There is a kind of thrill… that comes with intriguement …mixed with a surge of excitement.. when you connect with someone from around the globe…

You get to learn so much.. from their their culture.. their historical facts.. first handed… and then you learn everything there is about that one person you are connecting with…

No matter the platform of communicating.. in the beginning.. it fun to talk and learn… the more you connect the more you know each other as is… you figured out there personality and sometimes you find you have this strong connection…

And if you fall for someone’s personality… then you definitely fall for them.. looks is never important when you like someone for their personality..


What destiny was it that pull you together… and make your world collided…how did you happen to cross paths… that allows such a beautiful connection…

Of course it’s not everyone you meet this way… is going to have this results or affects you in the same way…


On rare occasion someone finds this connection.. and over time . It is proven that words and sharing.. is a powerful magnet… and before you know it.. you are emotionally invested… with someone you don’t even know on a personal level….

And when the heart chooses to get involved… it becomes a huge challenge emotionally…. and here is where the fantasy world begins….

How do you stay logical and practical.. and realistic…

Especially if there is no hope of a real relationship to materialize… yet letting go or walking away is not an option… because just the thought of stopping communication and breaking connection causes excruciating pain.. and you know it would be devastating….

How long is this fantasy gonna last before one of the party losses interest…

We get so caught up living in our fantasy world.. that we begin to believe in it… we tried to hold on to it like a lifeline… so blinded to the true fact of the matter… that none of this is real unless you both decided to make it so..

No relationship can survive in fantasy land… yes two words can collide.. and you experience serendipity…

But ..

Unless you both make it real by Uniting.. be prepared that it’s only a matter of time before this fantasy world collapses. And crumbles…


Leaving you with only memories of yesterday… wondering what happened to the love you knew…. a connection based on fantasy will never survived…

That broken heart 💔 is very real though… it comes with intensity…. and you are crushed just the same… your heart doesn’t know distances… the love you feel is real and genuine…


So you just have to remain realistic… be practical… and exercise some logics… don’t go expecting the impossible… when it’s way beyond your control…



Building a relationship is never easy… when you meet someone… there is a sweet kind of excitement.. and the desire to be with that person is always in its strongest mode…

After the novelty had worn off… and that special sweetness has dissipated.. you have to find reasons and ways to keep the relationship alive..

You are now emotionally invested.. you lost some of the attention.. those with insecurities will tend to feel neglected.. lose their confidence… and start to have all the negative thoughts possible…


What do you do to retain your status.. and not push away the party with all kinds of petty.. childish and immature behaviors…

Two main virtues that is required … in my personal experiences and in my opinions.. is…

Trust and Sharing…

Yes they are lots of other attributes needed…such as… understanding…. patience… self love… confidence…and trusting his love…

It’s pretty hard when it’s a close personal relationship… when life takes over.. it’s hard to adjust when one partner doesn’t have the time for another .. and their time is totally consumed with everything but you….

All the wrong emotions surfaced .. you started to question everything… doubts became a second nature …. you began to fear losing…, fear of rejection… your bubbly personality is replaced with doubts… and distrust..

Some walked away prematurely.. because they fight with their hats…

Some push away and shut out… the other… then build a barrier around themselves….

Those who don’t have the courage.. or can’t find the strength to leave.. stay and bring misery to the relationship.. and no matter how much the other try to persuade them that it’s all good . They refused to believe .. and can not be convinced to change their thoughts…

Eventually…. the relationship can’t withstand the pressure and fall apart…

Then there is the scenario of a long distance relationship… this is where sharing and trust plays a vital and crucial role in the relationship…

It takes a vast amount of trust to make this relationship works … and good communication is the only connection… sharing each other all there is…

And everything is perfect as long as there is open communication..


What happened when one partner decided to stop… become evasive… stop having time for the other… they can be seen online.. but they are not connecting with the other…

This is where trust has to be applied with extremity … but how do the affected party deals with this on a personal level…

They are aware that they can’t control what the next do with the distance in between… they have to be practical and somehow logical.. that they are not the only thing in their life….so they have to give room and space to allow them the freedom…

I guess you just have to make up my mind to share them and their attention…. Sometimes… and fully applied your Faith of trust..

they have to learn that there’s so much more to their life than just communicating with them….

You can’t get too selfish.. with them… because all you really have between you.. is sharing and trust…
and you have to trust them explicitly …
And continue to do so .. unconditionally …

You have to give them space to have fun and fully enjoy their other connections..

Yes.. it’s gonna hurt your feelings… and you might feel a surge of jealousy..

But you have to suffer in silence.. pretending you are strong … give them the impression that you truly trust them.. let them think.. what you don’t know won’t hurt you…

Let them have their laugh…

Time will tell… you may have to walk away eventually… but don’t do it too immaturely…

Take time to make sure they have fully lost all interest and it’s just not a case of being too busy. Too tired.. just need some alone time..

Don’t be too hasty and impulsive… you might live to regret your choice… and don’t voice your negative concerns…

Change nothing… Nothing will change…

We do let our minds and thoughts sometimes take control of us … but we need to block out all negative emotions.. especially if they are just circumstantial… and not concrete evidence…

Exercising trust is very vital to any and every relationship…

Sharing is also essential.. because then each will be assured… and build better trust..

The sunset 🌅 from above…



…..In the evening after my doctors visit I sent a text jokingly …telling him that I got a script that only he can fill, and I need to get it fill now.

He laughed … thought I was funny. Then he asks, “what u doin?

I replied that I would love to do him.And that I wish he was here with me.

His response took me by surprise. I really didn’t expect him to play along with my humor…

“Yea me too, but I got the kids with me and they are eating.”

That little text made me feel so special and it leaves me hopeful that he was starting to like me. This is the closest we ever come to talk about us being together, ever.

I text back telling him I understand, and ask about the kids. And if he got to pay his insurance.

He said, “They are ok, and yea I paid it thanks. I needed that.”

After we finished our conversation . I sit there smiling… I was feeling connected to him and hopes that our little dialogue means that he is finally appreciating my friendship.

I play over in my mind our little conversation and my heart was singing with joy because it seems like we are getting closer.

I still had my doubts but talking to him leaves me with some hope. I did not hear from him next couple of days. I did not try to contact him either because I knew he got his babies with him and it’s the weekend and he got all that to do. The studio; the club; the shop ect.

The week came and past without any communication with him… I was a little disappointed that my hopefulness was crumbling… I guess with him it’s just passing through… until next time… I just tell myself I will just take it as it comes…


I guess He felt my mood, because he text me that day,

“Wassup, Iam good. I am at the park with the kids.”

I was at work so I could not talk to him…

(You see, I was trying real hard, too hard to be practical & realistic about his feelings. I was thinking for him. I was so busy telling me that  I’m just a fling to him and that he couldn’t or wouldn’t feel for me like that;  I may have miss his true feelings for me and instead of me asking him I presumably  have the answers…and  let my casual attitude do the talking.)

He texted me a few days after…informing me that his phone got wet and he just got it replaced. That’s why He did not respond to my texts.

I felt a little bad about my thoughts…. then. I was quite pleased that he connect with me though..

I find it so amazing , how good it makes me feel to just get a simple text from him.

And I asked myself????….Why is he so damn special? What about him that makes my heart jumps for joy and do a somersault….Why do I place so much importance on him? WHY?

when I think of him it creates the sweetest sensation that run through my whole body. It is this tingling feeling that gives me goose pimples and makes me shudder. I love the feeling.

I heard from him a couple days later,letting me know how busy he was…

I asked him how does he get all this energy from, and that he need to tell me his secret.

. Of course he tries to educate and advice me. He said,” don’t rush or worry, just be cool and enjoy what u work so hard for.”

He also said, “ Im sometimes very tired… I just save it by taking my time.”

I was amused by his statement so I smile ….He doesn’t realize, one of the reasons I liked him so much, and find him so attractive is because he is so Full of energy & life.

And I sit there thinking…..I don’t want to lose him, but how am I going to keep him to me. I don’t have what it takes.

I find myself smiling thinking of MYLOVE-LOVE. He can always put a smile on my face. Wish I could have him close to me so I could just hug him real tight and get one of those juicy kiss of his. Sure love to kiss him so.

The next day…. to my utter delight I got my wish . He came to see me, and OH MY GOD!! It was so good to have him here.

When I open the door and saw it was him.. my face lit up.. my heart leaps joyfully… I was really speechless.. but he stepped in the door.. scoop me up… and humorously say…

Girl just don’t stand there… you know what I came for. ??? “…

He reached the bedroom by then.. gently flung me onto the bed.. playfully jump beside me.. using his lips he started to tickle me on my tummy and sides… I was laughing really hard.. and when I laugh that hard I become weak..

I had to beg him to stop… he did but his lips found mine and he parted my lips with his and kiss me ever so sweetly and deeply… he pulled me closely to him and held me tightly as he could as he continue to kiss me emphatically and explosively….his lips feast on mine…

I lay there in his tight hug.. fully enjoying his amorous kiss.. feeling my body melting in his embrace…

He came up for air and he pushed me on my back as he began to undress me placing light affectionate kisses each step of undressing me… he got off my top and started to nibble on my nipples as he used the base of his palm to massage kitty through my pants…

Kitty was reacting fiercely to his touch.. and I could feel her quickly building to a rupture..

I covered his hand with mine holding his in place as he gently rotate in circular motion…

I softly whispered please don’t stop.. as I heist my hips to meet his hand movements..I felt kitty rising to explode and began moving faster as I urge him on with my hand to match my movements.. he kindly obliged… and kitty reached her peak and blasted off so forcefully that my hips was thrown into the air..

Leaving me screaming his name.. and loudly exclaiming.. yes!!! Yes!!! Ooh yesss.. baby.. baby.. oohhh babyyyy…

I lay there trying to recover from that demoniacal climax… as he hurriedly finished undressing me… he placed my legs on his shoulders and quickly and easily enters me.. kitty felt that hard rock of man meat… and she was ready to cumm again…he thrusts twice and she was sent in another powerful orgasm…

She was clenching and gripping him.. as she climax in blissful ecstasy… this cause him to reach his point of no return as he made one last deep final penetrating thrust…with a huge grunt of great pleasure he burst open and flooded kitty with hot spunk.. he kept jerking for a few seconds as he spurts every drop…

We were both soaked in our sweats and juices… he rolled off me onto the bed breathing as if he just run a marathon… I was not doing much better..

He looks over at me.. smile.. and said..

” girl that was definitely worth coming over for..”

He reached over and playfully disheveled my hair… then learn in and kiss my forehead ..

And said… ” you are amazing … and I jokingly responded… ” yep.. intoxicatingly delicious…”

He giggled and nodded…” yeah.. I would say so”…

We lie there with the covers on us… for a while talking… he asked me if he could smoke a cigarette.. and I allowed him the privilege.. ..

Then he got up and went into the shower… I went in to join him.. offer to do his back.. he was a little distant so I refrain from initiating another sexual session…

He got dressed as I sit and watched him.. I guess I was a bit sullen because he stopped for a moment to asked me.. why do I look so sad…

He hugged me and pulled me to him and said.. I have to go… but I’ll be back..

I looked up on his face smile. Nodded… and bury my face into his chest… and he held me for a few minutes. Then apologetically said he has to go..

I reluctantly let him go… and got up and pulled me up with him.. hugging me as we walked towards the door…

He left me with a luscious kiss a a promise that he’ll see me soon…

His loving was so intense and affectionate. I was left

wondering if he is feeling more for me.

I try not to get overly excited because I could be wrong, I wanted to ask him about ‘us’…but couldn’t get the nerves to… afraid of hearing his answers…

I ‘m thinking…. when he loves me like that though… how can I help but love him … I hoped him coming here tonight means that he liked me some and I prayed, “Dear lord make it so”.






In all my adult life.. all the connections I have form.. have ended with a broken heart 💔….

Rejection is one emotions… I became familiar with…. I have cried many a tears .. after being crushed by a lover… I have experience excruciating pain… from being rejected..


Rejection.. brings and conjured up so many negative thoughts … feelings… and emotions… especially when you are totally invested emotionally….

For some reason… I will be the perfect girl.. until I’m face with rejection. I have never learnt how to deal with this one emotion..

My first reaction is is to run.. get away from the person and the source..I get discouraged… I withdraw in a shell… I become timid. Unsure.. I lose my confident composure..

I get scared of losing.. but don’t know how to hold on… I’m always ready to run…. I pull away.. I stop communicating.. afraid of the answers to any questions I may asked….

What do don’t know won’t hurt you..

What the eyes don’t see…. the heart won’t leap…( get hurt 😢)

All my life… I yearned for someone to love me.. just love me unconditionally ..

Okay .. got married three times.. all ended for some reason or another..

Had a few flings in between and after… nothing permanent…after all fails …..

I decided to try online… I mess up here too.. my first time was a big disaster… the second.. third.. ect.. was not better… still come away with a broken heart…


I found I have a way with words….. i could use my words to persuade any situation… when I started online… I had many admirers who genuinely likes me… because of what I have to say…I guess I didn’t know the power of my words … and what a huge impact they have…I tried to control the connections until my heart decided to step and get involved…

I find it very hard to keep my emotions out of the equation… I easily catch feelings… I’m always so vulnerable… even though it’s not on a personal basis.. it just virtual.. I struggle to maintain a causal connection… at first I thought I was able to do this without becoming emotionally involved… but before long…I prove myself wrong…

I decided I’m no good at this so I gave it up.. before I had completely dissolved my accounts..I had this one guy that I really liked.. and he said he likes me too…

He suggested we switch corresponding platforms and I agreed.. then he asked me to be exclusive to him.. I again agreed…

I was not having much of fun anymore anyways… and I really like this guy… he was not a fake.. he is as real as they come .. and he communicate with me everyday and he always responded to me no matter what…

I love this and the attention it creates..I really believed he likes me… he started to share his world with me.. so much I grew accustomed to talking to him everyday…

Before I know it .. 7 years has passed… nothing has changed.. except.. for some unknown reasons.. my feelings began to escalate… I realized I’m demanding more of him… yet most days He spent talking to as I wake up and reach out to him.. till he goes off to sleep..

He never ignores me… but I find myself doubting him… for no apparent reason….I’m getting so insecure… and me .. I’m so crazy… expecting him to sit on that phone and talk to non stop…

OThere is .. 4500 miles between us…he has a complete life.. he is not lacking in any department..

He has his family.. and he’s very much involved in their lives.. he got his job.. his friends. His hobbies..

And he has me.. and maybe. Others… an online connection… why he choose to continue to talk to me and share his world… I really don’t know..

But.. I’m not even someone to him..

I’m something.. a connection from another continent.. who thinks he’s most perfect man.. who value all his suggestions.. lessons.. listen intently to his stories and believe every word he said without query… who gets involved in his hobbies… I’m his biggest fan..

I’m not a permanent fix in his life.. I’m not essential to him. I don’t add anything to his life.. he already has it all..

So if I’m not there anymore.. it will never affect him… he can easily cut ties without a second thought…

And this is what hurts so bad… to know he doesn’t need me…

on the flip-side. There stands me..

I’m single… kids grown.. retired ..not much friends.. zero hobbies… so I look to him for entertainment.. I Cling to him for emotional support…. I need him to brighten my day…to give me something to look forward to…. I crave his attention.. I get so involved in his world and his hobbies just so I can stay connected to him….

So now I’m left to step way back and suppressed all this romantic emotions that I choose to develop .. creating the emotional havoc on my heart…. I need to back off and drop it all if I want to continue connecting with him…

Because he’s practical enough to know that this is just friendship. It can not be anything else so why start something that could never materialized….

Yess .. I’m overreacting.. I’m overthinking.. I’m crossing all kinds of unnecessary lines…

He spent hours on the phone with me.. and I’m so selfish that I doubt him or thinks he is ignoring me.. when he is not online… as if he has no life outside me or his phone..

I’m just fortunate that he loves his phone so much… he like addicted.. and so to be honest.. I abuse this… but I have to learn to give him space..

Yes my heart is breaking.. but I’m the one who is solely responsible this time…



After our latest rendezvous… and he blurting out unintentionally that he loves me… I started to have a little hope about us…

He was a little more attentive and even sent me a few text messages just to say hi…. I was sure he was liking me some… I carry a delightful smile all week … feeling connected to him…

The following Wednesday , he asked me if I could babysit his three kids for him. I accepted because apart from getting a chance to be with him I love his babies.

So he picked me up before he had to leave for work….and took me over to his place… I spent the evening with them telling stories fix them dinner…and trying to entertain them…..they were good.. and well behaved…

It was an early day for him.. he walked in.. . And I was as happy as the kids to see him…He was a bit distant as usual. But I figured he was just tired….

He took his son, helps him with his homework .. I sat there looking at him in admiration and adoration… he was so dedicated to his kids… he then went to lie down and soon fell asleep. I let him sleep knowing that he must be drained and exhausted after a long day at work…

I give the kids their baths and got them into bed…after they were all asleep… I went and gently lie next to him . I was still dressed … as I cuddled up next to him just to feel his warmth…

I wasn’t expecting for him to want anything sexual.. I was trying to be understanding … I didn’t forget the last time I was here with his kids present….and how I had behaved and reacted…

Even though just being with him causes provocative stimulating reactions… I refuse to act on them.. I guess I dozed off snuggled up to him…

Because I was awoken by him Into the night … he was tugging at my jeans… He tries to love on me but he stopped when I asked him if he’s sure he wants to with the kids here…. he simply answered.. yes you are right…!!

He then instructed me to take off my clothes and get comfortable and get back in the bed… I got up do as he asked.. brush my teeth .. and went back to join him… he held up the covers for me to get under and I do so willingly…

He hugged me close… kiss me and said.. “thank you “…. I smile and nodding affirmatively.. and replied causally..

“ you are welcome MyLoveLove….”

I knew he meant staying with his kids for him… we fell asleep like that till morning when I feel him jerking me awake.. I open my eyes and he asked me if I could get the kids up and get them ready.. I happily obliged…

I got up and he playfully slap me on the butt.. I jumped not expecting it.. gave out a little squeal.. ..turn to him and push at his shoulders giggling.. he fell back onto the bed.. pull the covers over himself and said..

“ wake me up when they are ready to go.. “ I just shake my head…

I got the kids up.. help them get dressed…. fixed them breakfast.. and while they were eating he walked into the kitchen asking if we are ready to go…

I went to collect my belongings and a few minutes later we were on our way.. he dropped the kids to school before he took me home…

He thank me again and said he appreciates me… and let me know that the kids like me and always ask for me..

I was very tickled to learn this.. and I smile saying.. “that’s good.. I love that they like me “…

As I watched him drive away… I was feeling very good about spending the night with him.. and even better.. sleeping in his arms without having sex.. just like an old couple I thought….

We did not see each other for the next couple of weeks, except at work. He did not have too much to say and ignored me for most part. He was back to be his old self.. I was a little confused .. but learning fast to accept him as is… I realize he only used me at his convenience… it hurts me to know this but I know I do allow him to..

Although I was feeling broken up and wanted more I know that we weren’t really together and that he doesn’t like me like that. But I took consolation to be able to see him daily it gives me some joy. I tell myself….Just seeing him was enough to make me happy.


It was far from the truth…




I received a text from him a few days later… I was very pleased to hear from him.. but.. When I read what it says… I was kinda puzzled and a little hurt….

He was asking me to come by his house to meet his father. He implied that he wanted to hook me up  with his him…

My mind was in a turmoil because it became very obvious that he really didn’t like me….and all my efforts to show him the extent of my true feelings for him seems in vain..

Our age difference really poses as an impact on how he sees me… it was just sex to him…causal sex….

I was not very pleased with his suggestion….. but…

I agree to go to his home because it meant seeing him and getting a chance to be with him, an I want to try to explain to him that he is my only interest…

I was very annoyed that he wanted to pass me on to his father..

.  I got to his house,  that afternoon.. after work…A man who I assumed to be his father, answered … I greeted him, introduced myself and asked for him…

He told me he was in his bedroom.. I politely sat down hoping for him to exit and come out to join us.. his father tried to have a conversation with me.. but my mind was so preoccupied with raging thoughts of him wanting to pass me on to his father…that I was not focused on what he was saying…

I became very impatient waiting… realizing that he was intentionally staying in his bedroom to give us a chance to know each other..

I asked his father to excused me and I went .. knocked on his door.. and walked in the bedroom to confront him…

I angrily told him that I didn’t appreciate that he is trying to pass me on like a piece of old clothes  Which he can discard after using…

I tried to explain to him…It’s him I like and it’s not because I’m desperate and need a man that badly… I let him know my desires is just for him…
I became very emotional knowing that he really doesn’t like me… I was a little embarrassed and so hurt to accept this realization…

I began telling him I was going and making the promise to leave him alone seeing that he doesn’t share my feelings… I began to walk towards the door… getting ready to leave..when he pulled me back to him.. encircled me in his arms and kissed me ever so passionately….

Of course I didn’t resist him.. and to my surprise and pleasure he fervently starts to undress me…

.then I think of his father on the outside and I try to resist, telling him …

“no your father is outside “…

but that did not deter him and I was much too turned on by now … I really didn’t want him to stop…I was all for it.

I wanted him, I couldn’t resist him. kitty was twitching… getting soakingly wet and all she wanted was to feel that hard throbbing dick sliding it’s way inside ….easing my burning desires that was getting so intense with his every touch.. I felt I was ready to explode….

I was so hottt…

He led me to the bathroom, where it was more private….

bend me over the sink .. I welcome him eagerly as he enters me with a deep plunge… I gasped with pure pleasure as he began thrusting hard with the same urgency I was feeling… we both cum within minutes with an explosive orgasm…

he had to put a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet… I couldn’t control or contain my emotions… he had my legs trembling and kitty begging for more.. I tried to get seconds..

He led us back into the bedroom.. as I continued loving on his chest… kissing him… Pressing closely into him.. showing him how much I still want him..whispering .. “one more time.. I want you… please..??!!!! ”

but he resisted … and reluctantly.. pushed me he heard his father called his name.. he got up got dressed as I watched him.. and walked out to his father…

I was left inside trying to calm down and regain my composure….

I was still so hottt.. and ready to explode again that I decided to touched kitty to give her an ease from the pulsating rhythm that was causing this burning, electrifying and intense convulsions…and with one touch I was sent in a height of ecstasy.. I stood there for a couple minutes waiting for my body to stop convulsing and twitching.. I wanted him so badly…

It took me a little longer than I expected to find my composure.. but..

I got up.. went to the restroom and get properly dressed and calm myself down… brush my hair and timidly went out to join them… I was self conscious knowing his dad knew exactly what took place in that bedroom…

I was smiling to myself feeling very I silently thought….

 and so we had a quickie. It was so excited and sweet. What he does to me and for me. How am I going to get pass him.

. I was still thinking of the fact that he did not want me enough that he tries to hook his father up with me; it only tells me what he really feels for and about me. I was a bit hurt but try to understand how he thinks.

 I was not mad at him only sorry I was so much older that I could not ask or expect anything of him.

I wanted him, ….how I wanted him!!!!’, …but how can I have him?

He took me home and I sadly walked away… knowing there is no hope for me being with him…

The next two weeks I just live to see him. I couldn’t wait for each day to come just to get the chance of seeing him. But for most part.. apart from an occasional “hi”.. he completely again ignored me…

I started to take lunch for him daily.. knowing it gives me a way of connecting with him.. he enjoyed my cooking so I take pleasure in preparing it for him..

We had our lunchtime together whenever possible…. this was my way of getting him close and be close to him…while secretly hoping to ignite his sexual desires to want me again…

He spent most of his time with Veronica..It would break my heart every time I see them together…but I had accepted that fact that they were a couple..

I would still seek him out after work, talk to him, but I know he had no interest in me.

Even though I enjoy seeing him daily and enjoy our little chitchat whenever I get the chance to.. it only serves to peak my sexual desires for him..

I keep reliving our few times together..which only intensified my passion and allowing me to crave for some more of him….

MY desire was again building to the surmount .. so much that I find it difficult to control my thoughts.. I became so overwhelmed with the desire to share his bed again…that I made up my mind to asked.. yet again for another time with him..

He was off this particular day and I missed seeing him that day… he consumes my mind all day.. so I wanted to connect with him…

I sent him a text …asking if we could get together…

He text back saying he’s on his way to Deltona. I was a bit disappointed but I kind of expect that answer. But still pleased that he at least responded instead of ignoring..

I was there sulking for about…two minutes ….. whenI received another text from him saying…

..”yea com by my house I b home I am on my way back”.

I was so happy and elated. I reply,

“if you could only see the smile on my face. I will be there.”

I became very anxious for the time to arrive for me to leave work.. it couldn’t come fast enough…

I hurried home took me a shower get ready as fast As I could..and headed over.. with heart thudding and racing with exciting anxiety…

I was smiling and happy that I took that chance of contacting him and asking him to see me…. the ride to his house was only ten minutes.. but it seems to take forever..

I was like a schoolgirl with her first crush…

When I finally got to his house I knocked and waited what seems like an eternity for him to answer…I couldn’t wait to pounce on him…





After that baby sitting incident … and my vast disappointment ,I was convinced that we would never be together again… I came to terms that he really doesn’t share my desires to reconnect sexually….

This feeling..however didn’t last too long.. ..

seeing him everyday… only infuses my mind with a sense of exhilaration… and consumes my thoughts as I continuously relive that passionate night we shared…

playing it in my mind, thinking how he felt; how he looks… only serves to ignite my desires with intensity and my need to experience him again..

I decided to to be bold and ask him for a night, seeing that he is not going to asked me…

It was coming to valentines and our birthdays.  Mine the 16th and his 17th. I took this as an opportunity to place my request..

I bravely ask him if I could see him for Valentines. At first he said no, but I didn’t give up… I became insistent..I mention it every chance I got…

He even gives me a lecture on how we are not a couple and that he really don’t like me like that.. I in turn reminded him of our night together and asked him ..

” was that you not interested… you loved on me like you like me.. was that not real??!!!!”

He stuttered something inaudible… smile.. nodding his head.. then suddenly agreed to see me on valentines….

I smile ever so brightly and quickly responded..

” it’s a date…”

 I was more than happy. I was ecstatic.

