He wake up smiling… feeling so good 😊 about spending that night with her…

He really likes how he was feeling and for the first time since his breakup in April.. he was feeling alive and his desires was raging..

He still is hurting from that rejection.. but with that sweet kiss last night from this girl.. leaves him wanting more.. it has set his whole being on fire .. awakening and igniting a desire he thought he had lost…

He was really excited to see her again.. anticipating their next meeting.. he finds himself itching to drive over there .. grabbing and wrapping her in his arms and tasting those voluptuous lips once again…

He wants to feel that rush of adrenaline that set his whole body blazing with that furious desire that leaves him weak in the knees..

He wants to feel her touch.. . Feel her luscious body press against his.. and hear her moan with the same desires for him…

He sent a text .. telling her good morning… and she responded.. he was smiling so brightly.. feeling that strong sexual energy from just connecting with her…

They talked for while.. and his heart was soaring with pleasure…he restrained his anxieties for a couple of days but he couldn’t wait to see her … he was so anxious…anticipating …spending time with her.. so by the end of the week..

He asked her if he could visit her.. and she invited him over… he was so ecstatic that she wanted to see him.. and he made time to see her that weekend…

With heart racing.. butterflies in his stomach.. a sweet smile on his face..and palms sweating… His mind reflecting on her face and that kiss. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and have her kiss him like she did that awesome night.. his mind was so consumed with thoughts of her as he anxiously and eagerly drove to her..

When he got there he lost his nerves .. he didn’t know exactly how he should greet her..

He knocked.. and she answered him. He was slightly shaking with excitement.. his heart thudding against his chest.. his eyes however could not hide his feelings.. It mirrored every desires that was quickly building in his loins..

She came to the door.. and he resisted grabbing her to him.. her smile was so inviting and she greeted him coyly…

He timidly hugged her and put a shy kiss on her cheek.. all of sudden he was feeling so bashful.. like a school boy on his first date….

She invited him in. Took his hand and lead him to the couch..

Her mom was there and her daughter ran up and sit quietly beside him and mom. her mom instructed her to say hello to him.. and she smile and did so.

She was watching him so keenly.. her mother was sitting in the chair she was in the last time.. with the little silence of tension he took time to observe his surroundings..

It was a little messy and untidy to his liking or what he was used to.. but he figures that she was a really busy girl with a daughter and her mom to take care of … she didn’t get around to clean..

He drew back his attention to her when she asked him a question.. and everything around him becomes oblivious but her…

His attraction to her absorbed all of his attention. He sat beside her fully arose and wanted to kiss her but with her mom and the little girl there he did not dare…

She cooked and he again ate with them.. he spent the time talking and just enjoying her company…

he left with just a hug goodbye.. but he was super happy..

For the next couple of weeks He saw her two or three times a week. She was becoming an addiction which he constantly craves.. and couldn’t get enough of..

He still didn’t get the chance to repeat that kiss that still lingers on his mind ever so fresh…but he was Really enjoying his time with her..

His desire was growing..and he yearn to hold her and to kiss with the extreme passion that only gets stronger with each moment he spent with her…

It didn’t help much when She made advances and innocent gestures towards him .. touching him sensually .. caressing his arm his legs. Aaaah his legs.. that would send waves of electricity right up his groin..he wants her so badly…it takes everything he got, sometimes , not to pounce on her … rip her clothing off and take her right there with every urgency that he’s feeling…


Her daughter was always present .. and apart of their meetings… so he decided to suggest that they should have a date night without her daughter..

He just wanted to have her to himself .. she agrees and so they made a date for their next meeting.. he could hardly wait for the day to be here.. he already knew that he’s going to do to her what he’s been yearning to do for the last couple of weeks…

They decided on playing Pools and his house after..

He dressed nicely.. put on a really nice cologne.. shaved.. when he got there.. she was looking so good.. she too was dressed up nicely and was so easy on his eyes..

He gave her a hug.. say hi to her mom and her daughter.. and took her hand and led her to the car..

He put on some really smooth and romantic love songs .. and she sits up close to him.. his free hand resting on her hand slightly caressing her fingers..

She then placed her hand on his thighs gently stroking it moving upwards intently..

He turned to look at her with blazing desires in his eyes.. she asked him.. “what are you thinking about??..

She has a mischievous smile on her face and then she ever so slightly brushed her hand against his hard stimulated bulge.. as she closed her eyes.. lick her lips.. tilt her head backwards and gently let out a moan filled with desires..

He knew what he had to.. he was about to lose control of himself.. he was so hott and was ready to explode with this burning desire and want for her..

So he pulled over and park on this dirt road .. it seems seclusive enough..

He turned to her and pull her to him kissing her with a force so intense..that sent his mind swirling and intensified the fierce fire burning in his loins

She took his hand and placed it on neck and came up from the kiss to ask him to choke her.. he stopped for a moment.. looked at her with a questioning look.. she just nod with consent and tell him she likes to be choked..

He was way too far to stop now.. so he obliged… very carefully.. and maan .. did it stimulated her…her reaction to it was both hott and surprising…

She moved away from him.. put the seat back.. and instructed him to kiss her tummy.. he obeyed gladly.. that turned her on so much her legs involuntarily open wide .. she was so ready for him…he touches her ..she was soakingly wett….

It makes him throb with desire..He was bursting in his pants and wanted so much to enter her…

He couldn’t get his pants off fast enough.. his hard rock dick pops out bobbing.. she looks at him.. bites her bottom lips.. use her hand and guide him in .. as she heists her legs touching the rooftop..

He tried to be gentle and go slowly… but he was overly excited. And couldn’t contain his urgency…once he felt the moist of her he lost all control and plunged in deep…



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