What do we do with lazy days syndrome…

In my household having a lazy day is not to be considered.. because no one allows me to feel like I can or deserves it..

I don’t have room living amongst my house mates.. to be in a lazy mood…because I have to be constantly walking behind them cleaning up their messes… which I just can’t ignore and leave alone..

I tried sometimes to be nonchalant.. but I get overly anxious or this guilty feeling of leaving it undone.. which causes me not to be able to fully relax..

Living by myself at these times seems so appealing…but I know it would never last more than a day before I miss their presence….

So I just have to deal with it and forget about having a complete lazy day….

10 thoughts on “LAZY DAYS…..

    1. You know it rob..

      She was just there showing how to enjoy 😊 a lazy day though..

      But she is definitely worth it…

      I guess I shouldn’t complain much though..
      because she an answer to prayers..

      She’s the granddaughter I have been begging 🥺 for so long..
      And she was sent to me…

      And now that I can’t even get the chance to see my new granddaughter

      I feel so much closer to this precious little angel 👼 girl…

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    1. Aaah 😌


      I have used up all my patience…

      And these are not kids..
      They are grown ass adults….

      Just wish I had the luxury to just be lazy and enjoy 😊 a lazy day once in while without a care in the world


    1. Rob ??!!!

      Thank you 😊 my dearest friend

      I’m good so far

      Trying to stay away from this virus..

      Sulking a bit from Wednesday because I was not included in the stimulus…

      But I’m getting over my severe disappointment..

      And you .. how are things at your end of this world


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