I guess my reminder of our night works in my favor and allow him to realize and recall the extreme intimacy we shared that most memorable night… thus…awakening his desire to want me again…

I went ahead and plan a very romantic and sensuous night…I bought this eatable chocolate, with the intention of smearing it all over him… and slowly licking it off ….I got some heated scented massage oil.. knowing I’m going to give him a massage.. with a happy ending…

and I got him a beautiful card… I had our night all planned out… I’m going to make it another night to remember..

  I got my date…!!!!!!

He was still seeing Veronie and I was a bit jealous but my need to be with him was stronger than my jealousy and envy. And all that matters to me at that point was being with him anyhow I can and I was not going to let anything spoil my time with him. I decided I am going to enjoy him to the fullest.  –

I was so excited, and so full of anticipation I could hardly wait!!!!  and then it’s here….

We decided that I would find my way over to him… I got ready with all my little knickknacks… a little overnight bag…

  I’got to his apartment, knock on his door, I was so nervous with anxiety… heart pounding.. butterflies In the pit of my stomach…as I waited for him to answer my knock…

And at last he opened his door…he stands there in a sweatpants… smiling …to me he was the most beautiful sight.. I smile in return …a little shy, but elated..he invited me in… I inhaled a deep breath.. finding the courage to enter.. he hugged me and give me a little peck on he cheek… and led me to the couch and we got under a blankie he had been obviously using before I came…it was a cold night….

  WE started off watching a little movie, but, being so close to him… I couldn’t control my raging desires…couldn’t keep my hands off him. I have been wanting him for so long… I couldn’t help myself… I eagerly kiss him with passionate urgency… tracing my lips down his neck to his most beautiful chiseled chest…

When he couldn’t resist any Longer he got up .. pulling me with him.. wrapping the blanket around us.. we silently proceed to the bedroom.

It was cold night and as we made our way to the bedroom wrapped under the blanket, MYLOVE-LOVE and I…arm in arm…

I stumbled..he catch me, steady me, and said, “I got you, it’s ok.”

 I just smile, feeling so good and safe just being there with him, and I lovingly and playfully pinch his buttock. ..

He looked down at me.. smile and pulls me closer to him…

Once in bedroom .. he lie on his back pulling me on top of him.. I straddled him and started to kiss him again..he began to undress me… and I allow him to..

He then flip me onto the bed.. undressed himself..and we made sweet love…we cum with such force that leaves us both breathless .. my whole body was convulsing repeatedly… I was in ecstasy heaven…

he was still lying on me as he raised his head and looked down at me And said…

“Wow!!! You are amazing…”

I just hugged him close to me.. and kiss his neck and broad shoulders…we lie there in each other arms .. enjoying the feeling and thrill of the ecstasy we just experienced…

A few minutes has passed and our breathing was back to normal.. so I decided to suggested giving him a massage. He was all gamed.

I got up retrieve my little bag of goodies.. he was now lying on his side raised by his elbow as he watched me.. I pull the card out and gave him bashfully…

he looks at me quizzically… open it up.. read it out loudly… smiled… look at me.. raised his eyebrows… says hmm softly… as he reached out and pull my face to him … kiss me softly on the lips and whispered..

” I love it.. thank you.”

I blushed and smile back at him… and simple nod my head …

I then instructed him to role over..he got on his tummy …I very gentle pour the oil on his back….and sensuously caress and massage it in.. I moved slowly down till I reached his buttocks….so round… so firm….  mmmm …I bent down and kiss that sink in his back using the tip of my tongue to trace the path to his buttock..

he let out a deep groan,”mmmm”. I smiled pleasingly.

I love the taste of him as I knead his buttock  lovingly… He decided to roll over…and whoaaa!!!!! He was ready again…

I took him in my hands and I looked up at him and he has his eyes closed with a face showing pure pleasure… I put some of the oil in my hands… and latter him in it… He starts to moan softly and said,”shit… shit..”. (his favorite words)

I then lick at the tip… circling it with my tongue… I repeat a couple times. Flickering the underside… where it’s super sensitive.. he started to bop.. so I wrapped my mouth over him and pull him all the way down my throat…he thrust his hip up and place his hand on my head urges me on… he uses his hand to guide my motion as I devour him…he tastes so good…

This leads to another session of pure delightful pleasure…We make love for the next hour or so.. I had my night of pleasure and nothing matters at that moment but lying there in his arms …

I love that he always let me spend the complete night with him.. so I can lie there wrapped in his arms and him in mine.. while I savor our passionate lovemaking ..

 as we lie there quietly trying to sleep.. so exhausted but very satiated … pleasantly satisfied…

he became very quiet and was a bit distant and aloof, as if he drifted off into another world .. I silently hope he was not regretting having me over.. or regretting making such beautiful love to me…

I quickly shrugged the thought off .. refusing to let anything ruin this moment

I did not care what was causing his mood…because I was exactly where I wanted to be. My most favorite place. Right next to him.

He then started to talked a little about his life and his dreams. He was opening up to me..

He told me what his plans for the future was.. what he wants for his children… what he hoped to accomplish…

how I enjoyed just lying there listening to him, learning about him and feeling so close and connected to him. I felt he was opening up to me accepting me, and getting closer to me. I was very pleased… it was heavenly..

He fell asleep and as I watched him sleeping a huge rush of emotions rush through me…. I hug him close to me and try to savor every minute with him because I was thinking this maybe our last time together like this..

I know he doesn’t want me or like me like that. And I couldn’t dismiss the fact that Veronica is his girl…

I drifted off to sleep with his head on my chest as I cradled him in my arms..and my chin on his head…very contented and super happy in this moment…

( I may hate myself in the morning.. but I’m gonna love him tonight… everyone knows someone they can’t help but want…and even we just can’t make it work out.. well the want to just lingers on…and once again we end up in each other arms pretending that it’s right…)

I woke up to   a phone call frommy sister) wishing me HAPPY VALENTINES.  We spoke for a few minutes..

He was awake by then..

I got up took a shower..ask him if he wants breakfast he said, “yes”  …

I went to the kitchen to see what he had to make breakfast.. I found some eggs.. bacon.. I was busy preparing the bacon .. I wanted to impress him with a good breakfast…

I was standing over the stove when I felt him behind me. He was kissing my neck and his hands found its way between my legs to my kitty.. she instantly reacted to his touch..

She got really excited and all turned on. I couldn’t resist him..It felt so good that I dropped everything and respond to him. He bent me over as I eagerly receive him. I had to tippy toe as he slowly entered me …Gosh!!!  It  felt so so so…good;

  He then led me to the couch still inside me..I kneel on it and bent over the back.. as he continued to pound and thrust his slippery coated cock in and out ever so expertly… I cum so hard I gushed all over him.. while he burst open and flood me with his spunk…

He gave me one of the best loving I ever had. I couldn’t believe that I could feel like that. And when we were finished I wanted more, much, much more. I was on fire… but we ran out of time… he had to get to work…

So my night ended with a bang.

I hurriedly finished cooking what I started…We ate…and he took me home. I was smiling all day. MYLOVE-LOVE sure knows how to put a smile on my face. I was happy and contented for the next two days.

 Our birthdays was coming up…I bought a cheese cake and a bottle of moscato wine for his birthday and I thought I could convince him to spend it with me… he denied my request.. I wanted a repeat of our valentines night… But…..

He he made plans with Veronica… she got him for his birthday…. I was very jealous not wanting to share him with her or anyone else.. but..

I could not command him like that..

I die inside knowing that he wanted her and not me but I have to accept that we could never be.

I smile every time I thought of us. The memories of my nights with him was imbedded in my mind….

I didn’t allow him and Veronica to bother me much ..because I get to see him every day, and as long as I’m able to see him I could cope with my emotions. I’d settle for friendship I told myself..

I was just fooling myself though..


my desires and need for him was growing with each passing day.. and the more I see him and the more I reflect back on those passionate nights .. the more I want him..

How can he love me like that then ignore me … ???? I find it hard to accept my fate… and pretend that I don’t care… because.. I was way pass casual..

Who was I fooling!!!????






 Christmas came and past .. we were experiencing some really cold snaps this year… days at a time…

The first week of January ….was so cold and I have noticed that he didn’t have a warm enough jacket to be working outside….so I brought him a one so he could be warmer ….He accepts and said thanks.. and later that morning…he walks over to my cash register to express his gratitude.. I have this silly smile on my face.. just so pleased to have him close and being attentive to me..


he left me…and went to talk to one of my co-worker.. she was one of my bestie at the job; we started together.. she was young , in her twenties..

I noticed his demeanor and saw his smile.. and saw her reaction… and I felt my green monster surfacing.. he was flirting with her and she was very receptive….I became so enraged and got very emotional..

How could he be liking someone else… he likes me….

It was as if  my whole world came crashing down on me. He was flirting with my little friend veronica.  OH BOY! I was so jealous & crushed. 

After he went back to his duties….

she walked over to me and told me she didn’t like me coming on to her guy. I  smile and asked her if he is flirting with her and if he liked her …and wanted to know if she likes him in return. She said yes.

I was so hurt and I tried really hard not to show my feelings but I was dying with jealousy on the inside..

I was so devastated ..but …

I couldn’t let on that I was more than interested in him… I thought I was much too old to show interest in a guy so young……so…

what I did…..

I encourage her to be with him. Don’t know why I wanted to do that because I was dying inside. I guess I liked her and I liked him and I just thought they are age appropriate….

He spent all day with her.. even went  to lunch together… i was acting and feeling rejected as if we had a relationship going…. It was here that I realize just how strong my emotions has gotten.. My heart was breaking and my hopes of experiencing this marvelous species of a man was lost…

I thought he likes me; I want him to like me.  I could not function or focus.  I was too distracted with them..  I cried, yes cried because I thought that’s the end of our story.  Well my day was ruin I couldn’t wait to leave and everywhere veronica went so did he and so did my eyes. 

I asked to leave early… I just couldn’t stay and watch him flirting with her anymore..

When I was leaving ,I seek him out… and I found him… He was talking to her… I went over to them ask him if I could see him. He came to me and I spill my guts. I told  him just how much I like him  and how I wanted him and how I have made love to him a thousand times in my mind.

Well he just casually blew me off tells me it was all for fun and that he does not like me like that. Of course my heart sank to its lowest depths…I was so upset. I came home in tears and I decided to text him exactly how I feel. I pour my heart out saying things that was not even appropriate, but brutally honest..but I thought it didn’t matter because it was over. He now has veronica.

 But to my surprise and pleasure…

he text me back telling me that he didn’t know that I felt like that and he’s sorry if he hurt me but he was for real and still is…Still is?? I didn’t really expect that answer..

I thought I would leave things as is.. .. It was the beginning of a very emotional roll-a-coaster for me. I kind of gave up on him but try to remain his friend.

I would still text him and seek him out especially after my shift to talk to him,  inquiring about his relationship with  veronie.  acting all interested … but still jealous…

  I would also ask her about them too… I would try to advise her and encourage her to like him. And at the same time feel like a hypocrite because here I am ,still wants him , still feel for him and with my heart breaking I’m playing nice.I do like her and I thought he was the best. So I encouraged their relationship…

..He would still talk  about us getting  together and I wanted to …so tempted…but every time I see him with vernie I felt unsure. 

There was a little episode involving him and this other girl at the store…( every girl want a piece of his sexy ass). She got jealous of him and veronie and started a rumor about him and her.

So I said ‘oh shit, I don’t need this drama.’  Too old to be involved in melodrama…

But he started to seek me out to talk to me… again showing interest in me.. starting again to flirt with me… and of course I love this attention and when he again start to imply us getting together I was more than willing.

I didn’t asked about the drama that just took place nor his involvement…

he called me.. for the second time….we talked about us and what’s been happening between us..and our desire to  get  involved… he let me know that he has been thinking of me in a sexual way… and that he would love to show me…

So I agreed to enter a relationship with him…. eagerly..

He has his stipulation…and I seriously thought I was old and mature enough to handle these terms…

  We both agree it would be casual for long as he was single and if and when he find someone else it would mean the end of us. And I agreed to the terms, thought I could handle a fling without getting emotionally attached.  I had build up this fantasy with him and I wanted so much to experience him that nothing else matters as long as I got what I wanted….

(I was already emotionally invested… so I was only fooling myself…. and this casual no strings attached… was not likely with me..)

I didn’t even asked about veronie… I didn’t even care… all that matters is …I’m going get my chance to enjoy him as much as I want to… and i couldn’t wait for that time to come..

We made a date one evening …. I was so excited and a bit nervous.. as I got ready I was getting so flustered and getting a stir with thought of loving on him.. and having him loving me..I was anxious just to be next to him..

but at the last minute he cancelled because his brother got himself in some kind of trouble ad he said he have to go take care of him…, and I thought WOW!! What a guy so dedicated to his family. I was so intrigued by him from the beginning.

I was very disappointed to say the least.. but I understood.. I was so impressed with how caring he was and how loyal and kind he seems to be..

and I waited impatiently for the next time….













Nita… he once again called my name.

“I’m getting hard… should I jerk off thinking about you… about sucking your little pink pussy? About stuffing you full of cock?…. or should I go to bed! Yes I’m dirty.”

“do whatever makes you feel good.”I told him.

And yes you love that too!!! He stated. “No! It’s us or nothing.

I do.’ I said to him.

Jerk with me?’ he asked.

Can’t.. Got company in my bed.” I told him. My little cousin sleep over.

So tell me baby… he was asking me. “Do you rub your clit or put your fingers in your pussy… or both? Tell me lover.

He was creating quite a stir in me; my kitty, she start to twitch a little but I could not please her tonight because Paige was beside me sleeping.

“Both” I told him.

“That’s fine I understand. But you can tell me.. hey, that’s great… ok I will keep it clean. Please sleep well sweet girl.

I then told him, I even taste my cum….. Gross.

I don’t know why I find it so easy for me to tell him things like this which I never reveal to anybody else. And I thought I he would find it quite disgusting… but…

He surprise me by saying, ‘god, I love that. I taste mine too.

You do!’ I said in disbelief.

It natural, he stated. I want to know what it’s like.”

Really? I asked. “I thought it would gross you out… Me too,” I confess to want to know what it taste like.

Anyone that says they don’t is a liar.” He tells me. “We are honest.”

“Too honest, I said to him. “Can’t believe I’m admitting this to you.

And so your pussy… I will make you take it all in your mouth …. And spit it in mine… nice and slow.” He was telling me. You will finger yourself … and put it in my mouth.

I told him, “You are freaky.”

No, I am sexy.’ He countered.

I sent two smiley faces. I was smiling and thinking.. ” yes you are”…. but I did say it to him.. I was too busy reading what he was writing… and my fingers was finding it’s way into my panties.. so I couldn’t stop to write….

I want to feel and taste you.’ He let me know. And you will take care of me … and I will accommodate you in any way you want to.

So I told him. “And I want to feel that hard thick dick in me.” [I was feeling bold I guess or just plain horny for a hard dick…

“And I will show you how special your pussy is… and how much I wanted to taste you… we will be perfect because we are comfortable baby… he reassure me. I will fill you full lover. He let me know.

“That’s right my Allen..” I responded. “I bet you will”

You will cum in your man’s mouth … and all over his hard cock. He was saying. And you will cums tons baby… and when you think you can’t take anymore… I will suck you one more time out.”

“I do hope so because I love to cum.” I let him know.

And he keeps on going. Then you might be done… baby… you will cum till you ask me to stop… if that’s what you want… I will pull my hard cock out of you and ask you to suck me or jerk me… and we will change up stuff up like every few minutes!

My kitty was starting to jump around wanting to be touch and played with but I couldn’t .. but my fingers couldn’t resist either… I was slowly and gently playing with miss kitty…

‘Thought you were tired’ I asked. “Aha ha” I said to him. [Is what I want] “You are too much but I’m enjoying every bit of you. I told him.

“And I will lick your little pussy… spank your little ass… then stuff you full of dick again. Kissing you deep.” He keep describing what he is gonna do, while my kitty is soaking wet and ready to explode.

So I told him, you are getting my kitty really wet and I can’t do anything about it.”

He just ignored me, and continued, “Telling you what’s next… jerk that pussy.”

And now I know…. He was jerking off. So I said, ok, let me work with him.

I can’t bear much more,” I told him.

  • I couldn’t resist any longer…so I give my kitty the pleasure she was seeking and with just one touch I cum with such a force it was unbelievable. And she still want some more… so I try to be as calm as possible with Paige lying next to me… I was in the heights of ecstasy… my whole body was convulsing and jerking with so much pleasure ….

And he kept me entertained, “it’s mine now!!! I want to eat your next huge load… can you deliver… give me cum baby… it’s mine…deliver… in my mouth… let me swallow you!!… I know you are Cumming…. It’s mine…”

And I’m wondering how he knows I’m Cumming… I’m on my third round… so I said to him…

“Ok here it comes.”

Now” he said.

“You can have it.” I told him.

“Let me eat it” he begged.

“almost.” I told him

Now sexy… I want my load. He begged some more.

Eat it eat it.” I told him.

Deliver… fuck yeah… give me cum… that’s mine…. He kept on asking.

Ok do it.’ I begged of him. “Cum Allen.”

You want cum baby?” he’s asking. “Jerk your pussy… I want a second.

I’m still playing along trying to encourage him, “fuck it… fuck it baby… I said.

I was all caught up in the heat of the moment… visualizing vividly..and yearning his touch…. so much I could feel his him as though he was near me….

“If I’m Cumming you cum with me,” he told me.

Yes… yes… yes…” I said.

Spread that tight pussy for me sexy. Let me have.” He begged.

“Spreading… wide… “ I let him know.”

I was responding and actually performing his request and doing everything he suggested…

Let’s do this… he said. Fingers in… three.

Yes let’s do this.’ I agreed.

“Here comes your load.” He said. “Inside.”

Awwww … I got it. I told him. {that’s me trying to entertain him because I really couldn’t go to that extreme tonight.. I have had my fill quietly }

I think he had reached his climax, because he said,



“my goodness…”

Thank you baby,’ I told him. And I sent him two smiley face…

“I came huge thinking about you.” he informs me. “You blow my mind.”

I went, ooooh.” Was so touched.

Please sleep well baby,” he tells me. “Oh and baby… please save our passion for us…” he asks.

You blow my mind too.’ I let him know. “I will… I will.” { save our passion for us.}

“Please let me know if you want to play around… I will understand… I just need to have my head in the right place,” he has me know.

You should sleep well now, I told him.

Yes,’ he agreed. I will sleep perfect.

I was there pondering about his statement about me wanting to play around and wondering where that come from… what was he thinking of… what was his motive for thinking like this.

So I asks him,’ play around? With whom… you?

With whomever.” He stated.

Only you.” I told him trying to convince him.

[ I did not want him to think I was promiscuous or anything of the sorts; because I’m not and even though I’m playing a mean and cruel game with him; it was important to me for him not to think badly of me; I was totally in love with him and I want him to like me and think the best of me.}

I just need to know that it’s only us… if not… or…” he was trying to explain.

Why would I want t do that? I asks.

I have no idea… he told me. “I just need to be cordial”

So I try to be more convincing let him realize I have no intention or I don’t want to be with anybody else; not now anyways, not after what I was now experiencing with him.

So I told him, ‘if I was going to I would do so already… it’s by choice that I don’t.

Doesn’t he realize and know that after him with all his passionate and his silly crazy love for me; he’s the only one I want to be with and the only one my heart desires.

Ok love… just want to put it out there… he said.” I want us by choice always. He sounded convinced.

And again I kind of forget I could not give any of what I was promising. I was so caught up in our love and in the moment that I was giving him a lot of false hope; unintentionally… but I was.

Ok… at least we understand each other.’ I say to him.

Night beautiful!!! I’ll be dreaming of us!!! He bade me goodnight. “Yes we do”

You got it.’ I told him. “Night my sweet… thank you for staying up late and sharing with me.”

Night beautiful!! Sweet dreams pretty girl!! He said again. God… what a perfect Christmas gift… Us. I love you Wakanita!

I love you Allen!” I let him know. “Isn’t that so true.”[The most perfect Christmas gift.]

We finished our conversation and I lay there feeling so hilariously happy to be loved by him. Because I could feel that he does; I could sense his every emotions and I going over in my mind all we just talk about and our sexual fantasy and even though I did not like the fact that he was seeing Paige face when he think of us and when he dream, he visualized her; I know I gave it to him; and then I remember this profound joy I was experiencing was not going to last. I have to tell him… I can’t do this to him any longer… but how? He is going to hate me and I can’t expect for him to like me; I’m not that pretty twenty year old girl. Right now I wish to be 20 again; I know I would definitely have a chance with him. But I’m not… and I don’t… and I can’t give him Paige…

How I love him so… and I know he loves me… no Paige… whoever…. I just know that he’s in love just like I am; how many times has he told me that we are experiencing this together… GOD!!! I’m going to lose him… I don’t want to… I but I have to let go of him. I have to tell him….

And I drift off to a very disturbed dream; I dream I told him and he was so mad and he says the most cruel things to me and look at me with disgust and repulsiveness; and I just sat there not saying anything , my tears flowing and my heart breaking as I watch him walk away very angry with me with that repulsive look.

I woke up early but I could not say anything to him just yet; I was still upset with what I dream and I know I had to find a way of confessing to him; and the thought of him gone was driving me insane; and is losing him I can’t come terms with, to have him leave and to let this feeling die, right now he is the only living thing that keeping me alive, and tomorrow if I’m here without his love I know I couldn’t survive it. Only his love can save me and I can’t have it. My stomach was all tangled up in knots; how did I get myself in this predicament?

My worst fear is losing him… and I am going to have to….





“WENDY”…. he called my name…

“BABY”….  he tried again….


“I’m so sorry … I feel asleep… anyway… please don’t be upset with me… or think I’m an illusion! That’s crazy! I’m sorry I let you down. I’m saying night now… and I do hope you forgive me…. I also hope you are resting well and happy.”

I was reading what he was saying and I realize that he fell asleep; it never occurred to me that he might fall asleep. It’s 4am. So I felt really bad about my thoughts and realize I made a terrible mistake in doubting him. So I got up and decided to answer him… so he saw me writing and he says…

Hey sexy!!! I see you typing!!! Awwww!!! Stop that! Let me hear it! He said anxiously.

I was smiling by then, trying to type what I was saying but not fast enough for him….


Talk to me!” he said impatiently.


“Now… please…. Anything…” he pleaded.

“”just Wakanita words! …

I finally finish what I was saying, “I think its best we talk tomorrow after you get a good night sleep. Right now I’m crying and can’t talk. I told him.

“Oh ok… I’m sorry. He said.

“I understand your frustration with me… I do get it… I try to let him know.

“I was so excited to talk to you, I had no idea you were upset with me… I’m sorry for being so ignorant… I will not contact you again.” He stated.

“not contact me again???? oooh my…..

I just realize that we got our wires crossed, we both misunderstood each other; I thought he was annoyed at me and he thought I was mad with him; and now he is threatening not to contact me again. I have to try to fix this…

“Why are you giving up on us?” I asked. “All a big misunderstanding… so you fell asleep… ok, I just thought you were ignoring me. I told him.

He stops writing again and I was not too sure if it is because he fell asleep again or if he was really gone.

“Now you’re gone again?” I asked. I forgive you my love.” I told him not wanting to lose him.

“No baby” he said. “I’m here”

“good.” I said happily,.(smiling so huge) “Are you sleepy? I asked. I know it’s late.

Then he says, “please don’t be sensitive… please know I’m real… and we are strong!

We are strong.” I agreed…

“yes it’s late but we are super strong.” He told me. “Nita…I love you baby… that is real.”

For sure.’ I said. “It makes me happy.”

I forget again that we can never be; I was so wrapped up in his love all I was doing was living in the moment and just feeling and receiving all the love, emotions and desires that he was giving me…..

And I was also trying to convince him to afraid that he is gonna walk away…..

“So we are back on track? I asked.

“Good” he says. “One day you will understand! Till then you just know what feels right. Ok?… baby… we were never off track.

Thank you for that.”I told him. “I’m glad. Then I asked him, “Do you want to go to sleep?”

“Nita… I know stuff is a mess for you… but baby… we are going to be constant you will see… yes I’m tired. He told me. “But baby I can’t have you flipping out on me.”

I thought he must be very tired to be dozing off in the middle of our conversation, and I thought I was totally being selfish wanting him to keep talking to me. So I asked him….

“So do you want to continue this discussion tomorrow?”

“I need you loving your man!” he was telling me. “Yes please.”

I told him, “I’m resilient.” [To me flipping out.] “You got it.” [Me loving my man; and I do love him so very much]

I’m smiling,’ he let me know.

I’m smiling too… now,’ I also told him.

“So perfect! He said.

I was so glad to get all that straighten out; and I start to relaxed again. So I said to him…

“I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding.”

“Baby… he said. ‘Turns out you are human… right? How can I be upset with that?

So I remind him. “you said you will stop and you did.’ Guess I am.”

I will make mistakes…. And I hope you will be understanding… he said to me. “I’m not perfect… But we are all work in progress… right?

I told him, ‘I will try… and again.. I’m not you. You are the most understanding person I ever came across.”

So we work… as a person… and as a couple… but we are always working in the same direction if we love each other. He let me know.

“let’s go for it.” I answered.

“So love is the answer.” He assures me.

“Always.” I agreed.

“That’s just one guy’s random thoughts… take it or leave it. He said.

“As long as it’s yours.’ I let him know. “I will take it.”

Awwww!!! He said lovingly.

“Nita… he called my name. “Baby….

Yes Allen.” I answered.

“Please sleep well… and baby… please think of me… I’ll be thinking of you love… night sweet girl… talk tomorrow I hope?

“You too.’ I told him. “Every time, every day, every night.

Awwww!!! Nita…. He says. “Merry Christmas… baby… I love you…

“Good night my sweet Allen, I said to him. It’s not Christmas until Thursday, but merry Christmas to you too. Don’t forget my Christmas gift; I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

Btw… holidays I love’… he wanted me to know. It’s just another reason to spend time with the people you care about…And tell them you love them… so this one is perfect…I don’t care if you celebrate at all!!!! I just know it’s a great time to be loving you… so yeah.’

I read this and all of a sudden I remember that this is not real for me… oh god… he loves me this much and there is nothing I can do to claim him as mine.

“I have your gift all ready to go, he told me. “Already done.’

