was sitting down and put his arms around me and hold me close for a while. i just lean in into him enjoying the feeling of him , and experiencing a rush of adrenaline flow..

I enjoyed that hug so much I couldn’t get it out of mind.

I think it was about then that I started to build up a crush on him, wanting more and craving his touch.. and tell myself that I must have him even once. So I gave him my phone number to call me. and I waited anxiously for that call that never came..

 So I ask ,says he was too busy. but promised he would…

We became inseparable… and going to work become so enjoyable just knowing that he is going to be there .. We  talk a lot and he told me all about him. He has four  children, , he stated how much they mean to him. I was surprised to learn he has so many kids but was very impressed that he was being a good father..

Then he mention His jobs, ‘HOME DEPOT’; LAWN SERVICE; BARBER SHOP: NIGHT CLUB &STUDIO RECORDING. To say the least I was more than impressed with him. I thought he was one ambitious and hard-working guy, and he was truly heading for success.

I started to admire his resourcefulness, his drive, his versatility & resilience. Then I started to watch him work on the lot and I realize he does his work with effort and skill. He seems to take what he does seriously and maybe because my feeling was growing for him I put him on this high peddle stone. To me he was a guy to be proud of. He was dedicated to his babies and his work and I like him even more for that. To me he was indeed a special and unique guy.

The more I learn about him the more my feelings get stronger and by time Christmas roll around I was fantasizing and wanting him so bad it hurts. ‘HOME DEPOT’ was heaven to me because he was there. I live every day just to see him and then I started to get this tremendous and sensational joy that I glow with happiness. I couldn’t contain my smile or hide my joy. Just watching him work use to give me this great pleasure. And thinking of him would give me such a sweet sensation. He was everything to me.

I was so taken with him.. liking him and growing immensely fund of him getting all exciting with a lust that run deep to warm the most interesting places..

I Thought it would be impossible because I was so much older, and I was thinking he would not & could not like me like that.

He was still flirting with me  and I was still enjoying the attention.. treasuring each and every moment I get to be with him. I used to undress him with my eyes. as I watch him work… I got so turn on watching him. I had  goose pimples  and a pulsating  twitch…My feelings were out of control and I was building up a strong sexual desire for him..

Christmas came and pass He called once. We talked… He confesses that  he wanted to be with me sexually… I was gamed but  a  little scared that I was getting way over my head… It was a very long time since I being with anybody much less a gorgeous young guy  I was afraid of embarrassing myself,  but fill will a sweet kind of excitement in anticipation of getting together with him… my desires to experience and to be with him was more than my reservations..





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