A story of love and caring for our parents who are lucky to live long enough for us to enjoy them..

My mom died when I was only nine.. I went through life missing her.. wishing for one more day.. one more time.. just to have her with me..

My dad.. he died a few years later at the age of fifty-three.. Just as we were becoming adults and was able to give back and enjoy him as adults…

Some are so fortunate to have their parents living at a really old age.. becoming less independent..

… and being treated indifferent.. with no compassion and no patience..,

They become burdens.. and being treated with no respect and as kids.. forgetting that they are still mom and dad..

it’s so sad 😞 to witness the treatment given sometimes..

and here am I.. didn’t get the chance to fully enjoy my parents.. wishing everyday that life had been kinder and allow them to live a little longer..

So if you are one of the fortunate ones.. to still have your parents around..

Be kind.. be gentle.. be patient.. be compassionate..

and treat them just like you would want to be treated by your children if you are lucky enough to live that long ..

Enjoy this little video.. and think about sowing what you want to reap..

That old man has no much to teach..

just like that little four year old boy…

we can learn so much from his life experience… if we only stop to talk to them.. and include them in our daily lives..