I did not make any comment on his speech; I really did not know how to address it and I did not want to say something to take us back to where we were coming from. So I completely ignored it.

“Great!” I answered about the gift.

“Night lover” he said.

Well goodnight lover.” I responded.

Nita… he called my name again.

Yeah, I responded.

“tell me you love me please.” he begged of me.” Unless it’s not comfortable.”

I do love you my sweet Allen… so, so much.” I honestly told him. “But I do love you.” I informed him.

“I’m smiling huge!” he said.

Good, you should be.” I let him know.

Then he let me know, “Nita… I’m so silly crazy in love with you! Yeah I should be happy; and so I am.”

I felt a rush of emotion all over my body that it made me shudder. I was feeling so elated to know he loves me this much; and I really believe it … i really and truly did…and it was as if I could sense it and sense him. In the back of my mind I know he was looking at Paige’s face and thinking that’s the girl that’s on the receiving end of his raging passion and desires; but I was sitting there feeling him with all my senses ,with my own passions ablaze with a fierce fire of emotions… accepting and taking it all gladly.

It’s a wonderful thing and I am happy too.” I told him. “That makes two of us. Hearts in harmony.”





…. coming home from my church group one Saturday evening.. I met this guy on the bus..he was really nice and we really connected.. so before my stop he invited me to the movies and I accepted…

So the Saturday we had our date.. of course we took the bus..

Can’t recall if I had told anyone about this date but when he came to pick me up.. of course … all knew… I fully enjoyed his company and he kindly dropped me off home..

I waited with him to get the next bus.. and while we were waiting he asked me if I mind him kissing me…of course I was very bashful..

But I told him yes.. and there goes my first kiss..

Well next morning was church so I got got ready and go ask my stepmom for bus fare.. SMH 🤦‍♀️….

My stepmom turned to me quite angrily and told me that I should go and ask the man I went out with last night… I mumbled something under my breath in defense… walking away from her… pouting..

I break the news of my decision to join the nunnery to my dad… and for the first time my dad sit me down and talk to me..

We sat there for almost two hours.. he lectured me on the cons of being a nun and let me know by all means that he doesn’t approve of me making the choice to become a nun..

One of his reasons were.. it was a waste of life… he promised me if I changed my mind which he strongly recommended.. that he would pay for any school of my choice…

I really loved my dad.. and I always yearn for his approval and I want to please him so much that I agreed and told him that I will follow his suggestions.. he really thought my decision was based on me being home and became bored…

So next day I set out to find me a school.. I didn’t have a clue.. but I chose one and he lived up to his promise and pay for my enrollment…

Well my life took off on another journey…

I met this man became intimately involved.. and over the next few years… I started to spiral out of control.. of course I was alone in my world.. my stepmom still treats me with so much indifference and ignored me more than not..

Whenever she address for whatever reason.. it was always in a negative way.. very unkind and very mean… I have learnt to ignore her as well.. she and my older sister became inseparable.. my little sister.. I didn’t have clue what she was doing…

I was home when I went in labor.. it was 11 at night… my father took me to the hospital.. but didn’t stay… I was alone.. my baby father was not in my life then.. so he was not aware of me having the baby…

I continued to do things without the interference of anyone.. and only my dad would sometimes observe my behavior and would call me and asked me adjust my attitude …

I got pregnant with my oldest son.. at 23…I lived with my husband up to seven months then moved back home…

It took me 24 hours in labor before my son was born.. and the last hour my stepmom decided to come be with me… she was there for his birth..

I got back together with my husband after I had our son… but he was American and after a year and a half he decided to come back home.. leaving us behind…

I was very hurt 😞 and I had to find work to maintain my baby… surprisingly my stepmom offers to babysit fo me while I go to work… I was very appreciative but somehow lacking in showing it..

I ended up working three jobs… leaving early in the morning.. and coming home late at nights.. I took much disadvantage of my stepmom and of my dad’s kindness…I did abuse them…

My stepmom however never complained about my absence.. my dad however mentioned it a few times letting me know that I need to spend some time with my son…

Back then.. I defended my actions.. with reassurance that he is well taken care of..

( sometimes I wish I could turn back time…and be more attentive to my baby… I just couldn’t see the damage it was causing my son)

So I started to appreciate her for doing this for me… she didn’t have to… although our relationship did not improve much.. she would negative comments about my parenting… but never sit me down and advise me how to improve and be a better mom…

( looking back.. I really think she wanted me to fail…she wanted to prove that I was not capable or responsible enough to be a mom)

This went on for the next three years when we lost my dad to an heart attack…

He was the glue that holds our family together and with his sudden death.. we all fell apart…

It has a very huge impact on me.. I lost one whole year.. I went through it in a daze.. and I can’t remember one single event in that year.. it’s a complete blank..

He died November 1991.. and next thing I remember was 1993….


The next era of my existence…

Through The Eyes Of An Old Man:

This poem was written by an old who died in a nursing home…

After he died;

Amongst the patients belongings, memories of an entire life, they ( the nurses)found this poem:


What do you see nurses? What do you see?

What are you thinking, when you look at me?

A cranky old man, not very wise,

Uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes?

Who dribbles his food and makes no reply.

When you say in a loud voice, “I do wish you’d try!”

Who seems not to notice, the things that you do.

And forever is losing… a sock or a shoe?

Who, resisting or not lets you do as you will,

With bathing and feeding, the long day to fill?

Is that what you’re thinking? Is that what you see?

Then open you eyes, nurse. You’re not looking at me.

I’ll tell you who I am, as I sit here so still,

As I do at your bidding, as I eat at your will.

I’m a small child of ten, with a father and mother,

Brothers and sisters, who love one another.

A young boy of sixteen, with wings on his feet

Dreaming that soon now, a lover he’ll meet.

A groom soon at twenty, my heart gives a leap,

Remembering the vows, that I promised to keep.

At twenty-five, now I have young of my own,

Who need me to guide, and a secure happy home.

A man of thirty, my young now grown fast,

Bound to each other, with ties that should last.

At forty, my young sons have grown and are gone,

But my woman is beside me, to see that I don’t mourn.

At fifty once more, babies play ’round my knee,

Again we know children, my loved one and me.

Dark days are upon me, my wife is now dead.

I look at the future, I shudder with dread.

For my young are all rearing young of their own,

And I think of the years, and the love that I’ve known.

I’m now an old man, and nature is cruel,

It’s jest to make old age look like a fool.

The body, it crumbles, grace and vigor depart,

There is now a stone, where once I had a heart.

But inside this old carcass a young man still dwells,

And now and again, my battered heart swells.

I remember the joys, I remember the pain,

And I’m loving and living, life over again.

I think of the years, all too few, gone too fast,

And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.

So open your eyes, people, open and see:

Not a cranky old man,

Look closer, see ME!”

Never assume that the elderly gent next to you doesn’t see things any more. He lives and feels just like you do. In every aging body lives a spirit that wants to remain young, even when that body doesn’t cooperate the way it once did. Remember the words of this old man and whenever you see an elderly person, treat him or her the way they deserve to be treated.


AGE 12 to 18


I was 12 years old when she decided to include me on the family trip to her home town… I have long decided I don’t ever wanted to go anymore.. I have cried and anguish for the past three years… for always getting left behind…

I hold out and I would not leave the house and get into that car…she tried to convince one more time…. but I refuse to budge or change my my mind… I said I will stay with grandma.. but dad was present so as much as she was annoyed she dared not abuse me in front of him…

She just walked outside and tell him to go get me because Im refusing to get in the car… my dad came in and sternly tell me to get in the car now..

I begged him to let me stay with my grandma… because I didn’t want to go… he again… very aggressively say…” get your ass in that car now and stop with your nonsense “…. and with that tone …I reluctantly get up and get into the car..

Of course I was placed in the middle.. and I sat there sobbing.. he turned around annoyingly and tell me to shut up with that crying…of course I tried.. because we all feared my dad…

My sisters started to jeered me .. and I angrily lashed out at them with one of my cuss words.. of course my stepmom reacted to this and turned to me and said.. you better not take that with you … she gives me a very angry look but didn’t say much more because of she didn’t want my dad to know exactly how badly she mistreats me..

(But.. she was not fooling him by a long shot… he knew… he always knew… but I wouldn’t have realized this until a few years later… when he address her attitude towards me… and ask her to just stop with always picking on me for everything..)

I was one sad and unhappy girl all the way there… and when we reached I again refused to get out of the car.. my dad threatened me with a whooping if I didn’t stop with my attitude.. I started to cry again…

Everyone filtered into the house leaving me in the car sobbing my eyes out… and then this man walks up to the door and said..

“ hey pretty girl.. why are out here crying 😭… and who are you…???!!! Come on inside pretty girl .. it’s alright…”

And surprisingly I stop sobbing.. I smiled.. and I got out and went with him… he calls me pretty…. and it felt so good.. someone thinks I’m pretty….just a little kindness.. just a little gentleness… that’s all it took…and all of a sudden …..I found me a friend.. I was in love 🥰…

….(the next few years because of that one gesture that gentleman.. my stepmom brother… became my most favorite person.. I built up an unhealthy crush on him… my dad observed and noticed it… and intervened a few times when he noticed that I was drawn to this man for all the wrong reasons….. this feeling I had for him was encouraged by him… and lingers on till the day he dies… my stepmom never even realize what was happening right under her nose…because she didn’t even see me.. only time I was ever noticed by her is when I was a nuisance the her and she was chewing me out for being so damn retarded…

I was in my teens when her dad and mom decided to relocate back home… from England…

We were sitting in the living room awaiting their arrival from the airport.. they walked in.. and she started to introduce us children… it was the first Time her mom and dad was meeting us…

When she pointed in my direction and say my name.. her mom immediately replied… “I never heard of this one before… so you have three stepchildren not two…” I then realized that she was so ashamed to even acknowledge me as her stepdaughter that she has hidden me from her family…

I can never remember a kind word from her during my teenage years..when I was fifteen..and my little sister.. she was nine… she was my stepmom first child.. only daughter… she was a beautiful girl…and we were close for a long time… but.. one morning we were getting ready to go to school…

And somehow we developed a tiff .. can’t recall what happened.. or what it was we were fighting for..


This argument led to to tell me that her mom.. says.. that she is better than us.. ( four girls)…. she is prettier.. brighter… smarter… ect. Ect..ect..

So I just let her know that if that’s the case.. then I don’t have to talk to her ever again… and that is just what I did … over the next six years till the day she lost her life at age 16…. I never uttered one word to her…. I was 21 and moved out of the house by then..

During those years though I found myself in a state of solitude and secluded myself by writing ✍️ my diary 📔 or getting lost in novels.. and books… or listening to country music…

I was so quiet .. I never had nothing to say…everyone was happy to just ignore me and shut me out… I silently went through my emotions always seeking out the company of my step uncle… I had no friends…I didn’t know how to socialize… I lacked confidence.. I lacked self esteem….

I hated myself.. I hated my life.. I hated the world… I was so sad.. very unhappy.. I sunk into depression…and I continued on this pathetic self pitied attitude until I was eighteen… and reading one day I came across this article that states… only you can make you happy.. .. only you can choose to be… only you can can be responsible for your happiness….

No one can hurt your feelings unless you allow them to…you are in Control of your emotions… and a few more inspirational thoughts… I then started to collect these quotes and live by them…

And these words uplifted me and I started to grow from them….. I was in world of my own.. I totally shut out everyone… I used to go off to secluded areas.. to write and express my feelings… and not one of them ever misses me out of the house… I was like completely invisible… which was fine with me…

I finished school… I didn’t do too well mainly because I couldn’t write so well… I learned later on that my writing was affected by my attitude and my insecurities…

My dad looks at the results of my exams and when he observed all the D’s… remarks..

“ D is for dunce “….

This hurts me so badly that I cried so hard…again feeling sorry for myself.. that I can never please him..

For the next year I stayed home my only outlet was church.. and books.. we used to have this church club which I was a member… I used to attend retreats and everything offers… it became my way out of the house and to be amongst people who seems to like me…

I was so into it that I decided I wanted to become a nun…



I was born on a Friday morning in February of 1960s…. I was the most beautiful baby girl.. but at ten months my life took a turn for the worst.. I became so sick… my mom gives me up as dead…

“ go bury her “ she commands my dad… but he wouldn’t give up on me… he didn’t stop trying to find a cure for my unexplainable condition.. and when he finally did .. he was very elated but so very disappointed that I was never the same healthy baby he had…

I grew up feeble.. and sickly.. I was awkward and clumsy with zero motor skills coordination… so everyone just treated me like a retarded invalid… they sheltered me and limit me.. to things like playtime because they thought I couldn’t handle it.. trying to protect me without realizing the great damage they were afflicting…..

My mom decided to pass away when I was nine. Leaving behind a severely damage girl… my dad took us to live with my stepmom..


Life becomes an unbearable struggle till I was old enough to go on my own.. I grew alone and apart from my siblings.. I was treated with much indifference..

No love… no affection… no acknowledgement… no confidence.. no self esteem…

I had bad stutter… I fall a lot.. I continuously cry… I was bed wetter until I was about thirteen…

I was mocked.. make jokes at .. laugh at.. shun.. and scolded for everything…


I out grow it all and I believe I had a decent early adulthood… I made poor choices in relationships always seeking a love I didn’t know how receive or give…

I didn’t do so well in school .. because no one ever took an interest in our education…. I don’t remember anyone ever asking me about homework.. or find out how we were progressing… after graduation..I wasn’t brazen or bold enough to be able to function in the world… I was insecure and shy.. until I read somewhere… to be shy is to be selfish because you are only thinking of yourself….

My older sister was working and going to business college… while I was home so afraid to go out there to find work…

Church was my outlet so I decided I wanted to be a nun.. a great way out. But dad .. for the first in my short life he decided to sit me down and lecture me on how it would be a waste of life to enter the nun hood…

Me … eager to please and was so fill with joy that he took out the time to sit with me and actually talked to me.. decided to withdraw my intentions to be a nun.. he promised me to pay for a business course and Advice me to go find one that I like to attend…

But what did I know about picking a decent school… I did find one … but My choice wasn’t the best so after a few months I had to …changed to a different one..

Walking home one day … my long hair caught the attention of this man driving past… ( I had the most beautiful jet black hair.. long and shiny.. I regularly wear it flowing and cascading down my back ..) he stopped and offered me a ride home… I accepted…

We started seeing each other which my father didn’t approve because he was older and has been married with three boys.. I however disobeys my dad strict order to stop seeing him.. and that relationship lasted for year and ended badly when he decided to go back to his wife….

School didn’t prove too successful and so I tried working… but that’s also ended up with me losing it..

A few months down the line I met this US marine and for six months I was in glory… I had found love .. but this too ended on a bad note when I found he was also dating another…

I had started a business and management course at a more reputable school…and it was here that I met this other girl who revealed my marine deception… and where I unfortunately gain the likes of my accounts teacher……( I was taking accounts and management course) he decided to Pursue me to my great discomfort… and when I tried to tell him I was not interested he threatened suicide with tears..

And being so damn naive I allow him to persuade me to give him a chance against my will… we ended up living together unfortunately…

We went out one night and his car broke down and I had no way home… so we spent the night in his car and went home that morning…but my dad put the fear of god in me when he warned me not to ever repeat it and to he sure I come home every night..

And the very next weekend I was again stuck with no way home and the option of living with him was a much better option than facing the wrath of my dad…. that was the worst year of my life…

I dropped out of school… he was an alcoholic.. so I was bar hopping with him… being physically abused… often go hungry… moving from place to place.. but I want to prove to my dad that I could do this… but after a year.. I finally got the courage to leave him for good and beg my dad to allow me back home.. he reluctantly did and it took me two years to start dating again…

That relationship had left a bitter taste in my mouth and a callous on my heart…

During this period of my life I was struggling to find my way out… I was not progressing…both my sisters was working in Decent jobs… and I was not… I was by far the least successful one…

My dad own a tobacco company and he allows me to work for him.. I stayed there for two years…until met my first husband… I got pregnant for him but it went sour in my seventh month..

He was a womanizer… and he couldn’t help himself… he told me once that he was like a dog thrown in a pen full of all different kinds of meat…. so he just have to take bites out of everyone.. and it’s not that he love me less.. it’s just that he has all these tasteful choices and he just couldn’t resist biting into them… but know that I’m his favorite…and he will always loves me the best…

I couldn’t see it his way so left him with his delightful choices and moved back home… I had my baby.. got back together with him.. and he took care of us until he decided to move back home to America.. he was an American…

Me and my stepmom was really not the best of friends… but she agrees to look after my son while I go work.. I was very appreciative but I honestly neglected my son with the poor excuse that he’s well taken care of..

everyone in my family undermines me and I had no control over him.. so

I allowed everyone to take control away from me because I lacked the guts to stand up to them.. so as usual I run away and hide instead… I got lost in working three jobs..never realizing how much I was hurting my baby boy…

My stepmom took pride in full responsibility and never fails to put me down to my son…


I did allow it gladly… telling myself that he’s ok and he is loved by everyone… this lasted five years until my father passed away from an heart attack…

Then everything changes for me.. I quit my job… I ended my four year relationship with a non progressed guy… that following year went by with me not remembering what took place.. I was in a daze..


The second year.. I got married to my best friend.. .. he was my salvation and my angel….he was the best thing ever to happen to me… too bad it took me until he died to realize the great blessing he was to me….

I got pregnant with my second son.. that same year…my stepmom chased me out of the house letting me know that I won’t be bringing no more babies inside there.. and of course I allow her to decide my fate.. I had to leave my first son behind… this was my second mistake in abandoning him..

But the truth be told.. she wanted us girls out.. so she and her biological sons could have the house… she got her desire… of course..I made up my mind never to return to that house.. let her have it.. I will get mine someday…

I had been to hell and back with my baby father.. and when my baby was a year and ten months… I decided to do something about coming to America… my husband was an American .. so I asked him to file for me…

I got the chance and I took it..from the first day I set foot on American soil.. my whole world has changed for the better…



BESTIES 👯…. UNTIL NOT… Cory.. part 2


…… the first year went by with us enjoying conversing and sharing our lives together…

Both of us uses each other as someone to tell everything to without reservations knowing it’s just between us… we have no other connection to anyone in our circle…


This is how I view it and why I willingly confess to so much of my personal experiences… I speak freely of everyone.. my sisters ; my sons ; my friends.,..

I was thinking my feelings of distaste for them and my negative thoughts won’t cause no harm because they have no chance of ever knowing or hearing what I say or how I feel .. Cory isn’t a part of my immediate surroundings.. and some of these conversations is not for the people in question ears…. it not that it’s a secret or is it malicious in any way..

It’s just a matter of sparing feelings of hurt 😞 if told…

No one knows him.. and he knows no one…

so I vent and gripe my grievances to him freely and easily without guilt knowing it’s just between us..

We became so close ;we form a very strong bond that I even surprised myself of just how close we have grown….

And when I decided to help my ex friend abbey….

He was more than willing to help me with my campaign of helping abbey … because he saw how passionate I was to her cause…

I was very touched that he stood by me and decided to help me help her along.. I thought… only a true friend would do this kind of thing… and I admire him for it… and I hold him in very high esteem… his generosity was far and beyond…

And I was very flattered when he choose to prove his faithful friendship by doing something so out of the ordinary…

And when he sent me that voice mail I saw it as a act of loyalty to me…

I didn’t look at it.. in the sense of him deceiving her trust.. he was after all my friend…

What is two months compared to two years…???! So I didn’t hold it against him… as a matter of fact.. I thank him for letting me see her for who she was and how she actually view me as a friend…

He had some regrets after I ended my friendship with her… he didn’t anticipated me making that choice… I assured him he just opened my eyes to her true nature…

All those years I was thinking that we had a concrete bond of friendship… I just come to realize that I was just fooling myself…

Cory and I we talked for hours about it all.. me trying to understand how I never saw that side of her..Cory he just listened while I tried to make sense of it….

That the kind of friend he was.. after I think I got it all out and no more was left to be said… I asked him to not mention her name to me anymore and I will also refrain from talking about her too…

I figured they would still stay in contact and I didn’t want to have anything to do with their relationship….

and he agreed.. we continue with our friendship as is .. moving forward and beyond that episode..


I never forget how he proves his faithfulness to me…




He got back to his desert life… and somehow felt more at home here… he breathed a sigh of relief and find himself feeling.. this is where he belong..

Nothing was back home for him anymore… he gets himself settled in ..he had the evening off.. so he took a short nap.. then gets up to eat something.. he wonders around camp a little trying to pass time and reflecting back on his past week back home…

He was not really angry.. but it really disturbed him that his girl treated him so cold and shabby… he then smile with the thought that he is losing his touch… He shakes his head… and wonder if it’s his feelings waning for her…why he fails to be able to get her to want him.. because he really didn’t put out that much effort in convincing her or seducing her…

He was feeling slightly rejected.. but should he be feeling this.. or is it just his ego that is bruised…

And Yas ..

he concluded that she is a little deceptive. And not very honorable… but better she shows her true colors now than wait till he’s emotionally invested..

He’s a little bit disappointed but not affected by her…

…..and Terri..

shaking his head he sighs and giggles to himself…. she got some mickey Ds out of him .. but he comes up short on the return…

oooh well.. it’s all behind him now and he came back as dry as the desert..

Feeling a little despondent and a little weary he slowly headed back to his room… he got in bed turn on a little music to soothe his wandering thoughts and it didn’t take him long to drift off to sleep..

The following week was busy .. but he made a couple new friends.. one a Mexican beauty name Beyoncé..

And a Russian guy name Oleg…

He spent a lot of his free time with Beyoncé.. and getting to know her was a thrill…

she was witty and charming.. and easy to like… it was not a love connection but he looks forward to spend time with her all week..

Come the weekend she invited him to hang out with her and some of her crew members.. and he accepted and had a ball… she made him feel like he has been apart of her group.. she included him in every conversation and sit with him exclusively all evening..

At the end of the night he went to his room smiling.. thankful that he made really great connection.. He was moving forward in his new surroundings and his new life…

The following week though she left for her time off.. and he sure miss her company…

Oleg also left.. he has a family so he was glad to go…

It’s his turn when they return next week.. and although he has nothing much to look forward to… he will be making the trip back home.

He was thinking that he may extend his stay long next time… and maybe he can coincide his time off with his Mexican beauty.. he was feeling really good about having her as a friend.. she’s so outgoing and much fun..

It makes this desert come to life for him..

He tried to bury himself into what he’s doing to ward off his boredom and not to miss Beyoncé too much…

He tells himself If he keeps his mind occupied the week will run off before you know it..

He has been corresponding with his girl here and there.. she has been texting him and keeping him informed of her daily activities.. boasting how she has been cleaning and getting her home organized.. she was very proud of her progress it seems…


She always ends with how much all this industrious activity is affecting her..

oooh the pain.. can’t move.. so sore..

and then she complains how she’s the only one doing it.. and how she has to take interval break to ease all the severe discomfort it causes..

He tried to be encouraging with his comments but he wasn’t sure why she takes so much pride in telling him all this.. he was somewhat confused though…

Does she wants his praise on a job well done or his sympathy and empathy for her ailments that she always develops after such jobs…

And quite frankly he really didn’t believe she was doing as much as she claims because she keeps going over the same areas in her story each day…

how can one place always gets so messy that she has to be constantly cleaning the same area over and over again..

He has to question her motives in claiming and relating to him her accomplishments on a daily basis…

what is she trying to accomplish here..

impress him.. ???or she just wants to stay in contact with him and so she makes up all this about what she’s doing and how she’s feeling just for conversation.. knowing that he will always respond to her so she can feel connected to him…????

He shrugged it off because he wasn’t really too interested anyways.. he is really losing interest in her it seems… guess out of sight out of mind…

Another weekend is here and how he miss his friend Beyoncé.. she’ll be back Tuesday some time and he leaves out Wednesday morning early…

it has been a very busy week actually.. and he was ready for a break..

Come Monday he was called to the office.. he didn’t know what to expect.. when he got there.. a supervisor/ manager greets him..

He said.. “Cory.. I have an offer to put to you..”

He listened intently..

“We have a opening for a supervisor position in another location and we think you would be qualified for the position if you are interested..”

He was a little stunned at the suggestion and offer.. he has only been here for two months.. he is just getting used to this place and just starting to make friends..

As he sit there listening to him rattling on about the duties required and the increase in salary.. he felt enthusiastic about moving up..

but.. he was a little doubtful if he’s ready for leadership … but again they thinks it’s something he could handle…

He was snap out of his thoughts with him asking…

“What do you think Cory ?? Would you be interested in moving on to another location..??!!

He nodded and smile eagerly.. yes I would..

He got up shook his hands and tell him he would get the package to him to look over and give them his answer if he is willing to make the change..

He agreed..

He walked away with mixed feelings.. he was a little excited.. especially about the salary.. and he was feeling good that they have faith in him to recommend his for this position..

On the other hand..

can he really do this job.. he never had a managerial position before.. does he have that leadership persona to to be the boss and get the job done..

He’s willing to train for it .. but what if he decided it’s not for him..??

Does he want to take that risk???!! Of losing his job…

He really have to put some serious thought into this.. he’s quite happy where he’s at .. at the moment..

He spent all night thinking and thinking. About the pros and the cons.. but he don’t have to make a decision tonight… so he lay back and before he knows it he was asleep….

Next day is Tuesday .. it was really a tough busy day didn’t have much time to stop and think about Much…

when he got back to camp and went to get some dinner.. he was starving.. and exhausted.. it was a hot day..

As he walked in the cafeteria he saw Beyoncé.., she gleams at him waving her hands.. he walked over to her table sit down and greeted her with a smile…

“Welcome back girl… how was your time off.???….so glad to see you back … ”

She smile back at him and responded… telling him she had a good time. But it went much too fast…

He nodded in Agreement and jokingly stated that it went much too slow here.. “it’s been a long week and you weren’t here to hang with..”

“Awwww”.. she gestured..

He excuse his self and go get him his meal.. He spent a few minutes talking to her after eating and went to his room…

He slept good that night… he’s all packed and ready to board that plane in the morning…

When he got up.. he was approached by the manager and he handed him the package he promised… and he got on the shuttle for the airport.. anxiously wanting to review this job offer..

He still wasn’t too sure what he’s gonna do.. but he has one week to go over it and make up his mind…



A MESSY LOVE 💕 STORY… part 12c

He got home and he decided he is going to attempt one more time to get his girlto make a date with him….

So he texted her..

suggesting she finds something or somewhere for them to go..

she insisted on playing the fool including her daughter .. finding excuses to avoid the initial question..

So he sent another text…

“Just me and you kris

I have been missing you 😔

And just wants some quality time with you…

Can we do that..

Maybe bowling 🎳

A little lunch..

Some super conversation..

Me .. you.. and nothing/ nobody inbetween..!!!???”

Her response.. ” she is not much into bowling.. she only goes because of her daughter… but yes they could…”

She didn’t however stop there…

she mentioned that she is willing as long as he included her daughter before or after..

And she has told him she wanted to go to this church sale..

He had agreed to take her.. and was hoping after he’ll get his chance to spend a little time alone with her.. so he could make his play for a little self entertainment…

He drifted off to sleep… looking forward to his day with her …

He woke up …get hisself together and headed over… he picked her up.. and they went to the church sale..

she was so at home. Sitting on the floor going through a few boxes of movies.. this is really her world..

He stroll around browsing and he found himself a decent looking camera for $3.00

He patiently waited for her to finish up.. quietly and anxiously anticipating their afternoon together….

After what seems like an eternity.. she was ready to go.. he asked where to next and she instantly mentioned where are they going to take her daughter… so very reluctantly he decided to get her daughter out of the way first.. because he didn’t want anything to interfere with their alone time…

So they headed home to fetch her… they get into the house.. and he sits and wait.. and he waited.. and waited..

After an hour or so .. she still hadn’t made no effort to do anything.. he gave up on the idea of their intended rendezvous…

He excused himself.. saying he is getting a bit too hot and becoming restless.. and so he left..

He was experiencing an burning itching sensation on his chest.. it wasn’t too irritating at the time but by the end of that evening.. it has become very uncomfortable…

He decided to examine the area.. he observed a rash of some sort.. and realize he has bruised it with his scratching…

It was getting a little unbearable and a annoying.. he tried to calm it by applying an ointment..

By Sunday it was feeling a little better but very red around the area..

He was leaving to go back on Tuesday morning early.. he hoped it healed by then..

As he lay there in his bed trying to figure out what causes that reaction… he reflected back on his week off.. nothing had worked out as he had hoped or planned…

coming back home was not as exciting as he had anticipated…

He spent Monday at home .. not too motivated to go anywhere.. he really couldn’t wait to get on that plane ✈️ back to the desert.. away from it all… and put it all behind him…

He decided he just have to find some new ways to entertain himself…

He now has a new life.. a New job.. and it’s time for New beginnings….




On the eve of his departure home.. he decided to send a text to her.. asking her what she thinks if he stays overnight with her when he arrives back home…

He was sure she would be eagerly receptive assuming from their conversation over the past weeks .. that she misses him and was hoping he would make the suggestion..

So here he is … acting on this theory that was implied.. thinking he’s going to oblige her and give in..

He finds himself actually missing her and he really was anxiously anticipating seeing her and spending some time with her..

she’s going to be one of his first stop when gets in…


To his surprise .. she turned down his offer stating that..” that he wasn’t her exclusive boyfriend and that sleeping over is for boyfriend status…”

He was taken aback… became speechless 😶 for a moment.. angry at her declaration…he was just astounded with the unexpected decline of his suggestion..

So he decided to tell her exactly what he expected from her in return.. seeing that she is now having all these standards and implementing rules…of their relationship…

He had stayed over before… and he had read a lot into her actions of cleaning and taking pride into telling him with photos and details..

Was she really serious.. ??? Anyways he continued to tell her that she always have and made demands about this relationship that they have going on..

And he tries to oblige and indulge her in every way possible.. he is understanding of her needs and still do everything she requested of him willingly because he cares about her and her needs…

And he thinks he was playing the role of a boyfriend..

so now that she implied that he is not her boyfriend.. all this will stop…

He really thought he was the one staying away from being physical sexually.. Because he was afraid or repeating all that drama about being pregnant and she becoming depressed and emotional…

It is really like a slap to the face.. So now he decided to turn his full focus on his new girl.. YAS….

And when he gets in tomorrow.. he might just ignore her a little..


The day has come to head homebound for a week…

He had a restless night.. consumed with thoughts and feelings of rejection of his girl..


He was as excited about seeing YAS… and hoping he didn’t read her signals wrong too…

He really was hoping to get some time with his girl first to be able to release some of his sexual tension..

He was horny for her and he was having visions of making some sweet love to her…

And he wonders if and when he sees her if he should make a play for some…

He’s almost certain she wouldn’t be able to resist him.. but he was kinda hurt about her rejection of his suggestion.. and wasn’t sure he wanted to even try…

And he didn’t want to see Yas.. with a protruding boner… knowing he can’t act on it because Yas is still so new to him and he don’t want to rush into anything with her prematurely…

As he sits in the plane ✈️ waiting takeoff… he started to think of his girl .. and he was so surprised at his feeling of being heartbroken.. he kept hearing those words of rejection again and again..

and a song came to mind..

” FAMOUS LAST WORDS OF A FOOL.. by George strait

He looked it up and listened…tears came to his eyes as he gets so emotional.. he does love this girl.. and he was really hurt by her declining his self-invite…

He knows he’ll be seeing her though. He couldn’t go home without visiting her..

So in the the next couple of hours he will know. When he gets there….


I don’t love you…famous last words of a fool…)



Next.. touchdown on home soils…

A MESSY LOVE 💕 STORY: part 11b

By the end of the week.. she is sending pictures of how she is cleaning the house.. room by room..

and photos of her self showing she’s losing weight..

He was really impressed but a bit confused..

why now???

Why did she chose for him to leave to put effort in cleaning and dieting….

Is she trying to entice him so when he gets back home he will wants to be with her….?

What is her real motives… he was very suspicious and curious..

and to make it worse…her photos were given him a stimulating stir.. so much he felt he had to share the info with her .. ending with how he would love to make some sweet passionate love to her.. and feel her quivering from divine pleasures in his arms…

He seems like instead of letting go of her he keeps saying things to pull her closer…

He still talking to his new girl and she’s so gamed with his wittingly charm …he tells her he wants so much more than friendship and she eagerly agrees with him…

She’s like a breath of fresh air… she’s so positive and amusing… and so giving… he truly enjoyed connecting with her…

So.. why is he playing this game with his girl back home…

Because he can!!!????

Because it makes him feel like a stud!!!????

Or. ”

Because he’s just plain confused and is not true to his convictions…. want all lose all.. so he better be careful how he throd…

He keeps contradicting himself.. doing and say things he swears on stopping…

If he gets called out on something he did or say .. he hurriedly changes his tune.. playing it off as a joke or declares misinterpretation..

He is not true to himself.. and to his convictions… that is if he has any…

This job is a big promotion for him.. and he did well for himself…

but.. then .. now he thinks he better than most.. and he acts as if he has it over everyone…

His true colors are showing.. and this promotion has gone to his head…

He has changed in only one month…it’s so sad..

we wish him well.. and hopes he makes the right choices along his journey…

And he is never going to give up his girl .. it’s so obvious…

he is really not better than her.. in actuality…

so here continues the story of “THE MESSY LOVE 💕 AFFAIR…

It keeps on going.. ….



Next…. “his visit back home ”

(What will conspire… will he go back on his words with his girl… will that house stay clean…is she really trying to get him back into her arms…????


Will he develop a deeper relationship with his new found girl…

Hmm 🤔…

We will soon see how this saga pans out…)



He keeps talking to her.. and visit with her frequently… hoping to help her out of that depressed mode she’s in.. after a month or so she started to show signs of recovering and back to her normal self…

He decided to step back some and see her less..

He told her his job has becoming very demanding.. he was still thinking of gently walking away from her.. He has admitted to himself that he does care for her deeply and find it hard to let go completely…

He decided he’s not going to cut ties fully.. but he’s going to stop this physical relationship even though.. he still feels some sexual tension and energy when he’s with her..

She have the tendency to always be rubbing his back in a very sensual caressing manner..


place her hand on his thighs and stroking upwards towards his groin.. she does it very unconsciously.. and it sends a electric jolt to warm that sensitive area that he’s trying to control..

He loves the feeling it gives but he just don’t want to react.. just too risky and it’s still fresh in his mind all that emotional turmoil she puts him through..

So he decides it’s best if he stays away.. He can resist only so long…

A job offer came up for work out of states and it pays almost three times what he’s now getting..

It offers free lodging and food.. and he don’t have to travel.. and paid flight to and from..

He would work.. two to three weeks.. and off one week.. which he gets to come home…

He thought this would be a good chance to get away from her and the money is very appealing.. so he applied and he got accepted…

The week before his departure he met a really beautiful lady.. And he was very enthusiastic about her..

He told his girl that he’d be leaving.. and she was really disappointed .. but he finds that he was more excited about leaving than caring about her feelings..

It means starting over.. a new job.. good money.. and this new girl..

He was moving up and he felt good at his success and his new found accomplishments…

All of sudden he was feeling above her and that she no longer fits in his circle..

He has moved on…

He was trying to convince himself that he can do without her.. although he still talks to her daily in a ritual manner..

He was just fooling himself… she means more to him than he cares to admit..

But he hopes being away would calloused his heart…

This new girl seems to like him.. and she so different from her.. it’s like night and day… he even started to think that this new girl maybe too good for him.. but he shrugged that feelings off because she’s very receptive to his advances…

He decided to take it in strides.. and hopefully the more he gets to know her…the less he’ll feel for his former lover…

He flew out to his new position… it was located in a deserted area.. they have what you called a man camp.. decent looking rooms…

His first few days were busy with meetings and orientation.. but he finds himself missing the familiarity of home and he misses his girl.. so of course he text her and she expresses how much she misses him…

Of course…he admitted to her that he misses her too..

What’s wrong with him.. why is he giving her the impression that he still cares for her..

He goes in a rage with himself just how weak he is.. beating himself up…

He is here for a reason …. to shake her.. and focus on this money he’s making and this new girl ..




The next few days Forest tried to connect with me but I completely ignored him trying so hard to stick to my decision to leave him alone… I was still commenting on his posts though and leaving little suggestive and provocative comments… being a tease knowing he couldn’t resist trying to connect with me..

So I wasn’t totally being honest and wasn’t playing fair… because I was enjoying being seductive and playing with him and getting a thrill from knowing just how much I was having an effect on him… He played right into my game and I didn’t respond to his gestures of sexual play…

I did find this quite amusing…

a week later he posted a really sexual  provocative post… Of course, yours truly joined all of his other loyal fans.. and made a comment… but this day there was this one comment from someone who thought the post was distasteful  and disgusting and inappropriate…

I’m very argumentative and so I defended forest and tell her if she doesn’t like what she sees … she needs to just keep walking… and we his loyal fans likes him and his stimulating posts… blah blah blah…

She answered, and I reply and then his some of his other followers decided to join in the debate.. all for forest… this one girl “ERICA”… she took her on also… and the next half an hour we raved about forest… I was just having some fun and talking shit.. Erica and  few others was totally agreeing with me…

Forest made a comment once or twice really pleased with our conversations… and we continued talking and making silly comments.. mostly Erica and me… It was really obvious she really liked him… I was really having fun with our little play long…bigging him up.. putting him on a pedal stone….I know him intimately and I was positive all these other fans of his.. do too…

Erica and I went on for a little bit more… this other girl  ‘JENNY’  made a comment in between boosting us along.. and then we have a request from “NELLY”.. asking if she can join in on the conversation… we welcome her aboard… and we carry the conversation a little while longer…

Of course I was well aware that FOREST was able to read every comments we made and I know he was somewhere smiling and enjoying our great admiration of him…all the others leave us chatting and then I got a request from Forest inviting me to join a group chat…

I kinda hesitated to join but not for long… I was curious to see what it’s all about… and so I accepted..There I found ERICA and NELLY… and Forest stated that he enjoyed our little conversation we have going but it will be more private with these group chat… It didn’t take him long before he got really sexual and want to play…  And thus… “FOREST ANGELS” is formed…

I was kinda reluctant to play along sexually in the presence of the girls… but surprisingly they didn’t have any problem with it… I watched for a little taking it all in not sure if I wanted to join in the fun or not… but I was honestly getting a little hott and getting a little stimulated with the scene..

This was my first time taking part in something like this and I was very bashful and blushing…. just thinking of talking  and sexting with these girls.. and they were so good saying all the sexiest things and I was feeling very foolish with my lingo… not sure if I could match theirs…

Forest:     You delicious lil fucking angel…. I love it!
– Nelly     : Mmmmmm
– Forest:     Cmon fuck yourselves for daddy
– Erica..,:    I’m about to cum all over your face lover
– Forest:      Cover me  you sweet delicious bitch!
-Erica..,:     Lick my clit daddy…..Make me spray you….
– Forest:      I’m Sucking the fuck outta that clit
– Erica..,:     Oh god it feels so fucking good my Irish king…. Turn around into 69 and I’m sucking your cock….My tits rubbing against your stomach..

– Forest:      Gag on it you sexy angel…
– Erica..,:     Pushing it deep in my throat
– Forest:      Snake a couple greedy fingers in your asshole …

-Nelly    : Let me have some Erica
– Erica..,:     Massaging it with my swallowing motion….Take his cock…I’ll ride his face….
– Nelly:        Let’ me suck that juicy cock….
– Forest:     Get in there Wendy, help nelly lollipop this big dick ….Fucking spit on it… take turn sucking on it … suck on my nuts.. come on wendy… wendy?????

I was silent all this time but they could see my following them…so Forest was urging me to join in … I still didn’t feel brave enough  so I still kept silent…
– Nelly:       All the way down my throat …All wet…
– Erica..,:    Mmmmmmm lick that cunt….make me come again master…
– Forest:    Slap your fucking eager  face with it…
– Nelly:     Mmmmmm … Yeah !!! Heavy… smell and feel so good against my cheeks…
– Erica..,:      How do I taste… lover?
– Forest:       Cramming this tongue so fucking deep in your snatch… Like fucking candy baby..
– Nelly:     Fuck my face off lover???
– Erica..,:     Love how you man handle me my lord
– You:       I’m climbing on … Nelly move over… let me have some of this luscious man meat…

I was so hott and decided to jump in and enjoy some of this stimulating play time… I put all my inhibitions aside and throw caution to the wind… this scene with the girls was making me super hott and very excited…My desires was rising and I was on fire wanting to erupt.. I was caught up again in forest sexual game… and I was gamed…

– Erica..,:     Spank me….make my ass cheeks firehouse red…
– Forest:      Milk this fucking cock with your fuck muscles wendy?
– You:       Yes … Deep .. clenching… gripping… milking lover…
– Forest:     Fuck me good you delicious sex goddess…
– You:     I’m Humping up and down …. grinding in deeply as I gripped that hard throbbing cock tightly with each thrust…
– Erica..,: I’ve been a bad girl daddy…I need punishment….
– You:    Screaming … Oooooh fuck me … yesss harder.. hhooooo… Yeah!!!!
– Forest:    Wait your  turn you lil horny  angel… Erica…Gonna put in your ass babygirl…
– Erica..,:    Yes daddy … please….it’s winking and ready for that nine inches of rock solid meat…
– Nelly:     Where you want me daddy..
– Forest:      Keep fucking me wendy..
– Forest:     Suck Wendy’s fucking clit Nelly…
– Erica..,:      Can I have a kiss…so I can taste how I taste on your lips..

-Nelly:   let me kiss you erica so you taste wendy’s juices…
– Forest:     And put some fingers in her ass nelly..
– You:      Oooooh..shit … yesss…
– Forest:    Not now erica… will kiss you later…just let me finger fuck that juicy pussy and lick up all your juices as you gushed in my mouth and on my tongue…

– You:     Fuuuuccckkkk !!!!!
– Erica..,: Mmmmmmm
– You: Yessss …. Pleaaasse….. I’m Cummin … Aaaaah ….omg!!!…. ooooh yeah!!
– Forest: Glaze this big dick with your fuck juice Wendy..

-Nelly:     you taste so good wendy… I’m licking some off your dick forest as you pump in an out of wendy’s oozing kitty…

– You: Aaaaaaah!!! gushing… dribbling out over your cock…
-Nelly,:     I’m licking your clit wendy… erica kiss me my bitch… taste her juices…
– You:       Oooooh Yesss …..Oooooh Yessss Oooooh Yeeeaah!!!!
– Forest:      Finger fuck her butthole as you kiss erica…
– Erica..,: Mmmmm…I’m cummin daddy… finger me harder… make me cum hard for you…
– You:     Ooooh yeeees …. Fuck me.. Fucckkk meeee forreestt… I’m cummin again..
– Forest:     I want some God damn video ladies…
– Erica..,: Yes daddy
– Forest: Video
– Forest: Video
– Forest: Video


Forest send three videos of him… they were very stimulating as always
– You:    Oh baby baby baby … good as ever.. never get tired of seeing that beautiful cock of yours..

-nelly:      Mmmmmm … Yes.. Right in my face …You cum so hard…  that was good forest… you have one of the biggest and prettiest cock I have seen…
– Forest:    Cmon Wendy get fuckin nasty for me…

He was prompting me to make a video .. but I wasn’t going to … I wasn’t ready to share that with the girls..
– Erica..,:    Mmmmmmmm…so true nelly…
– You:   we could love on that all day long and all night too…
– Forest: Cmon girls??   Video (he sent another to encourage us…)
-Nelly:     Video ….
– Erica..,:    video …
– You: Liked Erica.., message
– You: Thank you thank you thank u all…I needed this ..this morning…


Erica and Nelly both send their videos.. I didn’t… I thought I would just exit.. I was feeling self-conscious again and feel like I don’t fit in with them… I was so amazed how these girls was so brave and had no problem sharing their intimate assets…

I did enjoy the little sexual romp we had though… this was something new and exciting to me… and the girls was really a big encouragement.. I just knew it wouldn’t be long before I evolved and to participate with them..more…

Forest however was so tickled by us he started another conversation soon after and we played late into the night…
Next morning … he again hit us up and I joined in with Erica… Nelly couldn’t she was at work… I was home and so was Erica… that same evening Nelly join us and we had another foursome… Forest requested pictures…  and after Nelly and Erica summit there’s  I still didn’t…

I decided to talk to Forest on a one way conversation.. to tell himand to explain of my reservation of sharing pictures and videos…

Forest:     I adore you… my little team leader
– You:    You think I’m the team leader???  I think Erica has that title ..
– Forest:   Lol… it’s close
– You:     But.. You my stud.. Is the main attraction.. You brings us And hold us together
– You:         You are the feast.. That we can’t get enough of …
– Forest:      I fucking love it
– You:      And in reality.. I wouldn’t share you so willingly.. I definitely wouldn’t at all
– Forest:     Lol
– You:      Hey … It’s fun with the angels… But the truth be told… I enjoy you much more…. And cum much more.. And much harder.. When I have you all by myself….😄☺ Just saying… And so you know… 😉
– Forest:    Mmmmmm I will tend to you personally every now and then I assure you …
– You:    And I’m more eager to share videos and pictures with you… This is my very first time doing threesome or foursome.. I have never done it before.. Even in reality….I’m not comfortable showing my personal pictures and videos to the girls…
– Forest: I understand that but if you want to be an angel, you must obey me. I will service you one on one….
– You: HAHAhaha …lmoa… Really??? Oh my goodness.. HAHAhaha

I really thought he was joking around.. so i was laughing at his comments..
– Forest:    Yes really ….You ok with that?

– You:     We have created a monster
– Forest    : Nope, just the way it should be
– You: Are you being totally serious right now forest..????
– Forest: Lol… don’t trip…. Just have fun…

– You: Or just funning ….HAHAhaha …. I am actually … Having lots and lots of fun.. but… wtf????

I couldn’t believe the audacity of this mf…  was he for real…???  I really hoped he was still in the game mode…

– Forest:    Ok good… This doesn’t work without you baby…
– You:      IDK about this arrangement… and I don’t know if this is for me…. I’m easily replaceable …
– Forest:    You will get one on one…
– Forest:      And no you are not…I don”t want a replacement… just stay with the group and let’s continue to have some fun and enjoy each other…

-You:   Hmmm???? I will have to think about this…
– Forest: Photo … just know that you are an essential part of this….
– You:     Ooooh my.. You know I a beautiful chest.. Don’t you..????

He sent me a picture of his chest and I realize he was trying to change the subject.. I went along with it… and after we finished talking I went to talk with the other angels  and tell them about our conversation and tell them I might be leaving the group….

they talked me into staying and again reminded me it’s just a game of fun and I shouldn’t take it and forest so seriously… and assured me… they love playing with me..  and thus forming the group “HELL ANGELS”… They also beg me to participate and more involved  when playing…

And so I stayed…




I was thinking… after I hung up… I am not going to encourage this guy any longer…because now every time he hit me up he’s going to expect some sexual game…  and it’s not everytime I’m going be in the that kind of mood… 

I liked him but… my one night of being wild and naughty  is just one night… and I was just in the mood for some fun..i got it and now I’m over it..

An hour later,he sent me a couple of pictures of him without shirts… he has a nice chest but wasn’t chiseled or buff… and I do love a good-looking chest on my men… I was thinking I may have said something to him about my likes for him to choose to send me those shots…

I complimented him, anyways…

– Forest:     Photo
– You:        Aaaaaah forest!!!… I could love on that chest … Ooooooh Maaan…  How I love to love on a beautiful and chiseled chest …
– Forest:      Mmmmmmmm…
– You:       hoohooooo   baby… You are so beautiful… you do have a nice physique…
– Forest:    Thanks baby girl
You:    You know it forest… Are u home ???

I thought he was at home and taking pictures for me….


– Forest:    No baby… That was about 3 months ago
– You:    Oh okay… thanks for sharing anyways…  Still love it …
– Forest:    Check out this post! ….

He sent me a naughty video.. I just ignore it and thank him for his photos and tell him that I have to get back to work… I didn’t want to get pull in again by his sexuality… and from the video he sent… I was obvious that he was trying to get me going in that direction…

He says bye… and ended our conversation… I didn’t hear from for a couple of days and when he  try to contact me I ignored him .. I was trying to pull away from him… but he loves to post pictures of himself and humorous sexual post.. all which would appear on my news feed because I was still following him.. and of course anything sexual always pique my interest… and… Of course I would like and place a comment or two on these posts…… I love making  commenting on posts… that is my thing… it humor me and I love to get back reactions..

So  sometimes he would send a “HI” to me…  and thank me for liking his posts..We played  that game for approximately two weeks… He trying to chat and me ignoring and refusing his attempts… after  a week or so I decide to answer him.

– Forest:    Thank you for liking my post.
– You:    Hey you.. See that you are really busy..  I was  as well…that was really a funny  post though…HAHAhaha… I see just how popular you are from all the comments you got… I do understand… You are a guy of/ in great demands..
– Forest:      yes, I’m Just really busy Wendy… I really enjoyed you immensely and I have been missing you..
– You:      And I you.. Forest
– Forest:     Good!
– You:     Just dropping in to say hi.. And give you a little nudge to remember me… Just in case you had forgotten me… HAHAhaha.. I know it’s quite easy to do…
– Forest:        Bullshit!
– You:     I know u are probably very busy with work right now.. So am I actually…
– Forest:    I think of you often. But you can be a very pleasant distraction. And sometimes I need to be focused lol. But believe me I desire you…
– You:       Hey.. no worries man…all good… I actually love one night stands…
– Forest:      Lol… you’re not!
– You:        Even so forest… That’s always the best of times… To me anyways .. Enjoy your day.. I really don’t want to distract you too much… As a matter of fact.. I can’t afford to be distracted myself.. And you are definitely a big one for me.. Right now as I got u here talking to you… I’m becoming distracted .. Oh boy not so good for me.. So talk later….
– Forest:   Lol..    definitely …
– Forest: Video …
– Forest: Video…

He sent me two porn videos… some really steamy ones too… I realize he truly love these kinds of videos…  and he loves to interject them in-between our conversations…hoping to create a stir and have me all turned on.. I am not much into porn too much… they really don’t do much for me… but… I find myself liking his choices and actually gets a little aroused watching them… I didn’t want to burst his bubbles… so I responded…
– You:     Oh my goodness forest.. You are not playing fair.. You are so mean…

– Forest:    Lol…(of course he laughs enjoying knowing he has aroused me..)

And so I played his game along… just to humor him…

– You:     I can’t afford to get in this stage right now.. Ooooooh shit.. I feel like I’m gonna explode…
– Forest:    Sorry baby
– You:      Ooooooh Maaan.. You are no good
– You:    But.. Do I love it??!!!

– Forest:    Yes you do
– You:      Oh Fuck.. Yes.. I do.. I do …(I’m such an actress.. haha..)– ….Have you a most fantastic day forest… And thanks for getting me all soaking wet.. And a badly twitching kitty …
– Forest:      I love-making you wet… Most welcome …
– You:          (I was smiling … knowing his exact intentions)  But Maaan.. It’s such an awesome feeling ….
– Forest:     Mmmmmmm

You: Audio Message:

I was just being a naughty girl … trying to get him back by sending him a voice message of pretending to be aroused and enjoying myself telling him how much I want him and is so hottt and wett for him…

– You: Later forest
– Forest: Omdg!!!!Killin me!
– You:    (Liked Forest message)… You are the one killing me with those videos….All good though… Love them… They made my day….. Now all I have to do.. Is not get caught sneaking a peek.. Ever so often…. I love watching you.. I do….HAHAhaha
– Forest: Mmmmmmm….Thank you for liking my post.
– Forest: Video ”

He sent another three or four videos… I realize I was actually encouraging him with my playing along… I really want him to go…

– You:     Ooh my… !!! Ooooh my…!!!

– Forest: Video

– Forest: video.
– Forest: video

He sent a couple more… I just decided to not comment this time…and i didn’t …and stop the conversation… He is heavily in porns… I have noticed that even the ones with him… he is always  watching porns…
– Forest: Morning gorgeous…

He try again one morning… I didn’t acknowledge him…I wasn’t in the mood for his game today…
– You:    Hey forest… It’s Friday night… What are you up to…. Anything fun??   I guess you probably have daddy duties about right now… Just passing through.. Stopping by… Saying… Heyyy!!!! You!!!!

I tried to connect with him friday night.. I was up and was in one of my moods…. but to my disappointment he didn’t respond… ooohh well… I figure he was busy with someone else… So I just leave him alone…

It was now valentine’s day… so I send out a Valentine’s greeting to him..

– You: HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY FOREST!!!! LOTS And LOTS OF VALENTINES SEX.. Enjoy your day to the fullest..

I sent it to him in the morning… I didn’t get a response until evening… but the way and what he text… annoys me a little…It was Valentines Day.. and I want some affection and some sweet convos… so when I saw his text.. I was just shake my head and said… “not today lover… and didn’t respond…

This is what he said…
– Forest:    Fuckin suck this big fuck meat baby girl…

Even virtually… that to me is not acceptable…I guess he was  thinking it was sexy and hott.. and just the thought of his “fuck meat” was enough to turn me on..  I didn’t make a comment or even bother to say anything about it… he was not worth my efforts… and it’s not like we have an emotional connection…





…….We continued to play for some more… I was really feeling for more…

– Forest: I’m fucking ravenous…

-ME:     maan, so am I forest.. let’s do this..

-Forest:    Show me more…

I sent him all of my best assets…  (my boobs; my legs; my butt; covered…) I know just how beautiful they are and I was very proud of my beautiful body… almost flawless..and I’m in one hellava mood tonight.. and to be truthful I have no intention of playing with this guy again…. just like a one night stand…

– Forest: Get fucking naked …I wanna see that ass…

-ME:   My ass is not pretty.. I don’t show my bare ass.. The only place on me I don’t show..  But that’s all the show for today…

I have a few little dimples on my rare area from cellulitis… I guess I have to cut back on my sugar intake… but  I get so self-conscious developing these dimples after having such an almost perfect butt  before…. I told him I never show so much before and that he must be extra special…and make the comment…that he don’t really need it…I was very conscious of his status and know this is only a game for him for some sexual gratification… I also knew he has one thousand other girls playing with… this is just for my needs… and as long as it benefits me and make me happy… it’s all good… and I have had my fun..I honestly enjoyed the intense stimulation he gives…

– Forest: Omg.. ok…I must…I’m here, aren’t I??? I most definitely do…need this..
-You:    You must have plenty better ones..I’m sure, considering your enormous fan club…

– Forest:   Nope… Don’t assume…
– You:    But I don’t care, really… I’m not really competing.. I’m just  here enjoying you..

– Forest: I’m your cock toy …

– You:      Ooooooh yeah??? And I came really good so I’m liking my sex toy ..  smiling huge ..
– Forest:     I’m gonna cum again..

i thought I would indulge and oblige him  some more… he share a few more videos and I return the favor one more time… we sext some more and we both experience another dose of volcanic eruption…I was shocked that I was that much stimulated  to be be able to have this much multi-orgasm…from just sexting with someone…never realize I could feel this way and get such intense sexual energy  with just a connection online…

We were conversing  causally and all of a sudden he was not responding.. I thought he must have dose off… so I asked…

– You:” You are gone?” I guess you feel asleep… Ooooooh Maaan!!!… Ok forest.. I guess you have had enough of me for one night…
Forest:      Nope.. just have a young son
– You:   I know that…and it’s late… But I still think you might have enough of me at one time…
– Forest:   Impossible!!!!!!
– You:     HAhAhaha !!!!(I find his comment humorous…. I felt really tickled with that thought..) I see that you are a marathon runner like me ..
– Forest:    Yes… I literally cum at LEAST 4 times a day
– You: Really!??

We talked for another five or so minutes casually.. he said he had to go to sleep for work… but inform me that he is still revisiting my videos… but I was doing the same with his.. so I understands…

You: Ooooooh okay …. Hahahaha… be careful forest…You could get me hooked….
– Forest: that would be Good Wendy….
– You: That’s not so good  actually…
– Forest: Why???

– You:      Because… Now I will be for craving more of you… and your availability might be open to my demands..
Forest:    I’m at your service …
– You:      But I have enjoyed you tremendously …..well we will see about that..

– Forest:   Ahhh ok… Rest easy lil lady …. shuuuuuu…

– You:    What time do you work

– Forest:   5
You:    Oh my.. Goodnight night forest … You need your sleep for work tomorrow … Thanks for the entertainment.. Until next time… Sweet dreams..
– Forest:    Goodnight  Wendy….
– You:   Smiling tons.
– Forest: Love it !!!




Forest:    got you on my mind…

– You: HAhAhaha.. Really forest, I’m so flattered.. I’m kinda thinking about you too.. Actually…
– Forest:       Watching your video again…

– You:          Awwww!!!! and Why aren’t you sleeping…
– Forest:      Cause, I’m stroking my cock for you…
– You:        Ooooooh my!!! that must be sore n by now, but…I love it…
– Forest:    Video…

he sent me a video showing me exactly how he was feeling and what state he was in…
– Forest: I’m swollen with lust
– You: Oh Jesus.. That’s definitely beauty… Wow!! You know I did cum twice again watching your videos too…

– Forest: C’mon… you didn’t…
– You: Seriously… that’s how much you affected me lover…
– Forest: Cum with me… now…. Yes?????
– You: I’m all cum out. Maaan I don’t think I have anymore left in me… It’s been a long time since I cum this much in one night.  I just lay here and I rub myself silly…
– Forest:     Well I’m gonna… Exactly wendy… keep rubbing her… While I stroke this fuck meat…with you in mind…
– You:        I guess You want me to help you along??…God damn it.. Kitty is jumping, Begging to play … again… You are so bad… And I want to join you… I’m stroking her now…
– Forest:     Yes?? is that right?   Good girl!

So we start again and again reached our peak of ecstasy… maan I was so worn out and I was ready to sleep.. I really was liking this guy and his powerful sexual energy…

– You: Aaaaaah…Aaaaaah Aaaaaah ….Oh my.. Good God …I’m trembling … Mmmmm !!!! Would you believe I cum again…  Unbelievable …
– You:       Can you sleep now .????
– Forest:    You are a fucking goddess!
– You: Really ??? you think??
– Forest: I think I just might be able to sleep now… hopefully… Yes… You are absofuckinlutly a goddess!!!!
– You:      Oh good to know forest… smiling tons… Thank you for that sweet compliment…I never knew I still have it in me to cum so much in one day.. It’s been a while since I’ve done that … You do bring out the best in me ….
– Forest:     I mean it  Wendy… You are fucking intoxicating…
You:      Still Smiling tons.. Good night.. Sleep well.
– Forest:    You as well ..
– You:    Ooooooh… and thank you for one awesome night… I’m fully satiated….                     -forest:   I’m happy to oblige… and thank you as well my sex Goddess..

I smile very tickled with his nick names for me… never knew I had it in me to be so erotic virtually… and I drifted off to sleep thinking it’s was a sensational experience of a one night stand for me..


– Forest: Morning gorgeous
– You:  Forest!!!!!Heyyy sexy guy


I was not expecting to hear from him … at least this soon anyways…
– Forest: How you doin?
– You: Great… I’m so full of energy this morning..
– Forest: You working?  Yes!?? is that so.???
– You: Sex and cumin always do that for me… I’m Having coffee…
– Forest: I can’t get you off my mind
– You: Ooooooh really ??? Mmmm…. I must have made quite the impression..Wow!!! I’m damn good…
– Forest: Cock getting hard just thinking  of you…. Lol…you sure did  and you are damn good…
– You: Oh my!!!

– Forest: Mhmm
– You:    Kitty really enjoyed you too..
– Forest:    I fucking love your kitty

– You:       She’s here getting all excited talking to you…

– Forest: Oh really?
– You: Yeah… Crazy eh!?? I guess you also left an impression on kitty…

I was honestly getting a stir.. thinking of our highly stimulating encounters last night…
– Forest:    Nope… not crazy… Sexy though… Where are you?
– You:        So I guess I’m not the only one that was damn good..
– Forest:    Lol
– You:       I’m on the computer working on something.

– Forest:     At home?
– You:      Nope..
– Forest:   Damn…

I had the feeling he want to play…but I really didn’t want to take the time to and I know he would be expecting more pictures and maybe videos which I really don’t want to do again… That was a one night, one time thing… so I asked…
– You:    Aren’t you at work…
– Forest:    I am but I work alone…
– You:        Oookay

– Forest:     In my work truck thinking about stroking…
– You:       Ooooooh Shit ??? Yeah?.. are you being serious right now..??
– Forest:   Mhmm… yess… I’m being very serious…

I was kinda tickled and turned on at the same time…this guy is plain crazy.. I was laughing finding it so amusing but couldn’t denied the effect it was having on me and that I was getting aroused  visualizing him in that truck in the open.. I was just as crazy… I supposed.. and he is pulling me in again…
– You:     Kitty is going kinda wild.. just thinking about that scenario…
– Forest:     Are you able to do anything about it?
– You:     not right now.. I need to finish this… Maybe later… but.. Ooooooh Maaan… The effects you cause and have on my kitty…
– Forest:     Ok baby… I’m at your service… always.

– You: I’m here shaking my legs wanting so much to pet her..

I was trying to declined his offer to play but I was finding it so hard to resist the strong urge and reaction he was creating with kitty…
– Forest:      Fuck Wendy!!! do something to please her…
– You:           She is begging for some play time… It’s that glorious nine inches on her mind..
– Forest:      I wanna cum for you.. Ramming in an out in an out..
– Forest:     Swollen…. Pulsating…. Throbbing…
-You:     Oh shiiiiiit… forest..please Stop…. You are not helping… OMG!!!!  she is going to cum right here…
– Forest:       Ok ok… but wendy… Fuck I’m so fucking horny for you…
– Forest:      Do it!!!!I dare you….
– You:          She’s pulsating so hard….I’m not alone.. I can be seen…
– You:          Good god man forest… You really have me going… I want you so baaad…
– Forest:       I’m this close to lubing this man meat…

– You:        I want to feel all of that sweet nine inches inside  kitty now… You should see my face… It’s so obvious with what I’m feeling…
– Forest:    Fuck .. really??? show me??? let’s  bury it… I would Leave it buried and start to pulse and throb deep inside you…
– You:       I think it’s so obvious; I’m having a hard time hiding my pleasure… I’m laughing to myself…and everyone is starting to stare at me…
– Forest:     Lol… Precum oozing from the tip of my cock..As I make my cock pulsate inside you…
– You:        Kitty want to cum too… Ooooooh shit..
– Forest:     Mmmmmmmm….I wanna make her gush…
– You:       I touched her through the fabric.. And Ooooooh my god…She loves it…. I want to caress her so badly…
– Forest:    Oh fuck yes… Go to the bathroom.

I obeyed and make my way to the restroom.. I had to make her explode and gushed with this build-ed up cum.. I couldn’t hold it in any longer…
– You:    My eyes closed… I’m seeing that beautiful nine inches… Hard… Stiff… throbbing…
– Forest:     Mmmmmmmm

– You:        Slowly working its way inside… Ooooooh my goodness… feels so goooood..!!!!
– Forest:     Feeding you every rock hard inch … Feel me stuff you full…
– You:          Inches by inches…. Ooooooh yeah.
– Forest:    Ok I’m getting him out..
– You:    You are steadily thrusting…I’m kneeling down

– Forest:    Yessssss!!!!
– You:       You are behind me…I’m on the chair…Butt out….
– Forest:    Offer me your kitty like a good girl…
-You:          Ooooooh yeah…Your hand on my shoulders… One on my ass… You are pushing… Thrusting..  let me have it.!!!.

– Forest:      yess… every inch… Let me bury this hard veiny cock in that juicy oozing wett kitten…
– You: I turn around to look at you… You are busily humping…
– Forest: Yesssssss…
You: Harder.. Please…please Fuck me harder… I pleaded.,,Oh yeah .. yeah ..I love your beautiful cock…

– Forest:     You want it????

– Forest:     Video …

He sent me a video of him in his truck.. jerking vigorously away…
– You:    Feeling so damn good…
– Forest:    Reach back and pull your ass cheeks open wide for me..
– You: I’m pulling it wide…
– Forest:     Good girl!
– You:         Heisting my ass…Moving with you… Reached for your balls..
– Forest:     Yesssssss

– You:        Ooooooh shiiiiiit… You are so bad… but great for me…
– Forest:    You get my video?  I love it…
– You: I did.. I did… I love it Maaan…

-Forest:    Omg!!!! that was awesome… you are so amazing….  I gotta clean up … Lol…
– You:        That nine inches is just wonderful .
– Forest:    My cock loves you… that’s for sure..whewww!!!
– You:      Ookay?? feeling is very mutual forest… because kitty is truly happy .. Let me get clean up too… And get back…
– Forest:        Ok baby Ttys (talk to you soon)
– You:            And kitty sure loves you…
– Forest:        Mmmmmmmmm!!!!
– You:           Talk later forest.
– Forest:        Yes we will.





I was enjoying our little conversation… and I was in the mood for talking and having some fun.. and I find that I do like this guy ….
– Forest : Thank you for liking my post.
– You:   You are welcome forest
– Forest:   So what are you doing right now?
– You:    I was doing some light exercise
– Forest:   Oh yeah? ….Like?

– You:   Making sure to stay flexible in case I get lucky …. Stretching
– Forest:    Holy fuck … Lol … Good girl
– You   : Maaan it would sucks if I do, and I can’t keep up
– Forest:    I know right!
– You:      So I tried to maintain my flexibility
– Forest:   Good
– Forest:    I like flexible
– You:      Of course you do … you are an Irish ….
– Forest:    Allows for deeper penetration
– You:        Ooooooh yeah!!!!
– Forest:     Deeeeep
– You:         The deeper the better
I realized he was pulling me in the direction I wasn’t intended to go, but I was gamed and I was feeling drawn to him and I actually was feeling  a little wild and crazy tonight…I’m in the mood for some fun tonight…. Kitty was starting to react to his suggestions and I was thinking so what, after tonight, I might not even talk to him again, a guy with 1000 girls is not going to remember me or have time for me. I may hate myself in the morning; but I’m going to have fun with him tonight.. and it’s all but an innocent game of fun…

– Forest: Mmmmmmmmmm fuck yes!
I realised that F*** word was a part of his vocabulary and is used quite frequently…but who am I to judge…. I do have a filthy mouth myself…  so I don’t mind his language…

– You:     And with your nine inches… Mmmmm
– Forest:   I like tickling cervix lol
– You:     mine need tickling … mmmm…
– Forest:   Stuff you so full Wendy
– You:   Whoaaaa!!! fill me up forest…
– Forest: i would love to tickle yours wendy..
– You:    Mmmmm mmmm…. I love it stuffed And pounded….
– Forest:   Pin your legs up high and bury every fucking veiny rock hard inch of my cock into your creamy kitty….
– You:    oooh yeah every last inch… Hard deep and fast
– Forest:     Then pull out slowly so you can see just how much dick you’re taking…
I realize that I was encouraging his sexual convo… but as I said, I was in a little naughty and mischievous mood… and I feel the rising of my desires as I read his sexual descriptions and find I was actually enjoying the feelings… of getting all turned on..

– Forest: I’m getting aroused
– You: mmmm… so am I forest… and How do you know her name is kitty ???
– Forest: Lol.
– You: Kitty is loving the attention ….
– Forest: Rubbing my cock through my jammies right now…

I was getting aroused too.. surprisingly… I don’t normally feel this sexual connection so quickly with anyone… but I’m liking it and I’m gonna enjoy him and this feeling for now…

– You : Ooooooh shiiiiiit …yess forest , take it out … I can feel you pulling it all the way out.. And slowly putting it all the way in… Ooooooh boy…

– Forest: I love long dickin….At first.
– You: You have me visualizing and loving what I’m seeing…
– Forest: Then you get pounded
– You:      yeah …don’t stop…
– Forest:   Cock just a blur as it rams in an out in an out … Balls slapping against your ass as I pound you vigorously …
– You:     hhhooo Yessss …That’s how I love it .. While I hold on to your ass and pull you in.. With each thrust you make…
I was playing along with him and enjoying his sexual game… by now was so hott and wett and I had to oblige kitty and give her what she was begging for…

– Forest:   Oh fuck yes …Be greedy … Take it all Wendy …
You:    give it all forest….I’ll even slap your sexy ass.. making you dive in deeper with the pleasurable sensation…. I’m very greedy…
– Forest:    I fucking love that!!!!!!
– You:     I like it nuff and hard….
– Forest:    You like to be tied up? Choked????
– You:     I  put my feet on your shoulders and heist my hips so high to meet each and every thrust you give..

– Forest: Yessssss!!!!!

– You:    Choked..Hell Noooo…. Tied up.. Maybe …
– Forest:    Ok…..Just fucked silly?
– You:     Are you a sadist

I had to ask… not that it matter really.. this only virtually.. and playing along is easy… I can be anyone and do anything just to turn on his sweet sexy ass… even though in reality I would not…I love this game of erotic fantasy…

– Forest: Nope…..But when it comes to sex I’m open…
– You:     Ooooooh good… I don’t like pain…And I don’t like to be humiliated …
– Forest:   Then you will experience only pleasure
– You:      I’m all about pleasure … Passionate pleasure… So do you get freaky too ????
– Forest:     I do.
– You:      kinky ???
– Forest :   I do….but No feet… Lol..

– You:    What kind of  freakyness are you into?..I have never done feet… Never have anyone who does feet either …
– Forest: Forget freaky… Let’s keep fucking….
I had to laugh..oh my goodness , I was actually enjoying him, and I was having fun and smiling and kitty was jumping for some playtime.. It’s been a while since I got this sexual energy from anyone. And he is so good at playing.. I don’t want to stop..
– You:     HAhAhaha ….. Ok lover let’s keep on fucking…even though  I didn’t realize that we were …
– Forest:      Lol… I fucking dig you!!!!

I was really pleased that he was enjoying my little play along…. and it encourages me even more and is really a big turn on for me… it was boosting my ego… i started to feel a surge of confidence…
– You:     So we changed positions …. You want me reverse cowgirl …Or doggy????
– Forest:     Absolutely …Both..
-Forest:      Hold that thought …Fuck…!!!!! I’m hard as fuck….
He seems to leave for a while… tending to his bay I assume… so I thought I would use the opportunity to write out a scenario in his absence…  riding him cowgirl style…

– You:      Maaan Im about to ride you like a horse… I got on… Reverse cowgirl…  I eased my wett slippery kitty over your hard eager throbbing cock…You grab hold of my hips..  helping me slowly  Getting it all the way in..  inch by inch… And and then the ride begins… You give each of my ass cheek a stinging slap… i jerk with each slap as kitty  clenched  with stimulating pleasure gripping your cock  tightly as it goes deeper in.. I reached between your legs and slightly squeeze your nuts .. Between my fingers…. Touching that area between your ass and your balls…My fingers find and explore your asshole.. As I slowly fingers the outside.. Waiting for your invite to let me know you like it.. you didn’t so….. I moved back to your balls.. And squeeze  and roll them between my fingers as I continue to  hump your hard juicy cock…. . You moans gently …. And bucking your hips upwards to meet each of my thrusts as I ride that rock hard cock… your hands on my hips pulling me in closer and out farther..

– Forest:     Holy fuck I love you !!!!!
He came back on…. and I was so pleased with his reaction to my scenario.. I was smiling huge and kitty was pulsating with my  vivid visualization…

– You:    Kitty is clenching.. Wildly … About to explode with her cum
– Forest:   Glaze me ….
– You:    I leaned back onto your chest… My hands reached over my head and encircled your neck… You reached around, start to rub my clit.. And Maaan… with one touch from your fingers.. I cum with such a force that shudder my whole body ….I squealed out in  pure ecstasy… Yeeeaah!!! Ooooooh yeah !!! I keep on hunching as kitty vibrate and twitching violently as she oozes her juices glazing you and trying to get off another one… with the sweet sensation of cummin…..I feel the swelling of your cock getting ready to fill me with spunk.. as you glide in and out all slippery from my juices…
– Forest: Cock stiffens as the cum builds …
– You: And I slow down some… Giving you the control and the  access to cum..
– Forest: Video

He sent me two videos of him jerking that hard cock… not many men know how to give a good jerk show.. but he definitely does… I truly enjoyed those videos..

When I saw his cock, I got so excited, he has one of the most beautiful cock I have seen; aaaah I watch it twice and kitty was ready to cum again. Oooh my goodness, he was glorious!!!!

– You: Ohh yeah.. forest… I truly love it!!!!
– Forest: You are absolutely delicious…

Another compliment from him… I smiled… feeling good about me and thinking…. I’m damn goood……
– You:   Ooooooh Maaan. That’s a really beautiful dick…. I love it …God .. I could have some really great fun with that … I feel like tasting it… and put it all the way down my throat…
I was really impressed with his videos and his beautiful man meat.. Maybe because I was so damn hott for him… and kitty was controlling my mind.. and I wanted to return his compliment..

– Forest: Good… please tell me you’re fucking yourself right now

– You:       Of course I am
– Forest:    Wendy… show me????

– You: I just knew you’d asked.. But I don’t do that…..

– Forest: Video….
He sent another video of him ejaculating… it was awesome to watch.. he came with just spew across the room.. and he kept on coming….and the sounds he makes was such a turn on.. I was so amazed and surprised at myself for deriving so much pleasure from his videos… but I did…
– Forest: Wendy… We are way past being shy or self-conscious …..
I know he was absolutely right…
2016 01 28 21:42:17.723 – You: Maaan.. Just wait for it….
I was really enjoying him and I was all into it, and I was thinking why not go with it, let him see exactly how he is affecting miss kitty. So I boldly made a video of me rubbing  and playing with her. I have never done this before, but I wanted to. I have cum so many times, I was soaking wet. I was so damn hottt for him…

– Forest:     Make me cum again you glorious lil vixen ..Cmon baby Make me shoot my cum for you….

– You: Video …
So I boldly sent him the video… but was feeling so self-conscious and blushing… good thing he couldn’t see my reaction …

– You:    hope you like her….
– Forest:    Omg you’re drenched …. I fucking love it…
I was smiling so huge. So glad that he likes what he is seeing. I was so nervous that it would be so gross; and that he would think I was sleazy.. But he said he loves it… and I anted to believe him..

– You:     I thought you’d think that’s so gross… Good like her….. Kitty love to be loved
– Forest:   You ready for some cum ..????
– You:       Ooooooh yeah !!!!
– Forest:    Where you want it ???
– You:    I came so hard watching that beautiful cock of yours …… I don’t care …..Just give it to me forest …
– Forest: Ok… here it cums !!!!
– You: Man oh man !!! I’m so excited…
And I truly was. I was really having a good time with this guy forest; maan, he was good and I have never been this far this quick with anyone before, but something about him???? He got this strong, intense and passionate sexual energy. And ooh my god!!!! I made a video for him… shiiiit!!! I’m really evolving … Still couldn’t believe I had the nerve to do that….

-Forest: video..
He sent me another video and he came even harder than before..I was in awe of this guy and love to see just how much he have been enjoying my presence and my video… I was really pleased to see how much I have affected him in the same way he had affected me…. we were in sync

– You: Ooooooh Maaan. You came so hard.. I love it …Where did you put it ??? On my belly? On my back? On my face????
– Forest:     Again again again… Pumped your pussy full of hot cum …
– You:     mmmm… that’s work for me….
– Forest:     Cum oozing out the sides of my cock as I continue to fuck you silly ….
– You:       WowHeyyyy.!!! Beautiful ….Mmmmm… keep on fucking me silly… I want more….
– Forest:      Do you need a break?
– You:    A break??? Nah… just Fuck me silly … I’m just starting … I’m really Hott now… and ready for some more…







I have been a tango member for little over a year, and I’m home for three months,  after stopped working…so I’m pretty bored and I have lost most of my connections.
So the end of January I decided to search for some new connections. So I browse and I came across forest and I kinda like his looks so, I went on his profile page to look around. I was pleased that his was open and I was able to browse around. First thing I noticed was that he has 1000  following and about the same in followers. I say to myself. He is very popular one. So I started to scrolled around his page and noticed that he was also very sexual and he was a bragger about just what he got. I went ahead and like the more humorous ones and leave my comments on a few…in a very contradicting and humorous manner… One thing for sure was that he was full of humor, and he has a few really nice looking photo of himself.
And I just love to go on posts and make comments to get a reaction, which most times humor me. I didn’t send a request for friendship…I didn’t see the the sense to…
A little while after; to my surprise…he sent me a text; with a thousand plus follows … I was sure he would have been much too busy …. but I smile, a little pleased and welcome the chance of conversation..
– Forest: I am following you on Tango
– Forest: Hi there….
oooh let’s see what he’s about…

– ME: I am following you back
– Hi forest.. I guess I just became your latest fan… HahahahHaha
–  You are hilariously funny.. I like it.. I love to laugh…
Laughing right now.. Actually…
I was still laughing at some of his silly humorous posts…

– Forest:   Good! I love to laugh as well! Fills the soul!
– ME:    Ooooooh yeah …… So where are you located ???
– Forest:    Austin Texas….. How about yourself?
– ME:         Ooooooh my!!! Texas.. I do love a Texan… All big things is from Texas.. Right 😊???
…. I’m in Florida.

– forest:    Yes ma’am
– You:      HahahahHaha
– Forest:     Lol… Do you have a picture of yourself?
– You:        And you surely made it known ….. Sure I do…
– Forest:     Hahahaha! …… I guess I have huh.

– You: Yep …..One question though… Why do a guy like you.. Need to masturbate… To prove immortality????
I thought I’d asked the question; he doesn’t seems like the kind of guy who would be short of girls, and need to be masturbating for pleasure.. There was a post on his page about masturbating and increasing life expectancy by 20%.. And states…. if that’s the case, he is immortal.
I had commented… and laugh.. And stated I too masturbated twice a day maybe three…and if I’m really horny, a. few more times.. Immortality ???? You know it. (I was trying to be funny)… So I was kinda curious as to why?
– Forest:      Well when you got it… Lol… I’m a single father of a 1yr old son so I don’t get out much these days.
– You:         With that huge fan club you have going.. You have a wide pick of choices
Ooooooh… That’s so sad… with such a highly sexual demand… that must be so hard..
What happened. .. She died 😔?????
– Forest:       No lol… you’re funny. And um I don’t have a fan club.. some are actual friends lol
– You:            That’s a really big job you got there though?
I was referring to his caring for a baby by himself.. I was really curious as to why he was left in charge but I thought it was way too personal and too soon to ask…

– Forest: I fucking love it
– You: I was just thinking.. I can’t see any woman  walking away from you 😃… I bet you are too.. Aaaaaah !!!!! It’s one of life’s greatest joy..

– Forest: Truly… I like you already !!!!!!
– You: Whhhhoooo
I was trying to say, ‘hhhooooo’… in liking his comment… haha!!!!

– Forest:       You
– You:           Maaan.. I would love to be liked by you
– Forest:      May I see you?
– You:         Aaaaaah man …. Okay… I guess I shouldn’t hide..

– Forest:      No you shouldn’t .

– You:      I can’t change me – I decided to send him a few photos of me..(first picture)… That me now …
– (second picture) That me yesterday -(third picture) And that’s me in October last year.. With my brother – I know… Not much to me ….
I was working on taking some good photos of myself in the last year and I have succeed in getting some really half decent looking ones of me… I’m really a pretty girl but not a photogenic one.. pictures don’t do me much justice… and I’m far from been glamorous anymore…

– Forest: You are beautiful!!!!!
– You: Just an Indian/ Chinese girl from Jamaica …..Ooooooh thank you forest !!!!!! (i was smiling very pleased with his comments…)

– Forest:    Wow!!!!
I was even more pleased with his reaction… I was feeling so good that he likes me…. and my photos…
– You: So how’s your baby. Is he walking
– Forest: Yes he is
– Forest: But honestly I’d rather not talk about him just yet…
– You: Okay …. Fine…
I wanted to make casual conversation and I thought his baby was a good subject; but he blew that away. I smile to myself and said, ‘oooh okay now’.

– Forest:     Don’t be upset ….Please???
– You:         Ok let’s focus on you then …. I’m not upset forest… So tell me about Forest???

– Forest:     Lol ok…..I’m 41… 6’2… 225lbs ….

– You:    Sweet!!!!
He was sounding really good to me … his height; his age; just my kind of preferences… and he has more for me… haha…

– Forest:       Pool and spa business …… 9 inches of rock solid fuck meat !!!!!
– You:           Ooooooh my goodness!!!!! and you are so very proud of your MEAT????? eehh?

– Forest:       I’m an absolute sexual beast… But all I do these days is work, be a daddy, and stroke this big dick quite often….

Hmmm??? I was shaking my head and I was smiling at the way he describe himself and he feels he have to include his junk in it and his sexuality.. I didn’t mind too much though, I find humor in it. And makes me very curious to find out if he could live up to his self praise.. Then he asked.. as if reading my mind… Haha…

– Forest:      Wanna see what all the hubbub is about?

– You:           hahahaha….. But I actually go for personality first ….. Nah.. Too soon….
– Forest:       Fair enough.

– You:          I know that you are just here for some good times… But i would like to know you a little first.
– Forest:     Of course.

– You:        You are quite an interesting guy so far…Very intriguing and fascinating …And you are Irish… I was married to an Irish from Mississippi …So I think I’m really gonna like you…

– Forest:     Really? … Give me a minute Wendy daddy duty..

– You:    And yes he was pretty gifted too.. Ok .. Please go ahead…
He liked my comment….. I really thought he just wanted to go …so he can go to talking to one of his thousand of girls… and he lost interest in our conversation because I declined his offer to be sexual…. I kinda liked him but I was convinced and very aware that he was too much of a player for me. I didn’t quite expected him to return.
So I got up do a few stretches, and a little walking exercise. Sat down again and continue browsing through tango again trying to see who else I could come up with to entertain me with some conversations… and then a text came through from him;
Ooohhh really??? he actually came back… what do you know.. I was a little surprised but a little pleased too… I wanted to learned a little more about him… I was a little intrigued and was in a little mischeivous mood….



STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPEN: A Bitter Sweet Re-connection…

I got my wish…my dream to reconnect with My SWEET ALLEN..

He came back online and when I saw him.. I said hi..

He did not respond immediately and so after a couple of days I tried again.. I wasn’t too sure if it was him or someone new with his old number…but his page became active and I was so curious and hopeful that its him….

He responded .. asking what’s my name…

I told him.. Wendy/ Nita..

He went silent.. so I just comment that it seems like he doesn’t want to talk to me…

He replied with.. he doesn’t think it would be healthy…

I had heard those same words from him before… when I had suggested that he come see let me know the man who stole my heart..

That has convinced me…It was Allen..I smile so pleased that I got a chance to talk to him again..

I have waited so long to see him again.. and here he is…

I tried talking to him.. telling how I was so happy to see him back.

“I have waited two years for you to come back on. ..Please talk to me a little .. I asked of him…

“I won’t get all crazy on you ..” I promised..

“Just this once..

I have always hope you would have come back.. ”

I keep trying to talk.. but he was not responding…

I then told him that I ran our story on my blog and just how much my audience loved it.. and I sent him two of my best recent photos…

Trying to let him see I’m not as gross looking as he thought I was..

And I left him at that…

It felt so good to see him back but obviously he didn’t really care to reconnect with me..

I felt a little disheartening but a little understanding… I promise myself to leave him alone… I stood there so consumed with thoughts of him.. and I keep going back in time remembering our last communications and conversations and how cold he was towards me…

Just how hurt he was that.. that beautiful tall thin girl was not Available to him…and how he hated me for giving him her then taking her away and replacing me as substitute… me… no comparison..  He  just couldn’t get pass my deception and lies..

I sit here again.. after two years…with tears in my eyes… still wanting to be that girl…  knowing I could never be a replacement…

And knowing I gave him her as a visual…

I guess I had better leave it where it’s at..

My wounds are still wet on the inside and very easy to reopen …  my heart may never be mended…

Yes it all come flooding back and I was drowning in self-pity..  regrets of deception and Of losing him…and guilt of being so wrong…

A couple of hours later he responded to me..

“Wow! I think I’d like to read your blog. And thank you for the pictures.”

I smile so huge.. and ask him if he wanted me to send him the links to the episodes..

He replied..”yes please do..”

I was thinking he was just being nice.. but I sent him the first three sequels..

I was hoping he would see how well I had improved on my writing and I wanted his comments..

I waited up to three days anticipating his comments on our story  and the chance of having him connecting and communicating  with me again.. I was hoping our story would be a icebreaker ..

None came.. he seems to just be ignoring me.. so I decided to send him a Text.. to reassure him.. 

“Hey  ..

I’m just here thinking about you.. 

Yesss I still do.. 
I understand your reluctance to connect with me again.. 
and I’m so pleased  that you didn’t block me.. 

Anyways it’s been two years since our time together…
And I have moved beyond it.. I have grown some.. and got a little experience with social media.. 

Tango has been my friend and I have made some really good friends on over the last two years.. 
I waited this long to see you back here.. 
But I won’t be a bother.  

Promise…. “

To my surprise.. he answered….

“You’re super sweet and I’m not worried at all.”

I just replied.. “smiling huge “.

I didn’t think he really wanted to talk to me so I didn’t try to instigate a conversation….

I will just leave him alone … for now…


I wanted to remain unattached and try not be harassing and give him his space.. after all it’s been two years since our little affair and it ended on a bad note.. and the question of why he is back on, have me reflecting  on how we all met.. he could be just here to browse to find girls to have  a good time..

I find myself thinking about him, and I feel my emotions re surfacing but it comes with doubts.. he hasn’t given me any reasons to believe that he is interested in reconnecting in any way with me…

I decided to just ignore him for a while.. he hasn’t block me so I will wait and see if he reached out to me..

Two weeks passed and of course he didn’t so on valentine’s day I decided to send him a valentine’s greetings and the link to the epilogue of our story which include our only valentine’s we shared..with a little note..

“just want to share he epilogue of our story..and the valentine’s day we shared…still remember you and your words…

“And I still holds you so close to my heart..Thank you so much for loving me and giving me one of the best experience ever…I truly enjoyed every single moment we shared..


I got nothing back…

Two days after was my birthday so I text him to remind him.. And let him know that I would love to see a birthday wish from him..

And He obliged… I was elated… he text…

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! I hope you are happy and healthy and enjoying you day.. Please make sure you take a moment to enjoy something just for you today..”

I responded quite happily,

Smiling huge 😊
Cheesecake and wine 🍷

That’s my treat..
And thank you 😊 so very much for my birthday 🎉 wish..
It’s like divine bliss..
I so appreciate you taking time to stopping by..

it gives me such a thrill..

you still means the world 🌎 to me..
Always.. Wendy/ Nita..

“Have a  great night wendy..” he text back…

It kinda bothers me that he never address me by the nickname he gave me…but I think I was just being petty .

I was so pleased that he took the time to wish me happy  birthday…





I got a text on Sunday 4:34 pm. “what u doing 2nit?”

I was happy to hear from him and I replied,  “Thinking of doing you.. ”

He sent a LOL… and said that he is on his way.

He came by .  I know he really came for the money but just to see him after six long weeks I would give him anything.

We sat there talking,  but just wanted so much to kiss him and love on him but I hesitated because I was not too sure he wanted that, but I guess he sense my desire





I went through the next few weeks like a zombie. Missing MYLOVE-LOVE. And feeling real bad because he ignores me. To make matters worse I found out that he has been talking to veronie and everybody else except me. And I wonder, why not me? What did I do to him? Why was it ok to talk to everyone else and not me? After all the times we spent together and the intimate moments we shared.. I thought we were friends and deserve some acknowledgement..

On May 5th I got a text saying, “wassup stranger”.

I sent a reply and but got nothing else. . I was like a school girl with her first broken heart. I was so frustrated and helpless because He would not communicate with me and I did not know how to reach him.

I was missing him and his presence..and I was afraid that I will never see him again and I was not ready to let him go…

I had bought some things for his little girl’s birthday, and I wanted him to get them. So I called him tell him I have them and how can I get them to him.

He text back that he wants them and that he will come and pick it up. He never did. I try to call the following day and would you believe that he hung up on me. I was so mad and upset that he would treat me so cold and mean.

I just couldn’t understand his behavior towards me…. he was so cold and a little mean and I was so hurt thinking I didn’t mean much to him for him to ignore me and refuses to talk to me..

He tries to call me later that day, I did not answer… I was still upset with him hanging up on me.. And then he sent me a text that his phone die while talking to me. I did not believe.

Anyway I wanted to get those present to the little girl so I decided to call his friend, whom number I have, to pick them up and pass them to him. I had the feeling He thought I was trying to see him, so I figure I would go pass him… yes I wanted to see him but I wasn’t going to harass him..if he didn’t want nothing to do with me…I will just leave him alone..

Well the friend came got them and then I text him telling him to collect them from him. He text me informing me that him and this guy no longer buddies. OPPS! The friend did not let me know this. OK. I decided to call the friend to bring them back.

MYLOVE-LOVE called a few days after..  asking me why I didn’t give veronie the presents to give him. I thought why would I want to do that? And he just went on and on about if I wanted to get it him I should have given her.

I was so hurt to know that he was still seeing her.. and not me… and I didn’t want her to know I was with him anyways…

I got so mad I hang up. I’m thinking how could he ask me that? What is he thinking? Doesn’t he know how I feel for him? That day I cried so hard. I cried because He doesn’t care about me in the least. I’m here thinking, I mean nothing to him, nothing. Thought I found me a friend, a true friend.  How wrong can I be?

I guess my emotions for him was way more than I would care to admit…

I decided not to text or call anymore. Leave him, I told myself. I was hurting and I was still crying a little whenever I thought of him  and his coldness. I was missing him but it doesn’t make sense wanting someone who doesn’t return your feeling…

A few weeks later I got a phone call apx. 12:30 am from MYLOVE-LOVE. telling me how busy he was and about all that he’s doing. He then asks me for $200. I told him I haven’t got it.

I was so glad to hear from him…but a little disappointed for the reasons I got that call.

Then I told him to call me that Saturday and I will see what I can do for him. Of course he called me and we talked some. I told him to give me a week and I will come up with it for him.

Here I am promising him money in hopes of getting the chance to see him.. My feelings have not changed much.. and I find myself getting all excited just talking to him… I still want him.

It’s been now six weeks since I last seen him and I was in great anticipation of seeing him again. For the next week I didn’t hear anything from him and I thought that was it. “oooh well”.

June 01st I got a text telling me that he’s trying to get stuff done and he’s been busy. He’s so tired and he has not talk to anybody because he is so busy.

Then he asked, “how u doin?”

I replied, I was pleased to hear from him. Then he asked, “So can you help me out with something?

I told him I will on one condition. That he never lose contact with me again and he have to keep me close. He agrees to the terms and said he will try.

I got a wassup Wednesday, I heard from him Thursday and, Friday. On Friday he said his car need fixing. He’s so damn tired.

. And again he asks, “Can u still do that for me?   I said yes.

Saturday he asks me what I am doing. I was working, did not get his text. And he text back, ‘Wassup. Now you don’t want to text back.”

I was amused and I apologized and told him I am working. I asked if he is not coming for the money or if he changes his mind. He told me he needs it but having trouble getting a ride.

So after six weeks of silence I heard from him every day for one week. I was feeling real good about communicating with him like that. But I was left to wonder is it because he wants to talk to me or is it because I promise him the money.

I knew the answer but I did not care because I would do almost anything just to see him and have him close again. I was going to pay him for a little of his time… How sad… but to me then… just getting a chance to be with him again was well worth it…

I could not wait to love on him again. To kiss those lips, Love on that chest, and have him hug me to him. I could hardly wait to see him.













 we talked  for about three hours and in that time he brought up the sexual topic again and i did encourage it to a certain extent.. that I even disclose one of my deepest fantasy … but he got so weird and crazy that in the end I had to truthfully tell him if he is trying to discourage me from him , that it is working.. I was not liking this side  of him and I told him that . and i say..
” is this the real you.. or is this stemming from you anger with me….???”
I was feeling really disappointing with his attitude .
So I told him I would rather leave than take his behavior…

I couldn’t believe that I was so wrong about him… and then he pauses .. and I thought he finally stopped .. but after a few minutes I got this text..


This is Brett… Allen been asleep for several

hours! But let me tell you something.. He is a good guy and you are a freak! He
may very well wan to fuck you… Clearly he hasn’t yet… And your fetish stuff
is crazy!!! If you hurt him I’m going to be pissed… Please be nice to him…
He may be a little lost at the moment but he’s a really good person. Good night
I was so shock and embarrassed for playing along with him… enclosing my secret.. I didn’t know what to say…so I just hung up…  I was a little relieved to know that it wasn’t him though..
It was morning by now and I couldn’t sleep again… I was a little disturbed and perturbed…anyways I sent him a text a few hours later..
: Boy did I get a dose of my own medicine from your
friend Bret this morning. I Made a complete ass of myself but I guess I deserve
it all . I even disclosed my most embarrassing fantasy; something I have never
told a living soul. I m still here nervous and shaking just texting this you
because now I’m not too sure if you really forgive or not or i If you think I
set out deliberately to deceive you and betray you…. I fail the test didn’t  I?

 Lesson  taken well… Again, my sweet ALLEN…. my love…


I am so so very very sorry for what I did, and wish with all my heart I could
undo it. Because if you even feel half as bad as I’m feeling right now I know
the pain you are going through . I m so sorry my sweet Allen you definitely did
not deserve this.
He answered almost immediately, with…
” I do forgive you and I’m sorry Brett messed with
you after I went to sleep.. He told me.. Not everything. Just that he fucked
with you because you fucked with my heart and that is bullshit…. I was pissed
at him and told him to leave my phone alone. Anyway I think the  fantasy
is kinda hot and I would for sure entertain anything as long as you enjoyed it.”
I didn’t quite know what to say or how to say what I really want to say..and I was still feeling like a fool , knowing his friend showed him all that he put me through.. and I was feeling a little self-conscious.. so I decided to cut off the conversation..
” Hey .. I still a bit shaken up from last night. I responded.
I guess I have  to take some time to absorb and deal with it. Thanks a bunch for
forgiving my deception. I’m not mad at Brett shows loyalty for a dear friend.
If only we all have friends like him who hurt for us in the way he does  I know
you are special and Brett just confirmed that fact. Ttyl my ALLEN .. Off to work
So as you know… Still loving you…”
He told me to have a great day at work… and I smiled..
I went to work for the first time without a smile.. I had tears in my eyes all night… I couldn’t believe how i have mess up our wonderful Christmas so badly. I could feel his coldness. and I thought i would give him some time to absorb it and come to terms with it all. how I missed him….
My sweet Allen stays with me for the next two months… he was very compassionate and super understanding … but he couldn’t bring himself to get pass my horrific deed..  he said he couldn’t accept all the lies that i told .. he could have accepted the pictures  because that wasn’t the problem.. it was the deception .. he could understand all my insecurities and fooling him with pictures …. it was just all the lies that comes with them.. he just don’t know if he can trust me. he said he didn’t care what I look like … he fell in love with me.
And again, I was dumbfounded.. I know he was so right and I have no valid excuses to justify my actions, other than my lame explanation that I just wanted some time with him.. It was the truth but just wasn’t enough reasons..
We talked again and again. well, I should say I  did..  he didn’t have too much to say to me. at one point he asked me to move beyond him.. and told me he has moved on .. He even as much as mention that his heart has grown a callous. I knew then that i had lost him completely.. I tried to accept my defeat but i was hurting so badly.. I never remember ever  feeling this amount of excruciating pain before..
I got me loving him.. I had him loving me.. I cried night and day for the first two weeks.
 i have given up all hopes with him.
He stays and encourages me  and treats me with me tenderness and a large amount of compassion. one his  last text was on valentines… I had sent him two cards and a valentine’s message  and he responded..
Happy valentines my valentine!! I’m going to drop
the ‘L’ word today and I do hope you accept and receive it for all its worth. So
you know.. I still love you as much as I did seven weeks ago and even more… And I
want you to know how very grateful I am to you for staying; you will never know
just how much it means to me. Thank you for being you; that kind compassionate
wonderful you. My only regret is knowing how much Hurt i have caused you, but
I’m so thankful for the chance I get to know you and love you –

: Many people have touched the edges of my life,
coming and going;  scarcely leaving an impression, but you are an uncommon and
unique person, someone who has made a big difference in my life;so it’s not
surprising that I find myself thinking, just how very special you are… And
wanting you always to remain close … And I’m hoping against all hopes you stay awhile..  LOVE YOU MY SWEET SWEET ALLEN  ON THIS VALENTINE’S DAY..
…  For you my Allen have you a most wonderful day
filled with love


Wow! That is the nicest text and for sure most

heart-felt valentine cards I’ve ever received! Thank you so much for waking my

heart up Nita… And showing me that there is still a man inside me that wants
to feel love… And wants to be loved. You are so different from anyone I’ve
ever experienced and  I’m grateful to have you in my life.
. .: I hope you have a perfect Valentine’s Day Nita
 ” Thanks to the love I have for you and thanks to
you my sweet Allen… This is my best valentines ever”
I was smiling so huge when I had received that text… I didn’t actually know how to take what he said, but I was so pleased to read his respond  and was happy he liked my cards..
My heart soars with this immense amount of love for him it fills me with so much joy.. even though I messed up and lost him.. I just know that I will never forget  this most awesome and amazing gift of love.
It was one amazing month and though our christmas got shattered I still love every moment we shared and enjoyed together… the man who let my whole being becomes alive  like it  never  had before…he sets my heart on fire and have my whole soul so alive with profound joy..The man I never knew…with just his words he set me ablaze with a love so explosive and passionate… for that short period I knew what it was to be love with a passion so intense, I felt it to my very soul… I know he loved me… yes me… me… I felt him like he was right beside me..
He made love to me like no one has ever done.I felt his touch…I cum with such powerful, electrifying ecstasy …. over and over again.  I was the receiver of that intense passion and i am the one that loves him with a desire so strong it hurts.. I found him….and it was phenomenal..ecstatic… sensational… epic…
He may no longer be here.. but I’m so happy to have gotten this chance to know him .. love him..expirience him.. enjoyed him…. SOMETIMES LIFE REALLY GIVES BEAUTIFUL GIFTS.. IT GAVE ME HIM.. & SOME GIFTS YOU CAN’T HOLD IN YOUR HANDS …. YOU HOLD THEM IN YOUR HEARTS…


He was gone again and I don’t think he will be back… come tomorrow after a good night sleep maybe I will try to talk to him again. I messed up… yes I made a real  mess real badly and ruin a  most perfect Christmas. How did this happen….how could I have known that I would be surprised by LOVE…all I know is that  I do love him so… so very, very much.



We were experiencing everything together; the only difference is… I knew it was all a lie and he did not. And I agonized in anguish; feeling bad for losing him and worst for hurting my ‘MY SWEET ADORABLE WONDERFUL Allen’.

Then surprisingly I got a text from him; I could not believe it; so like me, he could not sleep; we were really two hearts in harmony, feeling and thinking the same things. There he goes echoing my thoughts again.

“Well… good night, I’m sorry, I’m a mess… but this is so weird, knowing everything was a lie…I’m trying to feel the love I felt… and no judge… but man… you played me hard and I fell hard… so I love the idea of you but I don’t know we can ever happen… I think… Idk… it’s so weird… I’m still in love… but I’m mad…not like I’d hurt you mad… that’s not my style… just mad… not sure what to do.”

I read it and I cried… I cried for him because I could sense his pain he was experiencing.

“I totally understand… I said to him. “Wish I knew how to make it right…and I’m hurting like mad, can’t stop the tears and I know you are too.”

“Yes…” he agreed. This sucks.

“So so sorry Allen.” I told him.

‘Deception is so painful… I have no idea.” He said.

“But I wanted to tell you. That’s why I did.” I confess.

“Just so you know… everything I shared was true and real.” He wanted me to know.

“I know” he told me [about wanting to tell him] “and thank you.”

I told him I know that everything he shared was true and real. {That was the reason I had to come clean}

I’m easy to see I guess,” he said, “please take her off… I feel so gross.”

“Sorry to hurt you like that,” I let him know. “You are such a sweet man.”

“You used her,” he told me.

“I can see that, guess I did.” I totally agreed.

“Please give me you… I want to feel even a piece.” He asks of me.

I want to give him all of me, but I was so sure that he was not going to like me in no way possible.

“In what form,” I ask.

Funny part is,” he was telling me, “in the beginning if you used that old picture of you… that would have worked better; then he said, “ I guess you think every man with a hard cock wants a young girl… Idk what others think… but I promise that isn’t the case here. I want passion… heart… love…”

And I guess he was right to a point, I did think he was attracted to Paige because she is young and beautiful; While on the hand there is me… the very opposite. And of course which man can resist a pretty girl.

So I told him, “I only got tango to be able to talk with my grandson; I was not trying to find a date… everything I told you was the truth.

I was trying to explain to him that I would not have thought to put an attractive photo of me because I had no intentions of finding my soul mate. He may not believe but I did not even know it was a social media; I thought I was like Skype.

So he asked me, “So you love me? Because I fell in love with you.”

I think, OMG!! And I can’t give him what he wants.

I told him “yeah!! With everything I got.”

“What a mess… I’ve never been here,” he said trying to come with terms with it.” I know how I feel… I know how blue you feel.” What now?

I am  so glad you fell in love with me.” I told him.  “That is why I want to be sure it was me.”

And he asks me again, “you won’t even send me a dirty picture?”

Idk… I told him. “But you never know, I might. But not tonight.

I guess he getting angry again because he said,” you are so clean… you can lie and betray me… but a picture of your pussy is out of the question… sounds funny right? But baby a picture of your pussy can be my choosing.”

Come on…” I say.

“I can tell you how to pose or what to do and know you are being honest. He tells me. “If you want to earn my trust that is your only chance.”

So I told him, “I have done it in the past with bad consequences.”

“Too bad.” He said.

“Don’t be mean Allen it doesn’t suit you,” I told him.

“This is your last chance before I delete and block you…” he threatened.

“Oh my goodness!!!! I exclaimed.

I really did not want him to do that, but… I was not going to give any dirty pictures and if it meant him deleting or blocking me… then so be it.

“I will not use anything and I am not mean…” he informs me. So far that’s all on you. You’d know already if I was an asshole… am I? He asked.

“Why is this picture so important to you?” I ask him.” No, no you are not an asshole.” I told him. {Of course he not, he never was. until now.. and somehow, I can understand  his behavior.. he is just hurt and confused and in love and being played a fool by me.)

“Because it’s personal!!!” he answered me. “You have one chance to get personal; take it or leave it.”

I’m leaving it… I thought.

“But it’s on line…” I told him.

“Broken heart and all… I’m hurt… but I’m not an asshole… will I make you prove shit? Yup… if you don’t want to. It’s real easy… delete … me…” he threatens me again.

Here he was all trying to act mean and nasty to me; but I was not buying it in the least. In the  weeks I have known him, if there is one thing I have learnt about him is that he is the kindest man alive. I saw through him like a looking glass. He is only hurting right now all because o me.

“OMG!!!” I shouted out. “You are different.”

“I have no idea why we are still talking”. He told me.

Quite frankly I don’t either. I’m glad that we are because I really calm down and it is due to the fact, because he was talking to me. And the more he talks the more my emotions got under control. Just having him there with me was so calming and was glad he choose to stay with me, I hope he realize just what it means to me for having him talking to me even though I know he was trying to figure out why I did what I did to him.

I was so drawn to him and was so fascinated with him that the more time I spent with him the more I want of him. And yes I choose to hang on to him with false pretense and trickery very selfishly and end up hurting us both. Would I do it again? Yes. Yes, to feel what I have felt and have him loving me with that intense passion, so blazingly hot; yes I definitely would, only next time I would not use trickery. Then maybe, instead of going through this predicament, I would be wrapped up in his sweet loving arms making passionate and explosive love and just enjoying him to the fullest. WOW!!! Only in my dreams.

“I fell in love.” He said. “With nothing real. Yes this me angry… I don’t hate… it just hurts.

“I am real.” I told him.

I know you are.” He said. “I felt you.”

“And you don’t like me… right now? I ask.

It’s not that,” he says. “I’m totally confused, I fell in love with you… but you played me… tricked me. I am really romantic or I was.”

“If you love me, don’t push me away, I asked of him. “I’m sorry, so very sorry, you were the best.” I told him.

Then he told me, “I forgive you Wendy, I really do.”

Thank you for that.” I told him.

I just have to adjust, and let us happen.” He said to me. “But Idk if I can trust you… Idk … things are a mess. I know I fell in love with someone.”

So I told him, “you see you are that sweet man…trusting me will take time I guess… but I didn’t deceive you intentionally.”

“I forgive you Wendy,” he said. “I have to sleep on this.

I wanted him to understand why I deceive him, so I told him, “it was the way you ask if I was that black girl… let’s… [Sleep on it.]Please don’t block me just yet?

Then he said the most wonderful thing, “merry Christmas baby… to the beautiful girl I fell in love with…

“ok, so I asked that for a reason! I won’t.” [Blocking me.]

I like that!!” I let him know. “Me beautiful.”

And for the first time I knew he meant me when he called me beautiful. And I smile.

“I am in love… I will see it through.” He told me.

“Oh you are so wonderful.” I complimented him.

“Maybe I fucked up bad… either way I will see it through. He informs me. I’m upset that you deceive me… but that does not negate my feelings. I am in love for a reason.”

All of a sudden I was feeling happy that I confess to him; he makes me think he is willing to redirect the love he feels to me. And It give me hope that maybe; just maybe I do have a chance with him. And I want it… so far all night this is first time I felt positive and was willing to give me a chance.

So I told him, “Now I’m glad I told you. I was very worried that it would end us. Yes you are.”

So we play the game for a bit and see how things shake out…. Right? He said.” either way love can’t be blind.”

I was getting a bit enthusiastic about us and I started to smile in anticipation of an us.

I’m with you lover,” I told him enthusiastically. “I feel so good…I’m now sure it’s me and not that picture.”

“And so we love… and sort shit out… that’s how I’m going to sleep tonight… I won’t judge… I will let time do that.” He told me.

“Sounds good to me my sweet Allen.” I told him. “You must be the greatest guy alive.”

I was so thrilled that he was thinking about us positively and he wants to try with me. I was quite happy for the hope he puts in my heart and for the assurance of his love; and again, I was amazed by him.

“Wendy… the picture gives me a visual… now a horrible one… it’s up to you to create a new visual”. He told me. “That’s why I started so perverted… please take all those images and replace them? I don’t to see her anymore… I want to see the woman I fell in love with.

I don’t have one with just me that was why I use the one with her.” I told him. I take awful pictures. Not too photogenic… but I’m going to work on some for you.”

Then I told him, “Oh my… you must be the best guy ever to love me.”

So I went searching in my album, trying to find a picture of me that look half decent to send to him. So I found that I was smiling and two of me with Barbara, Gail and Ayden. I sent them and comment, “That’s me… I know… with crazy ass sisters.

He did not respond so I thought he went to sleep and thought let me get some sleep too. I was a little exhausted emotionally, but right now I was feeling at ease knowing that “MY SWEET Allen’ was loving me… Wendy Wakanita… I was pleased and very calm, and that was good for me.

I was really happy he stayed with me and give me the chance to calm my emotions ; I do believe we are truly in love and all this exhilarating and jubilant emotions are all real, not only for me but for him too. Yes, yes we are definitely, absolutely and crazy in love. So we will allow time to be the judge of our outcome.

After what I did… I am only grateful that he still takes the time to talk and stayed with me this long. Does he know how very special that makes him? –

I turn off the light and smile; I was smiling this time instead of crying; and I hope comes tomorrow he will still feel the same; I wanted for him so much to love me, because I love him so very much… and I hope he stays and let us work it out… we are in love for a reason. [isn’t that what he said?]

And I drifted off to sleep smiling and with great hope… and for the first time at ease knowing he recognized me as me .. and his words kept playing in my head… and I said a little prayer.. ” DEAR GOD.. MAKE HIM LOVE ME… ME!!!









“Baby…” he said. “ I don’t care what she thinks… that isn’t right! I care what you think. You haven’t lost me… I’m pretty confused though.”

“What do you mean,” I asked, confused and perplexed..

(I was slightly smiling; very pleased with what he said about, I haven’t lost him..a little hopeful)

“Wendy we need t connect as us,” he told me.

“I want that too,” I answered.

“Do you shave your pussy?” He asked.


I was a little disturbed by his question but I have him back, talking to me and I want him to stay.

So I told him, “yeah.”

“If not…now is the time,” he told me.

“Why?” I inquired.

“I want a mouthful of your pretty pussy… tell me what I got.” He asked.

I said to myself, oh man I am not, no way feeling sexual right now.

So I told him, “I’m really not too good at this.”

I was not… truthfully… and I was in no mood for it. But I thought, let me play along with him and entertain his desire… at least I will have him talking to me; and I need to keep him with me as long as I can…

“I’m horny… I need pussy… let’s cum please… tell me why it’s us… let me taste you.” He was saying. ‘Do you have big or small pussy lips? Do you like to have your pussy sucked on? He was asking.

I was wondering… how does he feels horny right now. I couldn’t feel anything; I was still shaken up and unsure and perturbed.

So I answered, “Small and yes.”

“Does your clit get big or stay small? He kept on asking. “Do you liked to get sucked till you come?

I again answered, “Small and yes.

I was a little annoyed at his questions but I did not want to tell him to stop this ..because I did not want him to stop talking to me; and I was afraid e would leave again… You see as long as he is here with me, the more relaxed and calmer I became and my hysterical emotions were slowly fading.

“After I take care of you and make you cum over and over… would you like to swallow my load? He asked of me.

So I thought, “Let’s see if I can try to do this.”

I did not like this right now… and I did not like his questions, and I’m wondering… why is he acting like this… is it because he now knows I’m no virgin, and he is able to be more open sexually… why?

… He said. “You have to… I will make you cum hard… over and over and over.”

“Here we go,” I said defeated. “Yes”

“And then I will suck your pussy and take all you can give me, and then… you will be on your knees and swallow my cum… every drop.” He was letting me know.

“I can’t keep up to you,” I told him. “Ok anything for my man.” I give in.

“That’s my girl!!! What a great answer! That is what I would have said. He exclaimed.

So I just play along just to keep him there with me.

“Tell me what you want and I will deliver.” I l told him.

“Whatever it takes to make my girl cum hard… that’s what I want!” He tells me. “Oh man! So you will do the same.”

So I said,” it’s your turn to get yours.”

“Tell me what it takes… to fuck your pussy up way hard!!! He asks. And I’m on it.

And I just try playing along.

“And I’m willing to be your freak tonight.” I let him know.

“I need my girl to swallow… that is important to me…” he informs me. Spread that pussy sexy girl. But f.y.i. I will need pictures moving forward.” he let me know.

I thought hell no way!!!!!…. I starting to feel really bad about this conversation  we were having and the direction it was going  and I started to  feel violated. But…

“OMG!!! I really don’t do pictures.” I told him.

“I have a big thick cock for you baby… but we have to share…

“Willing to,” I let him know.

“Pictures have to happen” he says. “Good girl!!! This will be fun.”

“No pictures please…” I pleaded.

“Nope… stop… pictures or no deal.” He says sounding upset…

So I asked, “What kind are you talking about?”

“Pussy all spread out… yup… that bad… for real though…why, be Kinda dirty…show me what’s mine baby… let’s play.” He kept on.

“Sorry no can do… I’m not into that.” I told him.

“Ok bye.” He said.

“Can’t it be visual like before?” I asked.

“We are done here… too much deception… I call the shots or it’s over… no more games.” He told me.

I realize that he is about to go again and I was starting to get all fearful all over, I want him to stay with me so I thought I need to try to give him what he wants.

“Ok tell me again what is it you want.” I ask him.

“I want a picture of your pussy up close… and your face… and your tits… “He informs me.

I tried calling him by phone, but he refuses; I was thinking if I could talk to him it would be much better because my texting sucks and I am not able to say what I would like to. And he is texting way too fast for me to keep up to him.

“I won’t answer… he said. We have to connect before we go any further … it’s all up to you.

I didn’t like his answer and I was starting to think he really hates me to be talking to me like this and making all these outrageous requests….

So I told him, “aaahh man… now you using me like a ‘ho’ “[whore]

I was feeling disrespected and feel like he really hates me to be treating me so foul. I was thinking he is trying to hurt me for hurting him; for taking away Paige and replacing her with the likes of me. I’m no substitute.

“No stop… let’s stop now then… we are done… it was cute… I was manipulated and now you want me to respect you…. It’s over.” He told me off. “Night.” He says.

So I told him, “all the sweet mess is gone, you are now cold and want to hurt me back for what I did to you… guess I deserve that.”

He says, “Nope… I want you to be vulnerable… but you will never be… but I was… bye.”

I know I have to let him go… it’s no use trying  and hoping… the damage has been done…. I felt his pain and I know how much he was hurting and I hate me as much as he did right now. I realize too late just how cruel I was for leading him on with all my false pretense and no matter what my excuses were, there is no justification for my actions. I have hurt him in a bad way and he genuinely loves the girl I was supposed to have been; and it can’t be undone. I mess up big time.

So I lamely told him, “I’m really sorry again… bye Allen, it was really a treat knowing you. Love you anyways… always..:

And then I thought I’d try to tango him using the camera. But again he refuses…

I thought he was gone again…  he has stop texting but again he surprises me with a response.

“You blew it Wendy… I’m sorry but that shit hurt… you are mean… I was open and honest.”

I started to cry again because I knew he was right and I did not know how to console him; did not know what to say to him; did not know if it would have even mattered anyway. I have cause pain to the sweetest and dearest man there is; and I was feeling his every pain I inflicted and there was nothing I could do about it.

“I know… but I hurt my feelings too…” I said so pathetically. “I just like your face so much.” I told him trying to explain my reason behind all my cruel deception, wanting him to understand.

“Ha-ha,” he laughed sarcastically. That is sweet but you mess my head all up.”

And I continue trying to explain and excuse my behavior, “and I know you would not want to talk to me… so I use Paige as bait. And I’m glad I did”

This seems to trigger off his anger again, because he said very angrily, “stop! I’m offering to fuck… and you know me… don’t you? He asked. “So take my cock and make me love you… or let me go…this is all I have. This is your mess… so fix it… it is your call.”

I did not know how to fix it and I refuse to go the way he is asking. I’m not going to lower my standard and let him think I am sleazy. It was important to me for him to think I am a nice girl and I won’t degrade myself…

So I told him, “I can’t be that cheap, I want what you were offering Paige…..

“Ok then, we are done here,” he let me know. “You can’t be as cheap as I have been for a while now. We have both hit our limit.” He told me still angry and bitter.

…“But I know I can’t have it or you.” I finished saying. “Story of my life.” I said sadly.

“I was in love… you could have saved that… you don’t know how… so we are done. Let it end.” He finally said.

He was right… I have to let it end…. I did not know how to save us; I did not know what I should say or could say; and I didn’t think we could be saved, because I still was thinking he’s never ever going to like me or be able to redirect his love to my face.

So I agreed with him to end it,” ok my sweet sweet Allen… I had it all ..and I wanted you  so so bad.. and I’m so happy with what we had.”

Then he tells me, “I’ll always love what we may have had… it was beautiful.”

Agreed.” I said.

He then tells me,” I hope you learned something…”

“I have.” I told him. “A valuable lesson.”

“It hurts me…” he said, “but I get it… my bad. So I don’t go beyond that first night anymore.”

Then he went a little crazy and said, “Give me pussy or fuck off … that is how it works now…”

(I kinda ignore that outburst because I didn’t know how to responded..)

So I told him, “You love Paige…. Not me… I know.”

“No I could never be in love with an underage girl… he told me. “That isn’t who I am. She is a kid… I don’t see kids as something attainable. Nope… nice try though.”

“I mean the picture of,’ I told him. “You did not know that she was so young.”

“I was in love with you… he let me know, “I never fell in love with her pictures.”

The word ‘was’ hit me like a log. He has stopped loving me.

So I ask him, “then why are you treating me like this. I’m not so bad you know.” {Me trying to convince him to like me.}

“I fell in love with the personality,” he was telling me. “So stop trying to play it. I fell in love with you.”

(this comment make me feel so good hearing saying that he loved me…)

It’s still me.” I try to assure him.

“And that fucks you up” he let me know. “And it should… all I need was a connection… you gave me that… now you want me to forgive you for playing with my heart?

“And you have the connection still…I’m trying to assure him. “I did not play with your heart… I truly love you… I may have tried to be Paige but it was me all the way.” Trying to convince him that I’m still the same girl he feel in love with.

He has stop texting and I realize he did not buy it.. he is gone; my heart sinks again and the tears return. I was so full of self pity wishing I could find the right words to save us.. I was back to sobbing again crying my heart out..

And I said, “Can’t believe how much I fucked up so bad. Oh, how I wish I could take it all back… but then again… I would never have experience the joys of you. Thank you for it all… you are still the best thing ever to me. And for all it’s worth it… I love you; love you so very much.

He was gone again and I sit there again just thinking about what he said about loving me and how much I wanted to believe him; thinking about his earlier request for a picture and all he said to me and how I was thinking and feeling and I wonder…. Was he testing me? Was he trying to see if I would have agreed to compromise my honor? Seeing that I used lie and deceits to be able to talk to him, what else would I do to hold on to him? How far was I willing to go?

I wanted so bad to make it right, for him to like me for me. But somehow, deep down I know he never will; I still was not fully convinced that it was not Paige picture he fell in love with. I still could see him visualizing Paige, wanting her, and I know I could never give him me because I am not so appealing. I’m here loving him and wanting him and knowing that he could never feel that way for me.

I know he is hurting too; I can feel and sense his sorrow from all he had said to me; he is angry and confused; it was just a few hours ago he was telling me how much he was he was so fortunate to have me in his life and just how much he loves me. And I wish I know how to make it right for him. Wish I knew….




This sequence is the beginning of the end… and is a little lengthy… I hope you all will take the time to read it.. this was my hardest episode to write… I have tears in my eyes reliving it all..  I Did fall very deeply in love with “MY SWEET ALLEN” ..and through the tears …. I’m smiling because it happen.. WHAT A MOST AWESOME AND A MOST WONDERFUL AMAZING LOVE FOR ME TO HAVE EXPERIENCE… SMILING HUGE!!!!







“I’m here Christmas night loving you… and I want more… He was declaring, ‘that my position… no threats. Just promises I won’t be a fucking creepy stalker if you get scared and want to think… is that a bad position? He asked of me.

I read what he wrote about loving me and wanting of more; and I said, no more Wendy Wakanita, no more; tell him; you have to… I couldn’t go on lying to him any longer; he was sincerely in love; and he definitely don’t deserve this kind of deception.… and then I know this means it will be over for me; and I started to shake violently and again my heart was beating so hard against my chest; I was so nervous, my head was spinning, I couldn’t even type. I didn’t even know how to make the approach. So I try to steady my hands…

And I said, let me ask you a question… now don’t get mad…

(I was so emotionally upset… I just know telling him is going to be bad.. I fear  his reaction.. and my eyes was fill with tears… I couldn’t even see.. my hands was trembling… so nervous.. I don’t want to do this… I really don’t…)

He laughed and said,”Ok”

And so I asked him, ‘did you fall in love with my pictures… or did you fall for me by talking to me? Kinda stupid question isn’t it? But… ”

It was us talking,’ he told me. “I’m a very emotional person… the physical thing falls in place once I feel someone.”

What did I say to get you hooked? I wanted to know.

I was so poor and lousy with my conversation, that I was thinking, I did not say anything so wonderful for him to fall for me this way. I was convinced it was the picture of Paige that he liked so much that got him hooked.

“Everything … he said. “It was your honesty most levy…. Mostly… and that you were really easy to open to…. No threat… but willing to share… I am a protector… so you played into my likes without even knowing.”

My honesty???  but I wasn’t… I sat there reading all he was saying, shaking and afraid. I am about to lose him. And I was getting very hysterical emotionally; and was paralyzed with fear. I was starting to sob and the tears were flowing heavily.

And I asked… shakily… ‘and if you found out that was not really me? Would you be angry that the girl you fantasize is not real?

“The pictures were a bonus… he said. I could see physical attributes I like… But when we first started taking I didn’t have that… so I went off how we interacted… that’s all I had. .. I have no idea … if I was catfished?

Then he says the most unbelievable thing, ‘no… I mean we would start over with trust… because that would hurt… but I’m huge on second chances.”

I think, wow!! What a guy….never expected an answer like that; Took me by surprise.

So I told him, “the best answer yet: what’s catfished? I asked.

I was a little calmer but I was still very nervous and even with all his answers, I was convinced he was not going to like me.

“Tricked.” he answered. “So if  you aren’t the person in the pictures or you were not honest and really want to see if we are compatible… Now is the time to come clean… because I feel connected.”

“Suppose she is not a looker.” I asked.

(I was thinking it’s paige’s pictures that he fell for)

Wendy… out with it please.” He pleaded. Please.” He insisted.

I was so afraid to say it because I know it would mean the end of him. And I so much did not want it to end. Any way I reached this far… no turning back…

So I said, “Allen … I’m Wendy Wakanita… but not the girl in those pictures.”

And I start to cry even more, I was sobbing and I kind of expect him to stop texting… But instead he asked me…

“Let me start with my first concern… how old are you?

“40” I told him…. Well I can easily pass for 40 and on some days even 35.

Ok I can live with that,” he says. “Jesus… What a relief… ok let’s have it.

“I thought you liked them young,” I told him

“Wrong.” He said.

I’m afraid you are not going to like me if you know who I am.” I said to him.

“You are the youngest girl I’ve talked to. I like girls that can hang physically… because I can fuck forever… but I don’t like young girls because they are young… if that makes sense.”

“Maybe you are right… I mean … but what do you have to lose.” He said in response to him not liking me.

I kind of understand what he was saying but not totally convinced about it. And I was thinking… here I am trying to find a man to keep up to me… without much success, that I give up trying, thinking all men 40’s and up is useless in the bed… and after my experience with “MYLOVE-LOVE… I refuse to do young guys for fun. And here I found this most passionate guy who could match my long distance marathon; and I’m ending up losing him because he would rather a young girl in her 20’s to run with. A tall thin girl with perfect teeth and a beautiful smile; his type and preference; I’m no comparison. Paige and I are completely opposite. If only he could have liked me; but… that is not going to be possible.

So I told him, “I’m the aunt.’

“You have made a mess; let’s fix it.’ He said surprisingly. “Ok so you are the aunt?

“And so what is it you want? What are you looking for? Help me understand. Do you want to experience us? I mean I totally fell in love with you… I might need to think things through because I’m a little hurt… but what do you want? Ok I’m a lot hurt.”

And I sit there crying my heart out ; couldn’t even steady my hands to text; reading what he asking; knowing no matter what I say to him, he’s never going to like me; thinking I want you… all I want is you… I love you… I love you so much… but it’s not me you love…

I decided to send one of my pretty photo I took fifteen years ago when I was proud of me and my smile was pretty.

He comments on it on say, “ok that’s a nice picture.”

I then say, I do… I do…” {To, do you want to experience us}

I did not know what to say to him, there he was telling me that he is hurt and I know he would be; and here he was still texting me trying to make sense of it all; and I have nothing… nothing… I was lost for words…  all that was in mind was I have lost him; it’s over and I was expecting him to stop texting me and forget about me; but he kept on and as long as stayed with me texting I became calmer and my extreme emotional state that I found myself in start to slowly dissipate.

He then say, “ok, then please let’s start over… please… we can start as us.”

Start over??!!!! oh my!!!!…  I couldn’t hardly believe he was saying this t me…

“Ok.” I said kinda excitingly.

So you are Maxine? He asked.

“Yeah… I’m Maxine too.” I admitted.

And I think, oh sh….t, he now knows what I look like for real from the picture of me with Paige. I start to get nervous again because that’s an ugly picture of me, and I know he definitely will not like me.

Then he of course changes his mind, “ok I have to process this… but I promise I am not done… I swear I fell in love with you…I have to figure out if I can trust you now… that’s all.

He was saying all the right things but I was thinking all the wrongs things. I was glad to see that he was really nice about it; but I was still convinced in my mind that he wanted Paige. I wasn’t giving me a chance.

So I told him, “I’m sorry but I’m shaking so much… I’m kind of relief that you take it so good.

“Let’s see how things go… maybe we can fix it.” He tells me. I don’t know… I’m Kinda a mess though… I feel so stupid.”

I know he was a little confused about it all; and i was still worried about him… but as much as I want him to like me…  I just know that he is not going to like me..

So I told him, “So, so happy I’m right about you, because I’m so in love with you.

I was trying to tell him that I was happy to know I was right to think he was really a sweet and sincere man and all that he’s now saying to me proves me right.

What you did was mean,” he told me. “But thank you for fixing it and allowing us to salvage something!

“I was feeling sorry doing that when I realize how special you are.” I let him know.

“Ok well we work on us… as one then …ok? He asked of me. “Totally honesty please.”

I felt a little hopeful with what he said. And I thought I can’t text fast enough to explain to him, or try to apologize to him, maybe he will let us talk by phone where it would be easier for me to tell him how and what I am feeling.

So I ask him, “Maybe we can voice call now? ….

I promise.” I told him about being honest.

He was not responding and I thought he had stopped and my heart sinks again.

So I asked, “Are you gone?”

I start to cry again, and try to apologize, “I’m so, so sorry, thanks for not being too mean to me… Trusting me is not going to be easy, and I understand if you don’t want anything to do with me. I was never the lovable type, a guy like you are only in my dreams. I figured you would not love me so much if you knew I was not that sexy girl.” (and I just keep on saying the things I was thinking … making me looking worst with each word..

I thought for sure he was done with me, and I was crying and wallowing in self-pity; wanting him so badly to like me but knows that he couldn’t and wouldn’t, I have all the reasons why he couldn’t… and to me they were valid.

And then he’s back, and through the tears I smile,

“ok please tell your name… your real name so we start over.”

I wrote, “Wendy Wakanita Maxine .”

“But you missed something huge… sexy is not a look. He told me.

I said, “I beg to differ.”

“Ok I love the name,” he told me. And you prefer Wendy?

Actually now Nita” I let him know with a smiley face..

“Well first impressions are one thing… but anyone can be sexy.” He said to me

.”Awwww” he responded to me wanted to be called by his nickname for me.

‘And so …. What would you like for us Nita? He asks me.

“Everything you promised.” I let him know, “the whole works.”

I was getting a little excited and hopeful that he wants to try to make us work; I was also pleased to have him still talking to me and allowing me to calm down from my hysteria. And again I was just so amazed how wonderful he is. I couldn’t believe that he is still talking to me and even offering me a chance to be with him; after I hurt him like this. Here I was, again in awe of him. WOW!!

Then he said to me, “and please don’t thank me for being nice… I will always be nice… shouldn’t everyone be? He asks of me. He laughed at me wanting everything and the works. “Hahaha! Ok! Let’s start as us.”

“Ok let’s.” I confirmed.

“And we go from there… at least we can have an honest go at it right? He asked. “Also … were you Cumming … playing with your pussy when we talked? Was that real? He wanted to know.

“You are so amazingly wonderful.” I was complimenting him. {For wanting to make a go with us.}

“Yes” I told him, “I always have; that was real.”

And so that was real; ok, that’s feels nice. I’m glad I shared that. He stated. And do you have children? He asks. “

I did not want to lie any more to him; no matter what the consequence I am going to be totally honest with him from now on.

So I admitted, “The Irish and the Chinese. My first husband is the Irish man… I have had three husbands; I’m kind of not too lucky with my choices, my second died, he was the best of the lot.”

I realized he had stop texting; I was getting worried that he is gone again. But I kept on saying what I was saying hoping he will resume.

So I asked him, “Are you seriously thinking of giving us a chance?

Still nothing from him, my eyes felt teary but I was not too emotional like earlier, much calmer, but I was a bit apprehensive.

“You are not feeling me right now, are you? I ask him. You have lost the joy, haven’t you?

I waited a few minutes, still nothing and now I was convinced that he is finally gone. And I was full of morose. And I started to think again that he wanted Paige; this beautiful young girl; not an old fart like me, with two grown children. There goes my everything, I thought. My whole world just crashes… and I’m left with nothing, he is gone… gone for good. I found him… and he was grand… perfect…sensational… and I was so ecstatic… thrilled….and was so profoundly delighted and so full of joy.

So I kept on talking to him just so to keep calm and not get back to that state I was in.

So I told him, “if she old enough to date I told her I would have given her to you… but she is only 14; she thinks you are hot… if that’s any consolation.”

“How I wish I could command your love.” I told him sobbing. ‘but I know you could not like me…I’m that cute or lovable… all in all my sweet, sweet Allen, I have enjoyed you tremendously, and I do love you so very much… but I got it… a man like you would never look my way twice… it’s just my luck… falling in love with someone way out of my reach…I’m so sorry… you didn’t deserve it; you are too nice and special and perfect. My blue eyes… right out of my dreams. You are everything in a man I have always dreamed of.”

After a few minutes of thinking and weeping; realizing that he is really gone I sat there praying he would come back, wanting him to resume his texting but I knew it was over and I started to cry again, feeling lost and numb… I lost him… omg … I have lost him…

“You are gone aren’t you? I text. “I have lost you… my worst fear has come true.”

..I was feeling so empty and so alone…there was a big void… I missed him… and I’m left with this great love for a man I couldn’t have….

And I just keep texting even though I know he was not there anymore; I just want to get it out, what I was feeling, trying to ease this excruciating pain I was experiencing.

“I f…ked up real bad… I know… but thank you for the most memorable; exciting; glorious; time I ever had; the best sex without even a touch; I was on top of the world for a moment. I flew to places I have never been to; I am totally in love with a man I never knew; with only the power of his words; you are the most beautiful; most genuine; most understanding; most wonderful man alive. And I had the honor to know you. What a most amazing and awesome experience for me.

“In all my 43 years, I become the most fortune woman alive to have crossed path with you. LIFE REALLY GIVES BEAUTIFUL GIFTS…. IT GIVES ME YOU… wonderful incredible you. And I will be always loving you… thank you again for the experience of you, “MY SWEET, SWEET Allen” Did not mean to hurt you, it was never my intention… I will not bother you no more… but I would love to hear from you…even if it for some of your visual sex”..I ended humorously….  Wendy WAKANITA.

I sit there crying… wishing I didn’t pretend to be Paige; wondering if I had been myself if he would have loved me like this. I was not hysterical anymore and I was glad he stayed with me long enough to allow me to calm down; I was hurting real badly and wanted so much to still have him talking to me; to feel him close; but I know he is done with me. I was so in love with him and I prayed, “god … please fix it… fix it… please fix it…please god; bring him back to me; please god… he says he love me… let it be true and let him see me as me.” And I cried and cried some more.. I was sobbing and the tears was warm running down my face…my heart was breaking… I was numb and so devastated;

Don’t know why I was acting so extremely emotional; it’s not like me… I’m always so cold and unattached; but somehow … my emotion were so intense and uncontrollable… is it because I am in the wrong?… and I know it?…is it because I don’t know him and I have built him up to suit my fantasy of him?… I don’t know… all I know is that I’m hurting real bad and that he is gone for good;

His love was like a gentle breeze that turns into a storm…and it carried me away and spins me in a whirlwind of exhilarating emotions and desires that was so intense; that it left me so ecstatic; and I had the time of my life…and I owe it all up to him. It was providence… like a divine intervention. And no matter what… I think he was my fortunate serendipity [finding a very pleasant and valuable thing by chance} and it was by mere chance I found him… But I went and mess it all up; with lies and deceptions because of insecurities and lack of self-esteem.






















He answered me after a few moments…

Nita!! Omg baby… I’m missing you!” he exclaimed. “You make me laugh and love!

“How do I do that?” I asked.

Baby… so what do you think? He asked me.

About what?” I wanted to know.

You must know by now that I am real…and that my feelings are real too.” He said to me.

“I do… I think.” I told him.

I realized what I started and I did not want to go this path; not tonight. And he is so quick to pick up on my feelings of doubts. He is so sensitive to me; he can always sense what I was thinking and feeling… all the time… doesn’t know how he does it.

“You have been back through it… I haven’t, I just know that I do things one way… I either care or I don’t… I really don’t have much in between.

So I told him, “I don’t mean to question our feelings.”

I want to exit from this path it was going.

Then he went to explaining to me, why, “I became emotional with you when you felt real to me… and the more you open up the more I fell… Nita…you know I will be respectful if you have reservations right?

I did not want to hear all this…. I didn’t…

Then I told him,” How I wish I could explain things as good as you do.”

I sit there thinking …look what I started…

“I will allow you as much time as you’d like to sort things out or even go away if you feel that is the best… he tells me.

No… no… no… I don’t want that, I was thinking. It’s funny how frightful I get whenever he mention or suggest leaving or stopping. Yet I’m here know that it will.

And he continues to talk, “I am not here to make a stand or fight for something that isn’t mine… I will just continue to show my love and affection if you let me. That’s it. If you say this too much I will disappear …. Promise; Will it hurt? Hell yeah… will I do it? Yes.”

Man… I did not know what to say to him. And I was so scared that he was going to leave me. I was shaking by now very afraid that he is going to walk away. And I did not know how to stop him… or if I should.

And he kept on telling me, “You are in control of our fate as you know… I am giving you that because I want to be fair and responsible…. I’m sorry I messed you up again… it’s never my intention.

“I don’t mean anything like that, not in the least,” I let him know. “And when you started talking like this it scared the hell out of me.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“I’m not so confident and sure of myself like you do.” I inform him.

“I’m empowering you. I can be super strong… I know you can be timid… this is me extending gratitude and love… even though it may ultimately hurt me. He tries to console me.

If only he knows the real truth behind my reservations… I thought.

And I’m trying to embrace it as best as I know how.” I tell him.

Then I ask of him, “Can we move on to a better conversation please? I really don’t want to think of you leaving.”

“If I had to said one thing outside, of us to you… as somebody watching… I’d say, trust your heart baby… it may steer you wrong but my god what if it doesn’t? Do you want to live in retrospect? I m not saying do something unreasonable… I’m saying, let yourself feel… it’s the most powerful gift ever… as you can see.”

That was just it… i was seeing the power and I was feeling the effects too… why did I start off playing this game of deception? because of all my lies, I can’t claim this love and passion that I have let myself feel… and claim this most wonderful powerful gift..

He’s there thinking all my reservation and hesitancy is due to my inexperience and being naïve… and I know it’s not. I just want to come off the subject all together. So I ignored all that he was saying.

“Yes we can go into something for sure! I’m sorry baby”. He tells me apologetically.

“I totally got it.” I let him know.

So tell me, how was your Christmas?’ he asked. “Did you have a nice day baby?”

“It was all good; my day was filled with thoughts of you.” I told him.

“Yes I know the feeling well.” He informs me. “Can I ask you something? You have sent me several pictures. But the one you posted is my favorite and if I look long enough… I can taste your kiss and the softness of your lips… That picture makes me want to kiss you so bad…”

I did not want to go there either; I don’t want to think of him loving Paige. I just want to completely enjoy him tonight without any thoughts of Paige and him gone. I don’t want any interference, not tonight… I have waited all day to be with him and I just want his complete attention on me. So again I ignored his statement.

So I ask him, ‘so tell me about the photos you sent me?”

“Ok ask anything… I will tell you.” He said.

“You seem so full of life; where is that mountain you were standing on? I asked.

“Btw it’s hard to find pictures of me! I mean I’m the one taking them usually! And I don’t do any social media… he wanted me to know. “I was in Colorado visiting a really good friend that is lawyer out there.”

“And the picture on the rock is the same place… I was waiting for him and his family… to finish a trail… anyway… I raced ahead on my horse to take pictures of them finishing this long hard ride. That’s my nigga!”

In between his telling me all this, I interjected, “your doggy reminds me of a dog we use to own…. And that’s my favorite.” {Referring to his picture on the rock.}

I’m so lousy with conversation; it’s unbelievable. I want to comment on his “nigga” word and his riding but he was writing so fast and I got way behind from reading what he was telling and trying to comment. After all this time I was still on his face on the rock. :).

“You look really, really look good; and those eyes… ooooh baby… baby.’ I commented.

“I love him and he is really sweet… a good boy”. He wants me to know.

He then tries to explain the picture on the rock seeing that I was so mesmerized with it…

“I laid on that rock because I was all sweaty and it looked like the coolest place to relax at the moment…. I dropped my keys in the water no long after that picture.” He laughed at the memory of it. Hahaha!! Not so relaxing! Good thing I was on a horse.”

I was quite enjoying all the stories of his adventures and I was again I was in admiration of him. He seems to live life to its fullest. And how I wish I could be a part of his life and share in all his wonder and delightful adventures. There goes the man of my dreams; and that’s the only place he is going to be.

And I wanted to know, ‘are these all recent?” I asked.

“In one picture I was with another guy… that was my brother… he died a few years ago… long sad story for another day. But I wanted to share something super personal.” He answered.

The one with my brother is the oldest… 2.5 years old. “He informed me. “The rest was in last year.”

And I moved on to the picture of him riding; what a poor conversationalist I am. And I like conversing so much. You’d think I would be better at it… but with him…i get so lost in thoughts and tonight I was really having a hard time staying focus.

“so you are a cowboy too? I asked him. “Am so sorry.” I told him. [About his brother}

“No silly… he said to me. “But I can ride a horse and have green broke a few.”

So isn’t that what constituted being a cowboy? I thought, laughing”

“It’s ok baby. Thank you,” he said to me being sorry about his brother.

I sent him three smiley faces. In reference to his explanation about not being a cowboy.

I raced motorcycles too… couldn’t find any pictures though… I’ll ask my sister she has tons… I’ll send you them when I get them;”

You do almost everything and anything!” I told him. “Me… nothing so outrageous.”

”well I just live… he told me. Life is short? So yeah… I try to live.

That’s good though.” I told him.

But baby… you are just starting…” he said observantly. “You only got one shot… make it count. Right?

“And I do admire you for it.” I let him know.

“But further, I love downtime… I like lying in the bed watching movies… hell yes.” He told me trying to make me feel equal and comforted, not so out-of-place seeing I was implying I would not be able to participate in his exciting and wild adventurous life.

Wow!!! He such a cool guy… there he goes trying to me feel good about my hobby of movies and reading.

Don’t know if I have the nerves or the guts.” I told him.

I have a long family history of being active,’ he told me trying to explain to me why is so active and adventurous. “But you don’t need either if you have trust.” He informs me. “If you trust me I will show you the world… but it will take lots of trust.” He let me know.

“Good for you, it shows,” I told him. “I think so too… lots. {Of trust}

“I am scared of nothing for real… He was saying. “I respect many things… that’s why I’m alive but fear nothing for the most part…. I just need a partner in… time… ha-ha! That’s perfect, we won’t do crime… so a partner in time! Someone to share life with… that want to experience it all!! Including movies in bed.”

I made a comment, “I don’t know why it’s s hard for me.”

I think I was still lagging way behind and it was in reference to our earlier conversation about having trust; {laughing} and it came after his speech about ‘partner in time’ and it was way out of context and of course misunderstood.

Because he says to me, “baby don’t let me mess you up… go with your heart and mind… I will always be respectful.”

So I said, a bit annoyed, “come on you are misunderstanding my comment again, please don’t go back there? I pleaded with him.

“We feel great to me… he was telling me. But I humbly know that I am only half of us… that is nothing…. I’m sorry,” he said about misunderstanding my comment.

“Why do you keep on threatening me with you out the picture? I asked him.

He said, “I can feel your hesitation… and as strong as I am… and can be… I don’t want to push anything. I’m sorry if I’m too sensitive… You know where I am… and what I want…

“I do” I told him.

About now I start to think, he is sensing my mood again, and he is saying all this stuff to me and I can’t and won’t be able to fulfill any his desires and dreams of me. He want this so bad. What am I doing to him? I need to stop this… he don’t deserve all my lies and deceits. God… I need to tell him.

I was fighting with myself…





So I agonized and went through my anguish all morning and yes I had all kind of solution to my dilemma; all but the one I wanted; to hold on to him, to keep him… how very badly I wanted to… how very badly…. But I know that wasn’t an option. Anyways I was not planning on telling him today. I couldn’t… I still did not have the nerves; and I did not want to ruin his Christmas… what did he says… “What a perfect Christmas gift… us”. So I will wait… yes I will wait…

It was christmas eve..  it’s going to be a very busy day for everyone… especially at work..

So just before I get ready to go to work, I sent him a text…

“Hey you, how’s day going? I’m about to get ready for work. I woke up a bit late and had to some prepping for tomorrow. I know you might be busy today and tomorrow, so I’m not going to be expecting to hear from you. I will try when I come home tonight but with no expectations. I will be thinking of you until… LOVING YOU MUCH… Nita.

He must have been waiting all day for my text; of course… he is in love… just like I am… and so I immediately receive an answer….

“Happy Christmas eve beautiful!!!! I love you Wakanita!

Music to my ears and my heart did a somersault with love for him; and tears came to my eyes through the smile I had… oh my god!! I have to give all this up.

“I hope you have a great day at work and get to relax a little today; I will be thinking of you as always baby.” He was telling me. Smile baby… it’s the most beautiful smile ever and I’m certain it’s contagious!!

I could sense his desire to talk to me and connect; because more than anything, all I wanted was just to feel him close but I know my frame of mind was off and was afraid I may say the wrong things … knowing me… and he always can sense my mood and hesitancy and my doubts; and I did not want to go there today.

So I all I say to him was, “you are too sweet and I’ll be always smiling because I’ll forever thinking of you and as you know you are the one that put this smile on my face.” {No lie}

Perfect! And now I’m smiling pretty girl.”

I left it at that… I told myself I am going to shake this feeling and mood I’m in. I went to work thinking only of him with mixed emotions; Happy and sad.

It was an awful busy day at work…. there was a constant line with everyone doing their last-minute christmas shopping… didn’t even have time for a break.. but with all my preoccupation.. my mind still wanders off to “MY SWEET ALLEN”. I had to fight to say focus at times…

About 10:30 that night, my phone went off and keep going off for a few minutes, it was rather very busy so I could not sneak peek and get a look immediately; but I did, and saw he really did send a bunch of photos to my amazement. I did not quite expected so much; I was quite delighted and could not wait to really look at them. I was all smiles thinking he is so crazy and how very much I love this crazy ass of a guy. I was not thinking of anything else other than the fact…how very much I love him and how very wonderful he is and how fortunate for me to have him loving me. I was living in my fantasy world. So I waited very impatiently for the night to be over so I could focus on my Christmas gifts.

As soon as the door was closed… I retrieved my phone and eagerly read his text and take in all the pictures he sent..

“Here comes your Christmas present… before I go to sleep… I will be dreaming of us baby… I promise… he told me. “Pictures I found… I don’t have a lot of me… and you can ask questions if you like about the pictures I’m sending… up to you.” He told me. … Follows by about 30 pictures…

He sent pictures of him frolicking on the beach; with group of girls: him on a rock; in the plane; his bike; his dog; shows me his gun; even one holding a snake; on a mountain top; riding a horse; with his buddies in a bar; with a guy and with a very pretty girl with a most beautiful smile; him playing the guitar; his house; him putting up lights; and more…. And I could actually tell what kind of life he led, and I could visualize his life as it is. And he ends it with…

“Merry Christmas pretty girl!!!

I hurriedly finished up for the night and headed home. when I got settled , I again went over his text and photos.

And as much as I love and enjoy those photos to the max; it makes me realize just how special he really is and just how much he was in love with the girl I was supposed to be, for him to send me his life story without fear of me seeing and learning about him, it had me feeling like the biggest jerk and the worst kind of person there is… and it only convinced me more that I have to come clean with him; he is just too much of a nice guy to lead him on like this and give him the impression that I am for real. I am … but… I was not the girl in those deceiving pictures… oh my god!!!… oh my god!!!… oh my god!!…. How am going to do this; My head was spinning, and heart was thudding loudly against my chest, my throat became tighten and  restricted with a big lump there, the tears begins to flow and I felt like I’m going to pass out with fear… fear of losing him. I had to talk myself out of it and try to calm myself.

Anyways I ‘m still not going to tell him just yet… I just could not bring myself to… I did not even know how to approach the subject. So I decided to wish him merry Christmas and thank him for my most beautiful and best Christmas present ever….


“SOME GIFTS YOU HOLD IN YOUR HANDS; SOME YOU HOLD IN YOUR HEARTS; so grateful for the blessing of you; ‘My Sweet AllEN ‘and I hold you my heart.”

“Well well well: thank you for all those photo shots of you, I told him. ‘I like that you send a variety of different things, like them all except the one with the snake; I’m deadly afraid of snakes.; pretty doggy; I particularly like the one that you are lying on a rock; you are really a gorgeous guy… through my eyes anyways… and you do horseback riding… Mmmm. You are really outdoor guy aren’t you? Which mountain top were you on.

“Anyways Allen let me go get some sleep to wake up early to get cooking. We will talk later and thank you for my Christmas gifts I enjoyed looking at them and learning about you. Seeing you doing different things allow me to be able to see how your life is. And you seem to be an outgoing guy and someone who enjoys having fun. You are always pleasant and smiling; I like that about you. MERRY CHRISTMAS MY SWEET ALLEN!”

And I went to sleep, still a bit disturbed but thinking it is the best not to talk to him tonight; not with how I’m feeling right now.

i woke up early smiling… It was Christmas day… and even though I went to sleep a little apprehensive.. i did have a rather pleasant dream about allen.

He did not respond to me until Christmas morning about 9:43am.

“Merry Christmas beautiful lover.” he said. “I hope your day is off to a perfect start. I wish more than anything that I could give you a Christmas kiss! Have a great day pretty girl!”

Of course I saw it, from the minute he sent it, and I read it and visualizes that kiss from him; but I did not respond right away; I was still thinking about cutting him off and I just did not want to; and I was afraid anything I say to him right now might reflect my thoughts; I want us to enjoy this Christmas with hearts full of love for each other. It was the most amazing feeling ever, and I want to savor every bit of it.

I was full of excitement with this profound joy just thinking of him. I was bubbly on the inside and I pushed aside the thought of ending us for now. I was cooking and just loving him with everything I got. I was telling Meg, my daughter-in –law about him and about the predicament I was in and just how much emotions and desire I have for him. She try to advice me and encourages me that he might like me after all, seeing I am a pretty woman and I am a really nice person, {she might be a bit biased] and actually in reality it was me he fell in love with and not Paige.

She might be making some sense, but I did not believe any of it. I could not be convinced that he could love me… me… I could not see it. I was talking to her and realize I really have to end us… and I start to cry that I had to excuse myself and go and calm down. He was the height of my conversation all day; he was the only thing I could focus on. One minute I loved him; the next minute I was letting him go. I was on a roller coaster most of the day.

After I finished cooking, I took some time away from everybody and try to connect with him. I yearn so much for him; I need to feel him; I need to feel his love for me; I’m not going to break it off today, so let me just enjoy him as long and as much as I can.

So I answered his text, “”Merry Christmas my love! How’s your day going? I would have loved that Christmas kiss. … I’m here wanting more than anything just to reach out to you and connect. Seems I just can’t get enough of you. I’m always left with wanting more… I’m like insatiable… is this normal? I asked.

“I love that you feel this way baby!” He said to me. “It makes me feel so good inside knowing our love and desire is mutual!! I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. One day you will get that kiss Nita!! And I can’t wait to feel your beautiful lips touch mine… I will have stomach full of butterflies I’m sure. I’m having a nice day so far and I hope you are too pretty girl!! Only one thing could make this better… having you in my arms.”

I’m reading and tears came to my eyes. His feelings are so strong and sincere… and I’m so rotten…

“I’m getting to ready to visit my mom and have dinner in a little while. He told me. “I hope your beautiful face has been lit up with tons of smiles today sweet girl.”

And I told him, “As I said before… you echo my every thought. In your arms is where I would love to be… my day is going ok… we are getting ready to have dinner ourselves; and yes, I’m smiling tons. Guess we will talk later my sweet Allen … enjoy your dinner with your family.”

And he replied, “One day we will wake up in the same bed Christmas morning and make love before I give you your gifts. That was the dream I had last night… It was really a nice dream. You were super happy and we made beautiful love. What a present that would be! Talk a little later love… please have a great afternoon beautiful.”

‘What a present that would be, indeed”. I agreed. “You too.”

Oh and Nita… merry Christmas! I love you! He said to me. [And I could feel his love. It was so intense. Just like mine.]

“Merry Christmas Allen… I love you too!” I let him know.

“Perfect!!!! He exclaimed.”I’m smiling huge.” [And so was I]

So I join everybody and have dinner; dinner was excellent, everything came out perfectly; that was the first, most times at least one dish would mess up. But not today, everything I cooked was perfect. We all enjoyed my meal and we had a good little kick back family time; and I was the happiest of them all; because I was basking in the glory of Allen’s love. And I could hardly wait for the time to go so I could relax and connect with him again. As I told him, I couldn’t get enough of him; I was always left wanting more and more. I was insatiable. I don’t know how I’m going to do this; all I know is that I love him, and that was all I need to know; right now, right here. Nothing else matters.

My emotions were in turmoil; they were bouncing up and down. I was so confused. But I told myself for tonight I will let it go for now… I did not want to ruin a perfect Christmas.

After everybody left; I sit down for some quiet time and I was thinking; how did we get to this point? When did we start to fall in love? So I scroll back to some of our earlier conversations to see if I could figure it out.

At about 8:00pm I thought I would try to see if he is available to talk.

So I said to him, “hey you am I going to get lucky tonight with some conversation, or did you eat so much that you have’ niggarities’ J [after you eat you go to sleep] or maybe you are having too much fun with the family? I know we do when we get together. Hope to get lucky because I’m missing something awful.”

And then I thought I would tell him about my going back to figure out how we fell in love. (I just knew I would say and do something to reflect my doubts.)

“you know I was here going over our conversation from the very beginning to figure out how we get to where we are now from where we started.; how our emotions got so strong and intense from just texting… I know… I do have a bad habit of trying to analyze everything… but sometimes I’m amazed at my feelings wondering if what I feel for you is real. I know… I just need to go with the flow and enjoy the ride/flight. Right?”






He was jogging one day.. and saw me.. he smiled and say hi… I returned his smile and responded with a “hi.. I remember smiling so pleasingly liking his acknowledgment.. and wish I had the courage to say more.

I got my chance a few days after…he was driving past towards his place with some of his buddies… he saw me… and stopped… call me over and ask me my name and invited me to his place… I was so thrilled to see him again.. his name was Paul… I  didn’t accept his invitation that day but he asked if he could see me again and I eagerly said, ‘yes’…

He did come by to see me.. invited me out and so started a whirlwind love affair… we were inseparable… and I was so enthuse to have him liking me and becoming my boyfriend.. My family all joined me in liking him we all agreed that he was a really nice guy… I was very happy with him and I was so delighted to spend as much time as he could muster…

I was very shy, quite reserved,  a little withdrawn.. I didn’t feel quite comfortable with his friends a little out-of-place… but.. he always makes me feel at ease with all the attention and affection he showed me… we went on like this for about six months…

I started a business school… he used to take me every morning and drop me off… I was in heaven.. and totally in love by now…so after a week or two into school I was approached by this Chinese girl asking if I was Wendy… and letting me know she wants to be friends… of course I agreed… she would seek me out and talk to me daily and we talked about things like my boyfriend… of course ,I proudly tell her of paul and just how much I love him and just how wonderful he is…

So.. she invited me to the movies one evening and I accepted…I remembered it was a james bond movie… “for your eyes only”… we got in… and as we settled down to watch the movie… she told me… “you know we have the same boyfriend… Paul is my boyfriend too..”… I did not know what to say… the tears was welding up in my eyes, my throat was tighten with wanting to cry out.. I gasp.. and I got up to leave.. I just had to go… I couldn’t talk… I didn’t know what to say… she was talking , but i didn’t hear a thing she was saying.. my head was spinning… my heart was breaking… I was mad.. I was so jealous… I look at her… how could I compete with her… I have so many questions… and I knew all the answers… I knew it was over for me…

We walked all the way to her house… It was a long walk and I calm down a little although still numb… and she was very consoling and have a way of making me feel better.. I was not hysterical any more…

she called him at work… tell him she told me about them and he asked me to wait on him to come by after work… he came.. I didn’t have much to say… I really didn’t know what to say… he took me home and on the way home I ask him, “so what’s it gonna be”… he stated that he didn’t know and so I just accepted my fate and walk away…

I saw him a couple of weeks after.. jogging down the hill.. I was coming home.. and he stopped and we talked some and after we finished talking he turned back home… that would have been the last time I saw him… I still remain friends with that girl…(to this day).

They actually end up getting married and move back to the states… I cried… for a lost love that I thought should have been mine…  I so much wanted to be his wife… but he had made his choice and it was so obvious that he had loved her more… and so I had accepted it all and move on…


Now 35 years had passed… and out of the blues she is calling me telling me that Paul wants to say Hi to me…and no lie.. I was delighted to hear from him… and on his way home that evening he stopped by… I was so happy that he chose to…and when I saw him… I couldn’t recognized him as the guy I knew all those years ago… he was completely different… so was I … after all we are talking about 35 years of changes.. I was still thrill to see him as is.. trying so hard to find some resemblance to the guy I knew … and he started to tell me of his vision he held of me all those years ago… how he saw me back then… how smitten he was and how dazzled  he was by my beauty.

I sat there listening to him describing me… he says I was his fantasy girl… like out of a magazine…he was in awe of me.. he thought I was way out of his league.. I was so amazing and every time he was with me he couldn’t believe his luck… he couldn’t get enough of me.. he described my body like it was so perfect… he told me he had visualize me over the years…but his choice was due to the fact that he thought I would have left him… how ironic… he married that other girl…because he thought she would never leave him…. and she did….

What might have been is far too late to think about.. and we didn’t really have any emotional feelings left over for each other…

sure I think about you every now and then….but… it’s been a long long time…I have got a good life now but I have move on…so when you cross my mind.. I try not to think about  what might of been…that was then…and we have taken different roads…we can’t go back again….there is no use giving in and there is no way to know what might have been…

WE c0uld sit and talk about this all night long..wonder why we didn’t last…yesterday might be the best days we will ever know… but, we will have to leave them in the past… so try not to think about what might have been…because that was then…and we have taken different roads…we can’t go back again…there is no use giving in   and there is no way to know what might have been.

the same old look in your eyes…it’s a beautiful sight..sooo tempted to stay…but too much time has gone by…we should just say goodbye and turn and walk away…and try not to think about what might have been..

               (SONG BY LITTLE TEXAS)



PASSION: It’s so hard to find our passions sometimes… And materialize it to our benefit… You have to admire those that live for their passions, and do all it takes to make it happen. But.. what happen to those that tried.. but never really had the resources or the opportunities to fulfill their dreams and bring their passions to fruition.

What do you like to do???.. How can we make it work for us??? This is a question I have struggled with all my life.. I dream of all the things I would do   if I could… but could never come up with something I’m so passionate about that I get so motivated and determined to pursue.. I find myself talking about things I want to do but never actually put any real efforts in seeing it through..

Sometimes we know what we love and what we like to do.. We have it all in our heads just how we would like it to be but… Lack the know how.. And the resources to get it done… Sometimes we also don’t have the motivation and the faith in ourselves.. It’s like a dream without reality… and we become so comfortable with the way things are …so afraid of taking risks and making changes, of starting something we are not sure of.. scared of failing and losing…


And there is some of us that just can’t figure out what our passion is .. Therefore we don’t have a niche, To pursue… So we live the life that comes natural to us.. go with the flow .. try to make the right choices… do what we think is right for us… and what we think is expected of us..

Happiness can be found here.. if we learn to be contend and accept things as is.. instead of finding misery in everything… always unsatisfied with their lives.. wanting more but never actually trying to accomplish or achieve anything else… always complaining about the lack of…wanting and expecting someone to create their happiness and to make them whole..

Passion… can be defined, I guess as; whatever brings happiness to you.. Maybe LOVE.. Maybe KIDS… Maybe your CAREER.. FRIENDS… FAMILY.. and the list goes on and on…Whatever you think it is… my advise is to be contended with where you are to where you are coming from… find the joys in your journey and have gratitude for everything you have acquired.. Our destiny sometimes… is the path that life has taken us… the people that we cross path with…we have to learn to enjoy the journey with faith and great anticipation.